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Скачать с ютуб Juan Manuel Marquez vs Derrick Gainer. 2003 11 01

Опубликовано: 26 сент. 2014 г. 284 972 просмотра

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Juan Manuel Márquez Méndez (born August 23, 1973) is a Mexican professional boxer. He is a former four-weight world champion, being the third Mexican boxer (after Érik Morales and Jorge Arce) to achieve that feat. Márquez has held seven world championships, including the WBA (Super) and IBF featherweight titles; the WBC super featherweight title; the WBA (Super) and WBO lightweight titles; and the WBO junior welterweight title. Additionally, he has held the IBO, Ring magazine, and lineal lightweight titles.
An exceptionally skilled combination and counterpuncher, Márquez is known for being a fast and highly technical boxer who is also willing to engage in slugfests with opponents, and is credited for his toughness; in a career spanning more than twenty years, he has never lost via stoppage. He is also known for his four-fight saga with Manny Pacquiao, as well as his fight against fellow Mexican Marco Antonio Barrera. Márquez is considered to be one of the greatest Mexican boxers of all time, and is ranked by BoxRec as the greatest Mexican fighter of all time, pound for pound.

  • ricardo ortiz
    ricardo ortiz 3 years ago eres el mejor marques asi de simple
  • Alex Lastra Gonzales
    Alex Lastra Gonzales 3 years ago supongo que tengo que adelantar el video. ..hasta que el negro deje de correr. ....
  • carlosb1
    carlosb1 2 years ago JAJAJA si
  • julio MG
    julio MG 1 year ago la neta bro.
  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 10 months ago Se rrumora que El negro aun sigue corriendo🤣
  • Antonio Gonzalez
    Antonio Gonzalez 7 months ago Jajaja tuve que hacer lo mismo
  • IBTG
    IBTG 3 months ago (edited) Mayweather no corria, pero si te abrazaba, codeaba, hasta con el hombro te pegaba y te agarraba las manos cuando te abrazaba para que no le pegaras, culon el wey y dicen que fue el mejor jajajaja me da risa. Ademas perdio mas de una pelea, con Jose Luis Castillo la primera y con Maidana tambien la primera. Con Pacquiao uso drogas prohibidas llamada "VI Gate". Vaya paquetito de boxeador.
    PEDRO AVENDAÑO 11 months ago Juan Manuel Márquez Number one forever Guarrior aztec
  • Arturo Valencia
    Arturo Valencia 7 months ago (edited) Juan Manuel Marquez made gainer cry lol.. 😂
  • British Rock
    British Rock 4 years ago JMM king of destroy
  • kaliman volibolista
    kaliman volibolista 7 months ago The Blackman see this as an escape done finito no mas
    LEE GALAN 10 months ago Finally!!! Commentators that weren't one-sided we need these commentators on HBO and Showtime
  • Jaime Flor
    Jaime Flor 4 years ago Wow, Doug Fischer was right Derek Gainer is just as uninteresting as Mayweather at age 38 vs. Pacquiao at age 36. Well, he didn't say that exactly, but it was implied. No wonder I've never heard of Gainer.
  • jcatchable
    jcatchable 4 years ago You've never heard of Gainer because you don't know shit about boxing. Sit your casual fan ass down. This was a defining fight for Marquez against the top fighter in the division at that time.
  • Hector Morales
    Hector Morales 4 years ago @Jaime Flor You are right man.....Did Derrick gainer get pay for this? What a pitiful runner...
  • MexicanStyle1
    MexicanStyle1 4 years ago This is the typical back style of boxing. Really boring. And this is a class top fighter. They win by running and they cry when getting hurt
  • iTsCaillouKiD HD
    iTsCaillouKiD HD 4 years ago +jcatchable thank you ppl are so stupid
  • Reflex Revision
    Reflex Revision 2 years ago Jaime Flor
  • Joseph Orca Orca
    Joseph Orca Orca 7 months ago Este afrikano es un peleador cobarde. Hubiera pedido un rin aparte.
  • vance astrovik
    vance astrovik 4 years ago gawd what a garbage fight, and it was solely Gainer's fault. JMM tried to make a fight but obviously Gayner had other plans
  • Jmedi5 5
    Jmedi5 5 2 years ago To me gainer was a wannabe Roy Jones.
  • Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.
    Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr. 4 weeks ago @Jmedi5 5 Yeah.. Dude copied his whole style completely even when he escapes and does this little turn and walks away.
  • Alonso Chici
    Alonso Chici 6 months ago Gracias, Gracias por pasar estas maravillosas peleas de nuestros grandes boxeadores que pasaron y pasarán a la historia.
  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez 6 months ago Lástima por el campeón Marquéz, me dio hueva ver la pelea con ese disque boxeador, está bueno para corretear gallinas
  • Pepe Moral
    Pepe Moral 5 months ago Sinceramente el negro le ganó a Márquez...en correr el maratón.
  • kaliman volibolista
    kaliman volibolista 7 months ago Azuma Nelson Will never do this i t was an accidente this mano was saying he did it go me wrong ekivocado cowarde Touareg un the wrong bussines get a Jab cuuting hair no Hurt cobarde
  • Pepe Moral
    Pepe Moral 5 months ago Min. 22:13 huevos estrellados.
  • herociouz
    herociouz 4 months ago C.J beat these two bums
  • Daniel Lugo
    Daniel Lugo 5 months ago Sin duda el mejor de estos tiempos eres tu marquez echo en mexico pura calidad
  • Alex Lastra Gonzales
    Alex Lastra Gonzales 3 years ago Bueno. .el negro se equivoco de deporte. ...en atletismo seria campion. ......
  • Mattityahu White
    Mattityahu White 2 years ago What Gainer is doing is what you call running! For anyone to say that Mayweather is a runner,IS ABSURD! But of course,the haters have to regurgitate what they hear others say!
  • Jorge Aguilar
    Jorge Aguilar 1 year ago Mattityahu White i
  • IBTG
    IBTG 1 year ago They both do the same, running!
  • dantecry12
    dantecry12 1 year ago Gainer is in the line of fire he's just moving backwards, while floyd was preventing anything from happening in the pacquiao fight by burning the time with all his holding and running from the other side of the ring to the other end.
  • Serafin Dias
    Serafin Dias 6 months ago Tan grandes y tan correlones. Sí tenía miedo por que no se quedó en casa.