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Скачать с ютуб Battlefield 4 - Movie Edition HD (PC 1440p)

Опубликовано: 26 июн. 2014 г. 1 127 231 просмотр

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Battlefield 4 full game movie: cutscenes and gameplay from the single-player campaign of DICE's 2013 shooter edited together for a cinematic experience.

I've included all cutscenes and most of the in-game dialogue related to the main narrative in order to preserve as much of the story and character moments as possible. Gameplay segments were edited in to improve flow and pacing and also wherever it was necessary to give context to the narrative.

All in-game footage was captured on PC at 1440p resolution with Ultra settings.

Battlefield Series - Movie Edition:
Battlefield 3:

Story synopsis:
In 2020, the assassination of presidential candidate Jin Jie and a military coup in China throws the country into chaos. As the crisis unfolds, Tombstone, a US Marines special forces squad, is tasked with retrieving two VIPs from Shanghai who may be the key to preventing all-out war between the US and China.

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    PAPICOCACOLA510 5 years ago puts you in charge, team-mates give you the orders
  • baguette baguette never forget
    baguette baguette never forget 2 years ago fucking sad man
  • Normal Entry Point Player
    Normal Entry Point Player 8 months ago Crying in Sergeant Recker
  • Hamlin
    Hamlin 2 years ago I remember putting the difficultly to hard, and leaving one enemy left on one of the missions. I kept spotting the enemy and walking very close to him, waiting for anyone, Hannah, Irish, or Pac to shoot the guy. It was all just to see if they were even capable of killing one enemy. They weren't, I kept spotting the one single guy and at one point all three of them stood within 3m of the single enemy. They either spray their whole mag missing every bullet or do a leisurely jog past the guy. Meanwhile they are completely invincible to gunfire and the enemies only target YOU with their explosives.
  • SnippleSnapple
    SnippleSnapple 1 year ago lol Hard mode ain't shit. All the AI does to compensate for the "difficulty" is throwing rocks that are their grenades lol.
  • Aaron Gentry
    Aaron Gentry 4 years ago 59:06 That's what she said
  • Vietnam Kiddo
    Vietnam Kiddo 3 years ago hahaha
  • DevilDog900 #USA#
    DevilDog900 #USA# 2 years ago Aaron Gentry ahahaha I love it. !
    DFH GAMING 1 year ago That cool
  • jungeun's gf #STANLOOΠΔ
    jungeun's gf #STANLOOΠΔ 4 years ago did anyone see a glitch when they were in the car in China or I'm seeing things?
  • bananas kombinas
    bananas kombinas 4 years ago yes
  • AshExo TM
    AshExo TM 4 years ago +Jordan Hampton Yeah, that guy stole Superman's Abilities or that guy have a Invisibility Cloak or somethin'
  • Sneeky Snek
    Sneeky Snek 4 years ago +Jordan Hampton :O Slenderman.
  • Ian Harris
    Ian Harris 4 years ago +Jordan Hampton I Saw It It Was  A Little Misunderstanding
  • Wajski
    Wajski 4 years ago +Jordan Hampton o0h yeah there was a guy going thru the car and a guy dissapeard its like slenderman
  • romp_fla
    romp_fla 4 years ago Saw it too
  • Global Warfighter
    Global Warfighter 4 years ago +Jordan Hampton 18:54 right
  • Killerbros99
    Killerbros99 4 years ago +zaid superfly123 yeah
  • Bronx_King
    Bronx_King 4 years ago +Jordan Hampton same thing in my game lol
  • ShadyGreninja
    ShadyGreninja 4 years ago +Jordan Hampton Yeah xD
  • Ian Harris
    Ian Harris 4 years ago @Vanoss Are you the Real Vanos or fkae 
  • AshExo TM
    AshExo TM 4 years ago @Ian Harris Nope, Vanoss' channel name is VanossGaming
  • VitalCubeGaming
    VitalCubeGaming 3 years ago +Jordan Hampton I herd a noise when the man was a bout to get hit at 18:54
  • Michael Biharta
    Michael Biharta 3 years ago lol first blood in China
  • VitalCubeGaming
    VitalCubeGaming 3 years ago did any one hear a noise when the man was a bout to get hit at 18:54
  • Jamie Jordan
    Jamie Jordan 3 years ago +Jordan Hampton Yeah this actually happened to me while playing as well, really wierd lol
  • Kacper Panasiuk
    Kacper Panasiuk 3 years ago China is illuminati confired
  • Miguel Sousa
    Miguel Sousa 3 years ago The sad part is that it always happens, I replayed the game 3 times and that glitch always occurs. Makes you wonder if anyone tested the campaign for this game...
  • Sw36th Jay
    Sw36th Jay 3 years ago I did
  • Trisheel Jani
    Trisheel Jani 3 years ago I was like......"woah woah woah! stoooopp..ur gonna ram him!"..nd the asian dude..juzt passes by the car like a ghost !
  • SEAN
    SEAN 3 years ago Jordan S. yep
  • Comrade Catastrophic
    Comrade Catastrophic 2 years ago I did
  • Chyrach Arancon
    Chyrach Arancon 2 years ago Jordan S. it did happen
  • honza 990
    honza 990 2 years ago Jordan není to hezký
  • Philippine Ball
    Philippine Ball 2 years ago Jan Mašek I don't allow you retarded English.
  • Face
    Face 2 years ago He's a ghost!😱
  • Blukee Endom
    Blukee Endom 2 years ago +ok
  • JV 9
    JV 9 2 years ago I saw it too
  • Wavy Jester
    Wavy Jester 2 years ago Jordan S. I saw it
  • Asyadth Iswara
    Asyadth Iswara 2 years ago yes i know i saw it too
  • Sandy Leong
    Sandy Leong 2 years ago Jordan S. ..
  • Stefania Barberi
    Stefania Barberi 1 year ago Jordan S. I
  • Iveta Jasikova
    Iveta Jasikova 1 year ago 8875162990
  • A tiny Angry trash can
    A tiny Angry trash can 1 year ago Yeah they drove right through someone
  • Bullet Man!
    Bullet Man! 9 months ago Yep first play through
  • Normal Entry Point Player
    Normal Entry Point Player 8 months ago Yes.
  • Aurora
    Aurora 5 years ago I saw 18:41, Then I saw 18:52.
  • Wonsuc Yoo
    Wonsuc Yoo 5 years ago That was a ghost...
  • Joseph Kim
    Joseph Kim 5 years ago OHH HSHHHTT WATTCCH OUUUU.... wut .___,
  • Andrew Giambrone
    Andrew Giambrone 3 years ago There is a way to disable the HUD, and make it a real movie.
  • MajorSeven
    MajorSeven 3 years ago 2:15:51--2:17:33 is funny irish has a fear of hights haha :-D
  • WhaleLord
    WhaleLord 4 years ago The laser for the guns is a tri-dot. Reminds me of Predator.
  • PSYCHO _
    PSYCHO _ 3 years ago i really love this game
  • I am Batadlang
    I am Batadlang 3 years ago Man why didn't they just drop the c4 (recker slaps his forehead , Hannah cuts her rope)
  • Faris Zharfan
    Faris Zharfan 3 years ago past me from the past I know right!!! He could just do that! Well he must land it on the boat tho. And the USA Valkyrie didn't even move much although they know something's shooting at it. The leat they can do is to try to not get hit as much as possible so recker and the rest could've had more time to go down(not all the way), place c4 and boom
  • confused.
    confused. 11 months ago C4 charge is on ship sacrifice someone to put C4 charge in place C4 doesn’t work from their position but the new one does Logic
  • mattchuu
    mattchuu 2 years ago I wish the campaign was longer
  • Mizane Zooft
    Mizane Zooft 2 years ago China is Bad people, and american came to help them. damn, that's classic
  • GarageBand beats iOS
    GarageBand beats iOS 1 year ago (edited) Mizane Zooft Trump his favorite game
  • Alfred Wang
    Alfred Wang 1 year ago classic indeed
  • Phoenix Mapping
    Phoenix Mapping 9 months ago thats not the story actually
  • Jerm
    Jerm 2 years ago "Hannah. I got the name Irish because I have a--" Every single five year old: "OMG OMG WHAT DID HE GET IRISH FOR?!??!?!??!?!"
  • Sam The Man
    Sam The Man 3 years ago 5:19 I can recognize the exact attachments on that gun. Eotech 552, muzzle brake, laser, and an angled grip.
  • Bob Plan Der Linde
    Bob Plan Der Linde 4 months ago ok, so?
  • kilen
    kilen 3 years ago best of all ! (ghost recon, call of duty, etc) such more realist & immersive here (y)
  • Bronx_King
    Bronx_King 4 years ago its always fun to see how other ppl play the campaign I found the best layout was sniper rife and shotgun
  • p0tat0
    p0tat0 3 years ago my plan was to watch this but then i though, ''SPOILERZZZ!!!!"
  • goofy 69
    goofy 69 3 years ago agreed
  • Hugo Garcia
    Hugo Garcia 5 years ago Cool bro watched the intire thing
  • Γιάννης Νικολοπουλος
    Γιάννης Νικολοπουλος 3 weeks ago I was wondering for a long time Why is Recker mute?
  • Knight Ylanan
    Knight Ylanan 4 years ago Thank you! :D
  • Nick Laston
    Nick Laston 3 years ago +Knight Ylanan (Tenki) Are you girl or boy