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Скачать с ютуб Evolution of Battlefield Games 2002-2018

Опубликовано: 30 мая 2018 г. 1 499 812 просмотров

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Evolution of Battlefield Games 2002-2018
Battlefield 1942 (2002)
Battlefield Vietnam (2004)
Battlefield 2 (2005)
Battlefield 2142 (2006)
Battlefield Bad Company (2008)
Battlefield 1943 (2009)
Battlefield Bad Company 2 (2010)
Battlefield 3 (2011)
Battlefield 4 (2013)
Battlefield Hardline (2015)
Battlefield 1 (2016)
Battlefield V (2018)

  • Nuutinen
    Nuutinen 1 year ago 1:03 to be continued...
  • derpyrell
    derpyrell 1 year ago Lil Nuutinen /music plays
  • Enes Akın
    Enes Akın 1 year ago :D
  • Oğuz Selvin
    Oğuz Selvin 1 year ago LOL :)
  • Dominik Pagórek
    Dominik Pagórek 9 months ago I heard music inside My head haha
  • Tristan HELFENBEIN
    Tristan HELFENBEIN 6 months ago 5:56 also here
  • HunorGames21
    HunorGames21 4 months ago XD
    ALI SALIMI 3 months ago HE FUCKED UP...
  • Jackstez Savage
    Jackstez Savage 3 months ago JoJo
  • Hibah Price
    Hibah Price 2 months ago 5:55
  • Johannes
    Johannes 1 month ago Perkele
  • Hahdhhd Jsjhsjdjd
    Hahdhhd Jsjhsjdjd 1 month ago Lmao
  • Severi J
    Severi J 1 month ago SUOMILAINEN HAVAIJU!;!?!!!
  • NimrodNo22
    NimrodNo22 9 months ago Battlefield 3 was the most intense and fun Battlefields so far imho.
  • John Marston
    John Marston 9 months ago Absolutely. My favourite game and my childhood. The days of c4 ridden quads into the enemy
  • Clay Roberts
    Clay Roberts 9 months ago Yeah for me it felt like the most realistic immersive battlefield, maybe it was the green/blue tint on the game idk
  • Andrev qwert
    Andrev qwert 9 months ago BF3 and BBC2 ar the best
  • CLAY DOG 001
    CLAY DOG 001 9 months ago What about Battlefield hardline with everyone in vehicles on a high speed chase. To me, that's better and intense
  • NimrodNo22
    NimrodNo22 9 months ago @CLAY DOG 001 Not a bad game, but for me Battlefield is about large scale battles with lots of tanks, planes and explosions. Hardline at a different conzept i liked it, but in my opinion it is one of the weakest Battlefield games. Even the new BF1 and V come close to the brillant BF3 and still good BF4.
  • Pavel S
    Pavel S 3 months ago BF 3 was the best
  • Clark Culver
    Clark Culver 3 months ago BF3 will always be the prime battlefield.
  • voodoo194
    voodoo194 3 months ago Nahh, while BF3 was gameplay wise the pinnacle of the series, BF2 had the overall best experience.
  • Hobel
    Hobel 3 months ago @voodoo194 ^this BF3 has made too many setbacks compared to BF2
  • TheSubiGang
    TheSubiGang 3 months ago Lol noobs you obviously never played BF2 Online
  • Borgatiger Games
    Borgatiger Games 3 months ago BF3 is for kids. BF2 and BFBC2 >>>> ALL
  • James Bond
    James Bond 3 months ago fuck no, bf1 is
  • TigerLeon
    TigerLeon 3 months ago (edited) For me Bad company and the second was one of the greatest along with bf3 and bf4. BfV doesn't really live up to the name Battlefield. I still play bfV but imo Bad company and bf4 and 3 is better
  • Adrien
    Adrien 2 months ago @Borgatiger Games BC2 was my favorite. so much fun and the sound was really amazing to me. Guns were loud. Now they reduce them so you can hear footsteps better, even lowering friendly footseps...and the hardcore mode on BC2 was pure gold.
  • Birdie Die
    Birdie Die 2 months ago Miss the "Going Hunting" mission (the fighter jet one). To me, it's the best looking scene in the game when got to the fighter jet. The graphics just still holds up to this day
  • De acuerdo ,
    De acuerdo , 2 months ago Bf3? Lol bfbc2 bro
  • Johannes
    Johannes 1 month ago Bf modern combat2
  • Michael Wang
    Michael Wang 1 month ago @Andrev qwert absolutely, a sense of teamwork and epic cooperation against enemies were my favorite.
  • Cameron Kincaid
    Cameron Kincaid 9 months ago BF2 is still such a good looking game to me
  • Oguz Nalbantoglu
    Oguz Nalbantoglu 9 months ago Bf2 is legend
  • CLAY DOG 001
    CLAY DOG 001 9 months ago He forgot battlefield 2 Modern Combat
  • TheBeanFarm
    TheBeanFarm 9 months ago Cameron Kincaid way ahead of it’s time
  • -Pretty- -Boah-
    -Pretty- -Boah- 9 months ago Battlefield 3 man
  • emulators246
    emulators246 9 months ago I love BF2
  • František Mohykán
    František Mohykán 3 months ago no. YOU are good looking
  • Gomes Trufado
    Gomes Trufado 3 months ago this Battlefield 2 gameplay is a mod gameplay but, still an great game name of mod: heat of battle
  • Med Tazi
    Med Tazi 3 months ago me too
  • MoonLightWarrior
    MoonLightWarrior 2 months ago The footage was from bf2 modern combat on 360 I think because of the shoot physic. On bf2 Pc Vanilla the physic was a little more arcade
  • Lol Ya Daun
    Lol Ya Daun 1 year ago I like Battlefield 1942
  • Владислав Бакланов
    Владислав Бакланов 1 year ago +++++++Very good games
  • Huwu Huwu
    Huwu Huwu 1 year ago i like Battlefield 1
  • Mamnan
    Mamnan 9 months ago i love this game
  • Mamnan
    Mamnan 9 months ago and that soundtrack ♡♡
  • ツFico
    ツFico 9 months ago I think it was actually one of the first games I ever played, still very good :)
  • who does
    who does 9 months ago Yeah me too i still play that from time to time.
  • Sinful_Cowboy 502
    Sinful_Cowboy 502 8 months ago Spent my entire middle school career on this game lol.
  • Ballı TV
    Ballı TV 8 months ago Mee too
  • Ballı TV
    Ballı TV 8 months ago And intro
  • Davide Sabelli
    Davide Sabelli 4 months ago Yep... EA-DICE should have taken BF1942 how was structured and updated it to the new Frostbite. Some slight adjustments (I think of the most advanced submarines in combat against destroyers and depth-adjustable depth bombs) and could become a truly great WW2 game. Not this BF5 :-(
  • Yoshka Fisher
    Yoshka Fisher 1 month ago It's a balanced well designed game. No overloading details..
  • Jason Ghadimi
    Jason Ghadimi 7 months ago battlefield 3 was ahead of all games back in 2011 the graphic still almost after 10 years is just epic!
  • Skiivin
    Skiivin 2 months ago If a bit blue and heavy on the bloom
  • WHO is BEST?
    WHO is BEST? 3 weeks ago Bad company 2 had great graphics compare the both with your own eyes you will see
  • The Count
    The Count 8 months ago imagine battlefield 3 with V graphics.
  • Naufal Blueburn
    Naufal Blueburn 8 months ago Perfect
  • František Mohykán
    František Mohykán 3 months ago in my imagination it looks like battlefield 3 with V graphics
  • Ermac AJ
    Ermac AJ 3 months ago Imaging modern battlefield war whit bfv graphics
  • No commentary Just Fun
    No commentary Just Fun 3 months ago Bf 3 has already good graphics
  • High Impact studios
    High Impact studios 3 months ago enters this chat What if We call it ahem battlefield 6
  • Even TL
    Even TL 2 months ago The Count i hope battlefield 6 is back in modern or present time
  • I'm a mistake
    I'm a mistake 1 month ago Kinda have a plastic look towards it, I'd image BF3 with BF1 graphics
  • Max Morris
    Max Morris 1 month ago Shit that would be great
  • DarkZero
    DarkZero 3 weeks ago Imagine 1942 with V graphics.
  • DarthTemoc
    DarthTemoc 1 year ago Battlefield 2 + Forgotten Hope 2 MOD. THE BEST
    DEVILS ALFA 9 months ago Bf + forgoten hope 2 mod = bf 1943
  • KoDem .
    KoDem . 9 months ago Where is bf heroes?
    DEVILS ALFA 9 months ago @KoDem . стоп русский ?
  • KoDem .
    KoDem . 9 months ago @DEVILS ALFA net
    DEVILS ALFA 9 months ago @KoDem . ты Русс не ври
  • KoDem .
    KoDem . 9 months ago @DEVILS ALFA s chego ti vzial
    DEVILS ALFA 9 months ago @KoDem . да хватит на английской клаве русские слова писать
  • YungTheoo
    YungTheoo 4 months ago Also project reality
  • Dosedmonkey
    Dosedmonkey 2 months ago FH2 was the best thing ever. BF Pirates was pretty legendary too. So was Eve of Destruction.
  • Dosedmonkey
    Dosedmonkey 2 months ago @KoDem . still in beta. 🤣
  • Burak Erden
    Burak Erden 4 months ago Battlefield 3 the BEST!!!
  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 3 months ago No... Just no
  • MrOgisha ZZZ
    MrOgisha ZZZ 3 months ago I still remeber playing it on my desktop and trying to pass mision with planes also i remeber first mision in the train.
  • Jens Martin Hedegaard Andersen
    Jens Martin Hedegaard Andersen 2 months ago yesss
  • Gürkan Draman
    Gürkan Draman 2 months ago yess
  • Matyas Guyon
    Matyas Guyon 1 month ago Yup
  • Johannes
    Johannes 1 month ago Have u ever played Bf modern combat2?
  • Puesta De Sol
    Puesta De Sol 4 weeks ago Battlefield 1
  • Bluenix _Indo
    Bluenix _Indo 1 week ago Does battlefield 3 playerbase still active?
  • aagneyaddneyarneycourtneyleanercouncil1
    aagneyaddneyarneycourtneyleanercouncil1 3 months ago Battlefield 2142 had such an atmosphere... The locations, the music, the “white future went wrong” setting is so seducing lol.
  • Hans Reiner
    Hans Reiner 2 months ago The futuristic war, the mech and weapons are the best no other game can do the same
  • Carlito
    Carlito 1 month ago What a game lot of memories with my big brother
  • TheMrTipZy
    TheMrTipZy 9 months ago BF 2 and 3 were by far the evolution of the franchise. So many good memories.
  • Gameprojordan
    Gameprojordan 9 months ago bad company 1 is a pretty good evolution too, it brought destructive environments to the series
  • voodoo194
    voodoo194 3 months ago BF2 had the most epic battles ever. Those maps where just gold. I would be happy if the next BF would just be a 4k remaster of that game (not likely, but still).
  • Robert Bruise
    Robert Bruise 3 months ago They say it's gonna be a futuristic one.Triple AAA game companies will never learn that futuristic games are stale
  • voodoo194
    voodoo194 3 months ago @Robert Bruise maybe, but I think they'll continue to use the battlefront franchise for this
  • Wot war
    Wot war 1 month ago Спутниковый ресивер
  • Onur Demir
    Onur Demir 1 year ago I like Battlefield 2 & 1942
  • Skeer
    Skeer 1 year ago I like Battlefield V & 1
  • Микита Юрик
    Микита Юрик 1 year ago +
  • Максим Скрипников
    Максим Скрипников 9 months ago Half-life better!
  • Impulse 101
    Impulse 101 9 months ago @Максим Скрипников no question!
  • Václav Lecián
    Václav Lecián 9 months ago @Skeer How ?
  • Sherlock Combs
    Sherlock Combs 9 months ago witicin I also like Battlefield V
  • No commentary Just Fun
    No commentary Just Fun 3 months ago Cause you have a good pc
  • Moises Pena
    Moises Pena 1 month ago @Václav Lecián what,are u judging wat he likes,ya prick.
  • Botyó Mapper
    Botyó Mapper 1 year ago (edited) BF 1942 Is the best old ww2 game
  • thatclemsonfandudeguyman wow
    thatclemsonfandudeguyman wow 1 year ago BotyóElvtárs hi
  • Isaiah Braddock
    Isaiah Braddock 1 year ago Agreed
  • В гостях у Тимура
    В гостях у Тимура 1 year ago Is better then BF5.
  • Андрей Ильин
    Андрей Ильин 1 year ago 1942 shit cod 2 and cod ww better
  • В гостях у Тимура
    В гостях у Тимура 1 year ago Huh, COD-fan is here.
  • Андрей Ильин
    Андрей Ильин 1 year ago @В гостях у Тимура я не фанат cod, просто cod лучше. и всё.
  • В гостях у Тимура
    В гостях у Тимура 1 year ago Как скажешь, твое дело.
  • TheRealSuomi
    TheRealSuomi 1 year ago @Rheinmetall MG3 Can you speak without insulting someone BF fangirl
  • Kalys Bourque
    Kalys Bourque 1 year ago @Андрей Ильин COD was strictly small but with the Battlefield games, it is more diverse than playing with complete chaos and no tactics to see who has the best skill...
  • ritoyu
    ritoyu 1 year ago The CoD WW2 is the best old WW2 game (another joke about CoD old graphics and gameplay mechanics)
  • Mr Xenomorf
    Mr Xenomorf 1 year ago @В гостях у Тимура он имел ввиду старые игры
  • В гостях у Тимура
    В гостях у Тимура 1 year ago Чувак, это понятно что он про старые игры.
  • Mr Xenomorf
    Mr Xenomorf 1 year ago @В гостях у Тимура тогда зачем ты написал, что бф5 лучше?
  • Mr Xenomorf
    Mr Xenomorf 1 year ago (edited) @В гостях у Тимура "then" - тогда, "than" - чем. Я только что понял, что ты ошибся, не бей только)
  • В гостях у Тимура
    В гостях у Тимура 1 year ago Короче забей, мне как-то уже пофиг.
  • TheRealSuomi
    TheRealSuomi 1 year ago @Rheinmetall MG3 seems like you're the little one
  • TheRealSuomi
    TheRealSuomi 1 year ago @Rheinmetall MG3 if he doesn't like it just let it be, you're gonna find alot more keyboard warriors
  • Zielakowicz
    Zielakowicz 1 year ago MOHAA
  • Random Rock
    Random Rock 9 months ago Cod2 and Bf1942 pioneers of the genre
  • Drahus Misurcova
    Drahus Misurcova 9 months ago Operace flashpoint best noobs
  • Drahus Misurcova
    Drahus Misurcova 9 months ago Cod-kid arcade Battlefield - adolescent look like realistický game Arna-adult old school player super realistický game.
  • Davide Sabelli
    Davide Sabelli 4 months ago (edited) @Drahus Misurcova ArmA is just tremendously and unnecessarily complex ... but not very realistic
  • Grape Abbas
    Grape Abbas 3 months ago Cod 1, cod 2 cod waw, medal of honor allied assault, rising storm, all three band of Brothers games.
  • WHY u do it
    WHY u do it 2 months ago i mean, bia series and alot
  • UGN 454
    UGN 454 3 months ago Bruh this got recommended to me the moment I heard the possibility of ww3 and getting drafted.
  • قبل 12 سنة
    قبل 12 سنة 9 months ago Bad Company + BATTLEFIELD 3 = The best
  • iiJungleIQ
    iiJungleIQ 9 months ago And battlefield 4
    NAWAR 7 months ago @iiJungleIQ And battlefield 5
  • José Fernandez
    José Fernandez 3 months ago The gun sounds of bad company are so damn good, i hope they will bring bad company 3
    PUPPET MASTER 3 months ago @José Fernandez Me too man,Too bad that the leaks have confirmed the next Battlefield to be NOT Bad Company 3 for a millionth time again,Fuck Dice to hell and back,They deserve to burn
  • Kaan Topçu
    Kaan Topçu 2 months ago Maybe
  • Ayashkant Satpathy
    Ayashkant Satpathy 2 months ago Pablo escobar played games🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • Fidel Castro
    Fidel Castro 2 days ago صدام حسين... 😟⁦♥️⁩
  • Aditya Bairathi
    Aditya Bairathi 3 days ago BF1 was the best and most gorgeous looking and the gameplay was so great! Wasn't really a big fan of the suppression system tho. BFV just killed the franchise man... I hope BF6 would be given at least the same time BF1 got after BF4 was launched. BFV needs to content buildup like BF4 got. BF4 was in a pitiful state at launch and now its just great. Hope BFV gets the same treatment. Side note, I wish you would've taken the BFV video from the E3 gameplay and not the trailer... The game still looks nothing like it lol
  • Malaysian Mapper
    Malaysian Mapper 9 months ago I remember playing battlefield bad company 2 as it was my first battlefield game
  • Aventurez 115
    Aventurez 115 9 months ago Same
  • Anatol Sergon
    Anatol Sergon 9 months ago Not my first one but ultimately the best one in the whole series. On PC it was just incredible how the map used to look after a few minutes. ^^
  • its benja
    its benja 3 months ago Rush maps was well designed
  • Mikk Aav
    Mikk Aav 3 months ago Video quality is so poor that there's no graphical differences present
  • beghdav
    beghdav 2 months ago (edited) BF2, huge maps sizes, best scale design, it was just perfect, u could play infantry or vehicles and gameplay sensations were the same, battles were so long sometimes and so many ppls on big maps. And all this without lags or bugs. Chopper drops, buggy rushes, sniping for 30 minutes, u could do it all in the same game. Jeez i had so much fun on it... i know u can still play it but its not the same, i think im getting older lol
  • Mac Tonight
    Mac Tonight 6 days ago Never cared about battlefield till battlefield 1, V is great to me too! I’m tired of all the modern day shooters, I hope they keep the ball rolling and give us a brand new battlefield Vietnam!