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Скачать с ютуб Antique Rusty Butcher's Cleaver RESTORATION

Опубликовано: 30 янв. 2019 г. 6 853 386 просмотров

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Sit back relax ,Don't Think just CLICK and watch the video.

This cleaver was totally Hand Forged and I don't know its age but Its design shows that is a really Antique piece of art. My elder brother traded this cleaver from a Scrap dealer. I tried my best to make it work and beautiful.

i didn't change the old forged textures on steel i just changed the handle and made the blade dull black to keep its own antique look. I hope you guys will enjoy the video.

Antique Rusty Butcher's Cleaver RESTORATION

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  • Random Hands
    Random Hands 1 year ago This cleaver was really an Ancient piece so i didn't want to remove the antique forging textures on the steel so i just made the blade black and changed the handle. I putted all my effort to make the perfect and beautiful handle so please guyz if you want to appreciate my effort just Subscribe and like the video. If you find any flaw in making the video just lemme know in comments ill try to improve my skills in next videos. Love you guyz see you in the next video.
  • OriginalFogin
    OriginalFogin 1 year ago this was the best handle I've seen you make. very good looking.
  • toRturedSoul
    toRturedSoul 1 year ago Random Hands great job, beautiful handle
  • Logan Hakanson
    Logan Hakanson 1 year ago OK👍
  • Timbo Dewabem
    Timbo Dewabem 1 year ago absolutely, done a cracking job here, well done. It's really cool to see how far you've come in your skills. Keep it up as always! 👌
  • Stanley Jones
    Stanley Jones 1 year ago You are really talented and the handle looks great but it doesn't match the blade. The handle looks way to cool for this antique blade but great job as usual. Hope you will do a vise restoration soon as it looks like you need one anyway.
  • Boss Midget
    Boss Midget 1 year ago Amazing work, great job!
  • pop Corn
    pop Corn 1 year ago Cujijkyitkttnmykylhlyofkm*hwjr%)&*?_(_(_¥_(/*/*! $! $? $? $?/(/((^(^(^(^(^((^(^(
  • pop Corn
    pop Corn 1 year ago @Timbo Dewabem 👻💏💏🌝
  • Jeramiah Johnson
    Jeramiah Johnson 1 year ago That handle was beautifully done. Nice job overall.
  • Spetsnaz 101
    Spetsnaz 101 1 year ago Reminds of the film 'Gangs of New York' with Daniel day Lewis as the butcher, lovely handle.
  • vetteheino
    vetteheino 1 year ago First of all, I love what you did with the blade. A real proper way of restoring. Pits and all. I would just love to see some more shape to handle so it easier to handle. But a real nice job non the less. Greetings from the Netherlands.
  • GP-XYZ Ver.
    GP-XYZ Ver. 1 year ago Is there a way for me to get one of the swords you restore?? :00
  • Bayu Sangaji
    Bayu Sangaji 1 year ago Safety first broo☝️👌
  • Jan Arsola
    Jan Arsola 1 year ago you did it just right.
  • Kürbisfürst
    Kürbisfürst 1 year ago Even though you put a lot of effort in the handle , the handle and the blade just don't work together. The blade needs a handle that looks more classic and you created a quite modern handle. Still a nice video though.
  • LevyPlayz121
    LevyPlayz121 1 year ago Random Hands your video was more about the handle then the blade
  • just my thoughts
    just my thoughts 1 year ago Truly a thing of beauty. You should have showings just like any other artist. I love this.
  • Yellow Goggles
    Yellow Goggles 1 year ago how do you hammer so quickly ? is it a super power? is it natural talent?
  • Yellow Goggles
    Yellow Goggles 1 year ago hands get dirty at 10:15
  • Heena Naz
    Heena Naz 1 year ago *put Anyway, the handle is too damn gorgeous.
  • Hiren Kidan
    Hiren Kidan 1 year ago (edited) the blade becomes black, and I don't like it., but the handle is very nice.
  • Garnette Morgan
    Garnette Morgan 1 year ago What a beautiful work of art thank you for sharing do you sell these or just have them in your home or Museum?
  • Aifoscookie
    Aifoscookie 1 year ago Random Hands understandable I would have done the same and good job on the handle it's beautiful
  • KiNg_ KaMbInG
    KiNg_ KaMbInG 1 year ago (edited) But whered you get it from? Edit:This isnt a hate comment cuz hes awesome i really just want to know
  • Nilda Pacheco
    Nilda Pacheco 1 year ago Okmm
  • Aaron Barrett
    Aaron Barrett 1 year ago You did a great job. Well done!
  • cik nuha
    cik nuha 1 year ago hi, malaysian fan here. I thought u're gonna make the steel looks shiny, after reading your comment, only then I understand why. u wanna keep the antique forging texture. well u're so great at preserving the antiques. great job.!!
  • Tejirof
    Tejirof 1 year ago You're so wholesome lol. We love you too man, great job on all you do. :)
  • Jimmy Emerald
    Jimmy Emerald 1 year ago Where do you come across all these antiques
  • saka sake
    saka sake 1 year ago RUBRcobdyb3õdiibeix49c6etôye$>#$%*!%}^ êc6ưycy jz6ehỵ3
  • Caden Muna
    Caden Muna 1 year ago Random Hands you “PuTtEd” bro it’s put
  • Safi Ullah
    Safi Ullah 1 year ago are you from Pakistan or India!?
  • Caden Muna
    Caden Muna 1 year ago Safi Ullah no why
  • Safi Ullah
    Safi Ullah 1 year ago @Caden Muna Cause of its techniques and hand colors!!
  • Mark Boyle
    Mark Boyle 1 year ago Nice artifact
  • Kimberly Romano
    Kimberly Romano 1 year ago Random Hands U
  • Steve Howard
    Steve Howard 1 year ago A bone or antler handle next time with something that ancient
  • Ibnu Masud
    Ibnu Masud 1 year ago Are u from Indonesia?
  • JAX. Exe
    JAX. Exe 1 year ago It looks like a saw clever from bloodborne.
  • Сергей Дмитриевич
    Сергей Дмитриевич 1 year ago Красивый тесак и красивая ручка. Только они не подходят друг другу( по мне старую нужно было бы снять и сделать красиво. Но чтобы осталась старинной, как и лезвие.
  • T. F. 32
    T. F. 32 1 year ago Awesome handle. At first I was thinking wtf but it was an awesome job in the end bud.
  • TheTriforceNinja Vlogs
    TheTriforceNinja Vlogs 1 year ago I personally like the silver blade so I want to see more of them but it is your channel after all I just wanted to suggest that much love
  • Luca Savino
    Luca Savino 1 year ago Yes coke to remove the rust
    TONI FATONI TONI789 1 year ago Zy
  • Jacob Langhorne
    Jacob Langhorne 1 year ago Putted
  • The Kid Historian
    The Kid Historian 1 year ago How do you call this a restoration of you bust of the handle and the thing holding the handle together
  • John Kent
    John Kent 1 year ago *I put
  • Nicole Lain342
    Nicole Lain342 1 year ago Your grammar sucks dude
  • Alberto Munoz
    Alberto Munoz 1 year ago New subscriber nice work
  • Syed Akrash Shah
    Syed Akrash Shah 1 year ago Bro koi music lga dytay bor na hotay but nice video good job...
  • tempuramonster
    tempuramonster 1 year ago Dont you have own a vise grip??
  • Jayda Hughes
    Jayda Hughes 11 months ago Random Hands . I LOVE THE HANDLE! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!💖✌
  • M C
    M C 11 months ago Random Hands , use gloves my friend. To be a good example.
  • Last Channel
    Last Channel 11 months ago ok🤔🤔🤔
  • Vegas space program lol
    Vegas space program lol 11 months ago I realy do miss the golden bronz handels you used to make😂 Brass is so beutiful, but you did a great job here to!
  • damiano guida
    damiano guida 10 months ago It was better without this texture , making it perfectly ...
  • ahmad alyami
    ahmad alyami 10 months ago You’re doing great job and we do appreciate your effort and have a question are these things for sale ?
  • Vlad Boikyev
    Vlad Boikyev 10 months ago Could you possibly find out why this cleaver alone (or so it would seem) hAs a removable blade dude?
  • Vlad Boikyev
    Vlad Boikyev 10 months ago By the way why am I the only one who finds a cleaver to be unique
  • toni sugiarto
    toni sugiarto 9 months ago Opo
  • araya ッ
    araya ッ 9 months ago I love the handle!
  • Red Carnotaurus
    Red Carnotaurus 9 months ago *put
  • Jinjo Bread
    Jinjo Bread 9 months ago Ancient my ass
  • Brian Burch
    Brian Burch 9 months ago G
  • I suck at everything
    I suck at everything 9 months ago Nice
  • maritimefreak
    maritimefreak 8 months ago It's a pleasure watching your work. Is it essential to heat treat & quench in a restoration process? Btw, what is liquid used for derusting. Great job. Keep it up.
  • Knegga S
    Knegga S 5 months ago It looks ugly
  • Данил Мишин
    Данил Мишин 5 months ago Ээээххх
  • Cats meow :3
    Cats meow :3 4 months ago It was great i loved it
  • Jaden Hernandez
    Jaden Hernandez 3 months ago good thinking
  • viᴘ Zᴇᴅᴅ 么
    viᴘ Zᴇᴅᴅ 么 3 months ago What a wonderful handle design.. great job 🔥
  • Geoffrey Thow
    Geoffrey Thow 6 months ago The handle: I’m still in one piece Random hands: wait that’s illegal
  • Darvin Jackson
    Darvin Jackson 6 months ago He has to take it off in order to restore it
  • Old channel Allgamesanime
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    kevin miranda 1 year ago i dont know why but these videos are so satisfying is it just me?
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  • shitpostaaja
    shitpostaaja 1 year ago @Ayara 81 same
  • Kenna McArthur
    Kenna McArthur 1 year ago I find i great to watch someone repair an item to a V high standard rather than just throwing it in the bin
  • HM
    HM 1 year ago (edited) The video has 4 million views asshat.
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    alvee _ mr 11 months ago Same bro....
  • Matias Lapalma
    Matias Lapalma 11 months ago Same for me, i like to see his tools
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    FUCK YALL 10 months ago What do u think? The video only has 5 million views... D U M B
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    fly3ng 10 months ago no, me too. I like it because you get to see an old thing new again
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    Eva Bermea 9 months ago (edited) No! It's ME toooo! It's relaxing to me. Almost soothing to me. I suffer from anxiety and these videos help me out like meditation!
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