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Скачать с ютуб Samsung Galaxy S10 plus UV glass with working Fingerprint Scanner Edge to Edge Full Glass

Опубликовано: 9 апр. 2019 г. 5 298 706 просмотров

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#WhiteStoneDomeGlass #SamsungS10PlusUVglass #WorkingFIngerprintScanner
These Tempered Glass are compatible with Ultra Sonic Fingerprint Scanner

UV Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S Series Samsung S10 UV Full glass Samsung S10 plus Samsung S10 Samsung S10e Samsung S8 Samsung S8 plus Samsung S9 Samsung S9 plus

Camera i Use for Recording Samsung s10

Screen Cleaning Gel

Screen cleaning Kit


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    Maqsood Ilahi 6 місяців тому Amazing technique
  • Mary Apostolidi
    Mary Apostolidi 6 місяців тому How do you remove the air bubble from the screen? I have a persistent one I tried to scratch it, rub it but nothing seems to work!
  • Sader Yousif
    Sader Yousif 6 місяців тому I sell alot of them, trust me you leave it and watch for 10 min and see all bubbles go by itself 🤗🤗
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    Johnson Kachary 1 тиждень тому Mary Apostolidi Glasses do not get air bubbles unlike plastic screen guard
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    DikoMan 7 місяців тому This phone is a wreck, read the reviews online about the LTE problems this phone has...
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    daniel shi 7 місяців тому But it gonna be so hard to take off if u broken it
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    soon 6 місяців тому use oil
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    Wandy Wan 5 місяців тому Might be easy,let it sink underwater and take it off,galaxy s series samsung are wateresisitance
  • Niyi Hamed
    Niyi Hamed 1 місяць тому Just like magic: Best I ever got works Perfectly Perfect However my concern is with the liquid substance I hope it's not dangerous to health pls shed light on this more...The product I say 5*