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Скачать с ютуб Star Wars: The Last Straw - Part 1

Дата премьеры: 6 апр. 2019 г. 435 074 просмотра

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April Fools! Another review by a hack fraud. This time it's about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It had to be done.

Part 2:

  • hackfraudmedia
    hackfraudmedia 1 year ago I MADE A MISTAKE AT 21:10 Elizabeth Swann isn't in Harry Potter, obviously. She is in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003). Thanks for catching that, guys. Uuuuuuh I mean... IN MY OPINION YOU'RE WRONG.
  • Eksevis
    Eksevis 1 year ago (edited) I think in my opinion, based on my personal, utmost exclusive subjective feelings, you are a fraud. Good video though. Keep hack frauding, Media!
  • BASIL!!!!! The pumpin' Seagull
    BASIL!!!!! The pumpin' Seagull 1 year ago You fucking hack fake ass Plinkett!!! I love you man!!
  • Kevin Skeel
    Kevin Skeel 1 year ago Ray is an NPC...
  • Shifty Kubaz
    Shifty Kubaz 1 year ago I thought that was an intentional joke.
  • VinlandAlchemist
    VinlandAlchemist 1 year ago (edited) One thing I wonder if may be addressed or not about Rey's identity - "Rey" isn't even her real name. She grew up enamoured with the Rebellion, and even kept an X-wing pilot's helmet... we see her in TFA wearing it, while she eats in front of her AT-AT home - and on the side of the helmet, written in Aurebesh, we see the pilot's name; "Rey". She identified with that name from childhood, clearly, as she identified with the Rebellion. So then, what the Hell is her real name, then? Watch - I bet it will never be addressed :P lol By the way, of all TLJ review vids, I love your two-parter here the most! Non-toxic, no bullshit, plain logical facts and well made, deeply important points, all - excellent work! You've got a new subscriber :)
  • Prince Solomon
    Prince Solomon 1 year ago You made one mistake!!!!! ALL YOUR ARGUMENTS ARE HEREBY INVALID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUMB INTERNET PEOPLE LOGIC DEMANDS IT !!!!
  • Tropic Sciurus
    Tropic Sciurus 1 year ago You should've kept that in for comedy.
  • Eee on Sphere
    Eee on Sphere 1 year ago Does RLM say in my opinion a lot?
  • buttons551
    buttons551 1 year ago @hackfraudmedia You cheeky bastard. At 53:00 I literally thought my laptop had froze up cause it's happened before and when it does during a video that's playing, it does that stutter noise. XD
  • Dave Job
    Dave Job 11 months ago @José Hunter's EW&F Remixes Ummm... the makers and industry media labelled it the most feminist star wars ever. It was clearly an agenda of the director and producer. Hackfraudmedia goes on to point out the fallacies inherent in this ..... you seem to have been emotionally triggered . He then continues to give an excellent and thorough critique of the film.... perhaps you should have watched it all before having such an immature response... unless of course your comment is supposed to be satirical... in which case it seems to lack humour and context. Please, stop swearing so much...and your last comment is racist.
  • Xerafimy
    Xerafimy 11 months ago (edited) @hackfraudmedia Btw, i saw analysis of Force Awakens... And when you dig deep in that one, JJ actually ruined ALL OF PLOTLINES by himself even before next movie. That what probably RJ realized and said "ahhh,fukit. I'll do my lifetime wish and make controversial shit i always wanted".
  • thiefofa1073
    thiefofa1073 11 months ago Awesome vid. That 'douche' reviewer in the dark glasses you refer to at 1:04:32, does anyone have his link? I recall his video review was truly gag-worthy but I just want the link for reference.
  • FreeMAN
    FreeMAN 11 months ago Unsubscribed. But seriously, you did over two god dang hours of video, which translates to who knows how many hours of work. This error is 0.09 percent of the video.
  • kucfogflesrouy hctib
    kucfogflesrouy hctib 11 months ago 7 mins in and im ringing your bell..
  • James Quinn
    James Quinn 11 months ago The Mary Sue definition is BASED ON Rey
  • Down Town
    Down Town 11 months ago Great work! I appreciate the effort you put into this!
  • MidnightSt
    MidnightSt 11 months ago nevermind, just tell me how to give you second thumbs up for the moviebob "gross fat man" moment =D
  • Tarvis Bickler
    Tarvis Bickler 11 months ago Flinkett: fake plinkett
  • skunk12
    skunk12 11 months ago (edited) You also made a mistake at 21:49 when you misspelled "Kathleen Kennedy". I would have spelled it properly, "C-Ü-N-Ţ"
  • ACIDesignsUY
    ACIDesignsUY 11 months ago OH MY GOD this deserves an Oscar for editing
  • Car Parts
    Car Parts 11 months ago What sorcery have I stumbled upon in YT's algorithm? 🤔 I have subscribed to hear about more hoaxes and fraudulent messages.
  • 2ndTallestBear
    2ndTallestBear 11 months ago hackfraudmedia This video: “Shit, Goddamnit, F***” Why?
  • Warsun
    Warsun 11 months ago What is the definition of Franchise? an authorization granted by a government or company to an individual or group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities, e.g. Right? Wrong! It means Fanbase. When you insult,lie too,mock,and humiliate that fanbase you lose ALL of your franchise. An your franchise disappears.
  • Warsun
    Warsun 11 months ago 1:09:41 Thank you for including Mala She was an excellent character in that series. With a great story arch.
  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 11 months ago We live in the age where we basically get to understand how god felt when people started ruining his bible canon. 😂
  • Aurora Uplinks
    Aurora Uplinks 11 months ago Pirates of the Caribean: The curse of the black pearl is ironically the sequel to star wars everyone wanted and no one got... except as the prequel to the pirates of the Caribbean :/ or is it a sequel.... it sure isn't the first one is it?