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Скачать с ютуб Pyro Cafe [Saxxy Awards 2016 Comedy]

Опубликовано: 29 окт. 2016 г. 1 153 301 просмотр

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Hi guys! After months of work (and days of rendering), here is my entry for the 2016 Saxxy Awards Comedy Section! Be sure to vote for it!

Workshop items used:

-Enhanced Pyro (by Maxxy)
(SFM Version in item’s description)

-The Enhanced Demoman Model 2014 (by Maxxy)

-House Furniture

-Plain Fork

-Wine Glass Prop

-Food and Household Items

-Furniture [ 147 Models ]

-Enhanced Spy items

The Spices Holster and the Health Inspector Badge custom textures are made by me.

Music used:
-Sweeter Vermouth

-A Paris – French Song
(free to use as someone already asked in the comments of the video)

-Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack | Dreams of Cruelty

-Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack | Three Days to Live

-Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack | Medic!

-Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack | Archimedes

Any other Sound/Voice/Music belongs to Valve.

A special Thank to:
Aromac who gave me the basic idea,
Stefan for the "Technical Support"
and to all my friends that supported and motivated me!

  • The Winglet
    The Winglet 3 года назад Great job on this one! Nice twist ending :P
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад Oh God... the Great commented!!1!!1! Thanks man! I feel honored :3
  • Budd
    Budd 3 года назад Hello, Winglet, you rock!!!
  • Assassin {G.E.W.P}
    Assassin {G.E.W.P} 3 года назад The Winglet CANT BLIVE MY EYES
  • CapriMoon
    CapriMoon 3 года назад The Winglet wow is that really you? ._.
  • pootismann heavy
  • Ghoulish gyro
    Ghoulish gyro 2 года назад :D
  • Supercereal47
    Supercereal47 2 года назад you know you did good when the motherfucking Winglet congratulates you.
  • Jozinek
    Jozinek 2 года назад The Winglet Woah, should I kneel to you or something?
  • Christian Bhonn
  • Jere Jauhojärvi
    Jere Jauhojärvi 2 года назад Ya think you are the best SFM Youtube:er...
  • No hax -Mobile stuff
    No hax -Mobile stuff 2 года назад omg it's the winglet I'm a fan of you
  • Jerry
    Jerry Год назад The Winglet Yehp
  • Flipper Jr.
    Flipper Jr. Год назад +Noobify Unknown Wtf is your PFP
  • Twin _
    Twin _ Год назад n a n i
  • milo swanson
    milo swanson Неделю назад Let me guess it all gasoline
  • Chris Gaut
    Chris Gaut 3 года назад I like to think that pyro didn't try to kill the health inspector, he just doesn't know how fire extinguishers work.
  • DrDolphinrider
    DrDolphinrider 3 года назад I think that's how Pyro generally behaves, his killing is mostly accidental.
  • Funky Krunch
    Funky Krunch 3 года назад I don't think it is actually the goggles
  • Fenrize
    Fenrize 3 года назад Not because of goggles, he's clearly schizophrenic.
  • Jakub Dziatkowski
    Jakub Dziatkowski 2 года назад Chris Gaut. pyro used the axtiguisher to often.
  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 2 года назад According to the tf2 comics (what I've heard from them at least) the Pyro knows he's in a war and he knows he's killing people. But he just thinks that it's what they want.
  • Justinian The Great Emperor
    Justinian The Great Emperor Год назад Fenrize no,hes drugged,they drug the pyros because they are burning people alive
  • LugerNut
    LugerNut Год назад Captain Obvious  Can't remember which comic that is in
  • Inkiles Animations
    Inkiles Animations 10 месяцев назад Chris Gaut Or he just sees happiness through pyro vision goggles
  • Nenita Woo
    Nenita Woo 5 месяцев назад @Justinian The Great Emperor no the goggles are drugged.
  • Rama The idiot filipino
    Rama The idiot filipino 5 месяцев назад Yes he doesn't know
  • Nenita Woo
    Nenita Woo 5 месяцев назад @Rama The idiot filipino 2 years ago m8
  • lglopez1
    lglopez1 5 месяцев назад Chris Gaut same
  • Co weetie
    Co weetie 3 года назад health inspector and then he smokes...xD
  • Matthew
    Matthew 3 года назад Co weetie lol
  • Dicky Wahyu
    Dicky Wahyu 3 года назад Co weetie yeah! thats stupid, stupid bloody spy
  • luna the tuna cats
    luna the tuna cats 3 года назад +Co weetie I know right how are you going to be a health inspector but smoke cigarettes. HYPOCRITE!
  • Loopy Zach
    Loopy Zach 3 года назад well, then it's a double-plot twist. he's the health inspector, BUT he smokes. bwaaaa
  • Nathaniel Little
    Nathaniel Little 2 года назад Well, given TF2 is set in the 60s, pretty much everyone smoked indoors all the time.
  • Faris lol
    Faris lol 2 года назад Try googling Belgium's Minister of Health. You'd be surprised.
  • Co weetie
    Co weetie 2 года назад hmm that makes sense xD
  • Fat Yoshi
    Fat Yoshi 2 года назад the health inspector is fake if he smokes
  • Spicy Candle
    Spicy Candle 2 года назад Co weetie seems legit
    POOTIS POW 2 года назад Co weetie maybe he smokes weed ( legit cuz it heals cancer )
  • Fat Yoshi
    Fat Yoshi 2 года назад Striknes Video smoking weed is illegal to the law (I think)
  • Akuma Unknown
    Akuma Unknown 2 года назад but hes a spy or hes smoking in the fire way !
  • Kale Penquan
    Kale Penquan 2 года назад Co weetie I think Spy as lung cancer now because he's been smoking for 10 years now
  • A Rice Kingdom
    A Rice Kingdom 2 года назад Co weetie bjk
  • Jordthe destro1
    Jordthe destro1 2 года назад KKmario1 Then Demo has liver cancer if you're going by that thinking.
  • Lay_ on
    Lay_ on 2 года назад lel
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    Jackson Apple 2 года назад Co weetie ikr
  • Choi M Go
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  • Some Stuff
    Some Stuff 2 года назад Co weetie I was just about to say that XD
  • Glorious Forever
    Glorious Forever 2 года назад Co weetie they only check the food, not health
  • Terry Yang
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  • Fantastic boy Bloger
    Fantastic boy Bloger Год назад Co weetie iii
  • datdogwidducklips 63846283
    datdogwidducklips 63846283 Год назад Well at least he did not dab at all
  • Lord Hrvatska
    Lord Hrvatska Год назад hahahahahahahaha!
  • idk what i am
    idk what i am 6 месяцев назад 2:48 that moment he knew... HE FRENCHED UP!
  • doomguyslayer
    doomguyslayer 4 месяца назад SMOKE WE EVERYDAY
  • mk1 proto boi
    mk1 proto boi 1 месяц назад Its just burning gunpowder that didnt explode
  • Jason kool
    Jason kool 3 года назад who saw the title and expected the video to be a cafe filled with red and blu pyros?
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад CLICKBAIT!!1!!!!1!
  • mario10nat
    mario10nat 3 года назад Jason kool me
  • pamir
    pamir 3 года назад it's a restourant not a cafe pffft if you vrite it as restourant it would be less clickbait
  • Surprise Mentlegen
    Surprise Mentlegen 3 года назад Dude, i ate at a cafe that serves pizza and m&c, it even said "Cafe" there in the place
  • SpankusDankus
    SpankusDankus 3 года назад me
  • M M
    M M 2 года назад I didnt see it but i thought that too
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    Dovaking777 Год назад I did too
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  • Fellgamer
    Fellgamer 8 месяцев назад Same.
  • Old spice man alley
    Old spice man alley 7 месяцев назад Yes
    OH BALLS 7 месяцев назад I expected it to be grunts for the whole video
  • Midnight1224
    Midnight1224 1 месяц назад if only there was a server like that where people could just chat about there experiences in tf2
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад Sadly Valve didn't like this one... but I have to thank all of you that voted for it and supported me!
    ICE-SCREAM 3 года назад Mi dispiace molto, ma almeno la tua fatica è stata ripagata, con quasi 100 mila visualizzazioni, un sacco di voti(compreso il mio), e un sacco di iscritti( e siamo solo all'inizio).
  • TheWarriorGamer
    TheWarriorGamer 3 года назад Wolfalberto D:
  • nostalgia boner
    nostalgia boner 3 года назад Spy: It's fucking Raaaw Pyro:Mmmphmmphmmm Spy grabs bread and holds them together on Pyro's head Spy: What are you? Pyro: Mmmphmmmphmmph *Translation* Pyro: an Idiot Sandvich
  • Stevo Mercado
    Stevo Mercado 3 года назад (изменено) Wolfalberto It would have been better if they became friends but still the end but the spy was still being a bad boy at pyros memories XD
  • Greg The Flying Whale
    Greg The Flying Whale 3 года назад It didn't win, but I actually laughed in the end! This is amazing. The only thing is spy was with cigarette in his mouth all the time.
  • Syed Ahmad Yusof
    Syed Ahmad Yusof 3 года назад best cafe ever 2016
  • Wilhelm Mauser
    Wilhelm Mauser 3 года назад Wolfalberto wait! YOU DIDNT WIN?!?!?!
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад @TF2medicTF2 Nope :c
  • Pyro Sheep
    Pyro Sheep 3 года назад wait you didnt win? oh man this video was so awesome! next year i hpe
  • waluigi's twitter
    waluigi's twitter 3 года назад Wolfalberto it's nice!
  • I Give 2 Buckets
    I Give 2 Buckets 3 года назад Wolfalberto this was really good Saxxy
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    HSMS 2 года назад HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Super Pro Sniper Dude
    Super Pro Sniper Dude 2 года назад Wolfalberto even valve didnt like your sfm but still good sfm animation,keep it up
  • Eggkebab
    Eggkebab 2 года назад Wolfalberto I thought this was going to win
  • norbi419
    norbi419 2 года назад this is best tf2 comedy what i see XD
  • BitterVoid
    BitterVoid 2 года назад how did they not choose it, wtf?
  • Catherine S
    Catherine S 2 года назад (изменено) Wolfalberto valve is a company not a person the creator of team fortress 2 is called gabe
  • Jozinek
    Jozinek 2 года назад Wolfalberto screw valve then
  • Catherine S
    Catherine S 2 года назад Wolfalberto valve is a company the creator of team fortress 2 is called Gabe
  • Darth MATT99
    Darth MATT99 2 года назад You should have won -_-
  • Zai&game
    Zai&game 2 года назад wolfalberto can you make another video of this but pyro knows that is the health inspecter but it is a spy
  • Poe Soul
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  • Xuinon
    Xuinon Год назад I Think Gaben is blind
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  • TheBoxingSimulator //RileyTBS
    TheBoxingSimulator //RileyTBS Год назад wolfalberto why didn’t he/she like it?
  • nadir45
    nadir45 8 месяцев назад valve didn't like this cuz they are assholes this is the best animated tf2 vid ever seen it not well done but it funny and good !
  • nadir45
    nadir45 8 месяцев назад @wolfalberto noooooooooo :c
  • Amirhan Ainetdinov
    Amirhan Ainetdinov 7 месяцев назад Привет) xD
  • Amirhan Ainetdinov
    Amirhan Ainetdinov 7 месяцев назад @nadir45 nooooooooooooo :c
  • Sheriff Scout
    Sheriff Scout 7 месяцев назад How could they do this!?
    FLAIR 3 года назад Well, pyro served him “the best“ B)
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад Afterall, that's what he asked :P
    SIN KARMA 2 года назад indeed the best 10/10 for the pyro.
  • Bui Dat
    Bui Dat 2 года назад Me too
  • _ken Kwan
    _ken Kwan 3 года назад eating while smoking
  • [Edgy Name]
    [Edgy Name] 3 года назад Best taste ever
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    Chexeroni 3 года назад multitasking
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    awe_house 3 года назад Chexeroni nice prof pic
  • Chexeroni
    Chexeroni 3 года назад @awe_house Same goes to you mapler
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    David The Halloween Stickman126 Год назад Hi scp-096
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  • SCP 173
    SCP 173 8 месяцев назад You what mate
  • Dr. Plague
    Dr. Plague 7 месяцев назад The spy is a obvious man of culture if he watches Filthy frank
  • Kareem Killer
    Kareem Killer 5 месяцев назад it's stuck in his teeth
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    김정로이드 4 месяца назад E.W.S
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    Freakin' DekaMatcha 4 месяца назад The savory taste of medium rare steak mixed with a dashing taste of nicotine
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    Random Person 3 недели назад SCP WOULD LIKE TO KNOW YOUR ADDRESS
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    Gatsby 3 года назад its like that one episode of spongebob with the health inspector. execpt spy( health inspecter spy ) didn't die
  • doge burger
    doge burger 3 года назад Sgt. Gatsby I'm disappointed that he didn't make a nasty patty
  • Vincent Carter
    Vincent Carter 3 года назад +Marty Loup (svbtext) Yeah...
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    FoxyAllTheTime Gaming 2 года назад FourEasternSlappingTools stop, its a song, not a video dummy.
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    lobna abdelaziz Год назад or even worse why is he eating with the cigaretee in his mouth
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    Travingel 3 года назад that was pretty awesome! best comedy short ive seen so far
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад Thanks for checking it out! I'm gald you enjoyed it :D
  • Travingel
    Travingel 3 года назад no probs! i especially love the pyro's eyes for expressing emotions, good job!
  • Vsolid
    Vsolid 3 года назад Ok this is getting ridiculous
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    Richard Lucas Год назад is that who I think is
  • Mikke
    Mikke Год назад Oh god i'm seeing you in every videos comment section D:
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    Bill Overbeck 3 года назад I had a feeling he was gonna hit spy with the fire extinguisher...
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    Creating The Cliff 2 года назад Bill Overbeck you right
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    Vailskibum94 3 года назад PLOT TWIST
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
  • Fantasy Knights
    Fantasy Knights 3 года назад Wolfalberto Здравствуйте,уважаемый!Очень крутая sfm Анимация.Можно ли мне это перевести на русский язык?Жду ответа.Буду вам очень благодарен!
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад Hello, I'm usually against "re-uploads". So I do not agree. Sorry. Instead it would be really appreciated if you add subtitles to my video, you can add them here. That would help!
  • Fantasy Knights
    Fantasy Knights 3 года назад Wolfalberto Хорошо,спасибо за внимание!
  • Fantasy Knights
    Fantasy Knights 3 года назад Wolfalberto Я сделал субтитры!
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад Спасибо за помощь, мой друг! :)
  • Fantasy Knights
    Fantasy Knights 3 года назад Wolfalberto 😊
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    Trolmaster - 3 года назад Wolfalberto i liked your comment Only for the comment. i didn't realize it was you xD
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    JCEIV 2 года назад My god, I can't escape...
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    Z4ID4И's Life 1 день назад @wolfalberto X3?
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    Jorge Linkoln Rockwell 3 года назад an sfm without half baked, chopped up or fake voicelines, quality animation, and very well made? winner.
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад Uncle Gandhi Glad you liked it and... I hope so much :3
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 2 года назад Thanks to everyone for 100k+ Views and 6k+ Likes!
  • FessorDK
    FessorDK 2 года назад Wolfalberto s
  • Z4ID4И's Life
    Z4ID4И's Life 1 день назад No problemo.
  • J.D SFM
    J.D SFM 3 года назад This is really well made! You have my vote! And how do you animate pyro's masks "eyes"?
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад (изменено) It's a model you can find in the Gmod workshop, check the description : )
  • J.D SFM
    J.D SFM 3 года назад Wolfalberto Oh, ok sometimes I forget about the description ;)
  • Mag Magnet
  • wolfalberto
    wolfalberto 3 года назад Mag Magnet Thanks! Good Luck with your entry too! :D