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Скачать с ютуб I can't control my SILLY NOODLE ARMS in Roblox!

Опубликовано: 17 янв. 2019 г. 6 279 793 просмотра

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We can't control our arms today in Roblox.
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  • XxGachaMeganxX owo
    XxGachaMeganxX owo 1 year ago NOODLE ARMSSSSSSS WOOO HIIII GUYSS
  • PositiveUniqueTV Unique nation
    PositiveUniqueTV Unique nation 11 months ago XxGachaMeganx
  • Rojune and roblox
    Rojune and roblox 9 months ago Funneh: did you just see something? The Krew: idk Funneh: wait WHAT?! Me User XxFUNnelVisionFanxXx: become a rocket long four arm launcher AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • Rojune and roblox
  • AlertSamRBLX
    AlertSamRBLX 1 month ago Rojune and roblox not to be mean but if you go to the dots at the side of the comment you can edit it
  • Faith Paredes
    Faith Paredes 4 days ago (edited) Thats like "Ragdoll Engine" 😂😂😂
  • Elise Shun
    Elise Shun 1 hour ago Faith Paredes That’s a little true. But the noodle arms aren’t.
  • Kristina Cruz
    Kristina Cruz 6 months ago Lets live a day with long arms, after i eat i dont go in a cannon😆
  • ReyXhin Nota
    ReyXhin Nota 10 months ago do the code swiss wheat FREEZER
  • what am i doing with my life ?
    what am i doing with my life ? 1 year ago Literally me every morning😂😅
  • funneh lover 2124 Myslinski
    funneh lover 2124 Myslinski 10 months ago Lol
  • Silènt Msp
    Silènt Msp 7 months ago when your eating noodles and watching thid
  • Jakyra Walwyn
    Jakyra Walwyn 2 months ago I got really triggered when the kept saying "hopscotch" like NO it's jump rope but you are my favorite YouTubers so I don't mind kind...
  • abnet haile
    abnet haile 2 months ago Jakyra Walwyn YOU HAVE PASSED THE ANGER TEST! XD
  • Hocine Rahai
    Hocine Rahai 2 months ago Yes that is true🙂
  • nentar
    nentar 2 months ago Sometimes they do it on purpose so it can be funny🙃
  • Kim Casarrubias
    Kim Casarrubias 3 months ago Me: ahh I’m up now school time AHHH MEH ARMS!!!!
  • Arturo Rodriguez
    Arturo Rodriguez 10 months ago Funneh:you know w when you your arm just feel like nodles. Lunar:whack!
  • Lance Stoeckel
    Lance Stoeckel 10 months ago Yeah she said that right when it started!
  • Dave Flewitt
    Dave Flewitt 8 months ago 0
  • Mango Love
    Mango Love 1 year ago This is such a funnnnnny video funneh 😂😂
  • Mxnsters Fxnneh
    Mxnsters Fxnneh 1 year ago Don’t get it... It would be funneher if you put This is a FUNNEH video Funneh!
  • Yolanda Williams
    Yolanda Williams 1 year ago I still don't get's more funneher than ever invented
  • robin teal
    robin teal 1 year ago If funny his arms were noodles funny willI feel funny get it FUNNY
  • Gãcha Åłëx Lol
    Gãcha Åłëx Lol 1 year ago Mango the fruit queen I get it
  • Derpyderdederp
    Derpyderdederp 2 weeks ago Funneh:*equips four arms* Funneh: i look like a super villain me: DOC OCK!!!
  • Olatubosun Ayanjinrin
    Olatubosun Ayanjinrin 1 week ago LOL
  • Matt & Carrie Bretti
    Matt & Carrie Bretti 9 months ago Mwe : Bro Noodle Arms?!?!? Grabs Noodles IM READY FOR NOODLE ARMS!!!!!!!
  • Daman Bozdar
  • JJ The Weirdo
    JJ The Weirdo 9 months ago I WHEEZED AT THR START HAHAHAH
  • Kelly Cartwright
    Kelly Cartwright 3 months ago Me remembers that this is from 11 months ago,how did I not watch this yet?!
  • sketchy Genny 101
    sketchy Genny 101 2 months ago Kelly Cartwright that’s how I felt
  • Puffer Michelle
    Puffer Michelle 1 year ago Today was the worst day ex friend embarrassed me in front of my crush and now he knows that I liked him but because of my friend I keep telling people I don’t like him anymore to protect my secrets... But watching you made me happy! And that’s all that matters! I get bullied a lot so I get really happy to watch your videos! Also my sister tried buying me the onesie for Christmas and they said it would come on Christmas, than they said first of January, now they still did not give it, I feel like we got ripped off from the Funneh site because we paid money and we did not get it.... But I know I will get it someday. Love you funneh!
  • Duck :D
    Duck :D 1 year ago Oof idk what to say
  • Duck :D
    Duck :D 1 year ago Ill give you a like
  • peach y
    peach y 1 year ago (edited) “Aww its okay. just tell him how you feel just wait until he stars to go around you or like sit next to you or like something that is like its feels like he likes you.Tip.if he talks like this let me show you. hey… or he’s. Very quiet he will be quiet if he’s like he’s a shy person if he’s not a shy person and he talks a lot then.if he talks to you or like idk dose a sing that is lovey? So its okay he probably likes you because i think your very pretty so i hope this makes you feel better :D”
  • Jennifer Alex Sanders
    Jennifer Alex Sanders 1 year ago I give you my best wishes, hopefully things workout? Maybe so.. anyways bye bye❣️🌙
  • Nèòñ playz99
    Nèòñ playz99 1 year ago Best wishes to you :D
  • chiakiiinanamii
    chiakiiinanamii 1 year ago first of all ur overreacting for some clothes second of all your probably 8 guessing because gacha users are under 10 so uh you shouldn’t date.
  • CatherineTheCone YT
    CatherineTheCone YT 1 year ago I might have been a pre-order, maybe it will come in a couple of months, if not, ask for a refend
  • eeexeee
    eeexeee 1 year ago LunarXxStar sooo you’re literally saying that YOU’RE also 8, tryna seem older ??
  • Nèòñ playz99
    Nèòñ playz99 1 year ago ????? Isn't sasha's Yt 12 or 13 or 14 😶
  • Banana Girl
    Banana Girl 1 year ago Naturally Michelle oof!
  • moto moto big chunky
    moto moto big chunky 1 year ago that happened with my friend she never got her funneh merch
  • Nexi Quiles
    Nexi Quiles 1 year ago That happened to me. I always saw the way he kinda looked at me, like I was weird. This truly makes people laugh. I swear, it was the middle of science, and I burst out laughing thinking of this video. I didn't care who laughed or stared at me. I felt happy and carefree. It If you have good friends they will help you. My best friend help me incredibly. This is getting longer and longer, so bye! Feel better, and good luck!
  • Brian Obay
    Brian Obay 1 year ago Meh friend randomly said that I like meh crush but she doesn’t know that I like him and now he’s suspected meh
  • Forever Jules Wolfie
    Forever Jules Wolfie 1 year ago Omg I’m so sry I know how it feels I’ve had the same thing happen I feel so bad your friend broke friend code. P.s. I’ll like your comment
  • Leslie DICKEY
    Leslie DICKEY 1 year ago I'm soo sorry for you😢😢😢😭😭😭😭
  • ♧Mad A's♧
    ♧Mad A's♧ 1 year ago You got bullied :(
  • J hope and Jimin are yoongi Side chicks
    J hope and Jimin are yoongi Side chicks 1 year ago LunarXxStar a lot of the famous gachatubers are 15 lol
  • Pandora Da Panda
    Pandora Da Panda 1 year ago Oof? oof.
  • Mark Hilton
    Mark Hilton 1 year ago **CAN YOU NOT BE RUDE plss
  • zara and games
    zara and games 1 year ago I know how u feel girl today I was playing some games with my friends and I lost so the picked a erson that I had to go out with and told my crush! I kept yelling telling them I don't like him I was Soo embarrassed
  • Melanie Vlogs
    Melanie Vlogs 1 year ago Say “ i pranked ya, I don’t like him” That’s what I said when my bestie said “ you once told me you liked ayden” Btw Ayden likes her he even said it.
  • Maria Penaloza
    Maria Penaloza 1 year ago I don’t think funneh cares
  • The_Band_CadieCakes :3
    The_Band_CadieCakes :3 1 year ago I'm so sorry that happened to me
  • The_Band_CadieCakes :3
    The_Band_CadieCakes :3 1 year ago @Jennifer Alex Sanders yes way to be nice
  • Shaneeka Brown
    Shaneeka Brown 1 year ago I feel Bad
  • Olivia Slimez
    Olivia Slimez 1 year ago Naturally Michelle woah
  • Majestic Sea flap flap
    Majestic Sea flap flap 1 year ago Sad life huh?.... Me too..
  • E kitten
    E kitten 1 year ago (edited) Word of advice... I know you like them a lot... but you gotta just tell him, it may be hard but it will all be worth it. If he says he doesn’t feel the same know that at least you tried. U may be heart broken for a while but there is going to be plenty of cute guys when your older
  • Bunky
    Bunky 1 year ago Weird flex but okay
  • Sunburst _ Flame
    Sunburst _ Flame 1 year ago LunarXxStar So you’re trying to say you’re 8? You’re probably are bc she have been through a lot more than you. Oh btw since you’re a gacha user don’t date as well bc you’re under 8 :) GL finding a boyfriend with that kind of attitude!
  • Griselda Dungca
    Griselda Dungca 1 year ago (=-_-=)
  • Zuo
    Zuo 1 year ago Lol my ex friend is my crush 😓
  • Puffer Michelle
    Puffer Michelle 1 year ago Cherry Heart aw thanks! And he is shy
  • Puffer Michelle
    Puffer Michelle 1 year ago Cherry Heart he is shy to the point where he hid behind his mom when he saw me xd
  • Puffer Michelle
    Puffer Michelle 1 year ago LunarXxStar I’m over 10 and I’m not going to date
  • Puffer Michelle
    Puffer Michelle 1 year ago Melanie Vlogs I cant say that have u met my friend xD she says shut up to her parents that’s why I’m not her friend anymore
  • Patricia Estrada
    Patricia Estrada 1 year ago I get bullied a lot too. I feel your pain!!!
  • Mary Stokes
    Mary Stokes 1 year ago Naturally Michelle hi
  • Pretzel Potter
    Pretzel Potter 1 year ago Sad 😕😟🙁☹️😣😖😫😩😭
  • Jimin Daddy
    Jimin Daddy 9 months ago @chiakiiinanamii your probably 11 and you seem like you lived 30 more years then her.
  • PotatoPuppy 27
    PotatoPuppy 27 9 months ago Remember nobody can bully u unless you allow their words to get thru u. Hang in their 😁👍
  • Lindsey Burns
    Lindsey Burns 9 months ago Maybe you shouldn't share personal info you could simply say, today has been the worst day ever but watching your vids makes me feel better
  • Evie_Cakez
    Evie_Cakez 9 months ago ill give u a like
  • HamptonPlayz -Roblox and more!
    HamptonPlayz -Roblox and more! 9 months ago Says that I loves to watch FUNNEH* then hates on her merchandise and website*
  • HamptonPlayz -Roblox and more!
    HamptonPlayz -Roblox and more! 9 months ago @eeexeee Try hard trying to roast
  • HamptonPlayz -Roblox and more!
    HamptonPlayz -Roblox and more! 9 months ago @Sunburst _ Flame What if she finds one?
  • galaxy _girl
    galaxy _girl 5 months ago My friend did the same to me :c
  • mark james Besa
    mark james Besa 4 months ago F
  • Kyle's mobile games
    Kyle's mobile games 3 months ago I feel sorry for you 😞
  • Stella rosa Jones
    Stella rosa Jones 3 months ago Hi
  • Sazzad Kabir
    Sazzad Kabir 3 months ago Shut up
  • Christine Grant
    Christine Grant 2 months ago It’s okay, what you do to bullies is punch them in the face and than let a adult take care of it
  • Sazzad Kabir
    Sazzad Kabir 2 months ago xD
  • Omar Hernandez
    Omar Hernandez 2 months ago ii_lunarr no
  • Kim Ice
    Kim Ice 2 months ago She will meet SCP 😾👧.YOUR XF
  • Kim Ice
    Kim Ice 2 months ago 0
  • Sazzad Kabir
    Sazzad Kabir 2 months ago ????
  • Kawaii Kotton girl
    Kawaii Kotton girl 3 weeks ago I’m so sorry for u
  • Shann Man
    Shann Man 1 week ago So sad
  • kitty lights
    kitty lights 11 months ago Today i asked my mom when we would get a puppy and she said how we always travle and i cried but then i wached you i felt better i even even smiled
  • Rebecca Collins
    Rebecca Collins 8 months ago Try buying "long arms" 50 times!
  • Sahar
    Sahar 3 months ago When rainbow had the small arms it looked like she was flossing
  • Sonia Perez
    Sonia Perez 3 months ago Superman arms yo mean
  • Mohamed Diaby
    Mohamed Diaby 3 months ago Yeah :p
  • Kat ;-;
    Kat ;-; 10 months ago I’m so glad for my arms to be my happy friends