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Опубликовано: 26 авг. 2012 г. 439 289 просмотров

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Polo is back, or at least that is Nacho Figueras's dream, as he leads the charge to bring the sport of kings back to the playing fields of America.

  • Mable Pines
    Mable Pines 4 роки тому I tried water polo. My horse drowned.
  • Ty
    Ty 10 місяців тому I thought you wanted to be pure of heart?
  • Ярослав Сиротин
    Ярослав Сиротин 10 місяців тому Cause u didnt ride a waterhorse
  • Nick Low
    Nick Low 10 місяців тому try it with a seahorse instead.
  • Tim Vanscheers
    Tim Vanscheers 2 тижні тому Ha..ha..ha.
  • Peacemaker1981
    Peacemaker1981 3 роки тому Conan brought me here..
  • Sham Lagoon
    Sham Lagoon 3 роки тому me too..LOL
  • usman syed
    usman syed 2 роки тому hahah same
  • Martin Sellner
    Martin Sellner 2 роки тому me too :D
  • Drive Logic
    Drive Logic 1 рік тому Me too ~~~~ LOL
  • Berry Stapp
    Berry Stapp 11 місяців тому Same!
  • The7mikalo
    The7mikalo 10 місяців тому me 2.. nacho seems like a very cool guy
  • Avin Park
    Avin Park 9 місяців тому HAHAHHAHA SAME
  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B 3 роки тому In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the polo ground is where I spent most of my days.
  • Divine
    Divine 2 роки тому lol
  • Laura Starling
    Laura Starling 1 рік тому Jonathan B thank you! I totally sang that when they said where that kid was from lol
  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris 1 рік тому brilliant, mate!!
  • Nykter Von
    Nykter Von 1 рік тому Was looking for this. Thank you
  • Dennis Burke
    Dennis Burke 1 рік тому I was waiting for that lol!
  • marianito1968
    marianito1968 5 років тому If you born in Argentina you play futbol (soccer).If you born in Argentina and you are extremely wealthy play polo
  • Camilo Ordoñez
    Camilo Ordoñez 4 роки тому Y si, Nachito tiene la realidad trastornada, no creo que haya nacido en una granja mas bien en un country 
  • Ela Torrante
    Ela Torrante 1 рік тому Camilo Ordoñez no creo que se refiera a granja con farm, supongo que se refiere a una finca.
  • Helter Skelter
    Helter Skelter 1 рік тому Camilo Ordoñez el mismo cuenta que era de clase media, solo que al vivir en el campo tuvo mas contacto con el polo que los que vivimos en la ciudad y jugamos basquet o futbol
  • Specimen 6
    Specimen 6 1 рік тому marianito1968 But why must you pay to play?
  • The S
    The S 1 рік тому No, but... you kinda have to own a horse. Not cheap, right?
  • Benji Mancini
    Benji Mancini 5 місяців тому You explained for England
  • Brad Batchelor
    Brad Batchelor 1 місяць тому Families play polo if they have a horse. A lot of players are not wealthy growing up
  • Daquan
    Daquan 4 роки тому damn why do i gotta live in the hood :(  
  • Mickey Sealtoe
    Mickey Sealtoe 4 роки тому @Nutella Life  Don't sweat it young blood. Keep slanging dat rock or dribbling dat ball. You'll make it. If that don't work out. you could always be a lawn guy at one of these joints.  '-'
  • beforever
    beforever 4 роки тому @Nutella Life you can do anything, find a way.
  • Delete System 32
    Delete System 32 3 роки тому +Daquan <3 internet hug
  • Saint Michael
    Saint Michael 2 роки тому beforever biggest lie that i would expect a parent to tell their ugly kids
  • whitesoxrules
    whitesoxrules 5 років тому Is it just me or that reporter looks like she wanted to have his children? lol Her eyes were dazzling at him. 
  • pml08usaf
    pml08usaf 5 років тому Polo will never be very popular in the US. It's probably the least accessible sport in the world simply because you have to be extremely wealthy in order to afford the basics.
  • Grace
    Grace 5 років тому It's actually not too bad expense-wise. Or at least not anymore expensive than any other equestrian sport. You just need to have jeans, boots, and a helmet for lessons. So long as you can find a Polo club with lesson horses, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to play it.
  • pml08usaf
    pml08usaf 5 років тому @Delta Wickham I agree with that. My point was more about the horses. Unless you're relatively wealthy, or the polo club offers significant discounts or free lessons, the horses (and thus the most important aspect of the sport) will remain well outside the reach of the average person. Polo will remain a sport for the ultra-wealthy.
  • Colleen Florence
    Colleen Florence 5 років тому @Delta Wickham
  • Gerry Coleman
    Gerry Coleman 11 місяців тому If that is true, then good.............fewer horses will be abused.
  • Benji Mancini
    Benji Mancini 8 місяців тому Very wrong my friend
  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 5 місяців тому @Gerry Coleman how are they abused?
  • Tomas Lombardini
    Tomas Lombardini 2 роки тому The best polo player for the last decade has been Adolfo Cambiaso. The guy in the video is no match for argentine pro players
  • IronBru
    IronBru 2 роки тому Born in play polo....whats football?
  • bernardocarlosblanco
    bernardocarlosblanco 11 місяців тому En el deporte de los Reyes el Rey indiscutible es Argentina. ARGENTINA tiene todos los jugadores con 10 goles de Hándicap, todos los de 9 goles y todos los de 8 goles de Hándicap del mundo.
  • Basic B
    Basic B 1 день тому Polo started from Manipur, India
  • No Russian
    No Russian 3 роки тому I played once I honestly didn't like it but I Liked the outfit and riding the horse
  • DrGonzo
    DrGonzo 4 роки тому the best in polo is Adolfo Cambiaso dude.
  • Alejandro Andrade Morales
    Alejandro Andrade Morales 3 роки тому +DrGonzo followed by Facundo Pieres and his siblings, why is this not a thing in the video
  • Hilal Khan
    Hilal Khan 2 роки тому DrGonzo the best player is Nacho
  • Rob S
    Rob S 1 рік тому Hilal Khan no Nacho is barely a 6 goaler these days. Cambiaso and pieres are the best two players
  • Cadi Levox
    Cadi Levox 3 роки тому This looks fackin difficult.
  • DieEchtesten
    DieEchtesten 2 роки тому Cadi Levox yes it is
  • bernardocarlosblanco
    bernardocarlosblanco 1 рік тому En el DEPORTE de los REYES ARGENTINA ES EL REY INDISCUTIDO E INVENCIBLE. ARGENTINA es el ÙNICO PAÌS DEL MUNDO con JUGADORES HANDICAP 10, actualmente tiene 9 JUGADORES con esa calificaciòn, ha tenido incluso màs JUGADORES con esa puntuaciòn.
  • simon north
    simon north 2 роки тому the skills have nothing to do with snobbism….
  • kevindc18181818
    kevindc18181818 2 роки тому I'm only here because my 3 year old son asked "what's that on your shirt?"
  • LeoDZ
    LeoDZ 3 роки тому until today I thought that if you were born in Argentina you dance Tango .
  • Mariano ALPHA
    Mariano ALPHA 1 рік тому the best polo is in Argentina ever and ever
  • Jasmine Davis
    Jasmine Davis 4 роки тому All 29 of my polo ponies were born and trained in Argentina (: love the sport and so thankful to be apart of it
  • google user
    google user 3 роки тому who cares. bet you like that beastie action too. You should hear yourself...
  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange 2 роки тому Jasmine Davis What? You have 29 horses?
  • Tomás Ramirez
    Tomás Ramirez 1 рік тому Jasmine Davis bish, you know you broke