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Скачать с ютуб Jet-Powered X-Wing | X-Wing Baja | Beyond Adventure

Опубликовано: 28 июл. 2016 г. 865 722 просмотра

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Rex Pemberton has a dream to soar through the sky with the help of his jet powered X-Wing. Years of development and training has led to this day and the first flight of this experimental wing.

  • nitro1291
    nitro1291 3 years ago what a pioneer.....yves rossy has been doing this for years. with loopings, english channel crossing etc....
  • DreamySteezy
    DreamySteezy 2 years ago nitro1291 exactly, I don't know why this guy is acting like he's doing something new.
  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze 10 months ago CLASSIFIEDGTA that’s what I thought. Is he trying to take credit for someone else’s achievement
  • Tal Morris
    Tal Morris 3 months ago agreed, why the posturing of ingenuity, doesn’t make it less cool that he is doing it as well.. Don’t really understand that. Especially because of the Internet, he knows as well as anyone that this isn’t new. It’s new for him.. But in all fairness it could be the editor of this videos fault, you can frame almost any point of view incorrectly with bad edit choices or through omissions. But anyway! Still cool!
  • Tenet
    Tenet 3 years ago Yves Rossy has been doing this for years? You make it sound like a completely new endeavour.
  • Every video Channel
    Every video Channel 3 years ago I was just thinking the same thing...No credit to Rossy  plus a slap to the face from JETCAT.
  • antsolja
    antsolja 1 year ago yeah i was thinking the same thing the whole time, like 10 years after the original jet man and no progress has been made on these jetpacks. i wanna see these things foot launchable like a hang glider
  • ash smitty
    ash smitty 1 year ago (edited) antsolja Check out the. True OG.
  • streglof
    streglof 11 months ago well, for him it was
  • R.E.V.S inc
    R.E.V.S inc 4 months ago Here is a proper video of Yves Rossy, who I believe deserves credit......
  • abuhabib9
    abuhabib9 3 months ago what did he said at 03:21?
  • Sxip Shirey
    Sxip Shirey 3 years ago this has been done before and there are more exciting videos of it.
  • Serg AP
    Serg AP 10 months ago indeed
  • Justin Everette
    Justin Everette 5 months ago This is still cool
  • Amanda Ellis
    Amanda Ellis 3 years ago Thank you for taking good care of my Jeep, Rex!! <3
  • Vox Daze
    Vox Daze 3 weeks ago (edited) 4:09 "It went really well." Famous last words. It only has to not go well one time and you're dead.
  • iCmonsters
    iCmonsters 2 months ago Wow! A jeep powered x-wing. Amazing.
  • Martin Roskilly
    Martin Roskilly 2 months ago This will make drug runs from Mexico a lot easier now....
  • Michael Nibret
    Michael Nibret 3 months ago When would it be available in the market for the free fly of my long ambition to fly just like birds?
  • Razak Idris
    Razak Idris 1 month ago 3:30 from 80s cartoon CENTURIONS brought me here. ☺✌
  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet 3 months ago He's just floppin' around up there.
  • Yogi Smarts
    Yogi Smarts 1 week ago Wow, outstanding, so cool!! So proud of you guys!! Great Job!!
  • edgar mantilla
    edgar mantilla 3 years ago show how do you make it....because yves is very jealous.....more people want enjoy this skyard... wow....
  • Kawy Thowy
    Kawy Thowy 2 months ago Iron man technology is almost here. Wow. Amazing.
  • David James
    David James 3 months ago That's the same suit I wear at the office everyday.
  • QuoVadis-D
    QuoVadis-D 1 month ago Incredible, thanks for this fantastic video! Best regards from Berlin HaJo
  • Eric Talkington
    Eric Talkington 1 year ago This looks like the most amazing thing a person could ever do. People have been dreaming of that since man first saw birds fly. To be able to do that has to be a feeling so unreal it could never be put into words. Damn I wish I had the money and/or ability to do that. I'm just happy someone gets to experience it. That's the first step to becoming more of an everyday occurrence. WOW! Unreal...
  • Skip741 x
    Skip741 x 2 months ago it does look insane..can only imagine what the person is feeling...must be like being superman
  • Sam Eagle
    Sam Eagle 3 years ago Good thing to see that the ACME corporation is still in business.
  • Paulo Constantino
    Paulo Constantino 9 months ago LOL
  • Overlord
    Overlord 10 months ago jetman must have been busy filming with the red arrows🙄
  • Hans Joachim
    Hans Joachim 1 month ago Incredible, thanks for this fantastic video! Best regards from Berlin HaJo
  • sung kim
    sung kim 2 months ago (edited) 사고로 죽을 확률이 평범한 일반인들에 비해 최소10000배는 높겠다