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Скачать с ютуб Pro Goes Blatant CHEATER at Lan Tournament Final Game CS:GO

Опубликовано: 23 окт. 2018 г. 4 242 158 просмотров

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I take a detailed look at Forsakens Incredibly Blatant Final Game at the Lan Tournament.

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  • Aqua
    Aqua 11 months ago Forsakens is now a microsoft tech support scammer
  • Poweix
    Poweix 11 months ago Really? XD
  • PixelGunner 123
    PixelGunner 123 11 months ago @Poweix r/whoooosh
  • Jamest
    Jamest 11 months ago @PixelGunner 123 That was an unnecessary whoosh
  • Havoc Reaper
    Havoc Reaper 11 months ago and you're still a virgin
  • saurabh raj
    saurabh raj 10 months ago The people getting scammed are high school dropouts..
  • Dodayme
    Dodayme 10 months ago Customer : hello my pc is weird can you help me ? Forsaken : did you try to installing word.exe ?
  • Shourya Syal
    Shourya Syal 10 months ago Hhaahhaahahahahaha
  • Steve
    Steve 8 months ago savage!
  • Cryde Golem
    Cryde Golem 8 months ago Bro I read that as minecraft tech support scammer, confused me so much.
  • Cryde Golem
    Cryde Golem 8 months ago Havoc Reaper haha, that’s a cold comment man.
  • Bossaster Zuhn
    Bossaster Zuhn 8 months ago @Dodayme did try instarlin grad word.exe
  • Kyoshiwa
    Kyoshiwa 8 months ago LUL GOLD COMMENT.
  • Thomas
    Thomas 8 months ago @SkyHxgh it's woooosh
  • Thomas
    Thomas 8 months ago (edited) @SkyHxgh yes there is. It's called r/woooosh. It has 4 o's.
  • Hassans
    Hassans 8 months ago bitch
  • hi there
    hi there 8 months ago @Hassans Go back to shitting the streets, gay Indian dicksucker :)
  • Yer Boy Kerchingus
    Yer Boy Kerchingus 8 months ago @SkyHxgh woooosh*
  • Yer Boy Kerchingus
    Yer Boy Kerchingus 8 months ago @SkyHxgh I'll help you out
  • Ethan Bjerke
    Ethan Bjerke 8 months ago @Havoc Reaper Found forsaken
  • R3pN1x C
    R3pN1x C 8 months ago @PixelGunner 123 r/im14andthisiswoooosh
  • Bounty hunter
    Bounty hunter 8 months ago hahaha
  • saber mouhib
    saber mouhib 8 months ago lol
  • SkyHxgh
    SkyHxgh 8 months ago @Yer Boy Kerchingus I realized but didn't check then, so my bad.
  • Tuu pakuun
    Tuu pakuun 8 months ago He looks like a muslim whos in there
  • Tuu pakuun
    Tuu pakuun 8 months ago @Havoc Reaper you arent virgin cuz you are black and you stole under age children virginity
  • Platypus
    Platypus 8 months ago L0L bro hahahahahah
  • David Stoker
    David Stoker 8 months ago @PixelGunner 123 you lost or do you honestly think you're on reddit? Weeb
  • Mr Robot
    Mr Robot 7 months ago Indians are good at scamming people
  • Süleyman Yiğit Darcan
    Süleyman Yiğit Darcan 7 months ago Lmao I'd expect that
  • Eduard Brichuk
    Eduard Brichuk 7 months ago Well he basically wasted his life and opportunity. Now he basically plays the criminal IRL because he chose that scumbag route. Lost all his friends and team and should be shamed more. What a total nutjob like all the rest of the cheaters online.
  • TheFungusAmongUs
    TheFungusAmongUs 7 months ago @SkyHxgh r/itswooooshwithfouros
  • PanMan
    PanMan 7 months ago wait are you fr?
  • insertname
    insertname 6 months ago Well he was just 5 years banned from Valve events
  • Vergildante 019
    Vergildante 019 6 months ago Hahahahahah
  • Мартицан
    Мартицан 6 months ago @PixelGunner 123 r/pixels4grls
    STRIKER 6 months ago Works in Mumbai
  • Halcyon Nightz
    Halcyon Nightz 5 months ago Benchod don't be calling scamming!
  • Crusime
    Crusime 5 months ago @Havoc Reaper you to lol
  • guess who
    guess who 5 months ago I laughed to this for way longer than necessary
  • Adith Prasad
    Adith Prasad 5 months ago Bruh
  • Joel ——
    Joel —— 5 months ago Loooooooooool
  • Blu
    Blu 4 months ago Hello your computer has virus
  • OBNinjaa
    OBNinjaa 3 months ago @Havoc Reaper Aww did you get triggered?
  • Ribić1337 MvM
    Ribić1337 MvM 3 months ago XD
  • Joel Sommerli
    Joel Sommerli 3 months ago SdoodooS no
  • Varad13Plays
    Varad13Plays 3 months ago @Havoc Reaper nicely destroyed
  • J Y
  • Diego Santiago
    Diego Santiago 3 months ago And asking for target gift cards to “solve computer problems”
  • Albert Red
    Albert Red 2 months ago Aqua he was before the tournament
  • Gabe Itches
    Gabe Itches 2 months ago Ahahaha
  • jordan barnhart
    jordan barnhart 2 months ago lol
  • Phantom Playz
    Phantom Playz 2 months ago @Havoc Reaper I suppose you are Indian
  • Ab1lity :D
    Ab1lity :D 2 months ago @SkyHxgh Whoooosh
  • 0wnuquik
    0wnuquik 2 months ago benchod
  • AchillesTheAnt
    AchillesTheAnt 2 months ago implying he wasn't already lol
  • Michael Wijaya
    Michael Wijaya 2 months ago All indian did the best to be a scammer
  • WillBurhans
    WillBurhans 2 months ago Mr Robot and commenting on IG models posts
  • Michael Wijaya
    Michael Wijaya 2 months ago @Havoc Reaper bloody pedo confirmed
  • Kukkuluuruu
    Kukkuluuruu 1 month ago @Hassans based on your behavior you are not more than 15 yourself
  • Miko -_-
    Miko -_- 1 month ago lmao
  • F1RC St0Rmzyy
    F1RC St0Rmzyy 1 month ago @PixelGunner 123 buddy learn how to woooosh
  • Fanuli Fanulis
    Fanuli Fanulis 1 month ago He is india so he must be scammer
  • ĐuCành
    ĐuCành 1 month ago And his first victim was the reference 😂
    THE DOOR 1 month ago Realy man I want him to scam me
  • Faceless
    Faceless 3 weeks ago @saurabh raj just like @Havoc Reaper
  • Faceless
    Faceless 3 weeks ago @Hassans nigga there are no Indians here that will help you out so you better shut the fuck up
  • Nicolas Condo
    Nicolas Condo 1 week ago @PixelGunner 123 HEY LOOK I KNOW REDDIITT
  • PixelGunner 123
    PixelGunner 123 1 week ago @Nicolas Condo ok nicolas
  • Kush Groover, TheDesirer282
    Kush Groover, TheDesirer282 1 week ago We don't find that stereotype funny anymore
  • T0udy v2
    T0udy v2 1 week ago Your windoowes is broken
  • Fro_Zen
    Fro_Zen 1 week ago Hello I’m a Nigerian prince who needs to give away my gold- Scammer
  • Lil Chromosome
    Lil Chromosome 1 week ago Havoc Reaper lmao imagine defending forsaken 😂 literal shit tier
  • amir anuar
    amir anuar 1 week ago @PixelGunner 123 lol XD
  • Risky Is Awp
    Risky Is Awp 2 days ago hahahaha
  • Djsnsnns Jwkamdme
    Djsnsnns Jwkamdme 1 day ago Lololololololol
  • Carl James
    Carl James 1 day ago lol rekt
    LukhWiN - CSGO & VALORANT 6 months ago Forsaken: Deletes his cheats in front of admin The admin who saw everything: Am I a joke to you?
  • lass1234
    lass1234 6 months ago Forsaken: u wot m8?
  • Good Heart
    Good Heart 6 months ago 😆😆😆😆
  • Watermelon
    Watermelon 5 months ago @lass1234 do i know you?
  • minato uzumaki
    minato uzumaki 5 months ago fast enough 2 delete..
  • Berry Doomer
    Berry Doomer 3 months ago Makes me wonder why the coder didn't think of some kind of panic key which would delete the files
  • Cloudingz
    Cloudingz 2 months ago Berry Doomer It could be just a regular cheat that is used for MM.
  • Lenny69 シ
    Lenny69 シ 2 months ago @Berry Doomer The real question is why he even was allowed to install it in the first place.
  • teknown
    teknown 2 months ago There should be a panic button that deletes your cheat..
  • X-CeLeRaTe
    X-CeLeRaTe 3 weeks ago @teknown Admin still saw the evidence ;) just becomes his word against yours and who do you think their going to trust an Indian or an Asian admin lmao.
  • Armenbrine2200
    Armenbrine2200 2 weeks ago I’m your 1.2kth liker! What do I get?
  • Gigi
    Gigi 2 weeks ago @X-CeLeRaTe dubass Indians are still considered Asians
  • Random `
    Random ` 1 week ago He already deleted the cheats but some who they were backed up
  • Michael Mano
    Michael Mano 6 days ago @Lenny69 シThe best hacks are loaders that run when a usb is connected. e.g. you charge your phone via the USB port on the computer and they get injected.
  • andrromedos
    andrromedos 8 months ago That moment, when you are so bad, you can't even kill people with hacks.
  • Zack 7
    Zack 7 8 months ago What???????
  • Zayx
    Zayx 8 months ago Ok stop crying
  • andrromedos
    andrromedos 8 months ago @Zayx ?
  • McMuffin4679
    McMuffin4679 7 months ago andrromedos he was trying to hide it as best as possible are you retarded lol
  • Auto B0t
    Auto B0t 7 months ago andrromedos so you dont understand how hackers try to hide their hacks huh
  • ceasserr
    ceasserr 6 months ago (edited) He's trying to not go blatant and trying to be legit as possible
  • AlphaSphinx
    AlphaSphinx 6 months ago This is why he should've used Aimware 😎 😎 😎 👌 👌 👌.
  • ceasserr
    ceasserr 6 months ago @AlphaSphinx forsaken has balls for using ezfrags
  • Craftwork
    Craftwork 6 months ago He hides the cheat by using a certain hotkey to toggle the cheats.
  • mattys
    mattys 4 months ago (edited) not how it works. when people play legit they dont want to have a 100 headshot chance because overwatch is a thing. But Forsaken is a bad cheater.
  • ashish hembrom
    ashish hembrom 2 months ago I think the only reason he got caught was because he could people with hacks
  • CrafterSon
    CrafterSon 1 month ago he tried to hide his cheats, but he is dumb cause he couldnt even hide them well
  • KhoR Fears
    KhoR Fears 1 month ago AlphaSphinx Aimware is one of the worst cheats for this use. Aimware is only good for HVH not legit plus vac waves will get all your accounts banned.
  • snJtiu Y. [Comment reposter]
    snJtiu Y. [Comment reposter] 1 week ago i dont get why people say "you cant even kill people with hacks" if I walk into a game and turn on my cheats and try to act legit but get every single kill and not die ONCE thats not pretending to be legit with hacks, thats just being a shitty legit cheater, laugh at him for getting such an obvious aimbot not becuase "he is so bad he cant even kill people with hacks"
  • Zach Doan
    Zach Doan 3 weeks ago still waiting for someone to just straight up spinbot in a tournament
  • minds
    minds 2 weeks ago Bro I would die laughing 🤣
  • snJtiu Y. [Comment reposter]
    snJtiu Y. [Comment reposter] 1 week ago forsaken should've just started spinbotting, his aimbot was so obvious that if he started spinbotting there would be no difference in the outcome
  • iiLxifuii
    iiLxifuii 4 days ago @snJtiu Y. [Comment reposter] Apparently his hack was only for aiming purposes, no spinning
  • alek
    alek 3 days ago if someone were to want to retire, i see no problem in them doing just that in a tournment
  • rickard svensson
    rickard svensson 3 days ago @alek besides they can lose all kind of sponsors, getting sued for a fuckton and so on, other than that. No, nothing really will happen.
  • Ellan Russ Decugmao
    Ellan Russ Decugmao 16 hours ago @iiLxifuii dude its ezfrags it's just renamed to "word.exe"
  • Nick Vicpops
    Nick Vicpops 5 months ago (edited) An alternate title for this video: "When you use cheats and still suck."
  • Lucas Volkmer
    Lucas Volkmer 5 months ago Yes, this is true...
  • Śhiva
    Śhiva 2 months ago True 😂😂
  • Sapphire神
    Sapphire神 1 month ago It’s called hiding your cheats
  • Snipejay Snipejay
    Snipejay Snipejay 1 month ago Sapphire神 he still sucks
  • RombaKungen
    RombaKungen 1 month ago @Snipejay Snipejay that's why he's a pro, because he sucks. You're just fucking ignorant.
  • DN_Horror
    DN_Horror 2 weeks ago @RombaKungen lol he obviously cheats that's why he's a pro lmfao
  • Cman
    Cman 2 weeks ago @Snipejay Snipejay Still better than you lmao
  • Snipejay Snipejay
    Snipejay Snipejay 2 weeks ago Cman no shit he’s better than me but he’s still a fucking cheater get over it 😤
  • Snipejay Snipejay
    Snipejay Snipejay 2 weeks ago DN_Horror Someone that understands :/ plus you can’t just assume people and call them bad just because their wrong or right
  • Beastinlosers
    Beastinlosers 2 weeks ago At the pro level too. Even if it's a minor its kinda wack
  • Gabriel Derner
    Gabriel Derner 1 week ago @Sapphire神 No, that's not what it is. Hiding your cheats is not NEEDING your cheats to aim. He got the most blatant config he could find, and tried to become a pro. He is incredibly shit, his cheat doesn't matter.
  • Estelle Du Plessis
    Estelle Du Plessis 1 week ago I did use aimbot butt i got very good at my own aim but people still overwatch me to see if i cheat
  • NotDiversity
    NotDiversity 10 months ago Delete hacks infront of admin Sneak 100
  • athal
    athal 10 months ago More like sneak 0
  • [MultiTopix] Penguin King
    [MultiTopix] Penguin King 9 months ago Career 0
  • Sierra64 Playz
    Sierra64 Playz 9 months ago U mean -1000
  • Trung Nguyen
    Trung Nguyen 8 months ago Bruh 100
  • ELD3R
    ELD3R 8 months ago More like "mp_careerend 1"
  • Caakes
    Caakes 8 months ago ifuckedup.exe
  • Pro Monster
    Pro Monster 7 months ago Play of the game
  • Lurk
    Lurk 7 months ago he shoulda choked the admin out with his mouse cord
  • Ryasuke - Cinematics
    Ryasuke - Cinematics 6 months ago copied comment but still funny
  • ChartedTV
    ChartedTV 6 months ago Dang So Many r/woosh In This Reply Section Hmhmhmhmhmh
  • ChartedTV
    ChartedTV 6 months ago Plebs r/woosh
  • ChartedTV
    ChartedTV 6 months ago Ne0 artz r/woosh
  • Some retard
    Some retard 5 months ago @athal dumbass like you are the reason the world is ending.
    WEAPONIZER TANK 5 months ago Such an idiot using hacks xD , why do he needed to use them? He earns a lot of money (i think) i don't know how much money can you earn for being a profesional player
  • Exodus Gaming
    Exodus Gaming 5 months ago @athal r/whoosh
  • Gaeg plays
    Gaeg plays 5 months ago @WEAPONIZER TANK because hes not good enough without them
  • Nice Soot
    Nice Soot 3 months ago @Sierra64 Playz r/whoooosh
  • Inhales
    Inhales 2 months ago NotDiversity LMAOOOO
  • Adam 13
    Adam 13 2 months ago - UD FaceIT hack
  • Zpiz
    Zpiz 2 months ago 500 IQ
  • Nevetyo
    Nevetyo 2 months ago @WEAPONIZER TANK ask ninja haha
  • TheDark DARIUZ
    TheDark DARIUZ 1 month ago @Lurk 😂😂
    THE DOOR 1 month ago Destroyed
  • Swiss 777-300ER
    Swiss 777-300ER 2 days ago hiscareergon
  • SauceyBear
    SauceyBear 2 days ago Would it'd be possible to set up a key bind to run a script or something to delete the hacks while still in game?
  • Masked
    Masked 7 months ago He just had team viewer the person playing Was s1mple
  • Dante Sparda
    Dante Sparda 6 months ago lmao teamviewers
  • Sam Ruben J. Gangoso
    Sam Ruben J. Gangoso 4 months ago Lol
  • yaLcHii SuMonE
    yaLcHii SuMonE 4 months ago Lmfao 😂😂
  • Theta Gaming
    Theta Gaming 3 months ago When you use 0% of brain
  • Umit
    Umit 3 months ago Simple woulda heard the awp scope 😂
  • GodofDEATH749
    GodofDEATH749 2 months ago those look like flusha plays to me
  • Atri dasgupta
    Atri dasgupta 1 month ago Lol ?
  • Puchatek Official
    Puchatek Official 1 month ago Lmao
  • Faceless
    Faceless 3 weeks ago ?
  • PantsTheThird
    PantsTheThird 1 week ago @GodofDEATH749 nothing like flusha plays
  • imitation is the greatest form of flattery
    imitation is the greatest form of flattery 1 week ago This man can install all the cheats he wants and be worse than simple
  • Faceless
    Faceless 1 week ago @imitation is the greatest form of flattery LMAO
  • Shijit Nair
    Shijit Nair 4 days ago His movement, his positioning, never seemed even close to a Pro.
  • Carl James
    Carl James 1 day ago silver 3
  • Inhales
    Inhales 2 months ago Forsaken: sees admin walk to his PC nervousness intensifies
  • 「Lockyn」
    「Lockyn」 2 months ago Honestly tho why would you have an aimlock anyway which is configured to lock through walls? THat just makes no sense atleast have it to only lock onto visible players lmao
  • Lorin
    Lorin 4 weeks ago @「Lockyn」 he had ezfrags what do u expect :))
  • LegaL_718
    LegaL_718 8 months ago Yo he was holding 'W' while shooting more times than I can count, WTF?!
  • Joel A.
    Joel A. 3 weeks ago Ik doesnr even have the core mechanics down
  • Smokeeey187
    Smokeeey187 1 day ago Lol thats all i see in cs now is walking and shooting with high accuracy. Meanwhile im standing still and bullets come out of my barrel at a 90 degree angle
  • The G Ster Productions
    The G Ster Productions 1 year ago I'm not a big csgo player, but this foreskin guy doesn't look to be pro level
  • Mr. Avocado Man
    Mr. Avocado Man 11 months ago foreskin.. I feel childish for laughing at that
  • lolleonlolable
    lolleonlolable 11 months ago @Mr. Avocado Man lol thats what i tought too, i played like cs 1.1-1.3 or somehting and i tought its just a random guy on okisch skill lvl.
  • Dan Cliffton
    Dan Cliffton 11 months ago thats what i was thinking ive had better teammates in matchmaking or atleast if he plays like that all the time with or without cheats its crazy to think he was getting paid to play when he seems far from the level he should be
  • Gio Tejano
    Gio Tejano 11 months ago This is fucking gold
  • Dave Patois
    Dave Patois 11 months ago This guy without tracking is high silver level
  • Callum Sweeney
    Callum Sweeney 11 months ago I play a lot of cs and I'm average af, only DMG, laughed at all of these clips because his aim is so trash
  • Kingj
    Kingj 11 months ago Lmao yea hes really garbage
  • Sponky The Skater
    Sponky The Skater 11 months ago Oof
  • q1 ranger
    q1 ranger 10 months ago i don't either and cs-go looks so easy everyone's plays are garbage and they're aim is trash
  • aaarti Vaidya
    aaarti Vaidya 10 months ago Foreskin....
  • Frosty
    Frosty 10 months ago @q1 ranger dumb ass recoil control movement hearing for enemys strategy you are a fortnite kiddie
  • Parzi val
    Parzi val 10 months ago I mean no indian gamers are at world pro level.
  • Campbell Krawitz
    Campbell Krawitz 9 months ago Look at his fucking movement.. his angling, crosshair pre placement, just about everything about his play style is disgustingly low tier and am honestly surprised it took this long for him to be found out. If this was his best attempt to mask the hacks, I can only imagine his previous games when I'm sure they were ramped up
  • sns KILLER
    sns KILLER 9 months ago Indian always do cheating 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣
  • kool aid
    kool aid 9 months ago yep
  • Lojack69
    Lojack69 9 months ago This guy is a meme
  • Reii
    Reii 9 months ago Will never get pro level
  • Μανουσος Παυλακης
    Μανουσος Παυλακης 9 months ago @q1 ranger Your grammar is more trash..
  • Lurka Aus
    Lurka Aus 8 months ago Indian pro, there scene is still newish, and yes he is trash
  • A Non I'm Us
    A Non I'm Us 8 months ago Yeah he's definitely a noob. Even with cheats, he still sucked.
  • Clickbait Master
    Clickbait Master 8 months ago q1 ranger Damn he really is noobmaster69
  • gmperotti
    gmperotti 8 months ago Forsaken
  • gmperotti
    gmperotti 8 months ago q1 ranger Right back at ya you little 9 year old
  • gmperotti
    gmperotti 8 months ago q1 ranger Play the game with recoil and well talk
  • Hunter
    Hunter 8 months ago @q1 ranger have you even played cs IF so dont trashtalk fuck head!
  • Zira
    Zira 8 months ago you just wanted to call him foreskin :D
  • Jotted
    Jotted 8 months ago Foreskin , foreskin 🤣🤣🤣🤣 dude I think it's foresaken
  • Gregg P-D
    Gregg P-D 8 months ago @Callum Sweeney Doesn't look like his aim is bad (then again i don't know how much of it was cheats and how much was legit) but his crosshair placement is awful in most clips here, looks like the guy doesn't even care anymore
  • Galactus TM
    Galactus TM 7 months ago He wasnt, he was on some Indian team
  • AU-720
    AU-720 7 months ago yeah
  • 1000 subs no videos
    1000 subs no videos 7 months ago Yea he would probably barely top frag at dmg
  • SO EZ
    SO EZ 6 months ago @Callum Sweeney he s movement are absolutely trash, he play like a gold nova omegalul, didnt know to pre-aim the spots like a pro or to move crosshair like a pro, or even to get knife out when he can, and he play stupid spots and he didnt know to trow utility omegalul
  • Sea Ocean
    Sea Ocean 6 months ago Beat me toit with the foreskin joke lol
  • Dave-A-Flav
    Dave-A-Flav 5 months ago Great. Every posts related to forsaken, I’m reading it as “foreskin”
  • Walaoweh LMAO
    Walaoweh LMAO 5 months ago Of course he is noob
  • lupina29
    lupina29 1 month ago @Parzi val But there's a bunch of Pro indian scammer tho .
  • lupina29
    lupina29 1 month ago That's fuckin bullshit spraying from front to back .
  • Chode
    Chode 1 month ago @q1 ranger csgo is easy uhuh silver
  • Shaarvesh Rao
    Shaarvesh Rao 2 weeks ago He’s prob a high GN skill. I had better teammates and I even performed better than him half the time
  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear 1 week ago Hahahahahaha what's funny is you uses foreskinn🤣🤣
  • Name LastName
    Name LastName 6 days ago @q1 ranger If csgo is easy why did you get banned for cheating... go back to minecraft
  • Young Smoke
    Young Smoke 3 months ago Plot twist the other team had better aim bot
  • TacoPower
    TacoPower 3 days ago I’m silver 2 but still laughing at how this guy plays.
  • Roy Films
    Roy Films 1 day ago Omg ur so trash lol
  • Dogshit Crazy
    Dogshit Crazy 16 hours ago @Roy Films Silvers ain't even that bad just saying.
  • Roy Films
    Roy Films 13 hours ago @Dogshit Crazy ur Reply is dogshit
  • Swiss 777-300ER
    Swiss 777-300ER 2 days ago Hexagon,Pentagon,Octagom, Hiscareergon
  • Jack _
    Jack _ 5 months ago Forsaken:"oh the HvH tournament was im the next door? My bad."
  • cluc
    cluc 5 months ago Jack _ he cant hvh with whatever cheat he seems to be using lmao
  • Su ka
    Su ka 5 months ago cluc lmao he would die as if he was a normal player
  • Gabriel Derner
    Gabriel Derner 1 month ago As an hvher, (was, doesn't now but will soon) this doesn't make sense completely. I understand the idea, but he cannot hvh for the life of him. Bad legit cheats cannot (no, not bad but skilled players can use them, CANNOT) be used in hvh. So many people have good cheats that he would get demolished. Plus, he can't config legit, so I highly doubt he can config hvh.
  • mqte.
    mqte. 1 month ago @Gabriel Derner r/wooosh
  • Scrapped
    Scrapped 2 weeks ago I bet he was using some garbage lethality dump and otc
  • mqte.
    mqte. 2 weeks ago @Scrapped xyo recoded XD
  • Bad Aimez
    Bad Aimez 2 weeks ago @mqte. it's been found its ezfrags lmaoooo
  • mqte.
    mqte. 2 weeks ago @Bad Aimez lmao
  • fire
    fire 1 year ago ive seen better cheaters in casual
  • Ryan Schutter
    Ryan Schutter 1 year ago Hahaha
  • Mrlolkiller7
    Mrlolkiller7 1 year ago Wait a minute...I've seen you somewhere...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....nahhhhh
  • vRooy
    vRooy 1 year ago @Mrlolkiller7 It's a fake Justin Y
  • Mrlolkiller7
    Mrlolkiller7 1 year ago @vRooy oh yeah now I figured that out I just checked his channel
  • Stampli
    Stampli 1 year ago (edited) @Yustin J You again? I've seen you everywhere
  • Yodarumble04
    Yodarumble04 1 year ago I've*
  • Just Anonymous
    Just Anonymous 1 year ago I'm one of those 😎
  • ナデコ BOT
    ナデコ BOT 1 year ago reverse your prof pic
  • Eggy Soldier
    Eggy Soldier 1 year ago @ナデコ BOT i was gonna say that too lol
    DEDZED 1 year ago But hes trying to hide his cheats
  • Bryce Fergie
    Bryce Fergie 1 year ago i've seen better in deathmatch
  • Drez 772
    Drez 772 1 year ago I always see you everywhere
  • Brian
    Brian 1 year ago Yustin J in casual they aren’t trying to hide it. They will blatantly say and discuss their cheats
  • ManNaim
    ManNaim 1 year ago Ive seen soms fake justin y in youtube...
  • Huge pile of doodoo
    Huge pile of doodoo 1 year ago Lol tricking people with that name
  • Gingeroose
    Gingeroose 1 year ago Stop appearing in the comments
  • bumpmap
    bumpmap 1 year ago guys he’s not fake he lost his dad
  • l0l
    l0l 1 year ago @Drez 772 there's different people with the same name and prof leave him alone
  • Drez 772
    Drez 772 1 year ago Anthony Maru so
  • Rafif Cahya
    Rafif Cahya 1 year ago You're that ninja...
  • Me Punk
    Me Punk 1 year ago Better cheaters in deathmatch too
  • Mini Shark
    Mini Shark 1 year ago @vRooy nah, it's his twin brother.
  • Александр Пушкин
    Александр Пушкин 1 year ago Yustin J i hope u will be dead soon , bitch
  • Александр Пушкин
    Александр Пушкин 1 year ago Generalduck2319 Led ur mom is a fooking cunt
  • fire
    fire 1 year ago @Александр Пушкин toxic mans
  • WORMY -
    WORMY - 1 year ago looking for that one guy to say my wife is a better cheater than him
  • Stompy
    Stompy 1 year ago @DEDZED lmao ?????
  • loba fpl
    loba fpl 1 year ago but he used aimware
  • Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I
    Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I 10 months ago thats because players in casual are bad , but here the cheater was playing against good players
  • Vineet
    Vineet 9 months ago Yes ikr
  • Panda boy
    Panda boy 8 months ago Fire same
  • El Chingon
    El Chingon 8 months ago tru
  • 亗〆राहूल〆亗
    亗〆राहूल〆亗 8 months ago Maybe I'm one of them 😂
  • WelcomeTo Life
    WelcomeTo Life 3 months ago You want legend cheater level. Flusha that baldy
  • Pervert
    Pervert 2 months ago @Jonny Mauser imagine paying for hacks
  • Encrypted Aqua
    Encrypted Aqua 1 month ago Jonny Mauser aimware’s dogshit, I’ve used pastes and skeet cracks better than paid aimware
  • Wolfy
    Wolfy 1 month ago fire they probs have wall hacks too
  • Jake _
    Jake _ 1 month ago its like when my teacher walks up behind me when im playing cool math games and hits me with the "go ahead and logout for me"
  • akittu
    akittu 2 weeks ago thank u 4 this
    NAEL AHMAD 2 days ago He was actually playing like a silver, no game sense or anything...
  • איתי
    איתי 4 days ago He really took the "doing homework infront of the teacher that's checking" to a new level
  • Heart Beat
    Heart Beat 9 months ago (edited) 0:56 Amazing aim...destroys afk's