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  • Taif Alqutaimi
    Taif Alqutaimi 3 weeks ago Why are all the comments about the comments?😂😂😂
  • Maud Meijer
    Maud Meijer 5 days ago Why is your comment in the comments about the comments
  • Highway_ cat
    Highway_ cat 2 months ago How is it possible that there are just a few comments? Excuse me wtf
  • RobIson240
    RobIson240 1 month ago There's more now.
  • Highway_ cat
    Highway_ cat 1 month ago @RobIson240lmao
  • RobIson240
    RobIson240 1 month ago @Highway_ cat What does that mean?
  • Highway_ cat
    Highway_ cat 1 month ago @RobIson240 laughing my ass off xD wtf
  • Lxvely Vxbes
    Lxvely Vxbes 1 month ago Well there's really no reason to comment on an audio for a song, like what are you going to comment about?
  • Highway_ cat
    Highway_ cat 1 month ago @Lxvely Vxbes kinda true, but still this song was a hit, and usually they get a lot of comments.
  • Cassie Delos Reyes
    Cassie Delos Reyes 3 weeks ago youtube music
  • Angel D365
    Angel D365 7 months ago I love listening to this song!! It's sooo catchy!! Plus love dance on just dance!
  • TikTokVideoChannel
    TikTokVideoChannel 7 months ago Same
  • Hesham Almansour
    Hesham Almansour 2 months ago wtf only 40 comments? Something's wrong with youtube im sure 100%
  • Teesha Shetty
    Teesha Shetty 4 weeks ago I'm pretty sure people just don't want to comment...
  • Jisell Moon
    Jisell Moon 7 months ago why does it have only 5 comments???
  • hjhjthesexyhj
    hjhjthesexyhj 7 months ago Jisell Moon we too busy shakin
  • Honza_Games
    Honza_Games 7 months ago Nobody knows
  • Josue Hernandez
    Josue Hernandez 6 months ago 1234567890asdfghjklñzxcvbnmzxcvbnm1234567890zxcvbnm124567890zxc1234567890zxcvbnm13235467890zxcvbnm1234567890zxcvbnm1234567890zxcvbnm1234567890zxcvbnm124356890zxcvbnm123457890zxcvbnm1234567890zxcvbnm1234567890zxcvbnm123476890zxcvbnm1234567890zxcvbnm1234567890zxcvbnm13457890zxcvbnm1234567890
  • Alya M
    Alya M 5 months ago people are too busy enjoying the song
  • _the_ Kookie____
    _the_ Kookie____ 4 months ago Jisell Moon I don't now
  • jaccelere lenitro
    jaccelere lenitro 3 months ago No classification
  • Jisoo of Blackpink is Secretly Pikachu
    Jisoo of Blackpink is Secretly Pikachu 5 months ago 23rd
  • Daisy Maldonado
    Daisy Maldonado 2 months ago Your name😂 Mood
  • no way
    no way 3 months ago this song is so good omg and becky voice tho
  • Lucas Noedskou Pedersen
    Lucas Noedskou Pedersen 4 weeks ago 53 comments :0
  • Gonzàlez Laura
    Gonzàlez Laura 4 days ago New Yok? why that British/ Australian accent?
  • The_Greatest_Unicorn
    The_Greatest_Unicorn 5 months ago Found another underrated song.
  • ma_ plex
    ma_ plex 1 month ago 53rd comment luv
  • Alberto Belchí
    Alberto Belchí 6 months ago ESKEREEEEEEE
  • Amanda Cousins
    Amanda Cousins 1 year ago From all around the world from Munich to San Francisco 🎡🎢🍻🍺🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍻🍻🇩🇪🇺🇸🌉🌈🎆🎇
  • Amanda Cousins
    Amanda Cousins 1 year ago Ha ja ja ja
  • Amanda Cousins
    Amanda Cousins 1 year ago Ha yes yes yes(in English)
  • Amanda Cousins
    Amanda Cousins 1 year ago That's in German
  • Amanda Cousins
    Amanda Cousins 1 year ago All the landmarks are worth visiting
  • Deine Mutta
    Deine Mutta 2 months ago Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz
  • Lilian Tan
    Lilian Tan 3 months ago Love me, love me like that, love me give me some mad love, JESUS I beseech YOU.
  • Black Royyal
    Black Royyal 1 month ago just spam for more commets jk
  • Kårmå Lily212
    Kårmå Lily212 3 months ago 30k like and 32 comment...?
    KIMBAP KIDDING 1 month ago Only 44 comments!? Tf
  • Pandora :3
    Pandora :3 5 months ago I love it me encantaaaa ❤️🇪🇸😊
  • Bultourune
    Bultourune 1 month ago 44 coments!!? Wtf