Year: 1982
Album: Hello, I Must Be Going!


you can tell everyone I'm a d" /> Year: 1982
Album: Hello, I Must Be Going!


you can tell everyone I'm a d" /> Year: 1982
Album: Hello, I Must Be Going!


you can tell everyone I'm a d" />

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Скачать с ютуб Phil Collins - I Don't Care Anymore

Опубликовано: 31 мая 2010 г. 17 140 526 просмотров

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"I Don't Care Anymore" by Phil Collins
Year: 1982
Album: Hello, I Must Be Going!


you can tell everyone I'm a down disgrace

Drag my name all over the place - I don't care anymore.
You can tell everybody 'bout the state I'm in

You won't catch me crying 'cos I just can't win -
I don't care anymore
I don't care anymore

I don't care what you say
I don't play the same games you play.
'cos I've been talking to the people that you call all your friends
And it seems to me there's a means to an end - they don't care anymore.
And as for me I can sit here and bide my time

I got nothing to lose if I speak my mind -
I don't care anymore
I don't care no more

I don't care what you say - we never played by the same rules anyway.
I won't be there anymore
get out of my way - let me by

I got better things to do with my time

I don't care anymore
I don't care anymore

I don't care anymore
I don't care anymore.

I don't care now what you say
'cos everyday I'm feeling fine with myself.
And I don't care now what you say
hey -
I'll do alright by myself 'cos I know.

'cos I remember all the times I tried so hard
And you laughed in my face 'cos you held all the cards -
I don't care anymore.
And I really ain't bothered what you think of me
'cos all I want of you is just a let me be -
I don't care anymore
d'you hear I don't care no more

I don't care what you say - I never did believe you much anyway
I won't be there no more
so get out of my way - let me by

I got better things to do with my time
I don't care anymore.
D'you hear I don't care anymore
I don't care no more.
You listening I don't care no more
no more.
You know I don't care anymore
don't care no more
no more
. . .

  • Micheal De Santa
    Micheal De Santa 6 months ago I love this song i like to sit by my pool and drink whiskey while listening to this song
  • Trevor Phillips
  • Dylan Morse
    Dylan Morse 6 months ago “All you do is spend all your time jacking off and playing that stupid video game”
  • Darren Smith
    Darren Smith 6 months ago "Oh, oh, that's my BOAT!"
  • Dennis :p
    Dennis :p 6 months ago Where's franklin?
  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 6 months ago @Dennis :p WHO KNOWS WHERE THE KID IS WITH A MENTOR LIKE HIM!
  • lweroy
    lweroy 6 months ago I like to toss midgets while i listen to this song.
  • Gio. G
    Gio. G 6 months ago Micheal i just like to watch old movies and sulk by my pool
  • Micheal De Santa
    Micheal De Santa 6 months ago @Trevor Phillips ok T i have to call Lester
  • Christian Malagute
    Christian Malagute 6 months ago (edited) Micheal, i love your work on gta
  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton 6 months ago @Trevor Phillips nigga im right fuckin here homie.
  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton 6 months ago Were is my drink homie
  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton 6 months ago @Dennis :p im right fucking here who asking
  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton 6 months ago Hello dad
  • brayan garcia
    brayan garcia 5 months ago “YOURE A GOOD KID FRANKLIN!”
  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton 5 months ago brayan garcia your a good kid
  • brayan garcia
    brayan garcia 5 months ago TY ATOMIC FIST “you’re a good kid”
  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton 5 months ago brayan garcia I’ll take you for that drink I own you
  • brayan garcia
    brayan garcia 5 months ago TY ATOMIC FIST alright man I’m following you
  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton 5 months ago brayan garcia oh never mind. I have to go save my darling son
  • brayan garcia
    brayan garcia 5 months ago TY ATOMIC FIST shit were the boat at though
  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 5 months ago @Franklin Clinton WOAH WOAH WOAH DON'T CALL ME "HOMIE" I'M NOT YOUR HOMIE!!!!!!
  • Spooky Moo
    Spooky Moo 5 months ago IMe too but i'm in the bath 420 after a week at work weekend off. Best feeling
  • Pan nikt
    Pan nikt 5 months ago @Dennis :p here I am
  • Dennis :p
    Dennis :p 5 months ago @Pan nikt Oh finally the 3 cunts are here
  • Siberian Taurus
    Siberian Taurus 5 months ago Micheal De Santa im over here laughing
  • Luca505
    Luca505 5 months ago It's MICHAEL bro 😂😂
    JOSE ANDRES SERRANO GOMEZ 5 months ago Yo Michael wheres your dog lol
  • Luca505
    Luca505 5 months ago @JOSE ANDRES SERRANO GOMEZ you mean Trevor's dog right?
  • Paul Hampton
    Paul Hampton 5 months ago YOU ALL REALIZE, THIS WAS A TRUE STORY ! Right ? LMFAO 😂 ! What gets to me," as a badass," im thinking about taking a stroll while sitting down at the same time ! o_0 TRY THAT ON FOR SIZE ! So how do you like them Apples ?!... Lmfao ! It happens ! When we get our names tarnished in public ! When we lose control of a case due to child support slamming on you & the best options are to either a Whined up DEAD or taking over a prison like A elite Special forces guy snapping ! OR OPTION B ! Leave town ! Get a knew life ! & Live your life man ! That's all i will say to give you an idea how that FUCKERY works when your not able do anything else without any other options kids and ELDERS ! Sincerely a fucked over Damn good man ! Paul Hampton~.
  • Techno Fast
    Techno Fast 5 months ago “STOP FIRING ROCKETS AT MY HOUSE”-Michael De Santa if you shoot 3 rockets at his house.
  • Marnett Pulaski
    Marnett Pulaski 5 months ago As we speak! Salute!
  • Mr. Joshua
    Mr. Joshua 5 months ago No you dont, you fucking poser
  • TheEpsilonSword
    TheEpsilonSword 5 months ago JIIIIMMMMMYYYY!!!!!
  • Amber Sweet
    Amber Sweet 5 months ago I hope you left your terrible wife by now! 😝
  • Tresten Archer
    Tresten Archer 5 months ago Fucking love gta your a good kid Franklin T sorry you had to find out the hard way bout brad
    CRAZY WHITE 5 months ago I love you mikey
  • Johnny Mcgowan
    Johnny Mcgowan 5 months ago Fuck everyone. I don't care anymore, about what you say. I never believed you much anyway.
  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 5 months ago @CRAZY WHITE YOU CLEARLY HAVE BAD TASTE IN MEN!!!!
    CRAZY WHITE 5 months ago @Trevor Phillips I love you too T!
  • SUS a.k.a. Pink Guy
    SUS a.k.a. Pink Guy 4 months ago Michael townley....
  • SUS a.k.a. Pink Guy
    SUS a.k.a. Pink Guy 4 months ago yOuR a GoOd kiD fRaNkLiN
  • Yaboy Charlie
    Yaboy Charlie 4 months ago u still suffer from erectile dysfunction pork chop?
  • Chris Langston
    Chris Langston 4 months ago Enjoy ,and don't drink cheap whiskey.
  • gumball die Doe
    gumball die Doe 4 months ago I agree with trevor
  • gumball die Doe
    gumball die Doe 4 months ago @Dylan Morse thats jimmy
  • gumball die Doe
    gumball die Doe 4 months ago (edited) @Franklin Clinton I got the perfect score underground vault with Rottweiler mercenary men there's millions of clear diamonds they can be sold at high prices you will need ballistic armor 6 crew a helicopter and a tank plus ak47s
  • Stiched Life
    Stiched Life 4 months ago We know
  • Reginaldo Martin Brito
    Reginaldo Martin Brito 4 months ago THATS MY BOAT
  • Lilly Sardari
    Lilly Sardari 4 months ago I love phil Collins and use this song to let certain people in my life know I don't care anymore
  • It’s just Me
    It’s just Me 4 months ago Lol
  • Farid Boudjedra
    Farid Boudjedra 4 months ago Tinkiete cest mickeal townley
  • Farid Boudjedra
    Farid Boudjedra 4 months ago T,inquiète cest mickael de towley
  • Farid Boudjedra
    Farid Boudjedra 4 months ago Mickael de santas townley tinkiete
  • Farid Boudjedra
    Farid Boudjedra 4 months ago Trevor batard
  • Brett M
    Brett M 4 months ago Dont give a Shit...... You are born..... You Graduate.... You work your whole life.... You Die.... But hey....Enjoy it! LMAO!
  • Kaila Sandron
    Kaila Sandron 4 months ago @Trevor Phillips So, How's Wade
  • Eileen Getz
    Eileen Getz 4 months ago @gumball die Doe well im the gunman
  • Chris Langston
    Chris Langston 4 months ago Don't drink cheap whiskey ...
  • TomJOBIA
    TomJOBIA 4 months ago @Trevor Phillips Hello canadian guy
  • Matt Kramer
    Matt Kramer 4 months ago I get a thousand things a day make sure this is one of them
  • Matt Kramer
    Matt Kramer 4 months ago My job my score get your own
  • Weekly Thrower
    Weekly Thrower 3 months ago Micheal De Santa I was bout to say you sound like Michael
  • Weekly Thrower
    Weekly Thrower 3 months ago I’m just reading these comments
  • Seth Organ
    Seth Organ 3 months ago I have AIDS and I play this song in my car while I'm out driving around looking for women to flirt with.
  • Zexlaks Random
    Zexlaks Random 3 months ago Michel and trovol have been friends for so long without remaining
  • Radical Snek
    Radical Snek 3 months ago Drinking whisky and beating your wife to this song is fucking great man I’m telling you
  • Rose Valentine
    Rose Valentine 3 months ago I came by for that drink ya offered. 🥃
  • live alive
    live alive 3 months ago You are astaad bande
  • 548vikings
    548vikings 3 months ago Franklin Clinton Is this you John Wayne, is this me?
  • Dr. James Lay
    Dr. James Lay 3 months ago 1000th like!!!!!!!
  • 1911 Maxter
    1911 Maxter 3 months ago This is a awesome
  • The Furry Gamer
    The Furry Gamer 3 months ago Jimmy is a disgrace
  • Lisa Reeves
    Lisa Reeves 3 months ago That sounds soo relaxing think u I listen to this song a lot !!
  • Ojuelitaboy
    Ojuelitaboy 2 months ago JAAKKAAKJAJAJAJAJ
  • Sharp5h00ter
    Sharp5h00ter 2 months ago Boys we did it we made our own GTA 5 story line.
  • Girlynoob TV
    Girlynoob TV 2 months ago Yeah and smoke a cigar too
  • james Honeysett
    james Honeysett 2 months ago Then having your boat stolen?
  • Chris Langston
    Chris Langston 2 months ago @Trevor Phillips ...And taking names.
  • Michael Ginex
    Michael Ginex 2 months ago Spell my name correct, next time.
  • Jesse McHenry
    Jesse McHenry 2 months ago Same here
  • Victor
    Victor 2 months ago Micheal De Santa I killed you
  • Michael Ginex
    Michael Ginex 2 months ago Yea I just respawn at the nearest hospital
  • Trevor Phillips
  • AaronPvP
    AaronPvP 2 months ago @Franklin Clinton good kid.
  • Daniel Vasque Z
    Daniel Vasque Z 2 months ago You are just copying on Micheal
  • brimstonebull
    brimstonebull 2 months ago weird, i like to sit by your pool and drink your whiskey too...must be on opposite nights cuz i never see you there
  • Nicholas McLeod
    Nicholas McLeod 2 months ago Michael tell Trevor that i need two shipments of RPG and 7,62 cal ammo for the guns.
  • Space Ducks
    Space Ducks 2 months ago Dylan Morse that’s his son
  • buttwipe370 0
    buttwipe370 0 2 months ago hey did some body say yoga?
  • Jonathan Fa
    Jonathan Fa 2 months ago I love all of three gta 5 character (franklin,michael,trevor)
  • Krusharr
    Krusharr 2 months ago Trevor Phillips I laughed when you tripped on franklin’s fence
  • Hypocrites Pun
    Hypocrites Pun 2 months ago Micheal De Santa Enjoy a drink for me😘
  • The Furry Gamer
    The Furry Gamer 2 months ago Trevor Phillips and yet your still single
  • Raven Plays
    Raven Plays 2 months ago Yo Niggas ,We pulled of the U.D. Heist.
  • Trevor Phillips
  • Lamar Davis
    Lamar Davis 2 months ago Trevor Phillips Ay T is that the creeper dude that retired and you were actin like a bitch over?
  • wtf are you doing
    wtf are you doing 1 month ago Oooh yesss I remember
  • Hammer Bruh
    Hammer Bruh 1 month ago Dylan Morse I’m tasting some references
  • Chris Blick
    Chris Blick 1 month ago To my friend
  • Angry Kirb
    Angry Kirb 1 month ago Ill tell ya one thing T im getting to old for this nonscence
  • RainbowDreams30
    RainbowDreams30 1 month ago Micheal De Santa this song is the ish
  • Biblical Superhero
    Biblical Superhero 1 month ago Who the hell came up with this shit 😆😆
  • Jim Burton
    Jim Burton 1 month ago I like to sit by your pool and drink your whiskey when you ate gone. Song playing does not matter
  • Tillu Roohi
    Tillu Roohi 1 month ago Man i just came by for that drink you offered that’s all
  • C80s
    C80s 1 month ago Michael <3
  • xvlc _
    xvlc _ 1 month ago @Trevor Phillips why don't you just hang out with Patricia? :D
  • sonic fan
    sonic fan 1 month ago @Trevor Phillips I don't care anymore
  • sonic fan
    sonic fan 1 month ago @Yaboy Charlie 3:27
  • German Godoy
    German Godoy 1 month ago Franklin: No
  • Tony Mazzola
    Tony Mazzola 1 month ago Mike what up homie.
  • Tony Mazzola
    Tony Mazzola 1 month ago It's crazy how a video game can do wonders.
  • Tony Mazzola
    Tony Mazzola 1 month ago Yeah gtav but honestly Collins is a legend.
  • Bill Haleg
    Bill Haleg 1 month ago Micheal De Santa I completely agree I love whiskey I love that song and I don’t fucking care anymore
  • KK47 Ace
    KK47 Ace 1 month ago Gotta love these dumb inposters
  • Alexander Iván Alonso
    Alexander Iván Alonso 1 month ago My héroe 😍
  • Jonathan Fa
    Jonathan Fa 3 weeks ago MY BOAT
  • Ethan Crumbley
    Ethan Crumbley 3 weeks ago Franklin?
  • Megatronus Prime
    Megatronus Prime 3 weeks ago The entire gta crew is here
  • Schtawww
    Schtawww 3 weeks ago A man after my own heart. Good on you my brother.
  • Alessandro Mongelli
    Alessandro Mongelli 3 weeks ago It's just like that I found this song on shazam
  • Myrvan
    Myrvan 2 weeks ago I laughed out loud like a dumbass
  • TEEN_WOLF 568
    TEEN_WOLF 568 2 weeks ago lesson number 1 never have kids
  • kevin playz
    kevin playz 2 weeks ago What yo- like it Michael oooo i play gta5 i use micheal all times!
  • kevin playz
    kevin playz 1 week ago @Trevor Phillips me i need a score
  • TheDennisShow
    TheDennisShow 1 week ago Micheal De Santa fuck you
  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton 1 week ago Hello Michael its me Franklin!!! Whats up?
  • Steven Parker
    Steven Parker 1 week ago @Dylan Morse l
    MASON PHILPOTT 1 week ago You know what Michael me too Los Santos is just getting to cheap i mean the fib are off our back and trevor is kinda like you know not complete threat to you so yea just relax and listen to good music
  • jody Jackson
    jody Jackson 1 week ago this made my day lol
  • John Wick
    John Wick 4 days ago (edited) A Bud light and a 🔥 over this way.... But I like your style
  • tony friend
    tony friend 3 days ago At Michael De Santa... DRINKING IS FREAKING STUPID!!!  And so smoking dope or Veeping  or cgarettes,,,
  • tony friend
    tony friend 3 days ago Watchng  Gay and Lesbian porn on the laptop.
  • Blackie The clover
    Blackie The clover 2 days ago Micheal De Santa .o.
  • Bryan Max
    Bryan Max 2 weeks ago Me: looks at my empty wallet. Hears coronavirus on the news. No girlfriend, no social life. Eh, I don't care anymore. Enjoying the smaller things in life
  • Dalton Goodale
    Dalton Goodale 2 weeks ago Same here brother
  • Edoardo Quarta
    Edoardo Quarta 1 week ago Life suck.
  • Mister Mashups
    Mister Mashups 1 week ago Yea same bro
  • Karen Berry
    Karen Berry 6 days ago Now ya know....... U R Not by yourself on that note
  • Tre King
    Tre King 6 days ago Ditto man-😎
  • james ellis
    james ellis 6 days ago Dude the mantra of my life. I'm living in my car stranded out in the desert. Lost my job, my girlfriend, my friends, and family disowned me.. All I've really got anymore is me. And i don't care anymo'.
  • Bryan Max
    Bryan Max 6 days ago @james ellis stay safe
  • Jason Moehring
    Jason Moehring 6 days ago Just like me too!
    GPAGE 3 days ago (edited) @james ellis Man, I literally tried to explain to a relative, how a lot of folks are living off the strength of courage, because many of us, are two seconds from doing something to end it all. And I'm speaking to a person who tried to kill herself three times in one month. Her response was: "Life goes on." I was floored. I haven't heard this song in decades, but it came back to me today. This is my mantra from here on out.
  • Kenneth John Kelly
    Kenneth John Kelly 2 days ago Nancy Pelosi: I have the Coronavirus. Coronavirus: I'm not feeling so good.
  • Houman Moghimi
    Houman Moghimi 1 day ago Yup me2!
  • Idontgive Ashit
    Idontgive Ashit 3 months ago hands up who's listening to this while remembering the people that turned out to be unreliable traitors in the past
  • greateralbania1912
    greateralbania1912 3 months ago yup my family turned on me only brother and dad i talk to i dont care anymore lol
  • Dave Anthony
    Dave Anthony 3 months ago greateralbania1912 Keep doin what you’re doin. You know in your who treats you right & w respect I’ve got a couple covert haters in my family too.
  • Michael Healy
    Michael Healy 2 months ago Fucking baby moms
    MAJIN R 1 month ago FACTS
  • Arnold Sherrill
    Arnold Sherrill 3 weeks ago It's amazing that some of the people who are closest to you and say they will always be there for you turn out to be the ones who are the first to leave you behind
  • Idontgive Ashit
    Idontgive Ashit 3 weeks ago @Arnold Sherrill It's why I don't believe those words anymore. I'm just sitting there thinking "yeah, let's wait until some real hardships" because that's where people's true values show.
  • Degree7
    Degree7 2 weeks ago There is someone out there who loves you
  • Go subscribe to 1UP gaming
    Go subscribe to 1UP gaming 2 weeks ago Idontgive Ashit literally today this girl that was my friend started dating this guy who made fun of my gender and ex and drove me cut by bullying me
  • Tyler Merlin
    Tyler Merlin 4 months ago When people's words are as worthless as their affection.
  • Hypocrites Pun
    Hypocrites Pun 2 months ago Tyler Merlin Actions speak louder than anything.
  • Tyler Merlin
    Tyler Merlin 2 months ago @Hypocrites Pun lying is an action for those that can't afford anything else.
  • MastaSmack
    MastaSmack 2 months ago Lying is just for see how creative you can be.
  • Sara Smile
    Sara Smile 5 days ago 👍
  • Welsh Mumbler
    Welsh Mumbler 3 years ago The older you get, the more you appreciate this.
  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 1 year ago You got that right!
  • mr childgrownold
    mr childgrownold 1 year ago Draven, ya mon 61 here and I dgaf
  • Idiota
    Idiota 1 year ago I have only 11 years and i'm addicted to this.
  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 1 year ago Draven so true
  • September
    September 1 year ago tbh I always sing this when I'm in class
  • Acacia
    Acacia 1 year ago I'm just 20s but I feels old already.
  • Kathy Rafferty
    Kathy Rafferty 1 year ago So very true. Age 45, and I don't give a crap.
  • space ghost
    space ghost 1 year ago Facts
  • Raad Yusuf
    Raad Yusuf 1 year ago Turning 18 and I can fully relate :)
  • King Xayo
    King Xayo 1 year ago After dealing with too many liars and backstabbers, anybody can appreciate this thoroughly. Most people hurt others out of spite so i just dgaf anymore.
  • Misha Wheeler
    Misha Wheeler 1 year ago Draven true
  • Mimi B
    Mimi B 1 year ago Yessir!!!
  • Dac Tucker
    Dac Tucker 1 year ago Agreed!
  • Silver Man
    Silver Man 1 year ago I love being old and not caring!
  • April Bracken
    April Bracken 1 year ago I Remember all the time I tried so hard, you laugh in my face cuz you helld the cards!!I don't care anymore
  • April Bracken
    April Bracken 1 year ago (edited) Get out of my way let me byyyy
  • Graham Jones
    Graham Jones 1 year ago Idiota Very Cool, Kanye
  • Christie Love
    Christie Love 1 year ago Yup.
  • Danirey02
    Danirey02 1 year ago Hell yeah
  • Danirey02
    Danirey02 1 year ago King Xayo preach it 👍🏻
  • Gabedalf the White
    Gabedalf the White 1 year ago Backstabber by 3 people in the past year who I thought were my friends, this song certainly shows my feelings now. Fuck the lot of them, idgaf
  • ghostlyme
    ghostlyme 1 year ago I used to think of this song at my old job lol
  • Ponder This
    Ponder This 1 year ago Yes in deed!!!
  • Ponder This
    Ponder This 1 year ago @Acacia >I'm old at 54 but I dont care anymore. This is best played full blast!
  • Andrew Simmons
    Andrew Simmons 1 year ago Riiiiiight hahaha
  • Jonathan Deville
    Jonathan Deville 1 year ago No shit, damn this is true.
  • Inquisitor Matthew Ashcraft
    Inquisitor Matthew Ashcraft 1 year ago (edited) After 23 years of serving in the Marines, I #dgaf anymore either. I don't play by the same rules either, and have better things to do with my time than to deal with ungrateful snowflakes who insult me based on my service. They didn't sign the contract of unlimited liability, so they can kiss my ass. #MAGA2020.
  • I’m a crazy motherfucker 2020
    I’m a crazy motherfucker 2020 1 year ago Welsh Mumbler agreed
  • ThotSlayerAdam
    ThotSlayerAdam 11 months ago I'm 13 and I like it
  • Paul Housden
    Paul Housden 11 months ago I am going in the ground to this peace of music. Sorted that out many years ago
  • Valinda Brown
    Valinda Brown 11 months ago Facts!
  • macthemec
    macthemec 11 months ago I dont know if thats a good thing or a warning...
  • Chris Wansley
    Chris Wansley 11 months ago Profound statement right here!!!
  • tony friend
    tony friend 11 months ago mr. big 1982! so where were you then??
  • Dora Copeland
    Dora Copeland 11 months ago Can relate to what you say very much....
  • sandra van dyke
    sandra van dyke 11 months ago When I don't care it actually makes me more myself. And a better person.
  • Tury B. Good III
    Tury B. Good III 10 months ago Absolutely right!!!
  • MisterClassic77
    MisterClassic77 10 months ago Welsh Mumbler So f*ckin right!!!!
  • angrydude79
    angrydude79 10 months ago Damn right
  • Nicolle Braggs
    Nicolle Braggs 10 months ago This is what I play when I’m fed up and frustrated
  • Nautical Nugget
    Nautical Nugget 10 months ago After all the crap I've dealt with for 7 years + I sure as heck dont care anymore. Too many backstabbing people and liars man. For real.
  • Cameron Espinosa
    Cameron Espinosa 10 months ago Welsh Mumbler you ain’t lying.. first sad time I heard it was high as hell playing gta 5 .. I knew right away it was Phil from his voice.. i just felt at a loss I never knew this song before hand
  • RaRa Ryan
    RaRa Ryan 10 months ago Yep
  • Chris Sneed
    Chris Sneed 10 months ago Ask any of my exes.. I just don't care anymore
  • Robin Alberti
    Robin Alberti 10 months ago Yes!
  • The Joker
    The Joker 10 months ago I'm 64yrs and appreciated it when it came out. How much older do you think I'm going to live to? lol
  • Hennie Dewilde
    Hennie Dewilde 10 months ago Me to
  • Juan K. Bigstraw
    Juan K. Bigstraw 10 months ago True!!!
  • wellington
    wellington 10 months ago Bang on !
  • Liam Allen
    Liam Allen 9 months ago can agree...
  • 160tried&true
    160tried&true 9 months ago Describes depressing shitty minium wage jobs in a nutshell and my real thoughts when working right now
  • Tam Collins
    Tam Collins 9 months ago AMEN! Luckily We LEARN to JUST Let Thing's GOOOOOOO!!!
  • Walter Garner
    Walter Garner 9 months ago @Inquisitor Matthew Ashcraft Thankyou Sir for your service. There are those of us who are grateful.
  • Inquisitor Matthew Ashcraft
    Inquisitor Matthew Ashcraft 9 months ago @Walter Garner The real thanks need to go to those who didn't come home. Nevertheless, I thank you.
  • DrFruedienslipJr
    DrFruedienslipJr 9 months ago what people can't get over is that there is such a thing as corporate greed taking over making the world an unsafe place to live anymore without socialist resolves pretending any democracy exists where its all an economic condition in corporate communism taking over knows no true constitution and so involves revolution to such pretensions of any laws authority knows any moral evaluation
    KAMRON SALISMAN 9 months ago @Raad Yusuf Same
  • El Diablo TT
    El Diablo TT 9 months ago I'm 13 and I am loving this
  • Ronald Cluney
    Ronald Cluney 9 months ago Just wait til you hit your 60' ;)
  • Emerson Mason
    Emerson Mason 9 months ago @Idiota daora kk
  • Chris S
    Chris S 9 months ago I'm 32 but always saw the greatness in this, since the 1990s :)
  • Schore_Volker
    Schore_Volker 9 months ago ur not getting older ur just getting old
  • KrazyOldKatLady 19
    KrazyOldKatLady 19 9 months ago I'm 49 and I watched his career soar. I'm so happy to discover that the younger generation is appreciating his talent!
  • Tiffany Hope
    Tiffany Hope 9 months ago I'm 41 and couldn't agree more. I loved this when It came out but I was so young I never really understood what it meant. Needless to say I get it now.😉🤘✌🏻
  • E C
    E C 9 months ago I'm 14 and im still listening to this and it inspired me too so i appreciate this
  • E C
    E C 9 months ago How i met this song was from gta 5 the part when Michael was relaxing and listening to phil Collins🤙🏾
  • E C
    E C 9 months ago And another thing I'm black and listening to this
  • Frank James Bonarrigo
    Frank James Bonarrigo 8 months ago Thats because it is Dad rock
  • sadshadowz
    sadshadowz 8 months ago Before my dad passed I was seven and I was confused why he liked this, but at thirteen he’s gone an I love it truly
  • DivvyMangotmeme
    DivvyMangotmeme 8 months ago I'm 14 , I'm supposed to be going wild and having fun at this age, but family troubles make me come for comfort to this song
  • Alejandro Davis
    Alejandro Davis 8 months ago Man! The truth you just told!
  • Tiffany Hope
    Tiffany Hope 8 months ago damn right
  • Ashley Worley
    Ashley Worley 8 months ago Yes! 🙌🏻
  • sotos sotirios
    sotos sotirios 8 months ago @King Xayo well said my friend.
  • sotos sotirios
    sotos sotirios 8 months ago Exactly
  • Jake
    Jake 8 months ago Right
  • Tony Tafoya
    Tony Tafoya 8 months ago This wins the TT Sledgehammer award for great comments.
  • Mojo Holmes
    Mojo Holmes 8 months ago Hell yea!
  • GlacierPlayZ -
    GlacierPlayZ - 8 months ago r/Im14andthisisdeep
  • Colorado Silver
    Colorado Silver 8 months ago So fucking true! 31 and I’m fucking done!
  • Tracy Conner
    Tracy Conner 8 months ago Welsh Mumbler heck ya 🦂
  • Mojo Holmes
    Mojo Holmes 8 months ago Yes indeed!
  • JSharpe427
    JSharpe427 7 months ago I know I do! This is what I play when I am in an uncaring mood and feel I give up
  • JSharpe427
    JSharpe427 7 months ago Acacia I played this when I got Overwhelmed with schoolwork in college
  • Ethan Winters
    Ethan Winters 7 months ago Michael De santa
  • GlacierPlayZ -
    GlacierPlayZ - 7 months ago @ThotSlayerAdam Congratulations.
  • Margie Sampson
    Margie Sampson 7 months ago @Inquisitor Matthew Ashcraft Thank You For Serving And Protecting Us. My son served in the Marines and I am Proud and Thankful for each and every one who serves our Country. May GOD Bless You And Your Loved Ones 🙏💙🙏
  • Fred Moore
    Fred Moore 7 months ago True!
  • AlexoXPompa
    AlexoXPompa 7 months ago @E C Me too! After this cutscene i was searching for this song and found it!
  • Johnthon Brimer
    Johnthon Brimer 7 months ago Good old Rock in Roll that had heart
  • Ethan
    Ethan 7 months ago U right
  • Dislodged Grump
    Dislodged Grump 7 months ago I don’t know man I’m only 14 but I don’t give 2 shits about anything
  • Yama Satru
    Yama Satru 6 months ago 42 and I'm appreciating this for the first time, although it's not the first time I heard it. True wisdom in this.
  • Ricky LaFleur
    Ricky LaFleur 6 months ago I love how im 14, and i relate to this song lol
  • pamela berry
    pamela berry 6 months ago I been listening to this for 30 years and I'm still into it just like the first time I heard it
  • Dj Black
    Dj Black 6 months ago Late 80s music to 2005 was the jam.
  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 6 months ago See you ex wife. Cheating ass bitch
  • Est lhm
    Est lhm 6 months ago You are right
  • Percy Hoyles
    Percy Hoyles 6 months ago the best
  • Bob Holness
    Bob Holness 6 months ago Ultimate pissed off track
  • Tracy Henson Disneu
    Tracy Henson Disneu 6 months ago Phil collins dont care no mo
  • DrFruedienslipJr
    DrFruedienslipJr 5 months ago The world lives in a symbolic illusion of Freedom , Liberty and Democracy as the Corporations continue their communist take over controlling commodities as if there is no conspiracy controlled by the Evil Empire including the British Monarchy , any taxation is a form of slavery to your government
  • Tracy Henson Disneu
    Tracy Henson Disneu 5 months ago Sumthin wrong wit it , its 2006 right then u get apps hs and its parentental control nope no nope phil dont care no more prolly wasnt procreating anything anyway
  • Thomas Russo
    Thomas Russo 5 months ago You're darn right!!!!
  • P Hubenette
    P Hubenette 5 months ago @Inquisitor Matthew Ashcraft Blessings my brother. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE & SACRIFICE.
  • Fred Moore
    Fred Moore 5 months ago true.
  • Fred Moore
    Fred Moore 5 months ago "Let loose the dogs of war!" Let them kll each other!
  • Chris McDonald
    Chris McDonald 5 months ago Especially with the shape of the world now. What was wrong is right what was right is wrong. I've never been to a church to pray. But last 6 months, I pray we can forget our divisions of race creed and color. And just love one another like the creator planned for us. Love you all
  • My penis is unbelievably small but
    My penis is unbelievably small but 5 months ago I'm 12 and I like this
  • Fred Moore
    Fred Moore 5 months ago Without doubt.
  • Gabriel Pereira de Lima
    Gabriel Pereira de Lima 5 months ago like a whiskey
  • GG 77x7
    GG 77x7 5 months ago Oh yeah that's the truth!
  • DrFruedienslipJr
    DrFruedienslipJr 5 months ago Psychology is the greatest challenge to human existence in any sense to political resolve to end the conflicts of war and destruction does involve conspiracy of an evil empire now and then exposed in revolution , aka New World Order propaganda
  • Darla Shoultz
    Darla Shoultz 5 months ago @April Bracken he never held them. You just had to realize that you had them all the time!
    CHUK CHUK 5 months ago This about his divorce no doubt
  • Robert Herd
    Robert Herd 4 months ago So true. Liked it then and love it now.
  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas 4 months ago We all hit this point sometime. For me it was after being fucked over too many times and stabbed in the back. Hit my limit at 27 Years Old and stopped trying. Now, at 31 Years old, I just dont give a fuck and would live in a walled off compound in the mountains if I could afford it. Fuck society. Let the whole world burn! Im just ready for the end at this point. Society is fucked anyways. Just look at our government. Says it all.
  • vadont
    vadont 4 months ago i appreciate this since i'm 8YO thanks to my father
  • Lukas Zinkevicius
    Lukas Zinkevicius 4 months ago 13 here and i cant stop listening to this
  • M&M
    M&M 4 months ago YESSSSS....
  • LazyGamer9983
    LazyGamer9983 4 months ago Facts
  • LifeBites
    LifeBites 4 months ago So true. Thanks song is becoming my motto for dealing with the lying pos I have dated for 2 yrs
  • LifeBites
    LifeBites 4 months ago @King Xayo same. Just let the pieces of shit do their own thing. They'll get theirs down the line. Whenever I'm pissed now i just think about how great it would ve to get the news they got hit by a bus or some shit and it puts a nice ol grin on my face and I go back to doing me
  • John Koppe
    John Koppe 3 months ago Yup
  • Pale Shelter
    Pale Shelter 3 months ago as real as can be!
  • a m
    a m 3 months ago TRUTH.
  • first last
    first last 3 months ago Tend to agree. over 50 and zero fucks given.
  • blackcraft andras
    blackcraft andras 3 months ago Drunk right now but agreed brother
  • JaBig *
    JaBig * 3 months ago Welsh Mumbler You mean you miss? ;)
  • Cheryl Mcdaniel
    Cheryl Mcdaniel 3 months ago I'm beginning not to care anymore....
  • David Nelson
    David Nelson 3 months ago Now 3doors down back in the day
  • Jimmy Mack
    Jimmy Mack 3 months ago You are not lying
  • Jimmy Mack
    Jimmy Mack 3 months ago @King Xayo amen to that
  • Jimmy Mack
    Jimmy Mack 3 months ago @Silver Man I second that
  • Jimmy Mack
    Jimmy Mack 3 months ago @Ponder This you are right about that real loud
  • M Brontë
    M Brontë 3 months ago yup
  • Glenn Scannell
    Glenn Scannell 3 months ago Welsh Mumbler live it up
  • Strudelnoggin
    Strudelnoggin 2 months ago NO DOUBT
  • Chris Langston
    Chris Langston 2 months ago Damn Dude are we related?
  • Kip Parker
    Kip Parker 2 months ago I've been thru to much in my 52 yrs of living & I truly don't care anymore. Don't GIVE A FU K about alot of sh t. FACTS
  • SkeligMichael
    SkeligMichael 2 months ago True.
  • Genki
    Genki 2 months ago Can't relate 14
  • Frodo
    Frodo 2 months ago I'm 19 and in love with this tune, what's gonna happen in 20-30 years then? o.o
  • Sam Blue
    Sam Blue 2 months ago Yea true that. Amazing song.
  • jeannie jones
    jeannie jones 2 months ago <3
  • Zenjedi99v2
    Zenjedi99v2 2 months ago In deed.
  • Martha Hankins Norris
    Martha Hankins Norris 1 month ago This is my go-to song when work becomes overwhelming, and has been since the late 80's. I've worked in healthcare my whole career (I'm 54 and have been in it for 34 years), and it will wear you down. I understand the concept of compassion fatigue, especially when I'm working in pain from the arthritis my career has caused.
  • Tim Horn
    Tim Horn 1 month ago Straight to the point my friend I totally agree
  • Pablo Bagolin
    Pablo Bagolin 1 month ago 1986 Here !
  • Lea McClain
    Lea McClain 1 month ago The theme song of my life.
  • Fortuys77
    Fortuys77 1 month ago I hope so because I absolutely love it now.
  • William Garwood
    William Garwood 1 month ago No arguement here. Lol
  • Brad A.
    Brad A. 1 month ago @King Xayo don't let others bring you down, PS I used to listen to the song all the time after I got screwed figuratively speaking. Worst thing I ever did listening to this song over and over it brings you down, sadly I find myself listening to it again. Stay positive listen to upbeat, so instead of this try feeling stronger everyday by Chicago or YouTube rod Stewart doing ulala
  • Erik Moore
    Erik Moore 4 weeks ago Loved it since I was 16
  • KK47 Ace
    KK47 Ace 3 weeks ago Lmao trueee. When i first heard this in gta i didnt like it that much now im 16 i listen to this everyday morning
  • Brad A.
    Brad A. 3 weeks ago @September if you think education is expensive or perhaps boring try ignorance. Not to be disrespectful but a saying comes to mind and that is the dumbing-down of America thanks for keeping that saying alive I'm sure you'll go far in life working at a drive-thru hey heed my comment and you may just make something of yourself. Call this constructive criticism be grateful I wasted my time to even mention this
  • Brad A.
    Brad A. 3 weeks ago I get the song too, pissed off @ everything and everyone.."U dont care anymore" keep listening it will change your mindset and you will lose take it from someone who knows I've got screwed with work started listening to it pissed away years of my life don't do it stay positive and stay away from people that you don't like and take and get everything you can out of school it's free education I'm not saying it's a good education based on public school but work at your own pace absorb everything you can, fast forward months years maybe even decades and you realize what I'm saying is Priceless!!!!!
    GPAGE 3 days ago @Inquisitor Matthew Ashcraft Ain't nobody insulting your sorry ass because of your service; they insult you because your a natural born crybaby and prick. Your kind invented the "victim mentality," and it's oozing from this post. You still wanna support a president who is too stupid to know that the Corona virus was NOT a hoax, then you deserve everything bad that happens to you in life, by virtue of thinking you can be an asshole, but yet, still believe your deserve the best, based on some manifest destiny bullshit. FOH with your victim mentality bullshit. Your ancestors should have stayed in their caves, and worked their own shit out with their own people b
    GPAGE 3 days ago @Michael Douglas Agreed. Off the grid. This ain't a world for good people.
  • Vujnovic634
    Vujnovic634 3 months ago Another GTA Online DLC drops Me: I don't care anymore.
  • Aron Jhed Amiscosa
    Aron Jhed Amiscosa 3 months ago cant even connect to social. :v gta 5 sucks these past few days.
  • Кот Матроскин
    Кот Матроскин 3 months ago (edited) To be honest it started to suck a few years ago when the whole thing turned into mindless grind
  • Benny Fair fax
    Benny Fair fax 2 months ago I swear I have a love/hate abusive relationship with gta online
  • Robinhood Hustle
    Robinhood Hustle 2 months ago New console coming out we can finally prepare for GTA 6
  • Francis Aguilera
    Francis Aguilera 2 months ago GTA : Lake City. : Chicago.
  • Hit Me
    Hit Me 2 months ago who gives TWO FUCKS about that video game? Losers? Drug dealers? Shitbags?
  • Hit Me
    Hit Me 2 months ago @Aron Jhed Amiscosa get a real life and you will
  • Selim Sultan Akbar
    Selim Sultan Akbar 2 months ago What the hell is wrong with you guys, you ain't gangsta! You buncha bitchy losers!
  • Marcos Antônio
    Marcos Antônio 2 months ago @Benny Fair fax Same here, lol.
  • Samson Knight
    Samson Knight 2 months ago Bubba you know how to live indeed.
  • Glenerd
    Glenerd 1 month ago The Casino heist was actually good but I would agree with all the others lol
  • C80s
    C80s 1 month ago @Aron Jhed Amiscosa Online*
  • laron walker
    laron walker 2 weeks ago Vujnovic634 OH MY GOD‼️ THEY KILLED GTA 5!! YOU BASTARDS‼️
  • Lnstagrammar
    Lnstagrammar 1 week ago @Selim Sultan Akbar oldhead
  • Selim Sultan Akbar
    Selim Sultan Akbar 1 week ago @Lnstagrammar I hate oldheads, what are you?!
  • Redmaniac 135
    Redmaniac 135 5 months ago Me in GTA 5 listening to this on the radio while running people over 😂.
  • its ritas World
    its ritas World 5 months ago Right me to. I heard on GTA V.
  • Tresten Archer
    Tresten Archer 5 months ago Redmaniac 135 same that was me tonight 😂😂😂
  • Lukas Zinkevicius
    Lukas Zinkevicius 4 months ago Which radio?
  • Natani Karo
    Natani Karo 4 months ago I was surprised when I heard this on the game but. I listened to this as a kid now in my 30s I'm finally understand it.
  • nlswchrng
    nlswchrng 4 months ago @Lukas Zinkevicius Los Santos Rock Radio. That and Higher Love are the best
  • Roman Krisza
    Roman Krisza 4 months ago Me too I do it before I drive to the Trevor mission
  • FunkYeah
    FunkYeah 4 months ago Lol... Expect someone who didn't even exist in the '80s to make these shameless GTA comments. It's sad that a morally-bankrupt video game from the new millennium where you play as a low-life piece of shit sociopath was your gateway into '80s music.
  • OGshortkid
    OGshortkid 3 months ago FunkYeah So what they weren’t around in the 80s? At least they’re getting exposed to good music.
  • Roman Krisza
    Roman Krisza 3 months ago Fuck yes Bud how are you
  • Robert Dominković
    Robert Dominković 3 months ago @FunkYeah ok boomer
  • FunkYeah
    FunkYeah 3 months ago @Robert Dominković I'm not a Baby Boomer. Hell, I'm barely Gen X. I'm what has been coined a "Xenial".
  • Unghetto_ 1
    Unghetto_ 1 3 months ago @Lukas Zinkevicius shak
  • derek deakles
    derek deakles 3 months ago Me and you both 🤣
  • olemissfan91
    olemissfan91 3 months ago It's funny how many people know songs from playing GTA. I do the same thing to 'Turn Up the Radio' from Vice City.
  • Unsoundrook
    Unsoundrook 3 months ago @FunkYeah shut the fuck up sensitive loser
  • Vadim Grebelny
    Vadim Grebelny 3 months ago GTA5 or whatever else... Fucking gamers what do you know? Games. Only. Fuck, fucking fuck!!!
  • Mario M. M.
    Mario M. M. 3 months ago Fucking psycho lol
  • Marko marko
    Marko marko 3 months ago Wich Radio station is it?
  • Matt Kerrick
    Matt Kerrick 2 months ago Fuckin facts
  • Selim Sultan Akbar
    Selim Sultan Akbar 2 months ago Noooo, reckless driving!
  • Selim Sultan Akbar
    Selim Sultan Akbar 2 months ago @FunkYeah You don't even know the people in the game! They... are psychopats but not lowlifes!
  • _blxessed _
    _blxessed _ 1 month ago Ong😂😂😂
  • Robbie Landrey
    Robbie Landrey 1 month ago 🤣 me too buddy
  • Hit Me
    Hit Me 1 month ago @its ritas World young idiots
  • Abhirup Goswami
    Abhirup Goswami 1 month ago @nlswchrng radio gaga?
  • Captain Braggy
    Captain Braggy 1 month ago Ha. Yes. Poeple finnaly listen to the best radio in game.
  • Elif Yildirim
    Elif Yildirim 3 weeks ago Redmaniac 135 ne to
  • Groovy Garrett
    Groovy Garrett 3 weeks ago Lukas Zinkevicius los santos rock radio
  • ToxicZR
    ToxicZR 3 weeks ago @Lukas Zinkevicius rock radio
  • Sergeanttaco911
    Sergeanttaco911 1 week ago That is the way to play gta
  • lor332
    lor332 2 months ago Going through a divorce. And no matter how much i tried. No matter what i did it just didnt matter. I loved this song in the 80s. Now i truly understand it
  • EFP
    EFP 2 months ago Man when i got divorced this song hit me like a ton of bricks... Now this is probably my favorite song from Phil but listening to it again he said everything that i was feeling... And i found out that he wrote this while he was going through his divorce...This was it for me bro..
  • Kyle Prince
    Kyle Prince 2 months ago This hits home for everything you said
  • Raymond Closs
    Raymond Closs 1 month ago I hear you, this is a way to reconcile it with yourself, sometimes no matter how hard you work, try to make things better it is just a F**K
  • Snjár Hvitr
    Snjár Hvitr 1 month ago (edited) Wow, your words. I have never been married before, but these words resonate with my depression and anxiety... they talk to each other and keep me down at times. They will NOT prevail.
  • steven crasilli
    steven crasilli 7 months ago sometimes you just feel like screaming this song in someone’s face
  • Laurie Jackson
    Laurie Jackson 5 months ago I sure know who's face I would like to scream it in
  • Jennifer A. Bailey
    Jennifer A. Bailey 4 months ago Then you need to see a phyc M.D.
  • motech 10
    motech 10 4 months ago Yes!
  • Tami Olson
    Tami Olson 4 months ago Yup exactly I totally feel this way and screaming this song in a lot of people's faces lately
  • Bandie Boo
    Bandie Boo 3 months ago Yep...sure wish i could say this to some fluckers in my life....but am taking the middle road ...all the while silently building an empire that they will never be invited into
  • KimballBerht
    KimballBerht 3 months ago (edited) Or rather, you DON'T scream it in someone's face, because you don't care anymore, that's the point of the song, to not care, move on and be free....
  • Arkham Knight
    Arkham Knight 3 months ago I DONT CARE! WHAT YOU SAY!
  • lesley.l
    lesley.l 3 months ago Preach
  • Alfredo Cole
    Alfredo Cole 3 months ago @Jennifer A. Bailey only a cold hearted non empathic ass hole would say that.
  • Victoria Ainsworth
    Victoria Ainsworth 3 months ago Hell yeah!!!
  • Rich F
    Rich F 2 months ago I don't care about yt comments anymore
  • mark osteen
    mark osteen 2 months ago This psalm is aimed at the war on drugs !!!
  • mark osteen
  • Maximillion Bucks
    Maximillion Bucks 2 months ago If you did, it would only show how much you care...
  • steven crasilli
    steven crasilli 2 months ago Jennifer A. Bailey do I know you. Lol
  • James Young
    James Young 1 month ago Jennifer A. Bailey be nice 😘
  • James Young
    James Young 1 month ago Bandie Boo emotional intelligence
  • James Young
    James Young 1 month ago Alfredo Cole hey forgive
    CHIC CHICO NOT SURE 1 month ago OMG so true
  • Renae Lynn
    Renae Lynn 1 month ago I have and it feels great!!
  • Beautifully Broken
    Beautifully Broken 1 week ago Today’s the day for me. I don’t CARE ANYMORE!! I give up. Ugh
  • choctawgirl26
    choctawgirl26 3 months ago (edited) The day after hearing this song for the 1st time last week, I finally got the guts to tell off my narcissistic mother. I was homeless, depressed, struggled all alone as her jealous ass laughed. My whole life she has wanted me to fail so she has never done anything a mother should. Her response to my confronting her: "U need help", "U need to apologize to me" and "God is not pleased with you". My actual response: screaming "I dont care anymore!" Thank you Phil Collins
  • v S
    v S 2 months ago I am going through the same thing.
  • sasquatchSGK
    sasquatchSGK 2 months ago Play phil Collins approved cover from Hellyeah it’s really awesome
  • plainbob V.2 boo
    plainbob V.2 boo 2 months ago yea..... i don't care.
  • Joseph Buonfiglio
    Joseph Buonfiglio 2 months ago You are a brave person. Good Luck.
  • Mandie Molly
    Mandie Molly 2 months ago now that makes two of you, as you know they dont care about anything from your point of view anytime. thats the part you have to rejig your thinking to, once you do this you no longer lose your energy to these smiling from the mouth (ie not the eyes) parasites
  • Andriana Marin
  • Shawna Watts
    Shawna Watts 2 months ago Keep fighting the good fight. Take control of my life I get it. This song speaks volumes in my fucked up life to. You got this and blast this song along the way.
  • choctawgirl26
    choctawgirl26 2 months ago @v S Keep your head up hun and have a support system around you to keep you sane and happy. Focus on your goals and let the situation be your motivation. YOU ARE SPECIAL!!!! God bless you hun.
  • choctawgirl26
    choctawgirl26 2 months ago @Joseph Buonfiglio Thank you so much. Bravery was a looooong road from the shy timid girl she turned me into. Im so much happier now.
  • choctawgirl26
    choctawgirl26 2 months ago @Andriana Marin Thank you so much for your words of strength. God bless you.
  • choctawgirl26
    choctawgirl26 2 months ago @Shawna Watts Thank you sooooo much. Im in tears. God bless you.
  • Paulus DeRaque
    Paulus DeRaque 1 month ago (edited) You only have two parents, and you can't choose them, so forgive her before it is too late. She's your mother after all, you don't need to hate her, but understand her at least and forgive her, for she is blinded by the Satan himself. Some of the people in the comment section are praising your efforts, telling you how "heroic" that was, when in reality, you have capitulated before the demons, you have fallen victim of the same sin you are accusing her and even worse, you have turned against your parent. But, you have a chance to repent yourself by repairing the bridge you have previously destroyed. Show mercy when there's none, and even the hardest of hearts will melt down. Show her love and respect you never had from her, and she will eventually see the mistakes she made. That woman, your mother, she's quite obviously sick, but you can't fight fire with fire, but with water and sand. Help yourself by helping her before it is too late for both of you.
  • Sam Hain
    Sam Hain 1 month ago Luckily my mother died after pulling the same mental shit..i feel your pain.
  • BRIAN P.
    BRIAN P. 1 month ago awe your mommy "don't wipe your ass no more"??? get a God damn job and stop your fucking crying.
  • pimpinaintdeadho
    pimpinaintdeadho 1 month ago @choctawgirl26 Damn girl, if that really is the truth then; I'm Glad For You.
  • Dana Carter
    Dana Carter 1 month ago (edited) @choctawgirl26 If you have children, one of these days, don't EVER let your mother near them, don't EVER let them know your mother exists.
  • choctawgirl26
    choctawgirl26 1 month ago @Paulus DeRaque One thing you should never do is tell someone who has been abused (I didnt disclose those details) to go back to their abuser. Sometimes, that person just so happens to be one's own mother (i.e. "Mommy Dearest" the movie). I am struggling in my 30's trying to understand how to do basic human things because I was never taught by a woman who was supposed to teach me but instead feared her children would be more successful than her. Her mother had a father who was the same way as my mother and my grandmother missed out on life because her priority was to make her jealous father happy as she listened to people who told her "you only have one father". Again, NEVER tell someone they should go back to their abuser. Peace, love and God bless.
  • choctawgirl26
    choctawgirl26 1 month ago @BRIAN P. I have a job and a business. And Im not whining. I was abused. God bless.
  • choctawgirl26
    choctawgirl26 1 month ago @Dana Carter That was always a reason I never stood up to her. I never wanted that to be my reality (I was always EXTREMELY close to my grandparents and still am), but in learning about narcissistic parents, Ive come to find out that this would be best.
  • Paulus DeRaque
    Paulus DeRaque 1 month ago @choctawgirl26 dear brethren, away with vile philosophy. Just answer me one thing, have you tried to befriend her, have you tried talking to her, have you shown her love, have you done all the things she haven't? Then, only then you can say you have done everything within your reach to remedy the situation. But still, you mustn't hate her because that's the devil's work and it will soon swallow you as well and make you the monster you were so afraid of. Hatred has more devastating effect than any other man made explosive device. Pray to our Lord, pray for your mother's health and ask for forgiveness. Soon, your troubles will fade away if you choose to fight them the only right way, otherwise you will end up running in circles. We can't choose a nation or parents we were born to, but you can choose to be a moral, God fearing man seeking salvation and that choice is solely up to you. A man mustn't run away from his problems, but rather face them in person. I sincerely hope that you will come to your senses and get in a good shape.
  • Shane Ludwick
    Shane Ludwick 1 month ago @plainbob V.2 boo lol
  • Fioona Inner
    Fioona Inner 3 weeks ago That Christian judgement gets the Christian a bad wrap!!! It's called guilt by manipulation and shame. Shame on them!! Good 4 u!!
  • sonic jet
  • Native Engine
    Native Engine 1 week ago Awesome native.
  • Victor Tellez
    Victor Tellez 2 months ago you cheated on me lie to me for more than a year divorce me to be with him and leave me hanging with a gigantic debt Itook to help you F you! I DONT CARE ANYMORE.
  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 2 months ago If this ain't played at my funeral I ain't going
  • AFriendlyBloke
    AFriendlyBloke 2 weeks ago HOL' UP.
  • Robert Stark
    Robert Stark 1 week ago Same bro
  • Robert Stark
    Robert Stark 1 week ago Remember listening to this while it played on a episode of miami vice
  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 6 days ago I remember doing drive-bys to this song in GTA V
  • Jason Newton
  • Aaron Depew
    Aaron Depew 7 months ago Exactly!
  • Ethel Mertz is not a Jew
    Ethel Mertz is not a Jew 6 months ago Going thru it right now. The moment you realize that you can never fix the relationship because they are a narcissist is like a kick in the gut.
  • janel131317
    janel131317 5 months ago Amen!! I Beyoncé video replay this in my mirror
  • Mario Richtsfeld
    Mario Richtsfeld 5 months ago Jeah Amen,go to hell biatch
  • ViciousAlienKlown
    ViciousAlienKlown 5 months ago (edited) I raise my glass to you, good sir.
  • Marilee Dent
    Marilee Dent 4 months ago 😉
  • Cody and Desirae Wilbur
    Cody and Desirae Wilbur 4 months ago (edited) yes!
  • Ruchira Agarwal
    Ruchira Agarwal 4 months ago I'm here for the same reasons, unfortunately...
  • Brandon Wallace
    Brandon Wallace 4 months ago Jason Newton I feel the same way. I am dealing with one mom.
  • Shannon Cruz
    Shannon Cruz 4 months ago Same!
  • E Rock
    E Rock 4 months ago Nailed it. The gone.
  • Bay Reef Fishing Charters
    Bay Reef Fishing Charters 4 months ago YES
  • Bay Reef Fishing Charters
    Bay Reef Fishing Charters 4 months ago @MrArtex good job bro it's for thr best
  • lor332
    lor332 4 months ago Thank you
  • Lisa Reeves
    Lisa Reeves 2 months ago (edited) Omg u must know my soon to be ex!😂he is a big narcissists!!
  • SkeligMichael
    SkeligMichael 2 months ago I´m with you.
  • Mary Cianferra
    Mary Cianferra 2 months ago Jason Newton Ditto! Amen
  • Elaine canzonieri
    Elaine canzonieri 2 months ago Absolutely. I got the narcicist out of my life. I dont care anymore
  • William Bevans
    William Bevans 1 month ago They probably don't either
  • Robust TW
    Robust TW 1 month ago Alot if people man
  • jennifer donaldson
    jennifer donaldson 1 week ago Why do they continue to think everything in your life STILL revolves around them?!
  • Whiskey Bottle
    Whiskey Bottle 5 years ago How to be Micheal: - Listen to this - Lay infront of your pool - Drink a glass of whiskey - Smoke
  • Disgusting Weeaboo Trash
    Disgusting Weeaboo Trash 5 years ago (edited) Thanks magical talking whiskey bottle.
  • Whiskey Bottle
    Whiskey Bottle 5 years ago @Daedra Sheogorath Every time mate
  • Mateui
    Mateui 4 years ago I don't wan't to drink anymore!
  • MissRJB
    MissRJB 4 years ago @***** He's one of the three main characters in the game Grand Theft Auto 5.
  • Whiskey Bottle
    Whiskey Bottle 4 years ago @***** You actually dont know this song from GTA 5? Amazing
  • DemonMist
    DemonMist 4 years ago @Whiskey Bottle sounds like a boss to me lol
  • Omega Supreme
    Omega Supreme 4 years ago @Whiskey Bottle Who is Micheal?
  • MissRJB
    MissRJB 4 years ago @Kamijo Touma He's one of the main characters in the game GTA 5 
  • Chris Atkins
    Chris Atkins 4 years ago @rbcatlover17806 Yea Except you don't spell Michael like that.
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago @Whiskey Bottle I always associated this song with Miami Vice, as in the 80's series not the awful GTA games.
  • Ewan Beattie
    Ewan Beattie 4 years ago @OceanbornAngel except gta v is isn't awful
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago It is to me, all the things I hate about violent video games. Of course I'm not a teenage boy into violent misogynistic imagery in my games. Most middle aged women like me tend not to like a game that demeans women, aka the prostitutes that you can kill after you do nasty things in a car, and in your face over compensating machismo. I really despise the GTA games.
  • Ewan Beattie
    Ewan Beattie 4 years ago I thought u meant gta v was awful compared to the other gta's btw gta v doesn't demean women, if u knew anything about it ud know trevor gets very angry at even the insultation of women
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago I find adding Hookers as a feature in your game is demeaning to most women. 
  • CauseThereforeEffect
    CauseThereforeEffect 4 years ago @OceanbornAngel If you took time to look into GTA V and not judge it at face value you might in fact find that it is a satire of the distilled essence of pop culture and indeed lampoons the exact issues you bring up. Perhaps google the clips of Michael and his family. We didn't get killing prostitutes after doing nasty things to them from GTA or video games. Art imitates life. Those things were done for real before Atari was invented. Patriarchal religions and governments demean women, but lets blame a video game. -Signed: A middle aged guy whose feminist girlfriend is one hell of a skilled driver when she has time to log into her copy of GTA V.
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago Um...sorry, no but I am not into that kind of thing at all so I'm not going to ever play a GTA game. If you've seen my channel you can clearly see that I'm into a more generic morality type of a game without a lot of cussing in it. My sisters Ex-Husband tried to get me interested in it decades ago but I became bored with it very fast. I would much rather play fantasy type games like Elder Scrolls or Monster Hunter.
  • Ewan Beattie
    Ewan Beattie 4 years ago @OceanbornAngel so u have never played gta, so that makes you the best person to judge it, also may I remind you that all rockstar and rockstar north video gaming products are video GAMES and are therefore not real, btw rockstar has a disclaimer in their intro to gta v saying any relation to real life events people of beliefs are purely coincidental,  also please respect me as a person and remember that ad hominem will not win the an argument
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago No, didn't you read what I wrote? I did play a GTA games ages ago and it bored me. Look, I'm a middle aged woman and I just don;t get this fascination with GTA at all. I harken back to the days of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Etc. Etc. I don't understand what's so fun about that game at all. It's not like I can't randomly kill things in the games that I do play. What makes GTA more special than Elder Scrolls or Monster Hunter? The burden of proof is on you, not me.
  • Sam Fairley
    Sam Fairley 4 years ago @Whiskey Bottle I dont mind drinking but smoking will kill you. Im just warning you but if you dont care its alright with me.
  • Ewan Beattie
    Ewan Beattie 4 years ago @OceanbornAngel yeh ages ago when gta was boring lol
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago Well, it's all subjective. I find Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's  G Rank level much more exciting than any GTA game. That really tests your hand eye coordination, especially if you're a gunner.
  • Drumslav Czechisenko
    Drumslav Czechisenko 4 years ago @OceanbornAngel the thing is YOU CAN, but you you wont do it its not nice even in videogame. In GTA IV there was even an insult to player from main character when you did nasty things in a car.
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago I don't want to play any GTA game and I just don't like the series period, end of story. I much rather like remembering this song from a pretty good Cop show of the 80's than a game series I despise. End of discussion.
  • Drumslav Czechisenko
    Drumslav Czechisenko 4 years ago @OceanbornAngel  good Cop show from the 80? Find on youtube Yuppie and the alien then :-))
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago Never heard of it. You do know I was born in '72 so I grew up in the 80's.
  • Holygiant
    Holygiant 4 years ago @OceanbornAngel You can kill the prostitutes. You can also not kill the prostitutes. You can also not touch them at all. Adding hookers as a feature in a game is simply a portrait of reality. They exist in real life, and GTA is a kind of colorful picture of crime, in the same way that Tarantino films are. If you're going to complain about GTA being misogynistic you should be complaining about 5's lack of any actual female characters.
  • Ryan Beers
    Ryan Beers 4 years ago @OceanbornAngel now how would anyone on youtube know you were born in '72 ??? damn how much I wish I grew up in the 80's !!! all the best rock/hair bands def leppord lynyrd skynyrd etc... all the greats  !!!! need more exclamation points !!!! there I think that should be almost enough !?
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago One last time, end of conversation. I don't like any GTA games and that's it. I'm not replying anymore.
  • Vincent Cottier
    Vincent Cottier 4 years ago @Whiskey Bottle Fucking A right !
  • tnbproduction
    tnbproduction 4 years ago @OceanbornAngel You are obviously a better person than all of us for not playing a video game. Now please keep your "morality" to yourself next time when the subject doesn't directly concern you.
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago It's called an opinion. Deal with it.
  • 101TheShape
    101TheShape 4 years ago @OceanbornAngel opinions suck and before you ask/say/tell you are wrong and what you think is overrated by yourself and commercial interest groups. No this is not opinion it is a fact
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago Blah, blah, blah...want a little cheese to go with that whine?
  • tnbproduction
    tnbproduction 4 years ago @OceanbornAngel There you go again, still trying to be smarty pants and have the last word. I already told you, you are the better person with your 2 cents morality. Now please. Go and be interresting somewhere else, you are simply annoying here. Always a "I am better person than you are" everywhere we go... Gosh it's annoying. That's also an opinion. Deal with it.
  • Lynn b
    Lynn b 4 years ago lol ok
  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 4 years ago sigh Whatever