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Скачать с ютуб Magic Cutting Tools - CNC Machine & Milling Compilation | Most Satisfying Machines

Опубликовано: 19 июл. 2016 г. 3 034 886 просмотров

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Magic Cutting Tools - CNC Machine & Milling Compilation by Machine World
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Music used:
Sleepdebt - I C U
Triton - You
Nomyn - Daydreamer

Welcome to Machine World! This brand new YouTube channel aims to bring you the very best and most interesting compilations and videos about heavy machinery such as heavy duty lathes, CNC technology, laser cutting, metalworking, gears, industrial equipment and vehicles and much more!

In this CNC machine compilation you will see a variety of magic cutting tools in full HD, accompanied by chill background music. It is truly oddly satisfying to watch these mesmerizing computer controlled machines work on metal, and in my opinion, the worlds most satisfying video.

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The Most Satisfying Video In The World #8 🌟 The Most Satisfying Video Ever

  • Machine World
    Machine World 1 year ago Check out our newest video here! 💥 Heavy Machinery FAILS and ACCIDENTS Caught on Tape ▶️
  • Anonymous Hitman
    Anonymous Hitman 1 year ago outrageous speeds, feeds and cutting depths....DRY no less....
  • Vincenzo Seminato
    Vincenzo Seminato 1 year ago rodriguez
  • Danny THE Dog
    Danny THE Dog 1 year ago It can't be done with hardox like that, i assure you🙈
  • Vadim Arushanov
    Vadim Arushanov 7 months ago That motorcycle helmet was insane😱
  • Luca D.B
    Luca D.B 3 years ago I wanna know who made the program for the bike helmet. Absolutely incredible
  • Giit Huub
    Giit Huub 3 years ago And what are you going to do when you figured the name out?
  • PatCartierMW2
    PatCartierMW2 2 years ago My guess is that it's a team effort from "Hypermill" staff since it's a demo part.
  • Alberto Corrales
    Alberto Corrales 2 years ago This is a robot, and it envolves an operation of six axis or more.
  • x徐国清
    x徐国清 1 year ago Luca D.B 卅:丁,
  • Charlotte Grainger
    Charlotte Grainger 1 year ago It was michael feltz
  • Jascha44
    Jascha44 1 year ago Propably with a visual scan, or did he really program everything?
  • Hrishikesh Kashyap
    Hrishikesh Kashyap 1 year ago Luca D.B .... Nobody programmed.... It's a CAM procedure where the helmet design had been made in a CAD software.
  • vjeran vlahovic
    vjeran vlahovic 1 year ago @Hrishikesh Kashyap like Catia
  • Tainicon
    Tainicon 1 year ago Hrishikesh Kashyap the tool paths were “programmed“ not with code but a cam software. That takes a lot of skill. I think that is what op was asking about.
  • GeT_LeFt
    GeT_LeFt 1 year ago CAM/CAD program
  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 year ago the machine here the software here
  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 1 year ago (edited) @Tainicon yes with code ... That's all the cnc machine understands, every move that is in relationship to the coordinates of the parts geometry has a startpoint and endpoint, and the machine drives to those points in a series of G1, G2, orG3 , and x,y,z, moves respectively. If they are moves about the rotary axis, then they are a custom coded moves proprietary to that companies rotary system, sometimes gG111,G112,andG113 but yes, all coded.
  • Tainicon
    Tainicon 1 year ago David Johnson you can write Gcode manually, but no sane person would do it manually. The tool paths for that helmet were almost certainly the result of cam work on a cad file of the helmet.
  • Tainicon
    Tainicon 1 year ago David Johnson and you’re obviously right that a CNC can only understand sequential activations of each axes’ motor. But the standard method of generating those commands is with CAM software. Because that would probably take months (like actually 10,000 of hours) to manually write the code for that helmet while it could probably be done with cam software in only a few hours - days.
  • Danny THE Dog
    Danny THE Dog 1 year ago Oh i'm so jealous of companies where all is done by CAM. As just an apprentice my head nearly exploded thinking how a G-code for milling that helmet looks like..
  • wolf310ii
    wolf310ii 1 year ago @Alberto Corrales Thats two different CNC with 5-axis each, not 6 or more
  • JustMe
    JustMe 9 months ago Generally, the producer of the final product provides a 3d model file to the manufacturer. It may be a simple wireframe or it may have pre-defined surfaces. Their engineers use that model to create surfaces, splines, etc. Every CNC machine has different capabilities, number of axes, etc. so a special "post processor" is written and designed specifically for that machine. Based on the portion of the mold being machine, the necessary tools are selected within the program and the tool paths are generated along with necessary G and M codes, spindle speeds, feed rates, etc. The guy out there pushing the buttons has very little to do with the code. A mold has thousands of lines of code that you could never write by hand. When I was in manufacturing, some of the software we used was CADKey, WorkNC, MasterCam, Virtual Gibbs and some others I can't recall. We used to manufacture the mold for the cowling that went on a small snowmobile for kids. Even then, the block of steel we started with was nearly 2' square.
  • ProSurviver
    ProSurviver 3 years ago procrastination is why im here
  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi 3 years ago ProSurviver Lol, I'm pretty sure you're not the only one (I am as well).
  • Dave Underwood
    Dave Underwood 1 year ago Same
  • adam maalmi
    adam maalmi 1 year ago
  • Charliebrm1
    Charliebrm1 1 year ago Reminds me I'm getting a tooth cavity filled this coming Wednesday.
  • Machine World
    Machine World 3 years ago If only I could afford this kind of technology... :)
  • Weevil40
    Weevil40 3 years ago So cool man
  • Weevil40
    Weevil40 3 years ago I actually have 2 cnc lathes
  • Northern Cross
    Northern Cross 3 years ago You are the man, I have A cnc vacuum cleaner....................
  • Trapaholic
    Trapaholic 3 years ago I have a couple of these in my garage :]
  • wades623
    wades623 3 years ago Timba Wulf Osu! I think that 3d pro ring has been around since the 70s or 80s it has just gotten cheaper and therefore more popular
  • wades623
    wades623 3 years ago printing*
  • The Fattest Hagrid
    The Fattest Hagrid 2 years ago Just affording it doesn't make you able to use it.
  • Charles Cham
    Charles Cham 2 years ago yeah, you need to have the best milling software as well which cost a lot. hehe.
  • Skye Renard
    Skye Renard 2 years ago Oh how I would love to have one. The things I could do
  • Uj Birnale
    Uj Birnale 2 years ago Nice
  • Raheel Jamal
    Raheel Jamal 1 year ago Machine World
  • adam maalmi
    adam maalmi 1 year ago
  • hotburnymustard
    hotburnymustard 5 months ago You can @8:45
  • Ashley Pomeroy
    Ashley Pomeroy 3 years ago (edited) 4:37 onwards should have a NSFW tag. Or 6:20, my word.
  • matthew jones
    matthew jones 3 years ago that motorbike helmet was awesome
  • Untainted One
    Untainted One 3 years ago matthew jones just a model
  • Manu.MND
    Manu.MND 1 year ago @Untainted One Umm Its still awesome?!
  • Brandon Better
    Brandon Better 2 years ago 6:47 when you're just trying to show off 😂
  • Levi Lhanghal
    Levi Lhanghal 3 years ago Uploader remind us that the first day I realized how's the specialty of fanuc controller machine
  • bdf2718
    bdf2718 2 years ago I'm so old I remember the days when these things were driven by a handful of TTL chips which operated as a Digital Differential Analyser. Now they just emulate DDAs in software.
    YJM YJM 3 years ago 6:10 - 6:18 me every time im picking my nose in the car
  • Sydney D.
    Sydney D. 3 years ago 0:29 this was satisfying until I thought of the sound of dentist drills 😭😭😂
  • Tubergen MotorSports
    Tubergen MotorSports 3 years ago Amazing technology! I just got an old 1950's metal lathe and I'm happy as can be. (Just can't make one of those aluminum helmets) ; ( Thanks for sharing!
  • Zaspany
    Zaspany 1 year ago Yeah but mine 47' also still works! These modern machine will be in scrap-heap after years :)
  • Helterskelter4
    Helterskelter4 11 months ago All you need, a likely a lot better built machine. I kind of prefer manual milling and lathe work, more satisfaction - albeit slower, CNC is very cool but I have no practical need for one.
  • Łukasz Góryński
    Łukasz Góryński 3 years ago So... Beautiful!
    LIGHT ALONE 1 year ago Falling in love with dis beautifully made cnc
  • Roland Chico
    Roland Chico 3 years ago Every time I see this kind of videos I say to myself that I´d like to see the same with hard materials... ;-)
  • Llew Gibson
    Llew Gibson 1 year ago I seen your channel mate, absolutely love the content. Subbed straight away, We should connect!
  • phillip miller
    phillip miller 1 year ago How everyone of my milling jobs on my Harbor Freight mill does,...perfect LOL