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Скачать с ютуб The $3000 Sony Aibo Robot Dog

Опубликовано: 26 авг. 2018 г. 8 536 065 просмотров

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Have you ever imagined a robotic pet? The new Sony Aibo may just be what you’ve been waiting for. The new Sony Aibo will begin to ship in September (United States) and retail for $2899.


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  • Dino Derp News
    Dino Derp News 4 місяці тому Guy: so what breed is your dog? Me: It’s...complicated
  • Gerardo Błaszczykowski Rosas
    Gerardo Błaszczykowski Rosas 4 місяці тому It's a Sony
  • Oluk Stephen
    Oluk Stephen 4 місяці тому 😂😁
  • J no
    J no 4 місяці тому @Gerardo Błaszczykowski Rosas R/WHOOOOOOOOSHHH
  • lanboom
    lanboom 4 місяці тому J no No u
  • Cozmoverse
    Cozmoverse 3 місяці тому @J no No u
  • Bad decisions make good stories
    Bad decisions make good stories 3 місяці тому @J no No u
    MUKESH VERMA 3 місяці тому Let me check the information booklet
  • F A T F U K K
    F A T F U K K 3 місяці тому no u
  • Hans Hailana
    Hans Hailana 3 місяці тому @J no whoooshed!
  • Zé Maria Santos Saraiva
    Zé Maria Santos Saraiva 3 місяці тому Its a aibo
  • RomanYXX
    RomanYXX 3 місяці тому Guy:so what breed is your dog? Remake Me:emmm.......Sony? Guy:weirdo
  • liltidbot -
    liltidbot - 3 місяці тому @J no you're an idiot
    [SUS] CLINGER 3 місяці тому @J no Your homo no you wooooosh
  • stickmanツ
    stickmanツ 3 місяці тому It’s Sony
  • Navaghar Kiran
    Navaghar Kiran 3 місяці тому Means
  • blind herokini
    blind herokini 3 місяці тому J no uno reverse card
  • Anton Young
    Anton Young 3 місяці тому You Mean : It's automated.. In other news(on a very serious note) the Mark of the Beast is just around the corner! Believe in Jesus Christ sacrifice for the forgiveness of your sin(s) and Repent, then do the Father's Will and you shall receive the Crown of Life.
  • John Salimbot
    John Salimbot 3 місяці тому Crazy
  • BluMac.
    BluMac. 3 місяці тому Dino Derp News at least Asians can’t eat it...
  • Umer Farooq
    Umer Farooq 3 місяці тому Its constipated 😂😂😂
  • william nordeste
    william nordeste 3 місяці тому 35$ us dollars Hong Kong
  • Smooby Doo
    Smooby Doo 2 місяці тому whoosh! @J no
  • ben lakin
    ben lakin 2 місяці тому Its a spanish breed😂
  • Dino Derp News
    Dino Derp News 2 місяці тому BluMac. LOL
  • Nathan
    Nathan 2 місяці тому It's chinese.
  • Sunny
    Sunny 2 місяці тому @J no you don't know how to use an r/woosh do you?
  • Samm
    Samm 2 місяці тому @J no noob
  • CoolGamer PRO XD
    CoolGamer PRO XD 2 місяці тому Battery!
  • Landon Miller
    Landon Miller 2 місяці тому battery acid
  • Eugene Jason Hinlo
    Eugene Jason Hinlo 2 місяці тому Android breed 😂
  • Adrian Mihai
    Adrian Mihai 2 місяці тому Never met the breed complicated in my life...
  • Shengud
    Shengud 2 місяці тому J no No u
  • Pyrex
    Pyrex 2 місяці тому J no Terrible use of a woooosh. Doesn’t even work lol
  • BadCuber
    BadCuber 2 місяці тому (змінено) It’s uh..... sony
  • Kanav Plays
    Kanav Plays 1 місяць тому @J no no u
  • Tyler Serafin
    Tyler Serafin 1 місяць тому We know you don't have this bro. you a poor bitch
  • Dylan Puerner
    Dylan Puerner 1 місяць тому Me: nobody can make a robotic dog the can love you. Sony: hold my beer.
  • XDragoner
    XDragoner 1 місяць тому @J no learn how to woosh
  • Just Ianah2シ
    Just Ianah2シ 1 місяць тому A mix with metal and copper
  • GooseAnnoysYou Quack
    GooseAnnoysYou Quack 1 місяць тому J no no u
  • Angel Nicole Alcantara
    Angel Nicole Alcantara 1 місяць тому Sony breed dude..😂😂😂
    SACHIN SUNDARESAN 1 місяць тому Metallic breed
  • Civor Adialbac
    Civor Adialbac 1 тиждень тому Wow that is the best dog 😮😮😅😅🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐕
  • Parlox Storm
    Parlox Storm 3 дні тому @J no No u
  • Bl0ckies
    Bl0ckies 2 дні тому What breed is your dog? Oh it's umm... A plastic
  • ThePinkNeko
    ThePinkNeko 2 місяці тому (змінено) Is nobody going to talk how this robot dog is actually really cute
  • Pankaikz _YT aka Aidan
    Pankaikz _YT aka Aidan 2 місяці тому ikr!
  • UdodaTube
    UdodaTube 1 місяць тому But the way it walks is so creepy lol
  • Nawaz Ayube
    Nawaz Ayube 1 місяць тому No
  • First Last
    First Last 1 місяць тому No
  • sean satana
    sean satana 1 місяць тому If that thing could do that just imagine what kind of robots .they have now and yes dog is pretty cute.
  • bang yongguk is god
    bang yongguk is god 1 місяць тому Such a cutie i love him
  • Tuấn Anh Phạm Thị
    Tuấn Anh Phạm Thị 1 місяць тому Like cuter than the real dog??
  • Lezly Mejia
    Lezly Mejia 1 місяць тому But almost not alot of people worry about our loved pets are being replaced with robots
  • affectivity
    affectivity 1 місяць тому He’s adorable!
  • affectivity
    affectivity 1 місяць тому Tuấn Anh Phạm Thị It’s cute for a robot puppy. I’ve seen some scary looking earlier robot dogs.
  • Rosie The rabbit tamer
    Rosie The rabbit tamer 1 місяць тому ThePinkNeko he is really cute
  • Slash the Aibo
    Slash the Aibo 3 тижні тому @Lezly Mejia Actually Aibo might help dogs not end up being trapped in shelters and puppy mills.
  • Lezly Mejia
    Lezly Mejia 3 тижні тому @Slash the Aibo you know your right😲
  • Slash the Aibo
    Slash the Aibo 3 тижні тому @Lezly Mejia This doesn't mean not save those poor dogs from shelters but I think Aibo might just help out actual dogs.
  • sophia ピヤ
    sophia ピヤ 1 тиждень тому not all dogs are good boys... some are good robots
  • Bhavik Patel
    Bhavik Patel 3 місяці тому But Real dog will love you more than his life ☺️☺️
  • kimwel villamor
    kimwel villamor 3 місяці тому true...
  • Mosty Gaming
    Mosty Gaming 2 місяці тому Ye
  • Mosty Gaming
    Mosty Gaming 2 місяці тому And they have fluf
  • That pink dude
    That pink dude 2 місяці тому @Rj Boomboy apparenttly you don't know nothing about dogs
  • Christian Jovie Caimoy
    Christian Jovie Caimoy 2 місяці тому Everything is real
  • c c u j
    c c u j 2 місяці тому @Rj Boomboy you said 2 negatives is equal to a positive you're a bad grammar nazi it's called a double negative stop trying to be cool cause in reality you're not you were wrong should've left it at that now you look worse and you use two not 2 in a sentence its literally 3 letters this is youtube comments section not a MLA format essay
  • Xyz Meliodas
    Xyz Meliodas 2 місяці тому Rj Boomboy ur fucking wrong
  • Trash Furry
    Trash Furry 2 місяці тому This whole argument came from a positive, dog loving, comment- Time to question why some people are like this
  • Lukas hallo
    Lukas hallo 2 місяці тому makes me kinda sad when some people actually prefer having robo-pets rather than real ones...
  • Justin the Void
    Justin the Void 2 місяці тому Ya but this dog don’t needa take a shit
  • Samm
    Samm 2 місяці тому @That pink dude apparently there's something wrong with your grammar
  • YO Abby !
    YO Abby ! 2 місяці тому Real dog are one day dead and robo dog are never dead
  • PNP shivrr
    PNP shivrr 2 місяці тому no shit it's a fucking robot
  • Stacey R
    Stacey R 2 місяці тому @Rj Boomboy so your telling me if I hit a real dog and he feels pain that's not an emotion 😑😑😑
  • Shengud
    Shengud 2 місяці тому Rj Boomboy Everything has emotions.
  • Shengud
    Shengud 2 місяці тому Rj Boomboy Do you know that nobody likes you?
  • Tapomoy Chatterjee
    Tapomoy Chatterjee 2 місяці тому ❤️
  • волк
    волк 2 місяці тому And can bite!
  • Dummy Account
    Dummy Account 1 місяць тому atleast he wont die
  • Anthrax Gamer
    Anthrax Gamer 1 місяць тому @Rj Boomboy u may be the weirdest commenter to ever exist
  • JulianaRonson
    JulianaRonson 1 місяць тому @Rj Boomboy they have emotions too.
  • ReeceWD
    ReeceWD 1 місяць тому @Rj Boomboy 10 replies because someone said you dont know anything about dogs?
  • Gohan Creation
    Gohan Creation 1 місяць тому Rj Boomboy brother trust me dog has way more emotion than us
  • JorgeSucks
    JorgeSucks 1 місяць тому Bhavik Patel true true
  • Freddy _10
    Freddy _10 1 місяць тому YES
  • Jason Georgiadis
    Jason Georgiadis 1 місяць тому @Rj Boomboy eh??? What
  • Derpi Booru
    Derpi Booru 1 місяць тому Yall Weird
  • Do not press my profile pic
    Do not press my profile pic 1 місяць тому My dog wants me dead....
  • kool kev
    kool kev 1 місяць тому @Rj Boomboy Dogs have got emotions .🙂
  • Angel Nicole Alcantara
    Angel Nicole Alcantara 1 місяць тому True
  • Rj Boomboy
    Rj Boomboy 1 місяць тому Bruh how did dis comment blow up aight I know nobody likes me and all but shii I made a mistake I misunderstood everythang it was 2 in the morning and I read sum article and I read it again jus know and found out da dang thang wus a theory
  • Rj Boomboy
    Rj Boomboy 1 місяць тому Yuh I agree we have emotions every sentient being does but y'all finna be tripping over dis shii
  • Rj Boomboy
    Rj Boomboy 1 місяць тому I aint tryna be cool I made a goddamn mistake
  • Rj Boomboy
    Rj Boomboy 1 місяць тому And besides I aint apologising or admitting I'm wrong because I aint even fighting for the fact that I'm correct in the first place
  • Rj Boomboy
    Rj Boomboy 1 місяць тому And y'all so gullible if I was taking dis shii srsly y'all been trolled hard af
  • kool kev
    kool kev 1 місяць тому @Gohan Creation I don't agree with your statement. 🙂
  • Gohan Creation
    Gohan Creation 1 місяць тому @kool kev its depend on u my brother but yeah they have more emotions than us because they r not selfish like us 💓
  • kool kev
    kool kev 1 місяць тому @Gohan Creation When you say "us" to whom are you referring?
  • Gohan Creation
    Gohan Creation 1 місяць тому @kool kev us means Human i represented
  • kool kev
    kool kev 1 місяць тому @Gohan Creation In that case your putting humans into one category "selfish" Some of the humans are selfish but not all. Also because humans have cognitive abilities that far outweigh any animals, it's logical to assume they have emotional content that far exceeds any animal. (As proof look how many poems and songs have been written about love over the centuries) Not only do humans have emotions they can verbally article them. No dog will ever be able to do that ever. Having said that animals such as dogs, kept as pets by humans should be treated kindly and cared for properly in accordance with their needs. 🙂
  • Rj Boomboy
    Rj Boomboy 1 місяць тому U know wat? Smh I'm deleting my comments go and be productive I love y'all peace out!
  • kool kev
    kool kev 1 місяць тому @Shengud Everything doesn't have emotions. Which means your statement is fallacious.
  • kool kev
    kool kev 1 місяць тому @ReeceWD Actually all this started because Rj Boomboy originally wrote, 'dogs don't have emotions.' Or something like that. I think the original comment may have been deleted.
  • kool kev
    kool kev 1 місяць тому @Rj Boomboy Your comments though strange and often inaccurate. Are nonetheless humorous.
  • Bhavik Patel
    Bhavik Patel 1 місяць тому @волк 😅😆
  • SiamMostafa9000
    SiamMostafa9000 1 місяць тому True :'(
  • Rasaraj Dey
    Rasaraj Dey 1 місяць тому my dog likes food more than me
  • Nahla Apple
    Nahla Apple 1 місяць тому @YO Abby ! But robo-dog will broken someday
  • Tardar Sauce
    Tardar Sauce 1 місяць тому (змінено) Well at least the robot dog can take photos
  • Marius Neagoe
    Marius Neagoe 1 місяць тому Still can't charge himself...😂😂😂
  • Kirschblüte 18
    Kirschblüte 18 3 тижні тому @Lukas hallo No expensive vet bills every now and then, No buying toys or food for it to eat or puppy diapers for inside dogs. Not worrying about the dog peeing or pooping inside the house etc. The aibo cost as much as a pure breed puppy with registered papers.
  • Lukas hallo
    Lukas hallo 3 тижні тому @Kirschblüte 18 jesus christ this dude. Real pet gives you more love and protection than some shit ass robot crap who needs its batteries changed through his ass every months and not even gonna talk about malfunctions and how in no time you'll get bored of it.
  • Shah Xad
    Shah Xad 3 тижні тому Bathroom breaks... ??? what about that huh...
  • Justine Josh D. Guevarra
    Justine Josh D. Guevarra 2 тижні тому True
  • Shah Xad
    Shah Xad 2 тижні тому @Anthrax Gamer thanks for being a Gamer ,it's good to have some Gamers around.. did anyone said that to U before
  • Aitish Kumar
    Aitish Kumar 2 тижні тому I think it will be the same for any robot if you put it in their commands.
  • Epic Boomer Moments
    Epic Boomer Moments 2 тижні тому and they are cheaper. if you compare a real labrador to this the lab will be dirt cheap
  • Dora The Explorer
    Dora The Explorer 1 тиждень тому And they actually understand how you are feeling and comfort you
  • YO Abby !
    YO Abby ! 1 тиждень тому @Nahla Apple but we fix his
  • •Hydrogen•
    •Hydrogen• 5 днів тому Bhavik Patel 100% True
  • Zeyad SpamsL2
    Zeyad SpamsL2 2 місяці тому Dogs: exist Sony: Imma bout to end this mans whole career
  • Viru_ 95
    Viru_ 95 2 місяці тому Not with that kind of price 😅
  • The High Pineapple
    The High Pineapple 2 місяці тому Dogs*
  • It'z Wolf
    It'z Wolf 1 місяць тому Viru_ 95 That kind of price? What about the price and care of an actual pet? The amount of time, dedication, food, medical and vet care, other resources and etc that goes into owning an actual dog? Yeah... $300 is where we draw the line though
  • Mary Jade Fernandez
    Mary Jade Fernandez 1 місяць тому Sony Made it
  • AlphaEnt2
    AlphaEnt2 1 місяць тому Boston dynamics: I'm about to end sony's career
  • Rosie The rabbit tamer
    Rosie The rabbit tamer 1 місяць тому Zeyad SpamsL2 that doesn’t make sense
  • The Starchan's
    The Starchan's 13 годин тому I didnt like it cuz its 66
  • Razor Reznov
    Razor Reznov 1 місяць тому (змінено) Thief breaks into the house 🏠 Sees Robotic dog🐶 Thief: Give me access to WiFi
  • soapychikin
    soapychikin 1 місяць тому Razor Reznov THIS!
  • David Isenah
    David Isenah 4 тижні тому More like he'll steal the dog
  • John Ford
    John Ford 2 тижні тому he'll steal the dog for sure
  • Teo Kumecal
    Teo Kumecal 2 тижні тому XD
  • Monster Man
    Monster Man 6 місяців тому SONY:MAKES ROBOT DOG REAL DOG:AM I A JOKE TO YOU
  • Gacha Tomboy
    Gacha Tomboy 6 місяців тому Monster Man omg I love this comment 😂
  • Golden Frank
    Golden Frank 6 місяців тому hahaahahaha
    JOEY YOU KNOW WHO I AM 6 місяців тому 😂😂😂😂😂
  • PussyDestroyer
    PussyDestroyer 6 місяців тому Haha
  • S O M E O N E
    S O M E O N E 6 місяців тому 🤣🤣🤣
  • conan smith
    conan smith 6 місяців тому He dead to me
  • Q8_Grandizer _TDK
    Q8_Grandizer _TDK 6 місяців тому True
  • Monster Man
    Monster Man 6 місяців тому @A Fucking Idiot am I a joke to u
    SOLLERHOLLER/SOULBLADE Youtube Channel 5 місяців тому 😂😂😂
  • padma dorjey
    padma dorjey 5 місяців тому LOL
  • cute girl
    cute girl 5 місяців тому OMG 😂😂😂😂
  • Jasen Worrell
    Jasen Worrell 5 місяців тому No one said it so I have to "there must be a shortage of dogs there"
  • Lol Ps
    Lol Ps 5 місяців тому Real dog:BARK BARk BArK!!!!
  • Ryan clr
    Ryan clr 5 місяців тому Hahahahaha
  • Sans gaming
    Sans gaming 4 місяці тому Why caps?
  • Deltamoar
    Deltamoar 4 місяці тому I don't know why the caps make this so much better but it just does.
  • Thiên cá TV
    Thiên cá TV 4 місяці тому Lol
  • Fahad mustafa
    Fahad mustafa 4 місяці тому I have to cozmo ✨🌾 🌾 🌾 😏😏😏😏😏 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 😏🕓🕓😏🕓🕓😏 😏🕓🎱😏🕓🎱😏 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 😏😏😏✔😏😏😏 🌀😏😏😏😏😏🌀 😏🌀😏😏😏🌀😏👍 👉🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 🌀🌀🕐🌀🌀🌀🌀 🌀🌀🕐🕐🕐🌀🌀 🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 👟 👟
  • EnderSkul
    EnderSkul 4 місяці тому I like how you make comment all caps
  • evgeni dimitrov
    evgeni dimitrov 4 місяці тому I prefer this instead of the real dog. Don't get me wrong I love dogs but I don't like caring for them including the training that should be involved if I want the dog to exist in my daily life.
  • Ros KingNinja
    Ros KingNinja 3 місяці тому Is a Robot is not he or she😂
  • Salad Volcano
    Salad Volcano 3 місяці тому LOL
    MUSTAFA AHMED 3 місяці тому No!, Real Doggo Is Not A Joke For Us
  • Jefry Sebastian
    Jefry Sebastian 3 місяці тому @Fahad mustafa Oh man🤗minion
  • Allie Lewis
    Allie Lewis 3 місяці тому Monster Man yes yes you are monster man
  • Oculus Quest Tec.
    Oculus Quest Tec. 3 місяці тому Monster Man ok???
  • vincent keiv Arsollon
    vincent keiv Arsollon 3 місяці тому hahahahaha lmao
  • SSGaming
    SSGaming 3 місяці тому It's bc robots don't poop
  • i love you
    i love you 2 місяці тому yes because my mom just happens to be allergic :C
  • BilalinfoTV
    BilalinfoTV 2 місяці тому lol
  • Crasous
    Crasous 2 місяці тому The cap locks made thí even funnier
  • bigTrillin
    bigTrillin 2 місяці тому Robots don’t poop, and dogs don’t bark in autotune. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • Presenter Forth
    Presenter Forth 2 місяці тому Japan: I Prefer Real cats* Real Dog: Yameroooo!
  • Silver YT
    Silver YT 2 місяці тому Monster Man shit comment
  • Silver YT
    Silver YT 2 місяці тому Gacha Fluff how is this funny?
  • web
    web 1 місяць тому Gacha Fluff calm down
  • talentedjoeylinguine3
    talentedjoeylinguine3 1 місяць тому Bruh
    GAMESCHANNEL 1 місяць тому Monster Man bring the real dog to the robot dog and the dog will kill the robot dog XD
  • Guy Procter
    Guy Procter 1 місяць тому Omg I wish I had this!! <3 XD
  • PlasmaFireStar
    PlasmaFireStar 1 місяць тому Why did I read that in a dogs voice?
  • Diego Victoria
    Diego Victoria 3 місяці тому Plot twist: the government is controlling the cameras and watching your every move
  • Static Charge Red Field
    Static Charge Red Field 3 місяці тому That's the real reason why robot dogs will never replace real dogs. The thoughts aren't theirs and neither are their feelings. They're just software that can be changed by the push of the button. All under the control of whoever can access its circuits. Like eyes in your house for anyone around the world to view... A real dog is loyal to you to the death, no matter who you are. Its thoughts are its own and nobody can control it.
  • Destruction
    Destruction 2 місяці тому I was thinking this the second he mentioned a camera
  • Malvenrot
    Malvenrot 2 місяці тому No.
  • Angelica Trilles
    Angelica Trilles 2 місяці тому nah. It's from Japan. They don't care about you.
  • Lol YouWontFindMe
    Lol YouWontFindMe 2 місяці тому @Angelica Trilles no but the Japanese military might.
  • Your Dearest Fan
    Your Dearest Fan 1 місяць тому it would only track you and spy on you if it was an american product, like apple
  • Lol YouWontFindMe
    Lol YouWontFindMe 1 місяць тому @Your Dearest Fan or a Russian product, lol
  • Your Dearest Fan
    Your Dearest Fan 1 місяць тому no, only american products, especially microshit
  • Lol YouWontFindMe
    Lol YouWontFindMe 1 місяць тому @Your Dearest Fan lol yea but so do other countries too, u never know man I mean maybe they just havent gotten caught yet
  • Your Dearest Fan
    Your Dearest Fan 1 місяць тому like they say, if you did not get caught, you did not cheat, same for this, you cannot really blame someone with no proofs.
  • Lol YouWontFindMe
    Lol YouWontFindMe 1 місяць тому @Your Dearest Fan I'm not blaming anyone? Who said anything about that, I just suspect them of spying on us (well trying to for me since I encrypt and got so many security measures on all my shit) but yea i mean if America got caught spying on us then who's to say everyone else isnt? I mean u never know right?
  • Your Dearest Fan
    Your Dearest Fan 1 місяць тому because america is the only country that is obsessed with spying on people and corruption during the whole history.
  • Lol YouWontFindMe
    Lol YouWontFindMe 1 місяць тому @Your Dearest Fan geez. U sound like one of those blame America first crowd, let me guess, ur european arent u? Lol and ok so the United States has done some shady shit but so what? Other countries have to. Probably even worse than the United States, let's not go there with the whole "corruption" thing. But look all I said was that yes they have spied on people before but who's to say other countries arent the same?
    RELAX CHANNEL 1 місяць тому 😂
  • SuomuSintti
    SuomuSintti 1 місяць тому @Your Dearest Fan You are right but do some research. Russia has also been spying their people. China has over 500 million cameras in their country for spying people.
  • Your Dearest Fan
    Your Dearest Fan 1 місяць тому bullshit
  • king 334
    king 334 4 тижні тому @Lol YouWontFindMe and you sound like who blames everything on Russian and another arabs countries.
  • Lol YouWontFindMe
    Lol YouWontFindMe 4 тижні тому @king 334 and u sound like one of those who's gotta mind their own business. (Lol jk jk) but ok first off, no I don't blame Russia for EVERYTHING, but I do kind of blame their previous economic system (communism) and also I blame socialism, for how liberals are now a days
  • Nicola Acoust
    Nicola Acoust 2 тижні тому Of course anyone would be interested in people who spends 3k on this
  • DIY beast
    DIY beast 2 тижні тому Angelica Trilles yes at least you know that 👌
  • davin 1111
    davin 1111 1 місяць тому i gave mine a bath and it stopped working ):
  • GoodGuyDza
    GoodGuyDza 1 місяць тому massive F
  • The Vlogs fan
    The Vlogs fan 1 місяць тому F
  • 『 lily sky 』
    『 lily sky 』 1 місяць тому F
  • DaGoblin178
    DaGoblin178 1 місяць тому "Well be right back"
  • M Ali Haider
    M Ali Haider 2 тижні тому its electric
  • 『 lily sky 』
    『 lily sky 』 2 тижні тому @M Ali Haider r/woooooooshhh
  • Nguyenセナ
    Nguyenセナ 1 тиждень тому When reality gets the best of you
  • Roshan Kattil
    Roshan Kattil 1 тиждень тому Why would you bathe it
  • ShadySpyder
    ShadySpyder 1 тиждень тому Loool
  • Lamisa lucky
    Lamisa lucky 1 тиждень тому FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU
  • Lamisa lucky
    Lamisa lucky 1 тиждень тому UR DUMB!
  • Dankest Edits
    Dankest Edits 1 тиждень тому Lamisa lucky r/whooosh
  • Dankest Edits
    Dankest Edits 1 тиждень тому Roshan Kattil r/whooosh
  • Zalikha Ousou
    Zalikha Ousou 1 тиждень тому @Roshan Kattil good question
    EDWARD91 END 6 днів тому 4 real thou vice versa no shit no shower
  • jaiden glass
    jaiden glass 1 день тому Bruh
    ALPHA I 6 годин тому GoodGuyDza lmaooo
  • Aaron Esma
    Aaron Esma 1 тиждень тому Doesn’t need food and water Doesn’t need training Doesn’t need affection Doesn’t need to poop or pee Doesn’t bite or disobey you This already sounds better than my girlfriend.
  • Sealy Sniper
    Sealy Sniper 1 день тому Girls cant poop
    ALPHA I 23 години тому Sealy Sniper you idiot
  • Beautiful Queen
    Beautiful Queen 15 годин тому @Sealy Sniper I hope u don't have a robot girlfriend tho.
  • Sealy Sniper
    Sealy Sniper 15 годин тому @ALPHA I What, they can't
  • Sealy Sniper
    Sealy Sniper 15 годин тому @Beautiful Queen Look, imma be honest I lack the ability to get a girlfriend so if i could I probably would get a robo gf
  • this is a troll account
    this is a troll account 11 годин тому Wtf, girls can poop
    ALPHA I 6 годин тому Sealy Sniper im a girl and sometimes I need a whole bottle of those cans that you spray with so the bathroom smell good 😂😂😂😂
    ALPHA I 6 годин тому this is a troll account agreed
  • IamALeaf
    IamALeaf 1 місяць тому I swear japan never fails to make something cute
  • DieOzonschicht
    DieOzonschicht 1 місяць тому IamALeaf otaku 100
  • Irandom Guy
    Irandom Guy 1 рік тому Detroit become good boy
  • The Fattest Momo
    The Fattest Momo 1 рік тому What if it goes sentient
  • Irandom Guy
    Irandom Guy 1 рік тому Then they’re a stray dog
  • EB Benjamin Beats
    EB Benjamin Beats 1 рік тому AHAHAHAHAJAJAJHA
  • Jion
    Jion 1 рік тому Lol deviant dog doesn't catch the ball
  • it me Lia
    it me Lia 1 рік тому Ahhahahhhahhahahha
  • pamirplays
    pamirplays 1 рік тому I laughes so hard at this
  • Selena Beatrice Harriet
    Selena Beatrice Harriet 1 рік тому pissedoff Shion I’m dying hahahaha
  • The purple fist Of fury
    The purple fist Of fury 1 рік тому that made me lagh so hard
  • JamiePlayz Roblox
    JamiePlayz Roblox 1 рік тому *Save the fish? [E A T] <— [S A V E]
  • kris Ill
    kris Ill 1 рік тому I don't get this joke fill me in
  • The purple fist Of fury
    The purple fist Of fury 1 рік тому @kris Ill its from a game called detroit become human if you dont know it google it
  • Ken Nguyen
    Ken Nguyen 1 рік тому Watch Detroit become human gameplay.
  • Jeanray :3
    Jeanray :3 11 місяців тому TF? HAHAHAHA
  • ZamarripaTheGameFounder Zamarripa25
    ZamarripaTheGameFounder Zamarripa25 4 місяці тому That’s what I was thinking about!!!
  • Shaheer Gamer
    Shaheer Gamer 4 місяці тому Detroit became human . That my favorite game. SORRY FOR MY BAD INGLISH
    THE RAREST FORTNITE PET 1 місяць тому Haha brilliant!
  • matt_pol4R_ 500
    matt_pol4R_ 500 1 місяць тому Deviant bark intensifies
  • Gamer Buzzy
    Gamer Buzzy 1 місяць тому Aww
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    ShadowDawn01 1 місяць тому Best comment 😂
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    Connor RK800 1 місяць тому *CLAPS*
  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 3 тижні тому Connor becomes Sumo
  • omair aziz
    omair aziz 2 дні тому Detroit become human
  • omair aziz
    omair aziz 2 дні тому Lolo
  • Charles Francis
    Charles Francis 1 місяць тому I bought the $4000 Sony Aibo robotic just walked away from me and slept in a corner!
  • M Q
    M Q 1 місяць тому This is exactly the same as a real cat!
  • Kaegan Thornhill
    Kaegan Thornhill 1 місяць тому And brings you dead wirless mouses.
  • Galaxi
    Galaxi 1 місяць тому @Kaegan Thornhill wakes up to my sony aiobo robotic cat with a chewn up wireless G502 in his mouth
  • ARandomYTFox
    ARandomYTFox 1 місяць тому this is why I'm a dog person
  • Red Dymond
    Red Dymond 1 місяць тому Why not buy a real cat for $500
  • kool kev
    kool kev 1 місяць тому @Kaegan Thornhill 😂😂😂
  • Angel Nicole Alcantara
    Angel Nicole Alcantara 1 місяць тому Real is better
  • kool kev
    kool kev 1 місяць тому @Angel Nicole Alcantara That's transistor-phobic. 😀
    RED ARES 6 днів тому 😂😂
  • EL Panesito
    EL Panesito 1 місяць тому Are we realizing that he’s literally playing with a dog robot
  • TheLegoBrickery
    TheLegoBrickery 1 місяць тому Yes, that is what the video is about
  • Kriissito
    Kriissito 3 місяці тому im the only one who feels sad about what's going to happen on the future?
    FREAKEST WINGS 3 місяці тому I understood 😔real dogs are ganna kill 😭
  • Kriissito
    Kriissito 3 місяці тому I don't think the dogs are gonna be killed but they will get abandoned and "changed"
  • Mosty Gaming
    Mosty Gaming 2 місяці тому Puppers shall live on
  • Mr Random
    Mr Random 2 місяці тому And what happens now? Breeders create fucked up dogs which suffer thru their lives with all kinds inherited problems. No one will kill pets for this, just owning alive animal will go out of fashion. WHICH IS GOOD. Now pets live in too small spaces, with too busy/ often abusive owners.
  • Ron Samudio
    Ron Samudio 2 місяці тому I dont think so since i doubt anyone buying this robo dog with that price tag
  • bluejay44
    bluejay44 2 місяці тому I think these are marketed more to people who cant have pets. It makes sense coming from a Japanese company. People living in small city apartments in japan are so desperate for pets they rent dogs to walk them for a day. I think this would be popular for those people.
  • BadCuber
    BadCuber 2 місяці тому I personally think that advanced robotic pets should only be for people that has allergies like me so real dogs don’t get abandoned
  • BlueChamp
    BlueChamp 2 місяці тому @bluejay44 exactly, thank you
  • ReeceWD
    ReeceWD 1 місяць тому @Roblox Exploiting It's Muhammed
  • Galaxi
    Galaxi 1 місяць тому @Roblox Exploiting Hate speech. Filtering is Enabled on YouTube, it's called the YouTube community guidelines. There is no bypass for it.
  • A G
    A G 1 місяць тому i am sad because i wont be able to see it we all will die till then hope flying car atleast get invented by then
  • Aitish Kumar
    Aitish Kumar 2 тижні тому You are not alone.But you are very dumb. Why do so many people hate machines becoming more human?Your god literally loves you even if you are sinning left and right. What is wrong with one person liking the machine over "the real thing". Trust me bud,if you stick with that ideology,you are going to reach a big dilemma later on in life where you will be questioning whether it is right to prosecute someone for loving a creation that doesn't suit your tastes.
  • Kriissito
    Kriissito 2 тижні тому Aitish Kumar nah im with the robots idea but stop thinking on machine and start thinking on the nature...what u think will happen to trees, animals, the dirt, everything is going to be destroyed by humans...
  • Dr63
    Dr63 2 тижні тому @FREAKEST WINGS engrish
  • oink pink
    oink pink 1 місяць тому This is actually amazing for people that are like allergic to dogs, like me
  • Thot destroyer 9000
    Thot destroyer 9000 1 місяць тому oink pink u can buy like a labradoodle or something that doesn’t shed
  • Denise Mayorga
    Denise Mayorga 1 місяць тому (змінено) yes indeed
  • digital, gangsta
    digital, gangsta 1 місяць тому Just buy a cholo dog t-... there ugly don't buy em
  • jokes don't get me so do i
    jokes don't get me so do i 1 місяць тому digital, gangsta they r cute
  • Tobias Krist
    Tobias Krist 1 місяць тому very sad alternative...
  • Taetaer
    Taetaer 1 місяць тому Just get a dog with hair not fur.
  • Mr Nom
    Mr Nom 1 місяць тому Person 1: I have a German Shepherd! Person 2: I have a Golden Retriever! Me: I have Sony. Person 1 and person 2 be like: 😑
  • Angel Nicole Alcantara
    Angel Nicole Alcantara 1 місяць тому Hahaha
  • SuomuSintti
    SuomuSintti 1 місяць тому Bad
  • Mr Nom
    Mr Nom 1 місяць тому SuomuSintti no u
  • Tablet
    Tablet 2 дні тому When you realize that it's extremely expensive and extremely is useless
  • Hydra
    Hydra 1 тиждень тому I told my dog to go to it’s charging station and it went and took a shit in my bathtub.
  • Zany Lightning
    Zany Lightning 2 місяці тому (змінено) Friend: So, what type of dog do you have? Me: Sony.
  • Pradhyumna S
    Pradhyumna S 1 рік тому ME: wow! This looks cool! Bank account: Dont even think of it!
  • Rolf Berge
    Rolf Berge 1 рік тому Ever heard of work?
  • A Communist
    A Communist 1 рік тому @Rolf Berge YEA, sounds easy when you say it.
  • El Jackale
    El Jackale 1 рік тому Rolf Berge Ever heard about life, you stupid cretin? Like costs for living etc.
  • Philip Ottey
    Philip Ottey 1 рік тому I'm surprised sony didn't go bankrupt after their first attempt...I also smell a sequel to Adam Sandler's Click
  • Sebastian SB
    Sebastian SB 1 рік тому HAHAHAHA
  • Pokiblue
    Pokiblue 1 рік тому Me : no longer depressed Wallet : ..... think im depressed
  • Rishipal Singh
    Rishipal Singh 1 рік тому R
  • ChiefTitan-HW
    ChiefTitan-HW 1 рік тому LOL!!!!!!
  • Pink Heart
    Pink Heart 1 рік тому Same I'm broke😂
  • Syundown
    Syundown 1 рік тому Ever heard of life expenses? Ever heard of college tuition? Ever heard of rent? Ever heard of retirement funds? Ever heard of paying for your own food? Ever heard of.... Ah, wait, shouldn't have assumed too soon, my bad. Seems like you've never heard of adulthood yet. Perhaps the only term you've heard of so far was being obnoxious? And before you guess, I've heard of a "joke" before.
  • CtGuy
    CtGuy 1 рік тому xdddddddd
  • Clemover Ent 0
    Clemover Ent 0 1 рік тому Flat Tire it is easy when you get a fuckin education
  • JoshRyan66
    JoshRyan66 1 рік тому LOL
  • LegoWormNoah101
    LegoWormNoah101 5 місяців тому Me: Purchases Aibo and reprograms it into the ultimate talking internet connected robot dog
  • Alex Madison
    Alex Madison 5 місяців тому LMAO
  • Lyrical Industry
    Lyrical Industry 5 місяців тому @Rolf Berge its a joke retard r/wooosh
  • ReeceWD
    ReeceWD 1 місяць тому @Rolf Berge because most people can easily spend $3000 on a toy dog...