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Скачать с ютуб What a planet needs to sustain life | Dave Brain

Опубликовано: 4 сент. 2016 г. 349 333 просмотра

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"Venus is too hot, Mars is too cold, and Earth is just right," says planetary scientist Dave Brain. But why? In this pleasantly humorous talk, Brain explores the fascinating science behind what it takes for a planet to host life — and why humanity may just be in the right place at the right time when it comes to the timeline of life-sustaining planets.

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  • Pac Oo
    Pac Oo 3 years ago Wow, looks like TED remember why they became popular in the first place. More of these please.
  • Patsy Gibbs
    Patsy Gibbs 5 months ago TED provides nourishment for hungry minds.
  • DerrenBrown100
    DerrenBrown100 3 years ago Hey flat earthers. Trigger warning: The earth isn't flat.
  • Kane Scott
    Kane Scott 3 years ago You really told them!
  • Rottensteam
    Rottensteam 3 years ago Our eyes are round, that's why we see the earth as round. But in reality, its flat! Checkmate atheists! #BattlefieldIsBetterThanCod
  • Бай Кольо
    Бай Кольо 3 years ago THE EARTH ISNT FLAT ?!?!!?!? WTF !?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
  • team 89er
    team 89er 3 years ago I dont believe earth is flat but girls do have flat chest
  • Wölf
    Wölf 3 years ago I think you time traveled back to the wrong era. You might wanna go further back in time if you wanna speed up advancement in knowledge of space and the universe. You're one step closer to your location when you find that there is no Internet.
  • adj789
    adj789 3 years ago I think you posted this on the wrong video
  • shadfurman
    shadfurman 3 years ago I NEED A SAFE PLAAACE!!!
  • Lia Tae
    Lia Tae 3 months ago @Rottensteam wtf
  • Patrick Roelant
    Patrick Roelant 3 years ago confirmed, all life needs moose to survive.
  • Mike Phelps
    Mike Phelps 3 years ago Nah mate. We need mousse. Chocolate mousse.
  • avedic
    avedic 3 years ago (edited) lol....Indeed. Flowers, moose, and vegetables....that's all anyone needs in life. And Mike Phelps...what about hair mousse? You know, for windy days and such...
  • Joe Greene
    Joe Greene 8 months ago Moose and squirrel are necessary.
  • Miranox
    Miranox 3 years ago His name is Brain, therefore he is smart. QED.
  • Leo
    Leo 3 years ago Quantum Electrodynamics?
  • OpiatedBliss
    OpiatedBliss 3 years ago imagine the horrors of his kid named Brian
  • Miranox
    Miranox 3 years ago @Shrey No.
  • Disappointment
    Disappointment 3 years ago +Shrey Quod Erat Demonstrandum
  • davidgafo
    davidgafo 3 years ago El Brayan ;)
  • Aviri Char
    Aviri Char 3 years ago Question Energy D*ck?
  • Mara Salem
    Mara Salem 3 years ago I've read some of Brian Greene and liked it
  • Doodelay
    Doodelay 3 years ago his audience was unusually lighthearted
  • Skippy Mcgibberson
    Skippy Mcgibberson 3 years ago TEDx vs TED audiences
  • 00poopmonster
    00poopmonster 3 years ago He was a pretty funny guy. And he says jokes in a serious tone which makes it funnier in my opinion lol
  • Aythami de Armas
    Aythami de Armas 3 years ago What a planet does not need to sustain life? Humans.
  • Eric The Midget
    Eric The Midget 3 years ago unfortunately, jajajajaja.
  • Emm N.
    Emm N. 3 years ago (edited) Yeah, he is right... as proof, when writing in English it's hahahaha... no one cares how spaniards pronounce j or what jajajaja means.
  • Eric The Midget
    Eric The Midget 3 years ago +Emm N. I'm from Washington state
  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 3 years ago they also don't need any other animal.
  • Aythami de Armas
    Aythami de Armas 3 years ago (edited) Then who is they? The trees? Apparently theyre not concious. So "they" cant be a they.
  • Eric The Midget
    Eric The Midget 3 years ago +Aythami de Armas "Conscious"
  • BattleBunny
    BattleBunny 3 years ago the planet does need humans to sustain life after the star dies....
  • Jeremiah Brand
    Jeremiah Brand 3 years ago (edited) +Eric The Midget "jadge adge adge adge adge"
  • Aviri Char
    Aviri Char 3 years ago kekekeke
  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 3 years ago (edited) they is the act as if the word "they" must refer to a living thing, but it doesn't.
  • LaRcyEnterprise
    LaRcyEnterprise 2 years ago Aviri Char. Bukakke
  • Nicolás Agulleiro
    Nicolás Agulleiro 7 months ago Emm N. I know this is 2 years old, but by writing jajajaja, do you understand he wants you to know how Spaniards pronounce j and what does it mean? Weird
  • pcuimac
    pcuimac 3 years ago The scope of this talk is a bit small. Life could be defined as a selfreplicating pattern that needs energy and matter to sustain itself and it's descendents. To define life as only what is known on earth just shows how stupid and selfindulgent we are.
  • Stig Eide
    Stig Eide 3 years ago There are so many planets to choose from, so we can just as well look for life at planets exactly like ours
  • xxxyorks
    xxxyorks 2 years ago Glad someone's finally talking about the relationship between magnetespheres and habitability on planets.
  • Nate
    Nate 3 years ago This was the best seminar in a while.
  • Cool Hand Luke
    Cool Hand Luke 3 years ago Yeee pretty good tasting semolina
  • alexa jessop
    alexa jessop 2 years ago Nate ☺
  • Ali Nemati
    Ali Nemati 9 months ago it is an excellent talk, I ever seen.
  • A A
    A A 1 year ago a few times I thought he was going to cry out of emotion
  • Nurul Aisyah
    Nurul Aisyah 1 month ago I thought the same too. His talk is very engaging!
  • katherinehayes
    katherinehayes 3 years ago the way we define life is relative to us. other types of life and what they would need to live arent even fathomable to us!!