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Скачать с ютуб Re-doing My Room!

Опубликовано: 11 окт. 2013 г. 3 244 755 просмотров

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Fall Lookbook:
School Morning Routine:

My Links:
- Instagram: emmacatherine09
- Vlog Channel:

About Me:
Age: 14
Country: USA
Camera: Canon Powershot SX150 IS
Editing Software: iMovie '11 via MacBook Pro

Music by Charity Vance!
Check out her channel/links below:

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored video. All thoughts and opinions are my own, like always. Music is by Charity Vance (which I have *emailed permission* from Charity herself). No copyright intended ;)

    LISHA 5 years ago Wow that's cool you did all that by yourself I can barely OPEN a can of paint😂👌
  • Samantha Thomas
    Samantha Thomas 4 years ago I feel ya😂😂😂
    LISHA 4 years ago 😂😭😂
  • LPSMuffin
    LPSMuffin 4 years ago +Licy Licy lol I can't even think of spilling it on ya!!
  • Maddie Lamoureux
    Maddie Lamoureux 3 years ago LISHA same with me 😂
  • kikiana bust down
    kikiana bust down 3 years ago SAME😂💯👌🏼
  • mirabel jt
    mirabel jt 3 years ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Cherry Pixie
    Cherry Pixie 3 years ago her mum helped
  • Kaila Holliman
    Kaila Holliman 2 years ago LISHA lol same 😂😂😂
  • hope/seavey heyy
    hope/seavey heyy 2 years ago LISHA 😂😂😂same
  • Arizeh Malik
    Arizeh Malik 2 years ago LISHA same 😂
  • Dxnmia_ loveits
    Dxnmia_ loveits 2 years ago +Webkinz Golden Dog cip
  • Kirsten S
    Kirsten S 2 years ago LISHA lol i carnt eather my dad opend my paint for me i just used the roler im still going now
  • ally rocha
    ally rocha 1 year ago the biggest mood
  • Paulina D.
    Paulina D. 5 years ago Why are you guys asking why she repainted her room to a more neutral color instead of her blue and green...? It's her room, it's her choice.. I love the way it turned out!! New subscriber here, cant wait to see future vids from you!
  • Cassidy Espinosa
    Cassidy Espinosa 3 years ago The first ever normal sized room vid on YouTube 😂😂😂😂😊
  • swerve
    swerve 3 years ago right? lol, i have hope
  • Tanya Menghani
    Tanya Menghani 3 years ago Exactly. Here in India we have compact rooms due to overpopulation and whenever I see videos for redecorating my room I just wallow in self pity because my entire living room is equal to their bedrooms.
  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato 3 years ago Master Crafter I have to share ..... DX
  • Nada Mohammed
    Nada Mohammed 3 years ago Ok Cass
  • Bulbasaur
    Bulbasaur 3 years ago Ok Cass w
  • Erica Waters
    Erica Waters 3 years ago Ok Cass there is no such thing as a normal sized room
  • Aleina
    Aleina 3 years ago Normal is different for everyone therefore its not normal at all.. by my standards her room is pretty small to me.
  • Sloth Girl
    Sloth Girl 3 years ago TRUE DAT
  • Kamiya Stancil
    Kamiya Stancil 3 years ago Cassidy Espinosa u is right
  • Kelsey
    Kelsey 1 year ago IKR, Whenever I'm looking for ideas i look up 'small room makeover'. Jeez, those 'small rooms' be bigger than my house floor plan!
  • Megan Alexander
    Megan Alexander 6 years ago I liked the wall color before.
  • emmacatherine09
    emmacatherine09 6 years ago I did too! I just wanted a more of a teenage feel :)
  • rishikavo
    rishikavo 5 years ago @***** Cool! When I read this comment I literally just finished having my room painted yesterday :)
  • rishikavo
    rishikavo 5 years ago @BeautyByRishika in light blue
  • aprilkepnzr
    aprilkepnzr 1 year ago Megan Alexander same
  • F I
    F I 8 months ago Same
  • No Yes
    No Yes 4 years ago Is this song literally saying "our imaginary hay"?? Wtf 😂
  • No Yes
    No Yes 4 years ago @kate woods oh ok lol
  • Kleoh Lacasse
    Kleoh Lacasse 1 year ago Sounds like it
  • C’est Dommage
    C’est Dommage 9 months ago Yes
  • Elisabeth Newby
    Elisabeth Newby 5 years ago I have watched this video loads of times Its just so cute I love the cross in your room emma
  • emmacatherine09
    emmacatherine09 5 years ago @Elisabeth Newby aw thank you!
  • sarah k876
    sarah k876 4 years ago @emmacatherine09 whats the paint name called
  • Valerie Tran
    Valerie Tran 4 years ago +Collie Pops I think Aqua blue
  • mira eby
    mira eby 4 years ago I've watched it at least 4 times!!
  • LPSMuffin
    LPSMuffin 4 years ago Lol I've seen it about 10 times!!
  • suman Jain
    suman Jain 4 years ago +Kashish Sethi name also is kashish
  • Bubble Blue
    Bubble Blue 3 years ago same here; )
  • Del Sweets
    Del Sweets 3 years ago me too
  • marlee jacobs
    marlee jacobs 3 years ago Ew a cross
  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat 3 years ago +Marlee Emma That is not cool... that offends Christians like me 😦
  • kawaiiBae Xx
    kawaiiBae Xx 3 years ago +Marlee Emma that is so disrespectful to Christians if u have something offending to say keep it to urself.
  • dynastyytea
    dynastyytea 3 years ago +Marlee Emma you'll die sad you offended god
  • carlie m desselle 13
    carlie m desselle 13 3 years ago +Cupcake 08 exactly
  • Ella Chia
    Ella Chia 4 years ago That awkward moment when you've watched this so much that you've memorised the song 😄
  • Dakota Buchanan
    Dakota Buchanan 4 years ago By redoing do you mean just painting?💅👏
  • Aviation Life
    Aviation Life 2 years ago Dakota Buchanan no she means redoing it up
  • Jade Lloyd
    Jade Lloyd 5 years ago Your so independent doing all your room yourself! looks great love it! x
  • emmacatherine09
    emmacatherine09 5 years ago @Jade Lloyd thanks!
  • Wendy Fuller
    Wendy Fuller 5 years ago @emmacatherine09 my name is alisha
  • Wendy Fuller
    Wendy Fuller 5 years ago @emmacatherine09 come to my room
  • Jade Lloyd
    Jade Lloyd 5 years ago @emmacatherine09 you're welcome! X
  • Michelle Bjornsen
    Michelle Bjornsen 2 years ago this music makes me want to rip my hair out ...
  • Nina D
    Nina D 5 years ago The music is Two Birds - by Charity Vance. :)
  • MiaCDance
    MiaCDance 6 years ago The blue paint looked better
  • beatriz j
    beatriz j 5 years ago Yes
  • Bianca Munteanu
    Bianca Munteanu 2 years ago MiaCDance yeah
  • Bubblyxteaa
    Bubblyxteaa 2 years ago MiaCDance true
  • Stephen Moore
    Stephen Moore 2 years ago MiaCDance That’s your opinion it looks more grown up
  • Stephen Moore
    Stephen Moore 2 years ago And when I say grown up I mean the new paint
  • aprilkepnzr
    aprilkepnzr 1 year ago MiaCDance yeah it did
  • Wierdblog 267
    Wierdblog 267 1 year ago MiaCDance I know
  • Adeline
    Adeline 1 year ago Did we ask for your opinion??
  • The man In the Box
    The man In the Box 1 year ago Yeeeah, the blue looked so good
  • Toxic Drawings
    Toxic Drawings 1 year ago MiaCDance it looked a bit baby-ish
  • Savannah Herrera
    Savannah Herrera 9 months ago The new paint looks WAY better & more mature for her age. It all meshes very well together
  • sophie eula
    sophie eula 5 years ago but like why was nothing touching the wall in the beginning????
  • Galaxy Wild
    Galaxy Wild 5 years ago She was getting ready to move it all out
  • Amilynn B
    Amilynn B 5 years ago So she can paint the wall so paint wouldn't get on it
  • ayoooooo
    ayoooooo 4 years ago because she already moved the stuff to the middle so paint wouldn't get on the furniture
  • Emma Jade
    Emma Jade 1 year ago sophie eula I was about to say that
  • Savannah Herrera
    Savannah Herrera 9 months ago Omg really😒
  • Caitlyn Rae
    Caitlyn Rae 5 years ago 1:19 it looks like cream cheese😂😂
  • Natalie T
    Natalie T 5 years ago Love your new room!!! I painted my room similarly, and random funny observation, it was fun to watch your clock go faster... Ah time!! 😛
  • Louise Madsen
    Louise Madsen 5 years ago Very, very good video! I really love it!!
  • Wierdblog 267
    Wierdblog 267 1 year ago Louise Madsen I agree LOL
  • emmacatherine09
    emmacatherine09 6 years ago Thank you! and yes I did, I actually have a video on them! <3
  • Kitten Karma
    Kitten Karma 5 years ago love this song <3
  • McKenzie JaideVlogs
    McKenzie JaideVlogs 3 years ago I watch this every time I redo my room. Even though my dad paints I still love watching this!! It's so good.
  • Kerri Wheelock
    Kerri Wheelock 4 years ago tbh didn't like the room at the end, but if she's happy I guess that's fine
  • bbbrrriii
    bbbrrriii 4 years ago Same,Hey fam. 😂
  • Kerri Wheelock
    Kerri Wheelock 4 years ago +5sos Llamas omg 5sos fam everywhere