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Скачать с ютуб Tidy Up Your Home: The KonMari Method : Storing clothes 2: Demonstration

Опубликовано: 10 нояб. 2017 г. 6 234 233 просмотра

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  • جوجو روحي
    جوجو روحي 1 year ago أنته صاحب لقناة من أي دوله
  • Maira Flaviano
    Maira Flaviano 1 year ago Why standing up ? I just want to know the meaning behind it
  • VeraDonna
    VeraDonna 1 year ago @Maira Flaviano because you're gonna store them vertically, like in a file drawer, instead of piling the items as we traditionally do. I don't like this method, though.
  • Babs 59
    Babs 59 1 year ago The link doesn't take you to a course it takes you to a book
  • Khendhrah Silverbridge
    Khendhrah Silverbridge 9 months ago Maira Flaviano lol lol 😂 😂 zen &$#@ lol lol. Excellent question lol lol the Zen of cloth folding or the new Dr. Ruth orgasmic clothes folding lol lol
  • Khendhrah Silverbridge
    Khendhrah Silverbridge 9 months ago Babs 59 that’s the idea... buy the book and you find out lol lol 😂 good grief, the ways those Asians make money on us Western people... un& #$&*believable ! All this to sell the crappy book about something you yourself know already... fold clothes...
  • BluesManPeich
    BluesManPeich 1 year ago I folded all my clothes like this, but I forgot to send love through my palms. Now I have to start over.
  • Kasey
    Kasey 1 year ago @BluesManPeich send rove through your palms :)
  • Me Me
    Me Me 1 year ago 😂
  • Laura Higginbotham
    Laura Higginbotham 1 year ago @Me Me oh too. Mostly I was cussing them.
  • Courtney Rose
    Courtney Rose 1 year ago Hahahahah omg
  • Salina Tam
    Salina Tam 1 year ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • Bhupinder Kaur
    Bhupinder Kaur 1 year ago BluesManPeich lol
  • Mannon
    Mannon 1 year ago @Kasey looooooool hahha
  • Sima Islamia
    Sima Islamia 1 year ago Lmao
  • Бэлла Яндар
    Бэлла Яндар 1 year ago 😂😂😂❤️😘😘😘
  • Safari Yu 1416
    Safari Yu 1416 1 year ago ror :D
  • Jenny C
    Jenny C 1 year ago 😅😂
  • Massage Ireland
    Massage Ireland 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Minkhatul Maula
    Minkhatul Maula 1 year ago 😄😄😄🥰🥰🥰
  • Emma King
    Emma King 11 months ago Same I have been doing this my whole life.
  • Michelita Tafolla
    Michelita Tafolla 11 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • redrumax
    redrumax 11 months ago LOL
  • nelva kirana
    nelva kirana 11 months ago haahaha😂😂😂
  • terry
    terry 10 months ago LOL!
  • Areli De Leon
    Areli De Leon 10 months ago 😂😂😂
  • claire b.
    claire b. 10 months ago Me too but i send rough love through my palms lol
  • Eveline Haanstra
    Eveline Haanstra 10 months ago Is of okay of the love staysback in mý heart and soul?
  • brown bird
    brown bird 9 months ago You're lucky your clothes haven't called the cops on you yet
  • JvL
    JvL 8 months ago 🤣🤣
  • Rizsham Kas
    Rizsham Kas 6 months ago I sent love thru my palms but I forgot to call them so ... now they won't stand up just like her Jeans and socks she wasn't letting go off. Lol.
  • Dutchess Dioji
    Dutchess Dioji 5 months ago (edited) You noticed that too? Yep, never showed them standing alone. I've been using her folding method and in doing so it does free up more space, so MK... Hwaiting. Wait, she's Japanese. Doesn't matter. I wish her well.
  • hashknight1
    hashknight1 5 months ago no no no...lets make it clear . first you send love through your palms. Next you call Mr. Clean and beat the f**k out of him and then ask him to fold your clothes
  • Mizz kudo
    Mizz kudo 4 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Rio Janeiro
    Rio Janeiro 3 months ago you guys hahahahahhhah all your comments hahahahh
  • 에리카 리UwU
    에리카 리UwU 2 months ago Send RAV!
  • F Calv
    F Calv 2 months ago lmao damn im laughing to read this one XTRA EFFORT
    RICARDO OROZCO 1 year ago I haven't washed my pants for a while, they stand by themselves alright
  • White Shuuu
    White Shuuu 1 year ago to much jerk clotted? 😂
  • hellohowrubye
    hellohowrubye 1 year ago Lol
  • Rorru Mansilla
    Rorru Mansilla 1 year ago hahahaha
  • Autumn Sky
    Autumn Sky 1 year ago RICARDO OROZCO 😂🤣😂🤣
  • L P
    L P 1 year ago (edited) You have truly made my day 😄
  • Pepe Estrada
    Pepe Estrada 1 year ago Jajajajaja
  • Esther
    Esther 1 year ago RICARDO OROZCO 😂😂😂
  • Vaspuci
    Vaspuci 1 year ago Then wash it lmao
  • Heike The Angel
    Heike The Angel 1 year ago Then you did it right. Stand them in the closet
    SAD PEPE 1 year ago RICARDO OROZCO Haha damn 😂😂
  • Michelle Millard
    Michelle Millard 1 year ago RICARDO OROZCO 😂😂😂😂
  • Felicity Joy
    Felicity Joy 1 year ago Hahahaha
  • Jenny C
    Jenny C 1 year ago Hahahaha
  • Chase Louie
    Chase Louie 1 year ago oh.
  • Anushala Karunarathne
    Anushala Karunarathne 1 year ago 😂😂😂
  • fatima sakoor
    fatima sakoor 1 year ago 🤣🤣
  • Janne Baig
    Janne Baig 1 year ago RICARDO OROZCO 😹😹😹omg
  • songbird372 P
    songbird372 P 1 year ago Lol
  • MissHappiness36
    MissHappiness36 11 months ago RICARDO OROZCO Cochino 🤣
  • Well Liz
    Well Liz 11 months ago hhhhh you r kidding
  • 10 months ago That's right you never have to wash jeans until worn for atleast a month. I wear everything else one day and then wash them lol.
  • Eveline Haanstra
    Eveline Haanstra 10 months ago Dure they stand upright by themselves. It's the love that was send by your legs... I'm kidding, but Mary is wonderful.
  • Dutchess Dioji
    Dutchess Dioji 5 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Emma J.
    Emma J. 4 months ago can you explain? I dont get it.
  • Patrícia Hilário
    Patrícia Hilário 4 months ago The winner 🏆😂
  • 86sith
    86sith 3 months ago LOL.
  • S A C H A D A N I E L L E
    S A C H A D A N I E L L E 1 year ago Does anyone else find this super relaxing to watch?
  • Carl Fernandes
    Carl Fernandes 1 year ago S A C H A D A N I E L L E Oh yes very hypnotic
  • Cecilia Salvacion
    Cecilia Salvacion 1 year ago Yes
  • nensi
    nensi 1 year ago asmr
  • Carl Fernandes
    Carl Fernandes 1 year ago S A C H A D A N I E L L E Hi there , you would not happen to be from France would you Danielle ?
  • S A C H A D A N I E L L E
    S A C H A D A N I E L L E 1 year ago No, I'm from Australia!
  • Carl Fernandes
    Carl Fernandes 1 year ago S A C H A D A N I E L L E So nice , close to Bondi beach awesome place lovely people too God Bless 😇
  • S A C H A D A N I E L L E
    S A C H A D A N I E L L E 1 year ago Carl Fernandes I’m about an hour and a half from Bondi but yes it’s a lovely place. God bless Australia 🇦🇺
  • Audrey Armstrong
    Audrey Armstrong 1 year ago yes! I could listen to her voice all day.
  • Ilir Asllani
    Ilir Asllani 1 year ago Her voice is so soothing
  • GreetinFace #1
    GreetinFace #1 1 year ago Too much. She's lovely.
  • Fayth Elyzabeth
    Fayth Elyzabeth 1 year ago Look up ASMR, that's what you're feeling. And congratulations, not everyone can feel it! 😁
  • Monserrate La Puerta
    Monserrate La Puerta 1 year ago S A C H A D A N I E L L E not at all what is so relaxing ?
  • Hanan s.
    Hanan s. 1 year ago I feel exact the opposite
  • fHinZ SNklon
    fHinZ SNklon 1 year ago Same here. It was relaxing to listen her voice and her folding clothes.
  • Martina Semeraro
    Martina Semeraro 1 year ago 🙋🏼
  • Orsi L
    Orsi L 1 year ago no..
  • Linda Reynolds
    Linda Reynolds 1 year ago S A C H A D A N I E L L E I am at peace just listening to her. 🥰
  • Celian Chao
    Celian Chao 1 year ago @nensi I thought the same too haha
  • Mike Field
    Mike Field 1 year ago @nensi totally
  • Steven Mclean
    Steven Mclean 1 year ago No.
  • ivy Volf
    ivy Volf 1 year ago Yes! its like a combing my mind with very soft brush :)
  • Pilar Guerrero
    Pilar Guerrero 1 year ago boring
  • Salty Crotchwhiff
    Salty Crotchwhiff 1 year ago Her voice, so ASMR...
  • Claire Centillas
    Claire Centillas 1 year ago just Like ASMR
  • Amy Quinn
    Amy Quinn 1 year ago You should watch ASMR videos :)
  • Tonya D
    Tonya D 1 year ago ASMR for sure!
  • seaglass22
    seaglass22 1 year ago (edited) No, hyper-irritating. That T-shirt will be creased beyond redemption when you unfold it. Love from your palms won't help.
  • Nadine Müller
    Nadine Müller 1 year ago No, I cannot stand her accent...2 minutes and I have to switch to another video... 😨😫
  • Amy Quinn
    Amy Quinn 1 year ago Nadine Carlton good, piss off with your negativity you troll
  • Ivoy Luo
    Ivoy Luo 1 year ago Yes
  • Nadine Müller
    Nadine Müller 1 year ago @Amy Quinn What's your problem? Just my opinion. You should work on yourself and not hate everyone like an idiot who has another opinion! Poor little creature!
  • Amy Quinn
    Amy Quinn 1 year ago Nadine Carlton you’re an annoyance. Go away
  • Nadine Müller
    Nadine Müller 11 months ago @Amy Quinn YOUR problem 😂😂😂
  • Jdm262
    Jdm262 11 months ago @Fayth Elyzabeth it isn't asmr. The sound of birds can be relaxing but it isn't asmr. The sound of someones voice is relaxing but it isn't asmr.
  • redrumax
    redrumax 11 months ago Nope, it actually irritates me.
  • Fayth Elyzabeth
    Fayth Elyzabeth 10 months ago @Jdm262 It is for me 😁
  • Kritikitti
    Kritikitti 7 months ago Mais oui!!😻🤗
  • My Mee
    My Mee 6 months ago (edited) If you are in Japan, there are full of occasions where you find this particular sense of serenity in simpleness and purity. It is a natural human reaction to feel relaxed in pure simplicity. Only those who are ready would be able to undersrand and appreciate it. I'd say, that's another level of humanity that each of us has potentially.
  • Nehama Mama
    Nehama Mama 4 months ago I now know what clip to watch when I'm having trouble sleeping
  • coffeemachtspass
    coffeemachtspass 4 months ago Does anyone NOT find this super relaxing?
  • Elise Kathleen
    Elise Kathleen 1 year ago this woman is too pure for this planet i love her
  • Quicksilver
    Quicksilver 1 year ago 🐾
  • OmSaiRam Pranam
    OmSaiRam Pranam 1 year ago She’s so pleasant and sweet... has childlike qualities
  • Marcos Tulio
    Marcos Tulio 1 year ago cause shes japanese
  • Simon Kim
    Simon Kim 1 year ago She speaks English well. O.0
  • Stephany Vargas
    Stephany Vargas 11 months ago 😂
  • Victoria Washington-Harden
    Victoria Washington-Harden 11 months ago Lol 😁
  • Audio Pervert
    Audio Pervert 11 months ago The spectacle of organisation. The charade of appearing in place of actually being. Million of men and women are in glee about folding the towels and teeshirts, and that’s all there is to an happy organised life. Bogus, made of camera ideas by Marie Kondo is ok for bored consumers. However apply the same ideas to a household which is small, or say of a poor family, or even a musician or artists studio or a busy office? Duh Marie Kondo queen of the duh consumer class borders. Throw your book and videos and roll your towels and pants nicely Please.
  • Kemo Says
    Kemo Says 3 months ago (edited) @Audio Pervert Yup. Rich minimalism for people who do nothing.
  • Audio Pervert
    Audio Pervert 3 months ago @Kemo Says in a way your right. I see it as late stage capitalism and the larger disorder ... Thanks for the comment.
  • Maghfi Raina
    Maghfi Raina 1 year ago she's like the bob ross of tidying up
  • Niki eberhardt
    Niki eberhardt 1 year ago Exactly. You nailed it. It's that soothing voice and the quiet passion.
  • Eveline Haanstra
    Eveline Haanstra 10 months ago But here the results are much more practical.
  • Genecy Salas
    Genecy Salas 8 months ago Yas❤
  • Loxena
    Loxena 1 year ago Hahahah they cut the video when they see the hoodie doesn't stay upright 😂😂😂
  • Rocky Roads
    Rocky Roads 1 year ago loxena pant too
  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 1 year ago Who cares, pretty girls farts, poops and burps too. No one is perfect!
  • Anna L
    Anna L 1 year ago lmao as soon as i saw that, i went to comments to see if anyone was feeling some type of way too about that
  • Tara Strøm Singh
    Tara Strøm Singh 1 year ago Loxena nobody cares lol
  • Tara Strøm Singh
    Tara Strøm Singh 1 year ago Lizette Martinez Yes but still..they are going to be stacked in a drawer, so it will stand up anyways!
  • LaurynnStar
    LaurynnStar 1 year ago Tara Strøm Singh until you start wearing your clothes and there are less clothes to hold the rest in place...
  • Tara Strøm Singh
    Tara Strøm Singh 1 year ago @LaurynnStar Well, thats not my problem! Never experienced that..i always have a solution!
  • The YouTube Analyst
    The YouTube Analyst 1 year ago Well, if you have all your clothes standing up and some of them don't, like the hoodie, the method still works, a few pieces will fall when the drawer is kinda empty but it's not the end of the world :)
  • Tara Strøm Singh
    Tara Strøm Singh 1 year ago The YouTube Analyst Well my hoodies stand up anyways, maybe its because someone fold the hoodies wrong, but mine stand up anyways.
  • Lulu Miaw
    Lulu Miaw 10 months ago yeah bc the material too heavy to stand on its own lol 🤣
  • 10 months ago @LaurynnStar Well if all the shirts you have is just one drawer then you need more clothes lol.
  • LaurynnStar
    LaurynnStar 10 months ago Idk who said anything about one drawer. or even shirts.
  • Jolina Villaruel
    Jolina Villaruel 9 months ago I almost fold my clothes like this method, but when i notice it dont stand up.. I stand up away
  • Alice
    Alice 8 months ago @Anna L girl me too. lol
  • Leena Mannarkkad
    Leena Mannarkkad 7 months ago Yes...I noticed
  • Flor Domínguez
    Flor Domínguez 5 months ago And the socks, too.
  • Arisrafa *
    Arisrafa * 1 year ago Wow... watching a “how to fold your clothes” video on YouTube at 9:23am... this is what my 40’s has come down to😩😢😂😂😂
  • Aysha Rahman
    Aysha Rahman 1 year ago 9:19am and my 30's :(
  • Kasey
    Kasey 1 year ago 4:38pm and in my 40s too :’( lol
  • evelyn273
    evelyn273 1 year ago Lol, 9:51am lol
  • Audrey Mosely
    Audrey Mosely 1 year ago 704am in my 50s lol
  • Prianka Parmar
    Prianka Parmar 1 year ago 936pm on a Saturday night in my late 20s 😂😢
  • Eugénie Simpson
    Eugénie Simpson 1 year ago 11.04pm in my 40s...
  • Felicity Joy
    Felicity Joy 1 year ago It could be worse ! I'm watching at 2am ! Lol
  • Felicity Joy
    Felicity Joy 1 year ago @Prianka Parmar the worst lol
  • Cha M
    Cha M 1 year ago watching it at 8:15am and in my late 30's 😢😂😆 #ifeelold😆
  • Courtney Rose
    Courtney Rose 1 year ago I'm 24 hahhahah
  • Shirley Nolton
    Shirley Nolton 1 year ago .
  • pdroo
    pdroo 1 year ago 23 here and folding at 9:42AM ☝
  • Ivanna
    Ivanna 1 year ago i'm still i my 20 and i'm whatching it too.... 11 am (i'm at work haha)
  • Jovana Dotlic
    Jovana Dotlic 1 year ago 11:09 am on a Sunday in my late 20s
  • Bhavi Pillai
    Bhavi Pillai 1 year ago Arisrafa * 9.00am at my late 20s
  • Sara Azizam
    Sara Azizam 1 year ago I love this treat 23yrs old (no matter what time lol
  • Detective Ryuzaki
    Detective Ryuzaki 1 year ago 11:48 pm. I'm 18 😂
  • crystaljewel
    crystaljewel 1 year ago 7:34 and 23 🤷‍♀️
    PEACE, LOVE UNDERSTAND 1 year ago Arisrafa * 🤪
  • McSpeedSoft
    McSpeedSoft 1 year ago 6:19pm im 17👌
  • Gabriela Nikolova
    Gabriela Nikolova 1 year ago (edited) 1:11 am and Im 21 😁🥂
  • Aleena Tayub
    Aleena Tayub 1 year ago Don't worry! I'm thirteen and it's 10:50. I rejected my friends in order to have time to organise my whole room! I just told them mum said no!😂. Yes it's sad but when it's all organised I feel happy😊
  • Yuan
    Yuan 1 year ago I'm watching this at 2pm and I'm only 27 lol. 👍
  • Ellie Yañez
    Ellie Yañez 1 year ago 25:/ lol
  • Sima Islamia
    Sima Islamia 1 year ago Lmao,watching it and its 9 05 Thats what my 40 has come to too
  • Moyra Hood
    Moyra Hood 1 year ago This sad situation doesn’t improve with age I’m afraid my friends - 10.15am in bed with a nice cup of coffee, aged 72! What makes it even more ridiculous that I’m watching this is that my drawers and cupboards are full of immaculately folded items already! I even showed my dear long-suffering husband many years ago how to fold towels the Anthea Turner way so that stacked on their shelves in the linen cupboard all one sees is a bank of uniform satisfying ☺️
  • Kevin Contreras
    Kevin Contreras 1 year ago Barely turned 19 and watching this at 4:41 AM
  • Amelia Marshall
    Amelia Marshall 1 year ago (edited) Me too...It is never too late to get organized. I am 41 and I have finally seen the light!   It is time to get on board the advanced course for clothes origami! I would love to see what she can do with paper....she probably has a blackbelt! Actually I am here to see if these methods might work to squeeze my "clothes mountain" into my suitcase.
  • chitra saini
    chitra saini 1 year ago I watching now at 9:14 🤦‍♀️
  • Jade
    Jade 1 year ago Im 20.... 🙃
  • Niki eberhardt
    Niki eberhardt 1 year ago @evelyn273 exactly the same. Lol
  • Niki eberhardt
    Niki eberhardt 1 year ago @Prianka Parmar no sweety you're too young. Get out there and party and make a mess
  • Prianka Parmar
    Prianka Parmar 1 year ago @Niki eberhardt thanks! I feel better about the mess in my room now 😂
  • Captain Akina
    Captain Akina 1 year ago Im 15. Maybe because it’s relaxing to listen and watch🤤
  • Rachidasister
    Rachidasister 1 year ago Haha same here.
  • Kim Roberts
    Kim Roberts 1 year ago 9:32am and 21yo
  • Tamara Lewis
    Tamara Lewis 1 year ago Girl, I’m 58yrs old watching how to fold clothes video on you tube at 10:27pm... I hear you. It’s 😞 so sad!! The only things that sparks joy are my skinny clothes. Is it too late for me? Probably bcuz I need plastic surgery on my old face lol. Ain’t life grand!👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👙👗👠🐷
  • Musu Listentoyourbody
    Musu Listentoyourbody 11 months ago None of us are sad. Finding ways to improve your life is a Great thing! Congratulations for taking a step to make positive changes in your life 🙌🏽
  • babs3000
    babs3000 10 months ago Arisrafa * lolllll same!
  • brown bird
    brown bird 9 months ago There's no shame in taking pride in your home
  • hi
    hi 9 months ago 9:32 in the prime of my life
  • Meper Donas Porfa
    Meper Donas Porfa 8 months ago (edited) I'm 17
  • tohru honda
    tohru honda 7 months ago 6:34pm in my late 20s
  • bawsserr_
    bawsserr_ 4 months ago Lol i'm 15, don't worry, we all want our rooms organized and clean, our age doesn't matter ♡♡
  • Saima Kazi
    Saima Kazi 3 months ago 9:51am In my 30s
  • tokyomilk
    tokyomilk 3 months ago 11pm. been around the sun 16 times about now
  • 86sith
    86sith 3 months ago Fuck 10:03 am 33
  • Bernard Sanke
    Bernard Sanke 2 months ago Lol, poor soul. Wait until you get into my age though.
  • Amber Hernandez
    Amber Hernandez 1 month ago Your not alone
  • CHIMMY_studio_productions
    CHIMMY_studio_productions 1 month ago 9:43 pm and I’m 15
  • nzee770
    nzee770 1 year ago Three months later, the laundry is folded.
  • Alexis Chernosky
    Alexis Chernosky 1 year ago That's my thought! Who has time for this!?
  • Mind Milk D20
    Mind Milk D20 1 year ago Alexis Chernosky git gud
  • alofa143
    alofa143 1 year ago Hahahaha so true
  • scoobydoobydoodle
    scoobydoobydoodle 1 year ago Nope, you're just lazy. I literally folded ALL the clothes I own in less than an hour using her methods. Keep in mind I was learning as I went along.
  • Mind Milk D20
    Mind Milk D20 1 year ago scoobydoobydoodle 10 mins max... but that is after konmarie Methoding all my clothes to just those I like and wear.
  • Houstonreview.
    Houstonreview. 1 year ago whahahhaha
  • Giulia San Juan
    Giulia San Juan 1 year ago It's actually quite a fast method, she's doing it slowly so those who watch can learn better (:
  • AlAnood F.
    AlAnood F. 1 year ago Exactly🤣
  • 10 months ago It's not to bad if you listen to something interesting while you do it. Keep in mind you will see all of your clothes that you will want to give away in the process. By the end you will save space and have less stuff by the end.
  • Eveline Haanstra
    Eveline Haanstra 10 months ago Thát's why you have to get rit of so much stuff; it takes for ever to fold and organize...😂
  • vaderladyl
    vaderladyl 5 months ago (edited) Seems like a good Zen experience for whoever wants to relax while doing laundry (Is that a thing? Lol) but for me it is too much time consuming. For those who do it her way, how long it takes you?
  • Private
    Private 1 year ago I ended up with a dodecahedron. Did I do something wrong?
  • MrGeneralissimus
    MrGeneralissimus 1 year ago You didn't send enough love through your palms.
  • Laura Strickland
    Laura Strickland 1 year ago 😂😂😂
  • Coffee Addict
    Coffee Addict 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Shirley Roney
    Shirley Roney 1 year ago 💀😂😂
  • K Claire
    K Claire 1 year ago Did u fold it into twelfths? 😂
  • trrsandiego
    trrsandiego 1 year ago Yes, but you get extra credit for knowing the word "dodecahedron." Kudos, domestic scientist!
  • Keetcha Has Adventures
    Keetcha Has Adventures 1 year ago But did it spark joy?
  • didi cokolat celup
    didi cokolat celup 1 year ago how many sides is a dodecahedron has?
  • dakkalti
    dakkalti 1 year ago @MrGeneralissimus send ruv
  • Cristeen Arellano
    Cristeen Arellano 1 year ago Best comment😂
  • Mia R
    Mia R 1 year ago Sounds like you did something right.
  • soul crafter
    soul crafter 1 year ago Hilarious
  • Vaspuci
    Vaspuci 1 year ago Yes, u r wrong , very wrong
  • Brittany Shay
    Brittany Shay 1 year ago Fucking dead 🤣💀🏆
  • pinkywinky222
    pinkywinky222 1 year ago MrGeneralissimus I’m dead 🤣
  • Felicity Joy
    Felicity Joy 1 year ago Dunno but you obviously attended math. Lol
  • Mary Riker
    Mary Riker 1 year ago 😂🤣😂🤣
  • Niki eberhardt
    Niki eberhardt 1 year ago @didi cokolat celup 12
  • JulieAnkha N.
    JulieAnkha N. 5 months ago Good one!!!!
  • Robin Inget
    Robin Inget 4 months ago Found the numberphile
    MJ PARK 2 years ago how does she do it with such passion
  • LearnWithBerry AFaithfulServant
    LearnWithBerry AFaithfulServant 1 year ago xD
  • Olga Salas
    Olga Salas 1 year ago My guess.... she has zero children
  • Oo JJ
    Oo JJ 1 year ago Love in her palms
  • Umairah H
    Umairah H 1 year ago Oo JJ LOL!
  • svedszakacs
    svedszakacs 1 year ago Olga Salas Wrong. :) She has two.
  • Audrey Armstrong
    Audrey Armstrong 1 year ago same! I could listen to her all day. I find it a bit relaxing.
  • Marco Anton JR
    Marco Anton JR 1 year ago the only explanation I found is a Japanese woman
  • Ada Aguilar
    Ada Aguilar 1 year ago Her whole book is about the joy of it all. She genuinely loves organizing and ensures to surround herself with possessions that "spark joy". Great book.
  • Jelka Fabianova
    Jelka Fabianova 1 year ago Olga Salas she’s middle child
  • khawla
    khawla 1 year ago Olga Salas 😂 I have 4 so I concur
  • Esther
    Esther 1 year ago Olga Salas she has two kids.
  • Ana Martinez
    Ana Martinez 1 year ago She gets it from her dad ahahaha
  • Monserrate La Puerta
    Monserrate La Puerta 1 year ago MJ PARK she's a million are that's why she wants u to get her bks and videos.
  • Monserrate La Puerta
    Monserrate La Puerta 1 year ago MJ PARK it has to look good for the audience.
  • ias AHMAD Ani Nur mariam
    ias AHMAD Ani Nur mariam 1 year ago I enjoy doing thing like her too .. organising and decorating Abd cleaning .... if you like seeing tidy clean and nice organised things around you then you will be enjoying doing it cos you want around you look nice tidy clean and organised
  • kidsmoked
    kidsmoked 1 year ago MJ PARK I’d say she’s on the spectrum. 😊
  • cleo •
    cleo • 1 year ago Olga Salas she has two
  • Rachael Freia
    Rachael Freia 1 year ago Her whole book is about this question
  • justtsui
    justtsui 1 year ago Olga Salas she has 2. Dont assume
  • Crowharp
    Crowharp 1 year ago The passion comes from the joy sparked by all that money rolling in the door while she's folding...
  • Nadine Müller
    Nadine Müller 1 year ago She earns a lot of money with this... 😉
  • khawla
    khawla 10 months ago Olga Salas yes lool I have 4 I’m going white now
  • khawla
    khawla 10 months ago svedszakacs I’m bet she’s rich and doesn’t have to do most the care
  • Genecy Salas
    Genecy Salas 8 months ago I think you can find joy in most things if you take the time to be present. I think why most people dislike it is because we dont consider it important we are always thinking of what to do next and our minds are everywhere but the task at hand. At least I know that always happened to me. I started just taking time to be present in everything I do and surprisingly, I noticed I liked the quiet. I love to just be there with my thoughts focused on one thing only. Crazy to think that something I used to consider a hassle brings me so much peace and relaxation.
  • Josemberg Santos
    Josemberg Santos 7 months ago @Genecy Salas wonderful commentary.
  • Tracey T
    Tracey T 1 year ago I flipped through her book on a whim and it totally changed my life, I cleared out most of my house and possessions and have never felt happier! Folding laundry is a total Zen experience I love it!
  • Galina R
    Galina R 1 year ago Me too. Now I try to fold everything I see. Even plastic bags before I throw them away. :)
  • Teresa Fick
    Teresa Fick 1 year ago @Ana Lou The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
  • Paquita Puertas Lopez
    Paquita Puertas Lopez 1 year ago @Teresa Fickp
  • Monserrate La Puerta
    Monserrate La Puerta 1 year ago (edited) Tracey T one bobo who fell.thats why she folds like she can waste time sellingto get video and bks.not me IAM not that gullible.
  • Monserrate La Puerta
    Monserrate La Puerta 1 year ago Tracey T if u need to learn how to fold cloths what a pity this u learn in your up growing at least I did not my choice home chores.
  • Katherine Canon
    Katherine Canon 1 year ago Lol sure if don't have a inlaw loves buy kids clothes and toys whenever she around 🙄
  • Nienna V.
    Nienna V. 1 year ago @Monserrate La Puerta Debe ser difícil vivir tan [email protected] todo el tiempo como usted que tiene tiempo de venir a criticar los gustos agenos. Creo que le haría bien aprender el método haber si tiene un poco de paz mental y coje oficio.
  • Katherine c
    Katherine c 1 year ago @Katherine Canon first my name is katherine and my little sisters last name is cannon ! Second when a friend or relatives purchase you something as a gift it is now your item to do what you please with it. Purchaser cant get their feelings hurt if you decided not to keep it . I hope that helps.
  • Kjersten Kreutzer
    Kjersten Kreutzer 1 year ago I agree! I hated laundry but actually love what my wardrobe turned out to be and it's not dreaded anymore.
  • Kjersten Kreutzer
    Kjersten Kreutzer 1 year ago @Katherine c I've learned this the hard way! My family overloaded my house.
  • Genecy Salas
    Genecy Salas 8 months ago I agree ❤
  • Jane
    Jane 7 months ago @Monserrate La Puerta I borrowed the ebook from the library and it is way more than folding clothes. Her whole philosophy about tidying is worth listening to. It certainly had a huge impact on my life.
  • skye
  • Nacho mrs
    Nacho mrs 1 month ago Marie: Here is hoodie Me: Hi hoodie
  • TimePass Machi
    TimePass Machi 1 month ago 😁😁😁
  • Loka shankar
    Loka shankar 1 year ago Origami with clothes
  • tishu k
    tishu k 1 year ago Loka shankar 🤗
  • Foxy *
    Foxy * 1 year ago 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  • Yuksel Sevuk
    Yuksel Sevuk 1 year ago Certanly:)
  • Juvy Lucero
    Juvy Lucero 1 year ago Everything in Japanese is an art.
  • Bint Musa
    Bint Musa 1 year ago First I was lazy to even think abt folding all clothes the same way . But when I started ,I couldn't stop. I folded all my clothes and now I really enjoy how my closet looks from the inside.
  • Fina And Cats
    Fina And Cats 1 year ago Bint Musa enough..too much comment here
  • Victoria Lafrange
    Victoria Lafrange 1 year ago Thanks I am doing that too
  • Smi Sch
    Smi Sch 1 year ago yes it is the most basic housekeeping as you can learn in any general school almost all over the world. nothing new and nothing Japanese about it. REFA methods (optimized work processes like in the industrial sector applied to ironing and folding clothes) lead to even much better results. her folding of the arms is much too much work for mediocre result. waste of human time and energy.
  • FoodShowFan
    FoodShowFan 1 year ago thank you for your comment, I have a tremendous pile at home just sitting in my closet and I'm trying to get motivated to start. Which is now. Fingers crossed I'm excited
  • Ahmad Nasir
    Ahmad Nasir 1 year ago @Smi Sch at least not in my country. My school never teach me how to fold clothes or something like that. We just forced to study hard and not teached how to life properly like Japanese did.
  • Roxana Marcela
    Roxana Marcela 1 year ago @Smi Sch Where on earth do you live? I don't know about any school teaching how to do laundry.
  • Joanna Wentworth
    Joanna Wentworth 1 year ago @Roxana Marcela In Sweden the kids get assignments from home economics class to do tasks at home, which includes cleaning (hoovering, dusting, mopping the floors etc), doing dishes and washing and folding clothes. They are supposed to record their tasks and send them to the teacher. Home economics in Sweden means a lot more than just cooking. They learn about sustainability, economics like mortgages and interests, meal planning with focus on nutrition, and a ton of other things I'm forgetting right now.
  • J.R M
    J.R M 1 year ago I fold like the store does and all casual clothing doesn’t need ironing after folding. With this method does anyone know whether you after iron after this folding method?!??
  • Emma King
    Emma King 11 months ago Too bad it won’t stay that way for long
  • Eveline Haanstra
    Eveline Haanstra 10 months ago You started to fold your cupboards as well?
  • kittendivine1
    kittendivine1 2 months ago (edited) I'm also lazy. However, I hate how the piles of clothes are unstable and fall over everytime I get something that's not on the top. I then stuff everything together again, which makes the closet look full and messy. I'm gonna try this and see how it works on shelves.
  • kittendivine1
    kittendivine1 2 months ago @Smi Sch Can you send a link to REFA methods of folding clothes? i can't find anything about it. Is it for vertical storage as well?
  • kittendivine1
    kittendivine1 2 months ago Okay, I just tried it. It's absolutely shit with shelves lol. Going to look for another folding method. I don't get why Marie Kondo is so popular. Like, who has only drawers and hanging space in their closet?? Most have shelves right?
  • Tina Mar
    Tina Mar 1 year ago That´s exactly how my mom taught me! She always said: "you have to pet the clothes.."
  • Karen Cook
    Karen Cook 1 year ago Tina Mar o
  • Vicki Dewi
    Vicki Dewi 1 year ago Same!! That's how my mom taught me as well. I just didnt listen...😑
  • Emma King
    Emma King 11 months ago Same here
  • l Biohazard l
    l Biohazard l 8 months ago You guys are so fortunate!
  • Heidi Jane Nicdao
    Heidi Jane Nicdao 1 year ago Who else wants to fold their clothes and tidy their closets after watching this?😅😂😁
  • ThatOneGirl
    ThatOneGirl 1 year ago Her English is adorable. I love watching her.