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Скачать с ютуб We made all 78 Breath of the Wild recipes in one day | Unraveled

Опубликовано: 10 июл. 2019 г. 3 732 347 просмотров

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Link needs to eat in order to gain hearts, but are his recipes any good? Brian David Gilbert teams up with Eater's Adam Moussa to discover which of Breath of the Wild's 78 recipes are tasty and how many hearts they should actually restore.

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  • brian david gilbert
    brian david gilbert 8 months ago cooking pro tip: literally just use carrots as any other vegetable it's totally fine and doesn't affect recipes at all
  • rory's mistakes
    rory's mistakes 8 months ago i question your ideas
  • Ashley White
    Ashley White 8 months ago this man be out here ignoring watery tasting lettuce which is just carrots but better
  • That Dork
    That Dork 8 months ago your MIND 😍😍🥰
  • Snowspring9
    Snowspring9 8 months ago BDG, please drop us a link on where you got that shirt, it's so good
  • Ky Rasmussen
    Ky Rasmussen 8 months ago Brian, I need you to figure out what happened to Barbara Finch in What Remains of Edith Finch. Please. The story has so many plot holes. Please, Brian.
  • Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf 8 months ago The fact your not verified saddens me.🙃🙃🙃🙃
  • Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf 8 months ago The fact that you are not verified saddens me.🙃🙃🙃
  • natalie
    natalie 8 months ago you do it for the CRUNCH
  • Jesse Eible Hargro
    Jesse Eible Hargro 8 months ago We need recipes, Brian
  • Mark
    Mark 8 months ago L I T E R A L L Y
  • sunnysea24
    sunnysea24 8 months ago @Snowspring9 I know the shirt he had in the perfect Pokerap was from T. M. Lewin so you might check there? I didn't find an exact match but they do have some nice shirts.
  • Elizabeth Powell
    Elizabeth Powell 8 months ago Brian are you feeling okay after doing this? I know it was filmed a while ago but I’m very worried about your health and sanity
  • Cautemoc
    Cautemoc 8 months ago According to wikipedia, salt created and destroyed empires. I will add this video as a reference.
  • Agent Stache
    Agent Stache 8 months ago Salsa recipe calls for tomatoes? Carrots. Pumpkin pie recipe calls for pumpkin? Carrots. Hot sauce recipe calls for peppers? Carrots. Baked potato recipe calls for potatoes? Carrots. Hummus recipe calls for chickpeas? Carrots. Burger recipe calls for lettuce? Carrots.
  • Bobo Jojo
    Bobo Jojo 8 months ago i love you brian
  • Pedro Scoponi
    Pedro Scoponi 8 months ago I mean, it is one of my favorite vegetables, so that... well... That could be much worse. :^)
  • theWeaverofTales
    theWeaverofTales 8 months ago @Agent Stache I mean, half of those don't sound bad,,,
  • Kindless Traitor
    Kindless Traitor 8 months ago Hey, tell me, why isn't DougDoug included in this video? He's a master of BotW cooking! Just look at his results!
  • Rensin Redjaw
    Rensin Redjaw 8 months ago I bet that wouldn't work for eggplant parmesan or lasagna though.
  • Lagk
    Lagk 8 months ago I love you Brian David Gilbert
  • Xue theViewer
    Xue theViewer 8 months ago This is mostly correct, but if I did this I would die, I am deathly allergic to carrots and it sucks.
  • Dylan Yang
    Dylan Yang 8 months ago You should had these “recipes” off to Binging with Babish
  • The Incredible Edible
    The Incredible Edible 8 months ago I love this man.
  • Ricky Partridge
    Ricky Partridge 8 months ago BDG: My wife and I agree that we are adopting you
  • wolftamer9
    wolftamer9 8 months ago Why? Why all the carrots? Why did you do this to yourselves?
  • A G N O M I N A
    A G N O M I N A 8 months ago Unless said recipes call for crab. (13:10-13:15)
  • Echs Dee
    Echs Dee 8 months ago Nash White Nananananh you need to use string beans. They’re nature’s cheese sticks.
  • A G N O M I N A
    A G N O M I N A 8 months ago Echs Dee “modern varieties” of green beans are stringless. String beans are - for the most part - no longer a thing. Hoard yours from the hordes.
  • SirAgravaine
    SirAgravaine 8 months ago Pls identify your nail color, it's so good
  • MidRoseMika
    MidRoseMika 8 months ago Agreed! I love my broccoli salad made of just carrots!
  • Goroman 86
    Goroman 86 8 months ago I am here for carrot love
  • Aspen Schuttloffel
    Aspen Schuttloffel 8 months ago @Agent Stache I'm about to be pedantic so please indulge me, but pumpkins, peppers, and tomatoes are fruit. Mmm, apple salsa, durian pie, and banana hot sauce. So good.
  • Agent Stache
    Agent Stache 8 months ago ​@Aspen Schuttloffel Yup. Just because they're botanical fruits doesn't mean they're not vegetables (though if I'm being honest pumpkin functions more as a culinary fruit in the context of pumpkin pie), additionally I believe that they're also all berries since they have internal seeds
  • UnfancyKalamansi
    UnfancyKalamansi 8 months ago I trust you with my life and i love carrots
  • blackanimecat2
    blackanimecat2 8 months ago OR and hear me out, I could forget carrots exist entirely and continue to never perpously use them in any of my cooking in favor of vastly tastier veggies.
  • Z. Z.
    Z. Z. 8 months ago concerning concept
  • Cam McLean
    Cam McLean 8 months ago PLEASE DONT
  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 8 months ago And never steam anything
  • Jules Henig
    Jules Henig 8 months ago Hey Brian, Would it be possible to have a link to the doc with all of the recipes? I'd like to try them out as well!
  • toothcereal
    toothcereal 8 months ago spinach is RIGHT THERE
  • Andi Rogynous
    Andi Rogynous 8 months ago Brian, ily, but apparently not enough to not suggest this.... Skyrim recipes
  • crazycatgirl18
    crazycatgirl18 8 months ago Brian I love you but also no.
  • crazycatgirl18
    crazycatgirl18 8 months ago Hey do another Pokémon unraveled!
  • Matt G
    Matt G 8 months ago do know a stew isn't JUST rue right? You add rue to thicken it but it's not only rue
  • Sterling Pratt
    Sterling Pratt 8 months ago This video gets really appropriately sexual when played at half speed.
  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 months ago side cooking pro tip: don't acknowledge you can get away with adding salt to most recipes that contain <5 food items without changing the dish in the original game
  • *kas :*
    *kas :* 8 months ago even tomatoes?
  • Phillip Da Gama
    Phillip Da Gama 8 months ago You use a lot of misdirection, are you a magician by any chance?
  • Ωmega
    Ωmega 8 months ago It also magically makes you really fast and/or gives you extreme endurance
  • Corey Carnes
    Corey Carnes 8 months ago I say this in the best possible way, you look exactly like my ex-girlfriend. Maybe not with the mustache but otherwise you could be her twin brother.
  • Dutchik
    Dutchik 8 months ago Except tomato. Cause that's fruit. Or aubergine. Carrots just have too much taste to just dry em out.
  • lauren mcgough
    lauren mcgough 8 months ago Would have been great if you had prepped the day before
  • DiploRaptor
    DiploRaptor 8 months ago Indeed it is using other veggies is for the weak.
  • Dan R.
    Dan R. 8 months ago You can't do this for potatoes..
  • Liam-Ethan Wallis
    Liam-Ethan Wallis 8 months ago brian david gilbert MEANS THE GAME GUYS. HE MEANS THE GAME. HE MEANS BOTW. ZELDA
  • Nathaniel Leon
    Nathaniel Leon 8 months ago I was gonna say, carrots would not have been my go to vegetable. Maybe like, spring onions would have been better for a lot of these. Or, just like, grating the carrot so you're not eating big gobs of carrot.
  • Burg Skeletal
    Burg Skeletal 8 months ago brian david gilbert I personally enjoy replacing the beef in Hamburger Helper Beef Pasta with carrots.
  • random challenger
    random challenger 8 months ago You dont waste food, I respect that Yet you deface and humiliate masses upon copious masses of paper with sonic lore. You are not free brian
  • random challenger
    random challenger 8 months ago @Snowspring9 mmm yes please
  • porpoisemonkey
    porpoisemonkey 8 months ago Ky Rasmussen watch “The villain of Edith Finch” by Joseph Anderson. He totally breaks it all down.
  • Francesca Redditt
    Francesca Redditt 8 months ago my salad finna go hard
  • ChesuMori
    ChesuMori 8 months ago Carrots can and should replace all vegetables in all recipes.
  • Ben A
    Ben A 8 months ago This is what you’re doing now? I want your channels content. I want to see those amazing jorts.
  • Christian Killgore
    Christian Killgore 8 months ago Do more episodes with guest hosts. It's fun to watch you interact with other people like this.
  • Marachime
    Marachime 8 months ago omg i love your nail varnish :3
  • 8Rincewind
    8Rincewind 8 months ago Apparently you could have used rock salt because most of the recipes allow it as an improvement.
  • Yasemin
    Yasemin 8 months ago Soon everyone will be keeping this in mind when cooking lol
  • AZ_CR pro
    AZ_CR pro 8 months ago Mate what a sexy moustache
  • Marcus Zyker
    Marcus Zyker 8 months ago DONT FORGET YA FIBER
  • vontiamyj vontiamyj
    vontiamyj vontiamyj 8 months ago mash potatoes
  • Aranak777
    Aranak777 8 months ago i put garlic scape on everything XD
  • Schazmen Rassir
    Schazmen Rassir 8 months ago Random question: is the series called "Unraveled" because you drive yourself crazy doing these amazing educating entertainment infomercials?
  • AwkwrdW1llCmdy
    AwkwrdW1llCmdy 8 months ago Is this a pro-tip for the game or real life? I can't tell lol
  • Overcooked Eggs With Worms
    Overcooked Eggs With Worms 8 months ago Ky Rasmussen She got murdered by her boyfriend
  • J Cangelosi
    J Cangelosi 8 months ago We need a fried bread tutorial
  • yoosh
    yoosh 8 months ago thanks brian I just made the dopest eggplant parmigiana
  • Everett C
    Everett C 8 months ago bdg, don't forget to give on your dreams of being a baker.
  • Michael J
    Michael J 8 months ago But... What about the unused ice cream cone?
  • JasiadHalliad
    JasiadHalliad 8 months ago ok but what kind of wheat did you use for the pan fried bread
  • Don't take note
    Don't take note 8 months ago In the kingdom hearts vid, Brian mumble-sings a song in the title card, what’s the song name?
  • AimeeWoodWorks
    AimeeWoodWorks 8 months ago Brian I want to give you my full Zelda Cookbook, please tell me how I can do this! Here's the full project, it just hit 450% on Kickstarter:
  • Liv & Ann
    Liv & Ann 8 months ago I really love this video, but Brian what about other video game foods?
  • Rai Z
    Rai Z 8 months ago Do yu vevn eat cocane
  • alysdexia
    alysdexia 8 months ago nitrites and cloyey bitterness no
  • alysdexia
    alysdexia 8 months ago @Xue theViewer carrot has protein?
  • alysdexia
    alysdexia 8 months ago @Agent Stache sorry, fruits are minerals, not vegetables.
  • alysdexia
    alysdexia 8 months ago @Matt G rue has nothing to do with roux. thicken -> stiffen
  • alysdexia
    alysdexia 8 months ago @ChesuMori but not ouht
  • alysdexia
    alysdexia 8 months ago @AimeeWoodWorks learn semicolons
  • Fluffynator
    Fluffynator 8 months ago @Ky Rasmussen Why has the story so many plot holes?
  • Fluffynator
    Fluffynator 8 months ago I don't get it...
  • User Name
    User Name 8 months ago Brian, who makes your sportcoat in this one? I want one for myself
  • Waluigi Lover
    Waluigi Lover 8 months ago @ChesuMori like i'd take advice from a carrot
  • Troy Barrow
    Troy Barrow 8 months ago Nash White ii
  • noah alvarez
    noah alvarez 7 months ago I just checked your channeled and I'm... Already suscribed? How did I not notice, am I that dumb? Yes. Yes I am.
  • Alana James
    Alana James 7 months ago I definitely would have used an aromatic like onion instead of something like carrots
  • Avrysatos
    Avrysatos 7 months ago @Ky Rasmussen She died.
  • Emiri J.
    Emiri J. 7 months ago Ah yes, salad that is literally a bowl of carrots
  • darkestOracle
    darkestOracle 7 months ago I actually thought this was serious until I ventured deeper into the comment section
  • Adri
    Adri 7 months ago One hundredth comment!!!!😳😱😳😱
  • luluchave
    luluchave 7 months ago @Ashley White .
  • Shep Adder
    Shep Adder 7 months ago Please do pokemon edibility. Also, I love you.
  • Jared Murphy
    Jared Murphy 7 months ago (edited) brian, please. Make more. Much more, right meow. Do it now. You can have all my dimes. Hold me to that. [I have a fair amount of dimes] Brian, take my dimes. Brian. listen, buddy, the dimes? They are a 10 you want these dimes, and they are yours.
  • Natalie Edmonds
  • Killua Zoldycc
    Killua Zoldycc 7 months ago @porpoisemonkey No way! The useless weeb streamer does comprehensive video game reviews? and uh lemme throw some memes that have been ran into the ground by Anderson out...11037 Hey, hey Pickle Nagito Waffles Dadapon Make a girl cry, that's not gonna fly. Make a girl smile, you pass the trial. Gamers Rise up
  • crazycatgirl18
    crazycatgirl18 7 months ago Please redo this with literally any herb as well carrots
  • Hunter LeBlanc
  • cloudrunner _84
    cloudrunner _84 6 months ago thank you brian very thought provoking
  • Harry Chu
    Harry Chu 6 months ago Steam them or boil them tender, otherwise is just garbage
  • Kas b
    Kas b 6 months ago Cabbage. Use cabbage as any other ingredient. Has very little taste and can be used in basically anything.
  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 6 months ago lets make a salad! throws a bag of carrots into bowl
  • Beemer
    Beemer 6 months ago Carrots, carrots, and carrots makes a really good beef stew. Need cilantro? Use carrots.
  • Marzipancutter
    Marzipancutter 6 months ago Can we get step-by-step recipes for the better dishes you made that day? I'm mortally curious to try some of these now. Also I think you just really like Mushrooms. Keep up the great entertainment!
  • Bijan Sheibani
    Bijan Sheibani 6 months ago Legit almost asked why you couldn't make the elixirs I think I need a brain transplant
  • Cup of Coffee
    Cup of Coffee 6 months ago @rory's mistakes yep
  • Cyan C
    Cyan C 6 months ago Carrot fruitcake
  • iop erty
    iop erty 6 months ago I am so bad at adulting I can't tell if you're joking or not
  • fish man
    fish man 6 months ago Berger
  • 唯一可愛的小狗
    唯一可愛的小狗 5 months ago Shhhh.... you don’t need to make this anymore amazing
  • Johannes van Overbeek
    Johannes van Overbeek 5 months ago I'm still so mad you used carrots instead of garlic
  • crazycatgirl18
    crazycatgirl18 5 months ago I love you!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜
  • CalculyticCuber
    CalculyticCuber 5 months ago @Xue theViewer Dude, that's a convenience. Carrots suck.
  • cara mia
    cara mia 5 months ago brian🤩
  • The what files?
    The what files? 4 months ago This needs to be on a shirt
  • 0Clewi0
    0Clewi0 4 months ago I'm sure the omelette would've been fine with onions (so they have them in the game?)
  • Hannah Bradley
    Hannah Bradley 3 months ago "here's my eggplant parmesan" "That Is A Carrot."
  • Reese’s Toca Boca Videos
    Reese’s Toca Boca Videos 3 months ago rory's mistakes ,,
  • Kaylee the geek
    Kaylee the geek 3 months ago What was your bread recipe
  • Eli M
    Eli M 3 months ago Hey at least it’s not celery
  • Trasher
    Trasher 3 months ago Cooking pro tip: cannibalism... Is frowned upon... (But not necessarily illegal)
  • Rachel Parish
    Rachel Parish 3 months ago With Sword and Shield out now, can we do a redux of the Curry Recipes from Pokemon Sword and Shield?
  • Leesa Dushane
    Leesa Dushane 3 months ago BLT disagrees
  • K_K46! Nation [Rainbow Edition]
    K_K46! Nation [Rainbow Edition] 2 months ago Vegetable is for me nothing... i'll eat Chicken 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • spyrise dude
    spyrise dude 2 months ago brian david gilbert stonks
  • SsnakeBite
    SsnakeBite 2 months ago This may be the most liked comment I've ever seen on YouTube.
  • The Fantastic Drill
    The Fantastic Drill 2 months ago Thanks papa brian
  • Gabe Bernhard
    Gabe Bernhard 2 months ago God I cringed so hard when I saw that you chose carrots...
  • Blank
    Blank 2 months ago CPT, Cannibalism Pro Tip: Many people claim that human meat tastes like chicken or pork, they’re oddly right which makes me question if they’re really cannibals or not, but it would be closer to a lean cut of pork that has been soaking in fat.
  • zach Heckart
    zach Heckart 2 months ago Cooked carrots are disgusting
  • Redgum
    Redgum 1 month ago Carrots are incredibly versatile. The sweetness and body they bring can be added to soups, stews, sauces, braising dishes to more quick dishes like stir frying and flash frying foods. Because they have an excellent texture when cooked WELL, and their natural sweetness is good for rounding out or balancing acidity, its very much a go-to ingredient, similar to other jack-of-all-trades like eggs. And carrots themselves can occasionally be replaced by its even sweeter cousin, the parsnip.
  • Puck Bryn
    Puck Bryn 1 month ago I wish I knew what nail colour that was, should list it in the description like the beauty gurus you all are
  • ZackXOX GS
    ZackXOX GS 4 weeks ago Delicious mashed potato Ingredients Milk Butter Carrots
  • Donald The Gangrian Potato
    Donald The Gangrian Potato 3 weeks ago the bread you made makes me wanna not give up on my dreams, fool
  • Those Aquatic Chickens
    Those Aquatic Chickens 3 weeks ago salad but its just carrots
  • An Existing Person
    An Existing Person 2 weeks ago i cant wait to make french fries with carrots
  • ospreyscry
    ospreyscry 2 weeks ago ok
  • MenicMan
    MenicMan 1 week ago I'll keep that in mind.
  • MenicMan
    MenicMan 1 week ago ok
  • Linxin Stuff
    Linxin Stuff 5 days ago Woah, he got pinned by the person who made the video.
  • MenicMan
    MenicMan 5 days ago @Linxin Stuff what do you mean, thats brian. he basically pinned himself
  • Boomjet 77
    Boomjet 77 4 days ago 10/10 advise I'll never be asked to make Christmas dinner again
  • Tor
    Tor 3 months ago This guy is the most productive unproductive person I've ever seen.
  • Imperial Red
    Imperial Red 2 months ago Tor these videos are like when you don’t want to do your taxes so you deep clean your entire house
  • That Spoony Bard
    That Spoony Bard 2 months ago This comment is so accurate, I wish I could like it twice.
  • natyx24
    natyx24 2 months ago He rivals Rhett and Link, let's be honest.
  • I O
    I O 1 month ago These videos are 100% productive. He’s making money from all of them.
  • RCJ
    RCJ 1 month ago That is the most accurate description of BDG I have ever read
  • Honeyzy
    Honeyzy 1 month ago Productive procrastination
  • Lorelei Marivaine
    Lorelei Marivaine 1 month ago He puts a lot of energy into things that don’t really matter, just ask his mom.
  • AlphaStorm
    AlphaStorm 5 days ago Putting a lot of research into things that... really have very little meaning...
  • TheMelonboy
    TheMelonboy 3 months ago (edited) "This is less than the sum of its parts" "I Just wish this was something else" "10/10"
  • Luce Ohsure
    Luce Ohsure 2 months ago TheMelonboy me to me when i did one (1) good thing but am still a piece of garbage
  • Rachel LaDue
    Rachel LaDue 1 month ago yeah that one got me lol
  • Julia Sampson
    Julia Sampson 1 month ago IGN is that you?
  • Innocent Muffin
    Innocent Muffin 3 weeks ago Yes this is maths
  • The Spanish Inquisition
    The Spanish Inquisition 2 days ago It has a little something for everyone
  • Shou Hai
    Shou Hai 1 day ago i read this, as he said that what a fkin coincidence lmao
  • Alexis Carmel
    Alexis Carmel 1 hour ago My best friend describing me
  • Prince Ralsei
    Prince Ralsei 3 months ago Love how you got so desperate you literally gave fried bread a +5
  • Neolexious Neolexian
    Neolexious Neolexian 3 months ago The thing is, Pat and the other guy actually liked it too. And in principle, it's not really different from potato fries, or naan, or fried batter, etc. I think humans maybe just really like pure carbohydrates soaked in pure fats.
  • Finley Clark
    Finley Clark 2 months ago Neolexious Neolexian fried carbs are just great! The complex carbs break down into sugars, the Maillard reaction makes the sugars break down even further to create some rad flavours; all this + the savoury from the salt and flour creates a Large Yum™. No wonder nearly every culture has some type of fried carb
  • TheCompleteMental
    TheCompleteMental 2 months ago @Finley Clark And it's one really good way to enjoyably carbo-load your soldiers!
  • Ya girl Sheila
    Ya girl Sheila 1 month ago @Finley Clark makes sense, and I guess it's also the reason why there are so many recipes that call for reusing leftover carbs and cooking them again. In my country, we have capirotada, which is bread leftovers fried in oil, sweetened with unprocessed sugar and served with cheese, fruits and nuts
  • Claudia Mateos
    Claudia Mateos 1 month ago (edited) @Finley Clark in spain we have "migas" (it literally means "crumbs") that are just fried bread leftovers or flour and water with peppers, sausage, paprika sausage and some really fatty meat, similar to bacon (don't know its name). this plate slaps. u should try it, you won't regret it (but it's hard to make, it takes a lot of time, so try it in a restaurant or smth)
  • Ash nb
    Ash nb 1 month ago listen, something salty in the hellscape of this video must have been a god send
  • Jarhead
    Jarhead 1 month ago dude, dont tell me you've never had fried dough (pretty much fried bread). doesn't every amusement park still have fried dough concession stands?
  • Layne Lockridge
    Layne Lockridge 1 month ago @Finley Clark Large Yum™. I''m stealing that. That's good.
  • Arctic_Foxy
    Arctic_Foxy 1 month ago @Finley Clark did you just use 'rad' in 2020?
  • Vigilant Sycamore
    Vigilant Sycamore 1 month ago Hey, (most) bread is AMAZING
  • James the Magpie
    James the Magpie 1 month ago frybread is frickin good tho
  • Faztz Archiri
    Faztz Archiri 1 month ago I ate fried bread once It was awful, but very edible, hard to describe
  • KLightningBolt
    KLightningBolt 2 weeks ago Where I live, frybread is very popular and is one of the area’s specialties. It’s very good.
  • Joshua Elmore
    Joshua Elmore 2 weeks ago @Neolexious Neolexian and salt, don't forget glorious salt
  • Nightingale A113
    Nightingale A113 2 weeks ago (edited) Fry bread is fucking delicious However, only flour salt and water? Maybe a little less delicious.
  • Peepli
    Peepli 6 days ago Frybread/bannock are a blessing and are a 10+ in my books
  • Emerald Sky
    Emerald Sky 4 days ago Fry bread is a blessing so—
  • Emerald Sky
    Emerald Sky 4 days ago Faztz Archiri try it with chili
  • Blight Bitch
    Blight Bitch 3 months ago "Gonna start with greens, which is carrots." Thas not how you colour.
  • Jonnythan 12
    Jonnythan 12 3 months ago Blight Bitch but it is how you color
  • c0mpu73rguy
    c0mpu73rguy 1 month ago Maybe their green is your orange. You wouldn't know.
  • Arctic_Foxy
    Arctic_Foxy 1 month ago @c0mpu73rguy idk if there's a colour blindness that makes orange percieved as greeeeeeeen
  • c0mpu73rguy
    c0mpu73rguy 1 month ago @Arctic_Foxy Not talking about a colour blindness. I was talking about perception. You'll never know for sure how others really see colours unless you were in their brain.
  • Arctic_Foxy
    Arctic_Foxy 1 month ago c0mpu73rguy colour is determined by our brain through our eyes. You know that. We have these tiny receptors that then turn the light into information. Most humans have these receptors and the difference between them is how strong they are at interpreting the light. Colour blindness is when there’s a lack of a functional cone. The receptors interpret Red, Green and Blue btw which are the three primaries when it comes to light which differs from visual arts where it’s Red, Yellow and Blue. My point is, the only case in which one person might interpret orange light as something as different as green would be through the lack of one of these receptors, colour blindness and I’m not 100% sure if there is a colour blindness that causes Orange light to be informed to the brain as green.
  • Arctic_Foxy
    Arctic_Foxy 1 month ago c0mpu73rguy almost forgot to site a source
  • c0mpu73rguy
    c0mpu73rguy 1 month ago (edited) @Arctic_Foxy No, all the colours would be there but switched. Colour blindness is indeed the lack of one colour. How can we know if our brains interpret the colours the same way? That's what I mean. (I think there's something lost in translation in this discussion XD)
  • Arctic_Foxy
    Arctic_Foxy 1 month ago c0mpu73rguy I know what you mean. But it all comes back to the cones. From likeliness in the way different people perceive colour and observations of the objects we can determine what people should be seeing. So it’s pretty simple to tell how they would see a colour unless they are colourblind. Although with the switched part you mentioned, It could be possible for your brain to interpret the receptors information differently than it should but idk if that’s ever happened
  • c0mpu73rguy
    c0mpu73rguy 1 month ago @Arctic_Foxy We couldn't know if that's ever happened. Let's leave it there. Sorry if I was annoying with that.
  • Arctic_Foxy
    Arctic_Foxy 1 month ago c0mpu73rguy no it’s fine. I guess neither of us could get our point out right in the end
  • okyloky9
    okyloky9 3 weeks ago @c0mpu73rguy Reading through your comments all I could think of was Vsauce's video "Is Your Red The Same as My Red?".
  • c0mpu73rguy
    c0mpu73rguy 3 weeks ago (edited) okyloky9 Just watched it, and yes, this was exactly what I was trying to say. But I can’t english very good XD
  • your overly supportive mom
    your overly supportive mom 2 weeks ago carrots are the only valid vegetable
  • Hyuuki-chan
    Hyuuki-chan 2 weeks ago Green is not a creative color!
  • c0mpu73rguy
    c0mpu73rguy 2 weeks ago @Hyuuki-chan XD My DHMIS trauma just woke up.
  • Indigo Gollum
    Indigo Gollum 2 weeks ago @c0mpu73rguy Even so, they would still learn the same color names.
  • c0mpu73rguy
    c0mpu73rguy 2 weeks ago @Indigo Gollum Yes, in the end, it doesn't change how we communicate about it. But still, aren't you curious about stuff like that sometimes?
  • D B
    D B 2 weeks ago well, green is not a creative color…
  • Trasher
    Trasher 3 days ago They should have used potatoes or some starchy vegetables.
  • Sadia A.
    Sadia A. 7 months ago “Two grown men discover the hard way why salt used to be valued more than gold”
  • mike sixx
    mike sixx 6 months ago Lol exactly. Link definitely has seasonings on him so its idiotic to think he isn't going to use such things.
  • bleh
    bleh 6 months ago LMAO
  • Abuut Butt
    Abuut Butt 6 months ago Sadie A. Your comment is criminally under-liked.
  • Music Account
    Music Account 6 months ago That's a myth btw. At no time in history did salt price even get close to gold price.
  • Lubenio Benio
    Lubenio Benio 6 months ago @Music Account r/iamverysmart
  • Rinsablesnowy
    Rinsablesnowy 6 months ago Music Account no that’s actually not true, spice was more valued than gold due to how cheap it was and how easy it is to harvest. There’s a reason why India was so valuable
  • Music Account
    Music Account 6 months ago @Lubenio Benio forgive me for sharing a random bit of information that I learned on the Internet. Also, r/ihavereddit
  • Music Account
    Music Account 6 months ago @Rinsablesnowy you are correct, but I was talking about salt.
  • Thisisasupersayin3
    Thisisasupersayin3 6 months ago @Music Account You sure do seem like a person who says r/ihavereddit when not on Reddit and doesn't see the irony in that
  • God
    God 6 months ago Music Account cool you have reddit don’t link to sub reddits outside of Reddit
  • draco5991rep
    draco5991rep 6 months ago @God r/whyareyousobossy
  • God
    God 6 months ago @draco5991rep not a real subreddit
  • draco5991rep
    draco5991rep 6 months ago @God r/whatasuprise
  • God
    God 6 months ago @draco5991rep Can you shut up please
  • Alpha
    Alpha 6 months ago Music Account one time in Africa the king traded their gold for salt because they had too much gold and they need a way to preserve their food
  • Katie Shupe
    Katie Shupe 6 months ago ACCURATE
  • Michael Cleary
    Michael Cleary 6 months ago One of them has painted fingernails, wouldn't call him a man
  • James Yanez
    James Yanez 6 months ago You're just jealous because he looks fabulous
  • Billy S
    Billy S 6 months ago Supply and Demand?
  • Apple
    Apple 5 months ago @God you do understand that the joke is that those aren't subreddits, and that "r/ihavereddit" is a joke about people who unnecessarily link subreddits outside of Reddit, yeah? I can't tell what you're doing
  • God
    God 5 months ago @Apple sir What is a "joke" is it some type of food? Is it a drink?
  • God
    God 5 months ago @GalaxyWolfScent listen hear you fucking furry this is your only comment on this thread so far so i didnt pull you into anything also since r and y are near each other I am going to assume you ment to press r so I can do this r/ihavereddit and this thread was dead
  • Yuval Sela
    Yuval Sela 5 months ago @God ah yes, this started this thread, and we were always at war with east asia
  • God
    God 5 months ago Yuval Sela yes much wow
  • Two Point Oh
    Two Point Oh 5 months ago @Lubenio Benio not even an iamverysmart moment also r/ihavereddit
  • Thomas Cummings
    Thomas Cummings 4 months ago @Michael Cleary Ok boomer
  • Michael Cleary
    Michael Cleary 4 months ago @Thomas Cummings hey uh where did that term come from?
  • Honecatta Karushiumu
    Honecatta Karushiumu 4 months ago @Michael Cleary baby boomer alert!
  • Delike el Ducce
    Delike el Ducce 4 months ago @Two Point Oh r/ihavereddit
  • draco5991rep
    draco5991rep 4 months ago @God r/nothanksikeepdoingthis
  • Jago Tompkins
    Jago Tompkins 4 months ago @Music Account it was true but only because of its preserving qualities rather than making food taste good
  • The One and Only Michael McCormick
    The One and Only Michael McCormick 4 months ago Sadia A. It IS an addictive substance, after all.
  • Webbs Kruiser
    Webbs Kruiser 4 months ago @Music Account salt being traded for gold happened in Middle Age Western Africa
  • Riley LaRoux
    Riley LaRoux 4 months ago folks in here are rolling with the punches so hard they're doing the Sonic dash
  • Farrel PC
    Farrel PC 4 months ago As much as gold actually
  • Foster Davies-Smith
    Foster Davies-Smith 4 months ago Not to mention from the basic geology in BOTW there's salt damn everywhere. You find it in MASSIVE chunks sticking out the sides of mountains, is it really so unreasonable that Link is easily finding salt around the food pots?
  • Farrel PC
    Farrel PC 4 months ago @Foster Davies-Smith he gotta find specific breakable rocks which mostly contain coals then those rock salts
  • Dog God
    Dog God 4 months ago @Music Account I bet you're fun at parties and everyone invites you for your sweet history trivia.
  • Music Account
    Music Account 4 months ago @Dog God that's why I get wasted at parties.
  • Rocatex
    Rocatex 3 months ago @Music Account have you heard of the mali empire?
  • Kri Amau
    Kri Amau 3 months ago @God calm down
  • Music Account
    Music Account 3 months ago @Rocatex ok, I didn't consider sub-Saharan Africa. Most other places have either had sea access for salt, or a convenient trade route from the coast.
  • Warren Greene
    Warren Greene 3 months ago @mike sixx they know he probably does, theyre just using only the ingredients listed
  • AnonymousFool
    AnonymousFool 3 months ago @God Oh boy, he's roleplaying God. Look out.
  • ORO 0147
    ORO 0147 2 months ago @Lubenio Benio r/lethimsaywhathewantsdiversityandfactsofinformationintheinternetisagoodthingyoudimwit For people who don't want their eyes to bleed: let him say what he wants diversity and facts of information in the internet is a good thing you dimwit.
  • kevin4gwen
    kevin4gwen 2 months ago @Music Account Ancient Mayans valued salt over gold so yeah it actually did go higher than gold at some point in history
  • TheCompleteMental
    TheCompleteMental 2 months ago I doubt that it was, but yeah, salt is incredibly important culturally
  • Brook Braeken
    Brook Braeken 1 month ago @Music Account Actually, most Roman soldiers were probably paid in salt, and in the Phoenician Mediterranean, they were very close in price
  • Yingyanglord1
    Yingyanglord1 1 month ago @Brook Braeken plus he seems to be thinking that turning sea water to usable salt in high quantiies was easier and or affordable
  • Vesper Night
    Vesper Night 1 month ago God Jesus, you’re pissy aren’t you?
  • Emily Norris
    Emily Norris 3 weeks ago When did they say that? 😂
  • L A W R E N Z O O Threepwood
    L A W R E N Z O O Threepwood 3 weeks ago I live in Italy, and in the year 1540, my city started a war against the pope on salt, so yeah, salt can be pretty valuable
  • Harrison Lichtenberg
    Harrison Lichtenberg 3 weeks ago I think that's why saying someone was 'Worth their weight in Salt' used to carry more meaning. Now salt is literally dirt-cheap.
  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 3 weeks ago guys jesus christ
  • yekta ağra
  • Marionette Loves Gaming
    Marionette Loves Gaming 1 week ago @God r/shutupwesley
  • Madalovin
    Madalovin 1 week ago salt was never valued more than gold, but I can agree with the sentiment that salt is such a must for dishes.
  • Spenser
    Spenser 5 days ago you can't eat gold. or at least it isn't as worth it. you can eat it. its just stupid and just a marketing tactic.
  • joodajoo
    joodajoo 5 days ago @Music Account value and price are not necessarily synonymous
  • BurntToast
    BurntToast 4 days ago this thread is a mess
  • Trasher
    Trasher 3 days ago shiny rock or tasty rock... Shiny rock shiny, but no use... Tasty rock tasty, but really tasty... Me take tasty rock.
  • Trasher
    Trasher 3 days ago @mike sixx his weapons may break in 10 swings, but at least he has a magic unending seasoning bottle with all conceivable spices and condiments.
  • Haley Mansfield
    Haley Mansfield 2 days ago @Michael Cleary and yet HE is still wildy more successful than you. Imagine that
  • Michael Cleary
    Michael Cleary 2 days ago @Honecatta Karushiumu Nah, came from 4chan. I was curious if anyone knew, but most people don't.
  • Michael Cleary
    Michael Cleary 2 days ago @Haley Mansfield Are you implying only men can be successful?
  • Archie Boye
    Archie Boye 2 weeks ago (edited) This reminds me of the folk tale where a king asked his daughters how much they loved him. One said, "I love you like how people love salt." He got mad and banished her. Years later she married a prince and the prince invited the king to a banquet where all the food had no salt. He was not happy and asked why the food had no salt. The prince replied, "I thought you didn't like salt?" "Where did you hear that?" "Your daughter of course!" Lol
  • Magni Thorson
    Magni Thorson 5 days ago Where in this world did you hear a story like that?
  • mézgáncs
    mézgáncs 4 days ago (edited) @Magni Thorson probably hungarian folk tales lol
  • Eubee Bee
    Eubee Bee 3 days ago I watched a movie adaptation of that fairytale when I was a kid. Though I guess they made the movie more dramatic by making the prince some kind of magical earth creature that erased all salt from the kingdom of the father.
  • Star Platinum
    Star Platinum 2 days ago Eubee Bee Hippity hoppity your salt is now my property
  • Aria Grace
    Aria Grace 1 day ago Hello, fellow Indian
  • Archie Boye
    Archie Boye 1 day ago (edited) @Aria Grace Not an Indian, but I am now intrigued. Is there a similar tale from India?
  • Alexa Nolte
    Alexa Nolte 1 day ago @mézgáncs according to wiki source it's Indian.,_1879)/The_Princess_who_loved_her_Father_like_Salt
  • Eubee Bee
    Eubee Bee 1 day ago (edited) @Alexa Nolte That's intresting that there are fairytales from two totally different countries that are so similiar to each other. I looked up the movie I meant and it's originally Slovak (I watched a German dub) and it's apparently based on a slavic fairytale.
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 weeks ago The egg pudding was rated at -6 hearts, that's 24 damage A blue hinox smashing you with a fist does 24 damage
  • Michael Gillespie
    Michael Gillespie 2 weeks ago I honestly doubt the hinox would even eat this
  • Menpai
    Menpai 3 days ago Yeah, sounds about right. Sugar and eggs alone sound disgusting ngl
  • Kitty Meow
    Kitty Meow 9 hours ago @Michael Gillespie I broke the holy number
  • Cycadia
    Cycadia 3 months ago I feel this needs a proper attempt by people that aren't rushed. Like seriously rushing food is just a disaster. These poor guys did their best.
  • Fanny Pack
    Fanny Pack 2 months ago Cycadia But then it won’t be as funny... Don’t get me wrong, bdg is a wonderfully funny person but part of the humor is the failure I assume someone else did a less rushed version but I’m not gonna check Anyway have a nice day/week
  • bcdm999
    bcdm999 2 months ago Link makes all of these recipes in like six seconds. If anything, they were dawdling
  • Heike Siegl
    Heike Siegl 1 month ago More tume doesnt help with a lack of ingredients
  • Julian Pollack
    Julian Pollack 1 month ago It takes 6 seconds in game, which translates to 6 minutes irl time, which is about how long they took on average
  • Sir Nightmare
    Sir Nightmare 2 weeks ago Yeah this probably may have done better as a little series where they take a few recipes make the breath of the wild version and then a professional version, like binging with babish
  • Joli
    Joli 1 week ago I've wondered how different this would be if they didn't take so many liberties and actually had the time to do them properly. For example, using spinach for the greens instead of carrots at certain points (the omelette is what comes to mind first). It would be pretty interesting to see how different it would be.
  • Cole Barrowes
    Cole Barrowes 1 week ago But Link doesn't have that kinda time.
  • yukiandkanamekuran
    yukiandkanamekuran 3 days ago They should have had different episodes
  • Evelyn Schneider
    Evelyn Schneider 1 day ago (Since others are still replying to this for some reason apparently) My best justification would be that, one hopes, their rushing would hurt every dish by around the same amount, so that the relative rankings are still approximately right. I think that premise is probably not the case, but it lends some credence to some of their results.
  • yukiandkanamekuran
    yukiandkanamekuran 1 day ago @Evelyn Schneider you definitely can make meals quicker than others so it's probably not accurate if you want to make actually delicious meals And tbh I kinda wanted actual recipes going into this. And thought only few would be made.
  • Camicoon Luv
    Camicoon Luv 8 hours ago @yukiandkanamekuran you dont know the true nature of Brian if you expect a few to be made, Polygon is an all or nothing channel with little liberties and that's what's so amazingly funny about it
  • yukiandkanamekuran
    yukiandkanamekuran 7 hours ago @Camicoon Luv to be fair, I just came from a binging with babish video before I watched this one.
  • Kongle McFrongle's Splongulous Dongle
    Kongle McFrongle's Splongulous Dongle 1 month ago "If I can't be accurate, I sure as hell am gonna be extra" is the most bisexual thing I have ever heard. I love this man.
  • Adi Perets
    Adi Perets 1 week ago Or the most antivax thing I've ever heard.
  • Kongle McFrongle's Splongulous Dongle
    Kongle McFrongle's Splongulous Dongle 1 week ago @Adi Perets where's the lie tho?
  • FluffChirp aka Lemoner
    FluffChirp aka Lemoner 1 day ago he's bi?
  • Kongle McFrongle's Splongulous Dongle
    Kongle McFrongle's Splongulous Dongle 1 day ago @FluffChirp aka Lemoner no clue but that's DEFINITELY the energy he emits. Chaotic bisexual, even
  • FluffChirp aka Lemoner
    FluffChirp aka Lemoner 1 day ago @Kongle McFrongle's Splongulous Dongle i see
  • Camicoon Luv
    Camicoon Luv 8 hours ago @FluffChirp aka Lemoner other older videos hes in definitely makes me think hes bi, he talks about guys a lot and how attractive they are, the Which Monster From Castlevania is The Hottest video really sends that home for me though. And the Skyrim video
  • Dee R
    Dee R 8 months ago Adam- “Please don’t make me do this again.” *The sequel to Breath of the Wild is now in development.
  • Martha Sanchez
    Martha Sanchez 8 months ago There probably not going to add new food
  • Leaf
    Leaf 8 months ago @Martha Sanchez X to Doubt
  • Sean Ferree
    Sean Ferree 8 months ago Lol!!
  • Hickory McCay
    Hickory McCay 1 week ago @Leaf x
  • Nixtorm
    Nixtorm 1 day ago @Leaf x
  • jk it’s Jenna
    jk it’s Jenna 3 months ago i thought they were going to cook everything from the game in the game and then he just strutted his ass into a kitchen
  • Emily Norris
    Emily Norris 3 weeks ago jk it’s Jenna The video would be 6 minutes 😂
  • Camicoon Luv
    Camicoon Luv 8 hours ago You must've been new when you watched this video 😂😂
  • jk it’s Jenna
    jk it’s Jenna 8 hours ago Camicoon Luv lol yes i was kinda late getting the game😂
  • Dalriad
    Dalriad 4 months ago 11:30 reminder that brian ate so many mushrooms as a child that his parents thought he had an eating disorder
  • Average Players
    Average Players 1 month ago What video did he mention that?
  • Erin Rowland
    Erin Rowland 1 month ago Average Players I think it’s the Castlevania Unraveled? When he talks about the sentient mushroom people?
  • Ava Catherine
    Ava Catherine 1 month ago Also note that the actual first thing that BDG goes for is the mushroom rice ball.
  • Irene N
    Irene N 3 weeks ago Can you blame him tho.... mushrooms are GOOD
  • robot cheers
    robot cheers 3 months ago (edited) my favorite moment is just them stating exactly what the dish is after tasting it ex. now that's some sweet meat now that's cream and meat that's eggs
  • alphabasky
    alphabasky 1 week ago robot cheers it’s the nicest thing they can say about it lmao
  • sundr0plets
    sundr0plets 4 months ago Brian: "That's milk and meat, together at last!" My Judaism: >:0
  • riley
    riley 3 months ago my veganism: 8|
  • Ethan Brown
    Ethan Brown 2 months ago Same lol
  • seemsfishy23
    seemsfishy23 2 months ago Got those apples dipped in honey for a 10/10 tho!!
  • the habbening
    the habbening 1 month ago nothing says tasty like a good milksteak with jellybeans
  • Stealthlock
    Stealthlock 4 weeks ago I actually understand that reference XD
  • 5dastral
    5dastral 2 weeks ago riley same
  • nose wiggly
    nose wiggly 1 week ago sundr0plets I don't care
  • Hickory McCay
    Hickory McCay 1 week ago My Discordianism: At least it's not a hot dog bun.
  • CMH
    CMH 2 days ago @nose wiggly I don't care that you don't care B)
  • Jacks Paige
    Jacks Paige 1 day ago i got irrationally excited though when they rated apples and honey so high. that's rosh hashanah right there babey
  • ThunderBird117
    ThunderBird117 5 months ago the fact that they gave plain eggs an 8 shows me how bad some of this was for them.
  • gaming time
    gaming time 1 month ago But like, you ever had plain eggs?
  • Bernie Bernie
    Bernie Bernie 1 month ago @gaming time plain eggs is very good. 😅
  • nahor88
    nahor88 1 month ago They could've made the dubious food by gathering lizards and insects and frying them... LOL.
  • Kari Brockhausen
    Kari Brockhausen 1 month ago ThunderBird117 idk about you but eggs really are an 8+/10
  • Mark Mathis
    Mark Mathis 4 weeks ago Fried bread: +5
  • Fire Tarrasque
    Fire Tarrasque 2 weeks ago @nahor88 Dude, fried insects are actually pretty fucking good
  • SqueriPeri
    SqueriPeri 2 weeks ago That's eggs!
  • i want to bigspoon link
    i want to bigspoon link 3 months ago the fact that fried egg on plain rice got a 10 says something about the other foods
  • Halo Nightwing
    Halo Nightwing 11 hours ago true. but fried eggs on rice slaps
  • lnsflare1
    lnsflare1 2 months ago "[C]annibalism is frowned on in New York." As someone who does customer service in New York, I heartily disagree with this statement.
  • King Slushie101
    King Slushie101 2 months ago lnsflare1 😂
  • Abigail V
    Abigail V 1 month ago "BITE ME" sir please, I don't wanna get arrested again :(((((
  • Zachary O'Donnell
    Zachary O'Donnell 2 weeks ago I also work customer service in New York and I can fully agree.
  • Sophia Luciano
    Sophia Luciano 1 week ago Please tell stories 💗
  • John Walk, Inventor of Walking
    John Walk, Inventor of Walking 3 weeks ago I love that this basically doubles as an archaeological expose on how people used to eat after we discovered fire but didn't know salt was a thing yet
  • N_Meister
    N_Meister 4 days ago “Everything tastes awful but the alternative is literally starving to death.” -Pre-salt cooks
  • Trasher
    Trasher 3 months ago Link: cooks his food and survives well Me: shovels 20 apples into my mouth in the middle of a fight
  • Indigo Gollum
    Indigo Gollum 2 weeks ago Skyrim, Tamriel My lvl 2 character: "Mudcrabs, wait, I have to eat these 15 bags of flour"
  • Nerk Durgen
    Nerk Durgen 1 week ago Me: *breaks to look at watch; shovels roach meat into face*
  • Trasher
    Trasher 1 week ago @Nerk Durgen oh no, would you look at the frantic munching time.