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Скачать с ютуб JUMPSCARE TERRORIST! (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Funny Moments)

Опубликовано: 4 мар. 2017 г. 17 810 просмотров

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Taking on Aztect, we face many troubles including jumpscaring terrorists, blended-in terrorists, and falling-off-bridges-and-dying-mid-fight-terrorists. Terrorists are constantly evolving new strategies! D:

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Outro music is "City Lights" by HorrorFox:

People in this video:
[Neon Green] Zet0r (Me)
[Pale Purple] Scoby:
[Yellow] Lewjaaa:
[Peach] Lenkaa:
[Blue] Mr.Roben:

  • ShottyBoy
    ShottyBoy 3 years ago I really needed a good laugh! Awesome video!
  • Zet0r
    Zet0r 3 years ago You know where to find them! :D
  • Jackdexterior
    Jackdexterior 3 years ago Really enjoyed it! Thanks mate
  • Zet0r
    Zet0r 3 years ago It doesn't cost me anything for you to watch my videos, so watch all you want :D
  • CrystalSeth
    CrystalSeth 3 years ago Sneeze or laugh? No one will ever know
  • Luka Arsenovic
    Luka Arsenovic 3 years ago first
  • Dwi Santoso Proyektor
    Dwi Santoso Proyektor 2 years ago Lolol
  • Ms. Reaper
    Ms. Reaper 2 years ago hello zet
  • Zet0r
    Zet0r 2 years ago Hey Victoria, what's up?