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Скачать с ютуб What Would Happen if Galactus Consumed the Earth? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Опубликовано: 13 окт. 2016 г. 575 031 просмотр

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Galactus needs to consume planets just to survive, but what exactly is he getting out of them? What would the Earth give him? Kyle has the planet dietary information on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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  • BlackOdin27
    BlackOdin27 3 years ago Kyle is proof not all blondes are dumb lol
  • Dr. Styles
    Dr. Styles 3 years ago BlackOdin27 But they are all sexy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Lupus Rex 25
    Lupus Rex 25 3 years ago +Eryk22255 hell yeah!
  • Phantom Risk
    Phantom Risk 3 years ago +Eryk22255 Lol
  • Hyper Nova
    Hyper Nova 3 years ago +BlackOdin27 well he isnt a true blonde
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago Or proof that appearance-based stereotyping is decidedly unscientific. -- KH
  • Wasko
    Wasko 2 years ago pfft, he's not natural
  • Gray wolf Gaming
    Gray wolf Gaming 2 weeks ago I'm blonde and thank you for this statement. Many blondes are, in fact, smart, contrary to popular belief.
  • Felhek Lehrian
    Felhek Lehrian 3 years ago how does Susan Storm see when she is invisible?
  • Amaze Master
    Amaze Master 3 years ago Felhek Lehrian That is actually a good question considering that her eyes wouldn't be getting hit by light particles which is why we can't see her.
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago You're right -- if she is diverting light particles around her body, she should be blind. However, you could just say some of the diverted photons make it into the eyes. -- KH
  • Dragon Fear
    Dragon Fear 3 years ago UV/IR sensitivity while invisible. That's easily the most common explanation for invisible characters. In fact, a combination of the two might even allow for a type of color vision, though one that would be really weird. As a side-effect, being able to see in IR and UV would give Sue Storm not just the ability to be invisible, but also see through a lot of things, including clothing. So in contrast to what we saw in the 2000s movies, she would be the one getting an eyeful of everyone else, not the other way around! By the way, there was a Sci-Fi channel show that actually explored this idea, simply called The Invisible Man. They defaulted to IR though, not a combination of both.
  • Jonah Steinfeld
    Jonah Steinfeld 3 years ago (edited) She becomes invisible because she just adds an camoflage layer over her skin, similiar to the invisible cloak from Harry Potter. You can see from under it, but not vice versa.
  • Dragon Fear
    Dragon Fear 3 years ago Jeffrey Sockenbart that would only really work for modern sue storm. I don't think the original has telekinesis, or didn't know about it, and "seeing" with it seems like it'd be a dead giveaway.
  • The Dankist
    The Dankist 3 years ago how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?
  • Kaleb Levermore-Rich
    Kaleb Levermore-Rich 3 years ago My theory is that her rods and cones are not invisible, but are far too small to be seen.
  • Phantom Thief
    Phantom Thief 3 years ago Felhek Lehrian My theory would be,that only the colour of her body,each every cell and molecule turns transparent and some sort of see through.Like the see through Mercedes Benz car that has cameras attached on one side,and reflective panel cells on the other side. If we go with that,then her whole body is present there,along with her Retina,Irises,Pupils etc.
  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson 2 years ago Comics!
  • Jon Confalone
    Jon Confalone 9 months ago Because Science Fiction (took me 2 yrs to think of that) lol just found out about this show a month ago, I don't know where I've been.
  • UrielManX7
    UrielManX7 2 years ago "Life is small, but has a lot of potential" Made me tear up a little.
  • Ice The W0lf
    Ice The W0lf 2 years ago I AM GALACTUS THE DEVOURER OF WORLDS hey galactus WHAT? eat a world WHY? your not you when your hungry
  • Brogan T
    Brogan T 3 years ago "Life energy probably means the energy from life" thank you for your incredible insight
  • Joe
    Joe 3 years ago "People die when they are killed."
  • Andrew Li
    Andrew Li 3 years ago Archers are really archers!
  • DonNinja
    DonNinja 3 years ago "Just because you're correct, doesn't mean you're right!"
  • Gio98art
    Gio98art 3 years ago I died
  • Jesus Senpai
    Jesus Senpai 3 years ago Thomas Brogan gasp you're lying...
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago Well duh, but I find that most discussions of "life energy" are talking about some mystical magic cloud bullcrap and not a unit of measurement. -- KH
  • Gio98art
    Gio98art 3 years ago @Nerdist true indeed, but yeah there is a reason to it being mystical and spooky energy because otherwise it'll get midichlorioned
  • Brogan T
    Brogan T 3 years ago @Nerdist that's. cause it's a comic which contains magic in it
  • Kazuto kirigia
    Kazuto kirigia 3 years ago I don't say cloud of energy I normaly say that we all have souls and I guess he would be eating the soul energy
  • Devecz László
    Devecz László 3 years ago (edited) "...Saying that humans are energy beings..." Yoda said the truth: "Luminous beings we are. Not just this crude matter." :)
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago Nah, we're crude matter for sure. -- KH
  • Zach Steadman
    Zach Steadman 3 years ago Isn't matter just energy that's slowed down enough to interact with the other slowed energy around it? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Josiah Klein
    Josiah Klein 3 years ago Ultron X 'Tis but a theory, my friend...if even that. We don't know exactly what matter is. We just know that mass and energy are essentially the same thing, and all particles must contain some amount of mass, but it's not completely impossible to have no other forms of energy. Putting it simply, until we understand matter, mass, energy, the fundamental forces of the universe and how they all relate to each other, I'm afraid all we can do is speculate.
  • Zach Steadman
    Zach Steadman 3 years ago @Josiah Klein Great, thorough response. I understand that we can only speculate on the exact relationship between mass and energy and we're currently looking into String Theory/M-Brane Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity as the most probable/mathematically sound steps towards a G.U.T. but we already know that all subatomic particles technically only "exist" as observed (read as meaning: interacted with by external forces) collapses of the probabilistic functions of their quantum field interactions. While we don't know why excitations of quantum fields give rise to subatomic particles, nor have a complete picture of the quantum realm we do know that those field distortions, mathematically, represent quantized amounts of energy so does that not imply that any physical object built from these distortions would also represent quantized amounts of energy? I'm just starting graduate studies on QCD, String Theory and Quantum Mechanics, so any verifiable corrections to my understanding of what I've read are appreciated.
  • faolan1686
    faolan1686 2 years ago Josiah Klein We do know how mass, matter and energy relate, we can even turn matter into energy (matter/antimatter interactions) and energy into matter (pair production). Also, not all matter has mass, photons and electrons are mass less particles. What can't do (as far as I know) is create massive particles like protons.
  • Kevin Chavis
    Kevin Chavis 1 year ago Nerdist I watched a video for DNews on youtube, not sure if they are a competitor or not but they said due to studies a split second after a person dies there is a spark of energy in the brain that goes off as like a little explosion of energy that happens.
  • Jaeric
    Jaeric 3 years ago Why doesn't Galactus just feed on stars instead?
  • Emil Georgiev
    Emil Georgiev 3 years ago sounds more efficient aand he will still be a threat and menacing, cause plantes die without their stars.
  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee 3 years ago I read that, and immediately thought "The Fault In Our Gluten-Free Stars"
  • elevate07
    elevate07 3 years ago Allegedly Galactus requires organic, living energy to feed on
  • SpeedOfDarknesss
    SpeedOfDarknesss 3 years ago (edited) It's a better plot device if he eats life, because otherwise he could just eat stars that aren't supporting life and he wouldn't be much of a bad guy.
  • Joshua Pearce
    Joshua Pearce 3 years ago For some stupid reason he needs the poorly defined "life energy". He can't eat "dead" planets either, and he gets more from planets that have sentient life. Because fiction.
  • kieranlikestodie
    kieranlikestodie 3 years ago Jaeric v
  • kieranlikestodie
    kieranlikestodie 3 years ago Jaeric vtt
  • Follow that Red Mage
    Follow that Red Mage 3 years ago Because in the marvel universe planets become celestials. Beings OP as crap that can't die (Kinda). The planets are like seeds of celestials and if Galactus doesn't eat planets to keep them in check the universe collapses.
  • Azmodeus87
    Azmodeus87 3 years ago So he's kinda like a galactic anti-body?
  • StuffedAnimalAdvisor
    StuffedAnimalAdvisor 3 years ago SpeedOfDarknesss either that or marvel already has a villain that eats stars. Ego the living planet...eats both stars, and even has been known to let people colonize him, just so he can eat them later. That sounds pretty more villainous....people don't defend ego like they do galactus....ego just comes across as more monstrous
  • Rew Rose
    Rew Rose 3 years ago Galactus is deemed as a natural catastrophe , that doesn't imply him being not evil , what he does is naturally similar to being evil
  • ertren6
    ertren6 3 years ago Jeffrey Sockenbart he use too. now he do3s what he needs for the sake of the universe. he is above such petty things such as evil or good. he is a balance of nature
  • Nerdy Hero
    Nerdy Hero 2 years ago Jaeric he doesn’t like spicy food
  • RanOutOfSpac
    RanOutOfSpac 2 years ago He needs dat protein yo.
  • Big Bowss
    Big Bowss 1 year ago (edited) He can, he once fed on an entire galaxy just to get the attention of a cosmic entity known as Eternity, who represents all space in the universe. But he apparently gets more out of living worlds for some reason. Also Galactus is a force of nature, he exists to maintain balance between life and death. His choices are random, its not guided by either altruistic or villaineous intent. He's a cosmic being, so he's kinda above morality...
  • Kristopher Ruiz
    Kristopher Ruiz 1 year ago Because the C'tan trademarked it first.
  • Big Bowss
    Big Bowss 1 year ago William K Ruiz Lol Galactus is older than 40K (or WH in general) XD P.S. Love that you pulled that reference tho :P
  • Not Shane
    Not Shane 1 year ago Rew Rose a lion isn't evil for eating a zebra it's just doing what it needs to survive
  • Toilet Roll
    Toilet Roll 8 months ago Because he has to balance the universe because if he didn’t the celestials would put there eggs in planets and take over the universe
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago One of you tweeted at me this morning, and asked me whether or not the Death Star is big enough to make its own gravity. 35 minutes later, I had a full notepad and was late. Now I got another episode to do. Thanks! -- KH
  • Darth Awar
    Darth Awar 3 years ago Galactus does not eat planet's but rather the Celestial Embryos Energy that grow in habitable planets to stop them from overpopulating the universe and ending it sooner than it should!!!!
  • titlo3
    titlo3 3 years ago (edited) Darth Awar he mentioned that about ten times within the first minute
  • Team Cap
    Team Cap 3 years ago +Nerdist--Did you explain to said person that size and mass are two entirely different things and also that literally anything with mass has gravity (whether or not that gravity is really noticeable is another thing)?  Or was it a well thought-out and intelligent question where they asked if the Death Star had enough mass to provide Earth-like gravity and/or to "force" the shape to be spheroid.
  • TN NG
    TN NG 3 years ago Team Cap there's no need for you to try to science it, he's obviously working on it.
  • Teth47
    Teth47 3 years ago I bet Galactus' matter<>energy tech only works on elements lighter than Oxygen. It's not that he needs life, he just happens to only be able to convert the same forms of matter we'e made of into energy, so he has his herald seek out planets with life because it's a ready indicator that that planet is rich in resources he can use.
  • Mister Bracey
    Mister Bracey 3 years ago This was one the most interesting videos yet.
  • Mung Dark
    Mung Dark 3 years ago (edited) Kyle, can the Dragonslayer actually be carried and wielded? How strong must someone be to carry that heap of iron?
  • Mister Bracey
    Mister Bracey 3 years ago @Franco Leuterio The shaft was wood, remember how it broke when he fought Vermithrax. Only the spear head was metal.
  • Cjm
    Cjm 3 years ago Nerdist can it be possible to develop a kagune. from Tokyo ghoul
  • Mung Dark
    Mung Dark 3 years ago No, I meant the Dragonslayer from Berserk. Sorry to confuse you.
  • JakeWithDank
    JakeWithDank 3 years ago Nerdist could one punch man survive being hit by Thor's hammer?
  • Der Echte
    Der Echte 3 years ago Yes but I don't think he could stop it
  • Bubble Monkeys
    Bubble Monkeys 3 years ago What would happen if a atomic bomb was dropped on the hulk? Would he survive?
  • Bubble Monkeys
    Bubble Monkeys 3 years ago Then put Hulk in a missile and call it the H- bomb Not you north Korea
  • kilowag36
    kilowag36 3 years ago Nerdist how much energy would it take to run the deathstar?
  • double trouble I'm a gay bubble
    double trouble I'm a gay bubble 3 years ago Nerdist how much calories would every thing on earth be
  • Tyler
    Tyler 3 years ago Nerdist you rock Kyle!
  • Jacob West
    Jacob West 2 years ago WHAT IS BEING CONSUMED?! cough* ants
  • Scorn Bass
    Scorn Bass 1 year ago What if Gal Lactose consumed earth? Digestion.
  • Bern Brown
    Bern Brown 3 years ago Yes but... What would a Galactus fart smell like after consuming earth?
  • Alon AP
    Alon AP 3 years ago I like to think Galactus farts light.
  • rishabh bajpai
    rishabh bajpai 3 years ago supernovas maybe
  • Animation Contemplation
    Animation Contemplation 3 years ago Maybe he builds up gastrointestinal pressure over billions of years. Then lets out a big bang.
  • Hans
    Hans 3 years ago or if he ate Uranus?
  • Ignacio Villegas
    Ignacio Villegas 3 years ago itsameee me2 Why would he want to eat my anus?
  • Anna Zychowicz
    Anna Zychowicz 3 years ago if he ate pluto it would smell like ice cream if he ate neptune it would smell like custard if he ate uranus it would smell like a penis if he ate saturn it would smell like porn if he ate jupiter it would smell like a gaint fart if he ate mars it would smell like chocolate if he ate earth it would smell like urin if he ate venus it would smell like a ham burger if he ate mercury it would smell like a dead body
  • Animation Contemplation
    Animation Contemplation 3 years ago @Anna Zychowicz That's some straight up science right there.
  • EGA//Stillow 1
    EGA//Stillow 1 3 years ago The LOLbertarian it would smell like ur mom
  • EGA//Stillow 1
    EGA//Stillow 1 3 years ago The LOLbertarian it would smell like ur mom
  • Bern Brown
    Bern Brown 3 years ago Yea maybe... i mean shes dead so that would be pretty rank bro
  • EGA//Stillow 1
    EGA//Stillow 1 3 years ago The LOLbertarian oh I'm so sorry
    CDN RED DEVIL 2 years ago The LOLbertarian cheese burgerz
  • Kendra Fitzpatrick
    Kendra Fitzpatrick 3 years ago This show is wonderful. The haters are always going to raise their fingers and put on an abnormally nasally voice to challenge the science fiction science, but I DON'T CARE, and I love that this show keeps going and going with theories and brilliance.
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago Thank you so much Kendra. I tend to focus on and internalize my mistakes and weaknesses, so it's always nice to have someone like you pull my focus back a bit. Have a great night. -- KH
  • Sera F
    Sera F 3 years ago My energy tells me that you have an aura of negative ether spores clinging to you from the bad mojo the haters project. I suggest anima vibro-crystals to synchronize with your chi and cleanse it. Reflexology. Did... did I do that right? Did I science?
  • Kendra Fitzpatrick
    Kendra Fitzpatrick 3 years ago @Nerdist I'm just blown away by the energy and knowledge you dispense. I wish I had that kind of drive! I hope you had a great night and I can't wait for the next video!
  • artfx9
    artfx9 3 years ago Galactus' energy gain seems very inefficient. Also did you say all the fish in the sea? Haha, that number is way to low to take into account. starts crying
  • Nerdy Geek
    Nerdy Geek 1 year ago artfx9 alexa play despacito
  • Steven Jauregui
    Steven Jauregui 3 years ago what would happen if the earth came to a sudden stop and just stood still
  • Finn Donnelly
    Finn Donnelly 2 years ago There's a section about that in Randall munroes book what if?. He assumes that earth stops but the atmosphere continue but it still might help
  • Tathagat Dey
    Tathagat Dey 3 years ago (edited) wish i had a teacher like him at my school😂😂Hell i'd go everyday!
  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago Thanks Liam, I really appreciate that. -- KH
  • Telsion
    Telsion 3 years ago hey Kyle, on a scale from acid to 10, how good are your backward writing skills?
  • PatDat455
    PatDat455 3 years ago I'd say base. Get it? Because the opposite of acid is base? Shit, that didn't work at all.
  • Grizabeebles
    Grizabeebles 3 years ago he's actually said in other videos that he writes normally and then digitally flips the screen in editing to make the writing come out normal again. So in the video his right hand is actually his left hand and vice versa. That's why he almost never wears anything with a logo on it.
  • Telsion
    Telsion 3 years ago @Grizabeebles oh, thats interesting to know, thanks!
  • Ryougi Shiki
    Ryougi Shiki 2 years ago He's right handed
  • Romel Paul
    Romel Paul 3 years ago I was thinking, can Spiderman's web shooters be strong enough to penetrate a human body?