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Скачать с ютуб Dark Piano Music - Dance of The Dead Fairy (Original Composition)

Опубликовано: 11 нояб. 2014 г. 76 150 просмотров

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An original piece called Dance of The Dead Fairy

Inspired by Tchiakovsky's Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy. This is a horror version of the piece.

Pic link!!! I am not the artist of the artwork

Hope you enjoy!!

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  • max larsen
    max larsen 4 роки тому Love the use of those low notes, many people forget to add them to stuff, as it gives a song more undertones. I could play happy birthday and add the low notes and it would allude to something evil happening at the birthday party.
  • Ash Man
    Ash Man 3 роки тому oh you
  • Ramses Manzo
    Ramses Manzo 3 роки тому exactly, in completely accordance with you!!!
  • CJ Spencer
    CJ Spencer 5 років тому i felt despair like a horide rain i am dowsed in my shame i bleed pain i am you i am insane        i caught the feeling of a deep pain and shame the feeling was so heartfelt i started to cry hope you make more                                                  forever loyal                                                                 C.J.
  • Lord Death
    Lord Death 5 років тому I really do enjoy these dark pieces of art that you create, they give me a sense of complacency.
  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 5 років тому Thank you Death =)
  • netwitch56
    netwitch56 5 років тому Deep 'n' Dark!! Driving with Sugar Plum Fairies in  the Ghost Train where even dead fairies have a little dance now and then...
  • Game Deepdive
    Game Deepdive 5 років тому Could you do more off this dark piano stuff? Everytime your playlist ends im sad.
  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 5 років тому Sure there will definitely be more dark piano =)
  • zoo- sama
    zoo- sama 5 років тому @Lucas King I just discovered your stuff, I definitely like it ;) Won't you marry me? 
  • the big bad wolf
    the big bad wolf 3 роки тому +TheKlikluk | Lets Plays Gotcha
  • 4R14N4
    4R14N4 3 роки тому Could you maybe do a version of Carol of The Bells like this? If you could that would be amazing...unless you already have and I'm just blind 😳
  • Linden Shepherd
    Linden Shepherd 2 роки тому He has in 2017.
  • Samuel Wulfign
    Samuel Wulfign 5 років тому I love these chilling pieces you do. Pixies and fairies aren't all happy and joyful as you would think..... For example the tooth fairy shudders what you read and see can never be forgotten sometimes.
  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 5 років тому @Samuel Wulfign Thank you!! I remember that film Darkness Falls about the tooth fairy. There are definitely scary stories to be told about fairies.
  • Viva33333333
    Viva33333333 5 років тому The really horror is that you're waiting for the rest of the theme every time, till the end. And then it comes - the resolution, and everything is complett again. Really great! I love your music
  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 5 років тому @Viva33333333 Keeps you hanging on =) Thank you very much =D
  • Kimmy
    Kimmy 2 місяці тому "Christmas. Surely a wonderful time of year. Kids playing outside in the snow, Christmas music all around, decorations wherever you turn, and the excitement of presents coming Christmas Eve." "Yet, we're stuck here to rot while the others have fun..." "You know....I'm kinda curious.....since you and your friends had minds of their own, how did you spend the holiday when I closed the establishment?" "We spent it just like any human would. Only, we couldn't go outside, considering what they'd think of us. Santa wouldn't come, but me and my friends gave each other presents. I remember last year, my best friend got me a shining new guitar. It was great. You?" "Jake would be nice to Kevin, but that would only be because of presents. Elie and Kevin would spend the holiday as normal kids. Mike would spend some quality time with them. I miss those days. The days before everything fell apart."
  • Critter Central!
    Critter Central! 4 місяці тому Imagine a piano starts by playing this on its own in the middle of the night.....
  • Randi Zuverink
    Randi Zuverink 1 рік тому Everything I've listened to so far has been brilliant. Amazing. Just beyond awesome. Thank you. I love writing to your music, it really helps set the tone.
  • Gwynetharianevillamor Jenner143
    Gwynetharianevillamor Jenner143 2 роки тому One of the best I have ever heard. So deep and mysterious.
  • Bone Man
    Bone Man 2 місяці тому As since the life of full in the prairie Two of the same without the same sharing As one grew tired of nothing to carry Thoughts of another one grew warry A willow silent in the window Skin so soft so still so She dances softly to her pillow Stepping of the saced silence she can feel so Eyes widened, calm, slither closer so low Steady strokes quiet, so fast yet so slow From the sounds of what was pushed below Its presence not for what you know Its presence will pass you over no To some a joy to some a cry Listen not to your sounds of spare me Now another there is to burry She now dances the dance of the dead fairy
  • Scarlett Lilith
    Scarlett Lilith 4 місяці тому I love your horror versions of the classics, you're always awesome and your versions are brilliant! 😍
  • Martha Perez
    Martha Perez 3 роки тому this is so deep
  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 3 роки тому Thank you!!
  • Jazmin Flower
    Jazmin Flower 6 місяців тому Wow I’ve never listened to just piano before but it’s 11:24 pm and I’ve listened to nearly all your dark piano, I’m in love! This is inspiring me to make some creepy art
  • sicNtwstdF
    sicNtwstdF 7 місяців тому Your dark piano pieces, make my depression cease while listening.
  • BORC
    BORC 1 рік тому What was I thinking! I didn't want this. She tricked me. With her big green eyes, and her lovely braids. Her husky voice, and luscious lips. Now I have innocent blood on my hands, and my mysterious lover is to blame.
  • Ally Chilson
    Ally Chilson 1 рік тому This is REALLY good!!!
  • BORC
    BORC 1 рік тому Ally Chilson thanks
  • Jade
    Jade 8 місяців тому Hey, I had a story like this too! :D Where a "woman" in a form of an "angel" is trying to decieve a man by manipulating him into thinking that what he does is good and what he does will satisfy his "lover". In the end, he tricked himself and was left all alone.
  • Congalala
    Congalala 1 рік тому I was looking for this, I love it, totally love it.
  • --
    -- 6 місяців тому Lo amé ♥️