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Опубликовано: 18 мар. 2015 г. 13 998 547 просмотров

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Als Sensenmann ist Mr. Grimm den ganzen Tag damit beschäftigt den Menschen das Leben zu nehmen. Doch eines Tages klingelt es an seiner Tür und ein kleines Mädchen steht vor ihm. Sie sucht ihre Katze, doch was sie nicht weiß, sie ist eigentlich sein nächstes Opfer…

Regie: Cynthia Collins, Kyra Buschor
Filmmusik: Maryna Aksenov
Sounddesign: Namralata Strack
Animation: Ferdinand Engländer, Linus Stetter, Julia Reck, Conrad Tambour, Ogi Schneider
Producer: Christian Cramer-Clausbruch, Philipp Wolf
Sprecher: Anselm Roser, Katharina Dietschmann
Produktion: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

  • Zerek ?
    Zerek ? Год назад When death about to knock on your door.... But you knock first
  • D Lamar
    D Lamar Год назад Lol😂
  • Succesful Robloxian
    Succesful Robloxian Год назад He isn't dear though, how can death die.... But good joke lol.
  • Hill Endorose
    Hill Endorose Год назад like suicide
  • Sangyoon Kim
    Sangyoon Kim Год назад I'm the one who knocks! 🎩
  • Link 2089
    Link 2089 Год назад I am the one who knocks
  • Zerek ?
    Zerek ? Год назад @Link 2089 we all knock once
  • master theft
    master theft Год назад Its call suicide
  • Link 2089
    Link 2089 Год назад @Zerek ? so true
  • Little Samantha
    Little Samantha 11 месяцев назад Damn
  • Cernumospete
    Cernumospete 11 месяцев назад She's the one who knocks.
  • Mine Crafter
    Mine Crafter 11 месяцев назад I am inevitable
  • пора сдохнуть
    пора сдохнуть 7 месяцев назад XATIFy
  • Daniel Fabron
    Daniel Fabron 7 месяцев назад I like that, I like that a lot @Z-master
  • bluebird1791
    bluebird1791 6 месяцев назад Death will die when the life will die and one day it will be happened when every buddy every living being and object will die but Allah is alive and will be alive only he is greatest
  • bluebird1791
    bluebird1791 6 месяцев назад (изменено) We can't define as human we want to escape from death but it's not possible never ever, but we thinks about it to satisfy and keep relax our self but we know it's impossible
  • Very epic fortnite Gamer
    Very epic fortnite Gamer 5 месяцев назад lol
  • أ إ
    أ إ 2 месяца назад @master theft I can't argue
  • 변태 STOB IT
    변태 STOB IT 2 месяца назад Hill Endorose bro...
  • oscar EL_REY_4537_56
    oscar EL_REY_4537_56 2 месяца назад Im late but this is how 911 happened
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    Lasha Butulashvili 1 месяц назад 😭😭😭😭😻😻😻
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    Purple Crew 1 месяц назад @Succesful Robloxian r/wooosh
  • Al Satan
    Al Satan 11 месяцев назад Grim Reaper: kills cat 0.0003037 attoseconds later Kid: "HaVe YoU sEeN mY cAt?
  • Grargle Jobber
    Grargle Jobber 10 месяцев назад God this "Person: does thing Other Person: oh wow that was a thing" meme format is truly the lowest hanging fruit of all memes. I mean I guess it's nice that functionally retarded people can feel like le epic memers XD but holy shit I can't take the ungodly amount of cringe that any lukewarm-IQ person has to deal with these days
  • Brett Truax
    Brett Truax 8 месяцев назад Grargle Jobber it sucks man
  • Kevin burns Burns
    Kevin burns Burns 7 месяцев назад No I think someone else did that. I'm thinking about trappin a gopher in my back yard. I hear they are very tasty.
  • sasso sasso
    sasso sasso 6 месяцев назад and then the dog, repeat the story again.
  • qazi raza
    qazi raza 5 месяцев назад Yikess
  • Nelly_Vids _Cz
    Nelly_Vids _Cz 3 месяца назад (изменено) Ikr, i mean , how did she in those seconds recognized her cat is missing amd got her picture and goes out of town into green NowHerE wheres ONE old house???
  • medjahed farouk
    medjahed farouk 2 месяца назад God is the one who gives life and dies
  • I live inside your house
    I live inside your house 3 недели назад Kira: have you seen my killer queen?
  • Amy Anything
    Amy Anything Неделю назад @medjahed farouk yes god dies very much stfu
  • Wshaka malaka
    Wshaka malaka 5 дней назад @Grargle Jobber I don't think you got the joke
    JEREMIAS A�EZ AYALA 2 дня назад xd
  • Adela Gil
    Adela Gil 7 месяцев назад I thought the man was going to kill the girl with the big scythe
  • Nelly_Vids _Cz
    Nelly_Vids _Cz 3 месяца назад (изменено) Right?? I thought he will change when he throwed that small one and then when ge got the big one i really thought hes gonna KilLl her and gonna do all his job without machines 😱🤪😂
  • Mi Tintori
    Mi Tintori 3 месяца назад Same
  • Jorge martin Paez
    Jorge martin Paez 3 месяца назад Like the old school
  • medjahed farouk
    medjahed farouk 2 месяца назад God is the one who gives life and dies
  • Mia Vlogs
    Mia Vlogs 2 месяца назад Me too
  • ELIZABETH reeves
    ELIZABETH reeves 2 месяца назад medjahed farouk not everyone’s Christian though, don’t bring religion to an animation that doesn’t include it
  • Basketbomber Slackingson
    Basketbomber Slackingson 2 месяца назад adegil Well yes, but actually no i point to the string
  • JunkyMulino
    JunkyMulino 2 месяца назад Damn that's crazy bro
  • Rapidan Rebel
    Rapidan Rebel 2 месяца назад I wish
  • English Ree
    English Ree 1 месяц назад adegil Same 😅
  • Whacko Otaku
    Whacko Otaku 1 месяц назад adegil lmao same
  • *-Yuki Kitsune-*
    *-Yuki Kitsune-* 1 месяц назад lol same
  • Side Winder
    Side Winder 1 месяц назад you mean sickle
  • Vilgot
    Vilgot 3 недели назад That was the point yes
  • i hate anime
    i hate anime Неделю назад @medjahed farouk god doesnt exist you sheep. hes a made up character so the church/mosque/synagoge can control you and send you to die for their wars
  • Amy Anything
    Amy Anything Неделю назад Didn't he though?
  • TheForeskinVampire,Slayer!
    TheForeskinVampire,Slayer! 3 дня назад wonder what "tribe" that grim reaper represents........So much truth, condensed & simplified for mass consumption.... & the essence of the story is lost, once again on the great unwashed. sad...really....
  • Exotichotdogguy 69
    Exotichotdogguy 69 2 месяца назад The little girl did exactly what she said she would do, she wiped out...50% of life on earth.
  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark 2 месяца назад I wonder if her last name happens to be GATES ???
  • Rosie Brind'amour
    Rosie Brind'amour 1 месяц назад @Richard Clark 😂
  • Exotichotdogguy 69
    Exotichotdogguy 69 1 месяц назад @richard Clark Lol
  • Rencraw X
    Rencraw X Год назад So, how many people die when the little girl playing with the remote control?
  • Andy CR
    Andy CR Год назад Only few of them
  • Rencraw X
    Rencraw X Год назад @Andy CR is more valuable than a human lives...i suppose
  • Hey There Stranger
  • Jacob P De Leon
    Jacob P De Leon Год назад This is why i hate kids.
  • Beautiful sunrise
    Beautiful sunrise Год назад No one
  • Merse Tóth
    Merse Tóth Год назад The girl's name is Cancer I think
  • John Bean
    John Bean Год назад @Rencraw X speech 100
    HOT GURLIE Год назад @Jacob P De Leon sayed man who a kid names KID MAN
  • Jacob P De Leon
    Jacob P De Leon 11 месяцев назад @HOT GURLIE I only hate kids if they are toddlers.
  • Shadow Beast
    Shadow Beast 11 месяцев назад Wow forget every serial killer horror movie monster or murder put this girl in it
  • Sad Dal
    Sad Dal 11 месяцев назад Smart quetions
  • gkalenaki
    gkalenaki 11 месяцев назад More than John Wick killed with a pencil. A fookin' pencil!
  • romario
    romario 11 месяцев назад @Jacob P De Leon ""This is why i hate kids." )))))) Sorry, but that's bullshit! The outlook of children is formed by parents. The way they communicate with them. The way parents communicate with each other. That parents do with the child. What cartoons show a child ... Accordingly, the way children behave depends on their parents.
  • Tattle Tattle tails of cuteness
    Tattle Tattle tails of cuteness 10 месяцев назад Vizh 90 no liking, 666 likes
  • Brice Burch
    Brice Burch 10 месяцев назад Me
  • Jacob P De Leon
    Jacob P De Leon 10 месяцев назад @romario bruh i did not say i hate all kids i only hate toddler kids.
  • Sumintra Guaydeen
    Sumintra Guaydeen 10 месяцев назад Im guessing about 10
  • Сергей Смирнов
    Сергей Смирнов 10 месяцев назад Vizh 90 stupid girl
  • Наталья Наумова
    Наталья Наумова 8 месяцев назад none. he must cut a thread for it.
  • miguel_ m567
    miguel_ m567 8 месяцев назад Probably like 30
  • Rage Ragist
    Rage Ragist 8 месяцев назад That was the Black Death
  • Lralumabab Lafab
    Lralumabab Lafab 8 месяцев назад HII
  • Jim Roberts
    Jim Roberts 8 месяцев назад @Jacob P De Leon The dude must be great fun at parties, huh?
  • Billy Andrew
    Billy Andrew 8 месяцев назад (изменено) Vizh 90 None. Their thread of life has to be cut. She cut none, but threatened to cut his, if he didn't do what she wanted and he was too busy trying to catch her thread to cut any others. It's based on the three Fates from Greek mythology or the virgin/woman/crone of Celtic mythology, plus the Grim Reaper
  • Dora The exploradora
    Dora The exploradora 8 месяцев назад Vizh 90 none because he has to stamp it
  • VENOMOUS prieto
    VENOMOUS prieto 8 месяцев назад maybe a thousdred or miollion
  • Chase C.
    Chase C. 7 месяцев назад r/ihadastroke
  • sasso sasso
    sasso sasso 6 месяцев назад i think almost 100
  • qazi raza
    qazi raza 5 месяцев назад I died
  • ッ•DarkAesthetic•[DWAI]
    ッ•DarkAesthetic•[DWAI] 5 месяцев назад Jacob P De Leon welp you were one too and so was all of us. And I can say your parents felt the same way
  • Mihai Tănase
    Mihai Tănase 5 месяцев назад Yes
  • qazi raza
    qazi raza 5 месяцев назад @Mihai Tănase yikesss
  • lucluc121
    lucluc121 5 месяцев назад Some, but not because of the girl more because of the man, he killed them. Don't twist that, mate.
  • lucluc121
    lucluc121 5 месяцев назад @Billy Andrew Yes, exactly, and besides, she saved the lives of many people by changing the mind of the old man.
  • Dezz KM23
    Dezz KM23 5 месяцев назад @Rencraw X ahahah thats true
  • Doge Meme
    Doge Meme 4 месяца назад 28 stabs wounds
  • Jelly - Aice
    Jelly - Aice 4 месяца назад Same amount of the likes this comment have and still counting
  • Christina Eka P
    Christina Eka P 4 месяца назад No
  • sandra Jones
    sandra Jones 4 месяца назад @romario that doesn't change the fact that the person hates children.
  • sandra Jones
    sandra Jones 4 месяца назад @Наталья Наумова ass he was chasing the strings he was swiping and cutting. You could hear the screams.
  • sandra Jones
    sandra Jones 4 месяца назад @Billy Andrew as he was chasing he was swiping and cutting. Their was a scream.
  • Agatha
    Agatha 4 месяца назад Toooo much....
  • Calista Amadea Mia
    Calista Amadea Mia 3 месяца назад (изменено) the kid is annoying for making a lot of people die when the old man randomly cut off strings.
  • Izabelle Giese
    Izabelle Giese 3 месяца назад MEAN
  • Diego Alfonso
    Diego Alfonso 3 месяца назад @Hey There Stranger thanos only created a knife and cut half of them
  • Sara Sara
    Sara Sara 3 месяца назад Kukira Kura-kura 😂😂😂i dont know
  • Dev_Jak 1
    Dev_Jak 1 3 месяца назад Kukira Kura-kura 😂😂😂😂
  • Gauhar Abdukarimovs
    Gauhar Abdukarimovs 3 месяца назад @HOT GURLIE x1£*?..* . I'm
  • Catherine DEHPIAZI
    Catherine DEHPIAZI 3 месяца назад لاالل
  • A Cat Dragon
    A Cat Dragon 3 месяца назад @Rencraw X to be fair she wasn't the one holding the scythe
  • Pich Sopoeun
    Pich Sopoeun 3 месяца назад @Jacob P De Leon អាឆ្គួត
  • Gellert_ TV
    Gellert_ TV 3 месяца назад @Jacob P De Leon We all hate ourselves
  • medjahed farouk
    medjahed farouk 2 месяца назад God is the one who gives life and dies
  • Gellert_ TV
    Gellert_ TV 2 месяца назад @medjahed farouk Not sure if he exists
  • Sonamoni Jashu
    Sonamoni Jashu 2 месяца назад 😆😆
  • Nándi kiss
    Nándi kiss 3 недели назад Hope her parents
  • Minty Sarah
    Minty Sarah 2 недели назад Thank God I was at the far corner..
  • Lorjan Bytyqi
    Lorjan Bytyqi 2 недели назад Andy CR you
  • Spike Spiegel
    Spike Spiegel 5 дней назад Should have gotten rid of the kid first thing.
  • 梁欣平
    梁欣平 3 дня назад I think people only die when someone cut off their rope, the little girl made the machine stamp on the people who do not die yet, which means the grim Reaper will forget to cut off their rope, and so these people never going to die. The little girl actually did not kill anyone, she had saved a lot of people's life.
  • Zella Hendricks
    Zella Hendricks 2 месяца назад Grim Reaper: kills little girl's cat Little Girl: "Do you realize what kind of mistake you've made?"
  • Simko
    Simko 11 месяцев назад Mr Grimm: tries to get the string of the kid The People he just killed in order to get the string of the kid: "aRe wE A jOke tO YoU?"
  • Noorhan Alheine
    Noorhan Alheine 11 месяцев назад MrGrimm:tres to get the string of the kid
  • Jorgee Viegas
    Jorgee Viegas 11 месяцев назад 🤫😤😾👨‍🦳👼
  • *sadness noises*
    *sadness noises* 7 месяцев назад @Grargle Jobber shut up my dude
  • Виталий Касинович
    Виталий Касинович 6 месяцев назад я хотела семейку адамс а не это не пойми что.
  • Ayşe can
    Ayşe can 6 месяцев назад @*sadness noises* NO u the 14 year old tries to look like depressed
  • Ari9000 Gamer
    Ari9000 Gamer 5 месяцев назад @Grargle Jobber ur really bad at existing
  • Grargle Jobber
    Grargle Jobber 5 месяцев назад @Ari9000 Gamer Nah I do pretty alright. Only time I've ever stopped existing is when I had surgery and got put under
  • COVID-19 Corona
    COVID-19 Corona 4 месяца назад @*sadness noises* you do not have the right to tell anyone to shut up. If you don't like their opinion don't say anything about it.
  • Grargle Jobber
    Grargle Jobber 4 месяца назад @COVID-19 Corona Or, at the least, try to use your words to refute something that you don't like. Just yelling on the internet does nothing. We gotta use our words.
  • Nothankyou
    Nothankyou 3 месяца назад Grargle Jobber - You’re really bad at analogies. Flowers for Algernon was about the bliss and kindness found in ignorance. When Charlie obtained his increased intelligence, he became cruel and bitterly self obsessed to the point where it made him a horrible person. If you’re going to insult someone by implying that you’re smarter than them, try not kicking yourself in the ass in the process.
  • Grargle Jobber
    Grargle Jobber 3 месяца назад @Nothankyou This is why sparknotes is a bad idea, kids.
  • Nothankyou
    Nothankyou 3 месяца назад Grargle Jobber - Sparknotes, hah, that’s a good one coming from someone who made a bad analogy about a character from an 8th grade required reading book. If you wanted to make a good analogy about a character with an Intellectual Disability who misunderstood a situation and unintentionally killed something then I would’ve went with Of Mice and Men. The word retarded means to be hindered or held back but Charlie didn’t become emotionally retarded until he became smart. Starting to make sense why your analogy is a bad one? Please, feel free to use your words if you disagree.
  • Grargle Jobber
    Grargle Jobber 3 месяца назад @Nothankyou >REEEEEEEEE part 2 eclectic boogaloo lmao
  • valeria gutierrez figueroa
    valeria gutierrez figueroa 2 месяца назад The old man was killing a lot of people, trying to cut the girls string
  • medjahed farouk
    medjahed farouk 2 месяца назад God is the one who gives life and dies
  • CursedEgg
    CursedEgg 2 месяца назад how did u know
  • lisa - marie
    lisa - marie 2 месяца назад CursedEgg you can hear them die
  • CursedEgg
    CursedEgg 2 месяца назад @lisa - marie rhetorical question
  • Allwist 1
    Allwist 1 2 месяца назад @v.g. Figueora Yep, Collateral Damage! Shit happens!
  • clap flap
    clap flap 2 месяца назад CursedEgg how is that rhetorical question? are you fucking dumb?
  • CursedEgg
    CursedEgg 2 месяца назад @clap flap ​ clap flap i said how did u nkow BECAISE EVERYBODY SAW THAT THEN SHE OR HE THOAGHT I WAS REALLY ASKING sry for caps i am too lazy to fix it so fuck oof fucking dumbass
  • clap flap
    clap flap 2 месяца назад CursedEgg it really didnt sound like you were being sarcastic
  • CursedEgg
    CursedEgg 2 месяца назад @clap flap OH REALLY
  • Jacki Fletcher
    Jacki Fletcher 1 месяц назад Figueroa, no shit. He's a desperate old man who needs some loving! How fucking dumb r u tho? You can legit see all the peoples strings being murdered so y the fuck do u need to say that?! Like thx captain obvious.
  • overdose247 s1nn3r
    overdose247 s1nn3r 1 месяц назад (изменено) Grim Reaper cuts everyone's strings. Real world gets Corona Virus.
  • Lajos Winkler
    Lajos Winkler 1 месяц назад @overdose247 s1nn3r It's not called "Corona Virus". It's COVID-19 and is caused by one of coronavirus family.
  • Afřìćá ìš Ã čòñťìñêñť
    Afřìćá ìš Ã čòñťìñêñť 2 недели назад Deaths knows NO age
  • Прапрррп Лсьалалк
    Прапрррп Лсьалалк 2 недели назад да
    DNTME Неделю назад Yep. The sweet little brat was responsible for the untimely and wrongful deaths of many. Not so funny.
  • Gina Corelli
    Gina Corelli 5 дней назад The creator is a creative genius. This is universal, literally anyone from anywhere can watch this and understand without dialogue. I’m amused. Lol
  • danny mata
    danny mata Год назад I really thought he went out to murder the kid by hand before we saw him cutting the grass
  • Lol ITsme Animatiøns
    Lol ITsme Animatiøns Год назад Same
  • Hoàng Linh Phạm Minh
    Hoàng Linh Phạm Minh Год назад He cut grass for the child's grave
  • Sorviar
    Sorviar Год назад So true
  • - Exllin-
    - Exllin- Год назад Same
  • Good ol' Good
    Good ol' Good Год назад Yep
  • CaptainCocoPlays Colby
    CaptainCocoPlays Colby Год назад (изменено) Or he just quit this job after that event XD Edit 1: omg thanks. If you like me check meh channel by clicking my profile
  • Harry The Sailor
    Harry The Sailor Год назад that was the point
  • Elias Alexander Flakke
    Elias Alexander Flakke Год назад me too
  • Gwen
    Gwen Год назад 7 Sons Series Gacha Series wa the .-.
  • Ni_ck315
    Ni_ck315 Год назад That's the point
  • Latanya Weaver
    Latanya Weaver Год назад danny mata on god
  • Emil
    Emil Год назад Saame xD
  • Banjo!
    Banjo! Год назад 666 likea
  • Mister Mario
    Mister Mario Год назад 666 likes omfg, you satan
  • Satya Vardhan
    Satya Vardhan Год назад Yeah,right🙏
  • P Gupta
    P Gupta Год назад @Satya Vardhan yes little brother,,
  • Bear now Nova
    Bear now Nova Год назад Ya same
  • Max
    Max Год назад Lol me too
  • Yousif Qais
    Yousif Qais 11 месяцев назад Same Danny
  • Calomel
    Calomel 11 месяцев назад The roots of the flowers are the strings he was cutting, trailing into the house and dragged around by the machines. He just went out to do things the "old fashioned way".
  • kizzy salahuddin
    kizzy salahuddin 10 месяцев назад Me too
  • Foi só pra curtir
    Foi só pra curtir 10 месяцев назад Ditto
  • Rose Oronos
    Rose Oronos 10 месяцев назад Same
  • Alien Gaming
    Alien Gaming 10 месяцев назад same
  • Raul Rodriguez
    Raul Rodriguez 10 месяцев назад Me too I got scared
  • Sumintra Guaydeen
    Sumintra Guaydeen 10 месяцев назад Me too
  • ollah4
    ollah4 8 месяцев назад Same same
  • Hema Chetty
    Hema Chetty 7 месяцев назад Mm same
  • closed youtuber
    closed youtuber 7 месяцев назад @Hoàng Linh Phạm Minh it's very true
  • Anna Dvořáková
    Anna Dvořáková 7 месяцев назад Sammeeee
  • DavidTWilliamz
    DavidTWilliamz 6 месяцев назад I thought so too
  • youssef plays
    youssef plays 6 месяцев назад Me too
  • Victor Bornhoft
    Victor Bornhoft 2 месяца назад Those are balloons, thats birth
  • EvanyLanciola
    EvanyLanciola 1 месяц назад Same
  • M87*
    M87* 1 месяц назад They did that on purpose captain obvious
  • Vilgot
    Vilgot 3 недели назад That is the point yes
    BRAYDEN VILLA 2 недели назад No he’s killing the grass
    SUNSHINE EDITS 11 месяцев назад That old man literally looks like me when I come out of my room for the first time all day to get a snack.
  • Gerald Opoku
    Gerald Opoku 6 месяцев назад Lol
  • Giselle Garcia
    Giselle Garcia 2 недели назад SUNSHINE EDITS lol sweet
  • basic
    basic 11 месяцев назад When he was cutting the grass I saw it as making more lives for the ones that was lost. The lights on top of them maybe represent that.
  • raphul
    raphul 11 месяцев назад they are flowers not light ;__;
  • Enchanted Fill
    Enchanted Fill 10 месяцев назад @raphul 😂😂
  • raphul
    raphul 10 месяцев назад @Enchanted Fill 😂😂hey r u doing?
  • Enchanted Fill
    Enchanted Fill 9 месяцев назад @raphul 👌🏼👌🏼👍🏼😂😂
  • yee yee
    yee yee 7 месяцев назад That got deep
  • Kiara
    Kiara 4 месяца назад yea coz as he did that 2 butterflies also came up from the zing, they came to life
  • Katt Tamara
    Katt Tamara 6 месяцев назад Moral: kids r intrusive and always annoying!
  • anca enache
    anca enache 4 месяца назад Lol I have two of these children lol
  • Katt Tamara
    Katt Tamara 4 месяца назад Well congrats! Raise them well😊
  • Dino Memer995
    Dino Memer995 2 месяца назад §l y
  • anca enache
    anca enache 2 месяца назад I try my best , thank you ❤❤❤
  • Potatoz
    Potatoz 2 месяца назад realy im 12 im still a kid and teens are worse
  • Mr. Slav
    Mr. Slav 2 месяца назад Bruh do you not know how to spell
  • Potatoz
    Potatoz 2 месяца назад @Mr. Slav are u talking to me
  • GetRekt lol
    GetRekt lol 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Im sure everyone thought he was about the merc that kid with the scythe
  • mooncar39
    mooncar39 Год назад So cats really do have 9 lives..
  • Andy CR
    Andy CR Год назад Nice observation
  • Noor Noor
    Noor Noor Год назад (изменено) I think 7 not 9
  • mooncar39
    mooncar39 Год назад @Noor Noor Oh that's cool I didn't know different countries thought of it differently :]
  • Noor Noor
    Noor Noor Год назад @NPGPF NPGPF in my country it's 7 lives
  • Jaelson Flavio
    Jaelson Flavio Год назад I hear people saying 7 more often.
  • Drogo The Demon
    Drogo The Demon Год назад LOOK AT THESE CARDS AT 5:06! There are 9 cards!🤔
  • Jan-Niklas Holst
    Jan-Niklas Holst Год назад @Noor Noor there are 9 pictures, not 7, Sherlock
  • Noor Noor
    Noor Noor Год назад @Jan-Niklas Holst yes I saw it but in my country (iraq)my mom my grandma grandpa said it's 7not 9.
  • The Crazy Banana Gaming
    The Crazy Banana Gaming Год назад Yes, yes they do. KNOWLEDGE BOI KNOWLEDGE WE ALL KNEW THEY HAD 9 LIVES XD
  • Mikeld
    Mikeld Год назад @Jaelson Flavio I hear 9
  • Mikeld
    Mikeld Год назад @Jan-Niklas Holst Are you blind lmao he knows, different countries see it differently.
  • Mikeld
    Mikeld Год назад @غير لتتغير r/woosh it's a myth which was used in this video
  • Macarena
    Macarena Год назад @Noor Noor yeah in my country are 7 too, I think it depends on the country. I'm from Argentina.
  • Macarena
    Macarena Год назад (изменено) ​@غير لتتغير I don´t know if you're joking or what, but it's a myth bro. Of course they don´t have literaly 7 lives.
  • Macarena
    Macarena Год назад @غير لتتغير everybody is talking about the myth or making jokes about it. Don´t take it that seriously.
  • Macarena
    Macarena Год назад ​@غير لتتغير he was releating the animation with the myth, it doesn´t mean he really thinks cats do have 9 lives. Every person that replied to that comment instantly knew he was talking about the myth. You're the only one who thought someone was talking about real life cats... Everybody knows all animals only have 1life, you don´t have to be a scientific.
  • UwU[]Ms Potatoez[] UwU
    UwU[]Ms Potatoez[] UwU Год назад Duh
  • Тимур Габтрахманов
    Тимур Габтрахманов Год назад Yes
  • Gunter von Hagen
    Gunter von Hagen Год назад (изменено) In germany the old myth, its 9 the Number of Life. Odin hang 9 Days and 9 nights in the tree. The tree of world has 9 worlds. Heimdall hast 9 mothers etc. So Here we think Cats have 9 lifes. The new Generation, the church have 7 as myth Number. God make the world in 7 days. The week hast 7 days. The Cat have 7 lifes. Im old german. I think the Cat have 9 myth Life.
  • Gunter von Hagen
    Gunter von Hagen Год назад @غير لتتغير in 7th day He found Out the workfree day. Lol
  • Gunter von Hagen
    Gunter von Hagen Год назад (изменено) @غير لتتغير He did this for the Humans Im *Germane*. Our world was make from a Giants Body. Thats our faith before the christianity our strains convert. Here some facts from my faith
  • RandomMinecraftBoi
    RandomMinecraftBoi Год назад The Banana Gaming dude its called beliefs, like for example you believe in god but someone else doesn’t, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have knowledge or has to believe in him. Its how people are raised
  • Monica Bartenfeld
    Monica Bartenfeld Год назад I just got you 859
  • AG1994
    AG1994 Год назад One one ☝️ 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • gregplonge
    gregplonge Год назад Of course !
  • Laurent Houtant
    Laurent Houtant Год назад In France it's 7 lifes too
  • Gwen
    Gwen Год назад Laurent Houtant yes its 7 lives ...
  • Rainbow The Rain Bear
    Rainbow The Rain Bear Год назад mooncar39 u now have 1k likes
  • mooncar39
    mooncar39 Год назад @Rainbow The Rain Bear awesome :P
  • KandyWar :!
    KandyWar :! Год назад @غير لتتغير dude u are so stupid, I cant say more after seeing ur comments
  • KandyWar :!
    KandyWar :! Год назад @غير لتتغير that makes u stupid, who can even imagine that someone really believes that in this chat, ur arguments smell like a 10 ye child
  • Ferr3iro1
    Ferr3iro1 Год назад here we say that they have 7 lives
  • C. Darell
    C. Darell Год назад @Laurent Houtant J'ai toujours entendu parler des "9 vies du chat", jamais 7... De quelle région es-tu, si ce n'est pas indiscret ?
  • lulu jdn
    lulu jdn 11 месяцев назад In Iraq also we believe that cats have 7 lives
  • CorEvil
    CorEvil 11 месяцев назад Whenever you notice one of those details, a sorcerer did it
  • Morad Tarzan
    Morad Tarzan 11 месяцев назад No