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Скачать с ютуб Tradition Market in Srinagar , Kashmir.MP4

Опубликовано: 29 апр. 2011 г. 348 573 просмотра

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By Ian Teng

  • Zombyant Eetoutza
    Zombyant Eetoutza 5 months ago Everything looks very delicious
  • nazim nazim
    nazim nazim 2 years ago Wooooooow
  • mixrug
    mixrug 2 months ago Dangerous work, no protective equipment. Horror!
  • farooq Butt
    farooq Butt 1 year ago Yeah halwaie bahir sent aaye howdy Jain .
  • Chinmoy Trex
    Chinmoy Trex 1 year ago Tasty
  • Shaya Shahista
    Shaya Shahista 2 years ago I miss my kashmir
  • kashmiri red Apple
    kashmiri red Apple 1 year ago Shaya Shahista chi kate wenkis i thnk out of state ?
  • Noor Uzma
    Noor Uzma 1 year ago yes....sachi mai jannat hai kashmir
  • Gaurang Karmakar
    Gaurang Karmakar 6 months ago So do the KPs.
  • Gharibnawaz Alam
    Gharibnawaz Alam 3 months ago Good
  • Rosalinda Perez
    Rosalinda Perez 2 months ago Necesitan que este bien limpio
  • bhimrao paswan
    bhimrao paswan 6 months ago ye tou bada sa bhatura hai...par chootiye isse naya naam deke apne ko scientist batayenge
  • Rosalinda Perez
    Rosalinda Perez 2 months ago Que se ponga zapatos
  • Satya Prakash
    Satya Prakash 5 months ago The
  • Sheema Vikar
    Sheema Vikar 6 months ago Hindi movies
  • somendranath sur
    somendranath sur 6 months ago Free Pakistan occupied Kashmir.
  • H Tastemaster
    H Tastemaster 5 months ago Just ask the people in Pakistan occupied Kashmir why they call their region Azad Kashmir and then ask the people in Indian held Kashmir what they think and you will get your answer. India will not be able to hold an entire region against its will forever since the people there have geographic, historical, cultural and religious links to Pakistan. If you allow a free vote held by the United Nations as was promised you will see what the people there really think and there will be no need for war or rancor if we just learn to respect the wishes of the majority people there,
  • syed jamil
    syed jamil 7 months ago free kashmir now sydney australia
  • pankaj dalal
    pankaj dalal 6 months ago They are free always in India. Free yourself from hate Mr.
  • ashraf kamaal
    ashraf kamaal 7 months ago YEH TO MEERUT KA HALWA PRADHA HAI
  • somendranath sur
    somendranath sur 6 months ago [email protected] murdabaad