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We got a preview of a big drop of WE and CIVIVI in the next few days, plus a whole spectrum of new knives, including L.T. Wright, Enrique Peña, Pro-Tech and Benchmade. Check out the latest knives and EDC gear from KnifeCenter here:

Enter to win 1 of 5 CRKT Minimalist D2 Cleavers and a set of Flytanium Flex handle scales:

Featured Knives
0:00 Intro
0:17 Slightly Larger than Average Morale Patch:
1:34 Flytanium Flex Scales for the CRKT Minimalist:
4:51 Dervish Knives Acana Exclusive:
6:54 L.T. Wright Pouter Seax:
9:05 Woodsmonkey Banana Peel:
11:51 Benchmade Gold Class Mini Osborne:
14:03 Jack Wolf K9 Jack (Available 2:00PM, Friday 8/12/2022):
16:09 WE Vision R (Available Friday, 8/12/2022):
19:20 CIVIVI Ki-V Plus (Available Friday, 8/12/2022):
More new WE and CIVIVI for 2022:
20:40 Schrade Alpha Class Radok:
22:38 Pro-Tech Terzuola ATCF:
24:08 Pro-Tech Godson, Damascus and Maple Burl:
25:03 GiantMouse Nibbler:
27:12 Case SHOT Show 2022 Small Swell Center Jack:
28:29 Case SHOT Show 2022 Black Curly Maple Canoe:
29:14 Jake Hoback Radford:
31:13 Peña X Series Large Santoku:
32:43 Cold Steel Natchez Bowie CPM-3V:

Interested in a Tek-Lok? Get them here:

The availability of custom and sprint run knives are often limited to stock on hand. Check our website for the latest availability.

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