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Скачать с ютуб Alex Ovechkin - Funny Moments [HD]

Опубликовано: 31 окт. 2015 г. 2 065 742 просмотра

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Compilation of the funniest moments and bloopers from Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals)

The footage belongs to NHL, SportsNet Canada, Washington Capitals, NBC, TSN, Eastern Motors, ESPN and Versus.

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  • HooliganProduction
    HooliganProduction 3 years ago you cant hate this guy!
  • Google Poodle
    Google Poodle 3 years ago why not he is seriously gay
  • bob lee swagger
    bob lee swagger 3 years ago +Google Poodle no he is not wtf dude
  • Google Poodle
    Google Poodle 3 years ago @Artsi Pappa he not? he just gets engaged to random women and then cheats on them (probably with other men)
  • jia peng guan
    jia peng guan 3 years ago RobotGamer b .
  • Colton Kolbjornsrud
    Colton Kolbjornsrud 3 years ago Google Poodle l😀
  • LGP_ 8771
    LGP_ 8771 3 years ago RobotGamer even as a Pens fan I have respect for him
  • infantryman2004
    infantryman2004 2 years ago RobotGamer I can't hate this guy on it is a different story I'm a pens fan haha he seems like a great person and a good player
  • Graydon Conrad
    Graydon Conrad 2 years ago RobotGamer I can
  • Mimma Scarola
    Mimma Scarola 2 years ago RobotGamer
  • Rachael Ryan
    Rachael Ryan 1 year ago Google Poodle please! STOP
  • Caleb Sevick
    Caleb Sevick 1 year ago Koolken & J-Rizzi dude you seriously replied here just to promote your own video that has an unheard of like to dislike ratio? Lol
  • Russian Chik89
    Russian Chik89 1 year ago Not at all!! I can't see how any1 can dislike,, the #Gr8 #🇷🇺.. He is fckn hilarious& humble.. Despite, all his success& financial gain, he stays true 2his Roots, call me corny, but that is simply awesome .. No Big Ego,. He's total package!! Love the Robot scene!! Watta phenomenal player& guy.... #Ovi Rocks✌💯✌💯
  • Just Live
    Just Live 1 year ago Sidney crosby can hate him
  • Darryl Stein
    Darryl Stein 1 year ago He is the fucking worst person ever. I fucking hate just thinking of him actually. When my children reached 8yrs old I cancelled their 8th year and sent them straight to 9 years old. They hate him too now they both skipped grade 8. We call in sick ever 8th of the month. After 8 is the only chocolate allowed we have 22 hour days because we leave out shitty 8am and 8pm. Anything 8 is shit.
  • Darryl Stein
    Darryl Stein 11 months ago @Gacha Cat i cant even remember who now.... ovechkin? I kinda like him now. So do my children. Theyre actually indifferent. So. Nevermind. Lol
  • ChyloeReece
    ChyloeReece 11 months ago RobotGamer Lots try..😒
  • Sara Eriksson
    Sara Eriksson 11 months ago Google Poodle hahah dead
  • Chase Wendolek
    Chase Wendolek 11 months ago RobotGamer canes fans can’t stand him
  • Stammer 91
    Stammer 91 8 months ago But I do
  • DaToxicMan
    DaToxicMan 7 months ago Don’t tell me what to hate
  • Athan Tyliakos
    Athan Tyliakos 4 months ago @Google Poodle u r stupid when has he ever done that
  • Easy Hockey
    Easy Hockey 3 months ago Google Poodle he isn‘t gay he‘s only better than you in ice hockey
  • EOP Stam
    EOP Stam 1 week ago Yes you can
  • Terp Fan
    Terp Fan 1 week ago @Google Poodle he's got a wife and a son
  • Terp Fan
    Terp Fan 1 week ago @Darryl Stein and that's why you think before you speak... yes I also mess that up
  • Darryl Stein
    Darryl Stein 1 week ago @Terp Fan Yup... ovechkin showed me... he made me eat my shorts. I was wrong.
  • traphouseryan
    traphouseryan 3 years ago crazy to find out he wanted that car so he could give it to a foundation... good man ovi
  • Darryl Stein
    Darryl Stein 1 year ago A multi MULTI millionaire is a " good guy" for giving away a car that was given to him. And he makes the value of 2 of those cars for every 60 minutes of playing a game? That makes him a good guy? Pk GAVE 10 FUCKING MILLION dollars TO A CHILDREN HOSPITAL. That is a good man. You are obviously in a pretend erstaz homosexuality relationship with 8 and it's unsettling.
    GR8 EIGHT 1 year ago Crazy? I don't see how anyone could've thought that he really ever was going to keep the car for himself. For ANY of them guys to not donate the car would be a terrible PR move but especially Ovi as one of the top NHL earners of all time
  • Space Animal Gaming
    Space Animal Gaming 8 months ago @Darryl Stein There can be more than one nice person in the world, you fucking goober. Way to lace some non sequitir homophobia into your post, too. Class act.
  • Hunter David Copus
    Hunter David Copus 3 months ago Darryl Stein you don’t need to do that much to be a good guy.. anything is better than nothing. It isn’t these men’s responsibility to do that, they can choose to. Also hockey players are the most underpaid athletes in professional sports. Yes P.K. Giving 10 million is way bigger than a car, but it doesn’t matter... it’s the thought and idea. So I’d say you are the selfish person here saying a car donation isn’t enough? Weather he won it or not, he could have kept or sold it. You should chillllll lol
  • RMT Studios
    RMT Studios 2 months ago @Darryl Stein You obviously have no idea about how much time and energy Alex has been giving to the DC area charities that he and the Caps help out. He did buy them a minivan in the end, with his own money, and has been a great ambassador for the NHL and the Caps here in DC. PK is a great guy, as are many in the league, but please don't discount how much of a great guy Ovie has been for years.
  • Darryl Stein
    Darryl Stein 2 months ago @Space Animal Gaming i hate dog poo. I especially hate dog poo on my shoe. This does not make me FECALPHOBIC. Learn the proper meanings to words before you use them, dumdum. (ie: phobia)
  • Space Animal Gaming
    Space Animal Gaming 2 months ago Darryl Stein Jesus, it took you six months to come up with that idiotic rebuttal? Good work. What’s your favorite flavor of crayon?
  • Darryl Stein
    Darryl Stein 2 months ago @Space Animal Gaming Are you addicted to youtube? You must be. If you waited 6 months for a response and responded within 5 minutes. Pathetic. I have a life. Im rarely on the "internet". I like to, you know, actually see the people i talk to in person. Like a normal person. Back to your pathetic life for you. See you in 6 months.
  • Space Animal Gaming
    Space Animal Gaming 2 months ago Darryl Stein I have notifications on my phone. Why did you put internet in quotation marks? Is YouTube not part of the internet where you come from?
  • Louie Bili • 17 years ago • edited
    Louie Bili • 17 years ago • edited 4 weeks ago Darryl Stein Your logic is so retarded, it's just embarrassing...
  • Burakovsky65
    Burakovsky65 3 years ago Ovechkin is a national treasure
  • Linda Poole
    Linda Poole 11 months ago You bet!!!!!!!
  • Musiqum
    Musiqum 8 months ago Of which country?
  • Елена Иванова
    Елена Иванова 6 months ago No matter, galaxy - May be!
  • Макс
    Макс 3 months ago Саша бест
    LIVE TOP 2 months ago @Musiqum washington and russia
  • Oleg S
    Oleg S 1 month ago @Musiqum of Washington city.
  • DylEN
    DylEN 2 years ago (edited) He almost got decapitated at 2:12. That would've been one hell of a way to end a career
  • bobshenix
    bobshenix 1 year ago The worst thing he could've did was hit the brakes that was a close call
  • NooDLES411911
    NooDLES411911 11 months ago It was legit close to snapping his neck. Bet that was the last time he ever did that
  • Joe Vail
    Joe Vail 10 months ago Russian machine never breaks.
  • CekTopGaZa1988
    CekTopGaZa1988 4 months ago Few years ago, one professional bodybuilder, made a somersault ,right after his performance. It went wrong, he fell on his neck and died right away. Same thing might have happened with Ovi. But he was lucky.
  • Hunter David Copus
    Hunter David Copus 3 months ago I thought the same thing... low key scary
  • Shikaku28
    Shikaku28 4 years ago Best player in the game easily
  • Alex Yount
    Alex Yount 4 years ago Thats debate able. Minus 30 after scoring 60 goals and zero Stanley cups
  • Alex Yount
    Alex Yount 4 years ago +Senterri we will see
  • ildar9542
    ildar9542 4 years ago +alexanderlyount Morozov Alexey, is the best. New Harlamov.
    ДЕМОН САТАНА ХУЙЛОКРЫСА 4 years ago +Carlos Condit Champion in 2016 American you brainless piece of shit ! you just don't understand nothing in hockey ! 0vechkin primitive piece of fucking shit ! he has nothing except his throw ! without his shot he will be just an incompetent piece of shit and checker third-the fourth link !
  • Shawn Kelsey
    Shawn Kelsey 4 years ago +РАШКА ПАРАШКА В ЖОПЕ СПС ПУКРЫСНЕ he's got mad talent don't be jealous just because he can do it and you can't ... I'm sorry to lead the league in scoring you gotta be good shots don't get you anywhere he's clutch when they need him watch a caps game and most of the time when they are down he steps up and helps his team and just because someone is American doesn't mean they don't know anything about hockey trust me I'd know I am one
  • NHL Productions
    NHL Productions 4 years ago +Carlos Condit Champion in 2016 Please check out my youtube channel! I post hockey related videos
  • Benjamin Hoefler
    Benjamin Hoefler 3 years ago CHECK OUT MY NEW HOCKEY SHOOTING VIDEO!
  • Natedogg77
    Natedogg77 2 years ago One of the best, McDavid IMO is the best player in the game...
  • Rachael Ryan
    Rachael Ryan 1 year ago Big Al that may change this year
  • Lynn
    Lynn 1 year ago Big Al L
  • Wesley Jakesta
    Wesley Jakesta 1 year ago Alex Yount Looks like Ovi won a cup. You butthurt now that a Russian has one? Hilarious, he is the best in the NHL in this era.
  • Darryl Stein
    Darryl Stein 1 year ago Lol. Biggest asshole maybe. Not player. Not even close. Personality does count.
  • Hunter Grafton
    Hunter Grafton 1 year ago I do not agree, Sidney Crosby is the best
  • ChyloeReece
    ChyloeReece 11 months ago Hunter Grafton There's nothing exciting about Sidney Crosby...😕
  • ChyloeReece
    ChyloeReece 11 months ago Alex Yount People who measure a player's talent by the number of championships they've won, do my head in. How many greats never had a Stanley Cup? A LOT. How many fourth liners do? A LOT. A team's success is very different from an individual's success. Even numbers and stats don't measure how great a player could be, it's like figure skating, you get graded on both technical and showmanship, Players like Ovie not only put up numbers, they also put on a 10/10 show. That's who I'll be spending my money for!
  • ChyloeReece
    ChyloeReece 11 months ago Darryl Stein Why do you keep visiting Ovechkin vids?? You pretend you don't care for him, but you're obviously a closet fan.
  • Joel Persson
    Joel Persson 5 months ago Alex Yount aged well eh
  • Josh M
    Josh M 4 months ago Best scorer for sure, ovi is my dude
  • Josh M
    Josh M 4 months ago ChyloeReece couldn’t agree more, he is by far the most exciting player to watch in hockey. Everytime he is on the ice I’m glued to him. He has been doing this since day one in the nhl. Some of his goals he scored his rookie year were beyond incredible.
  • Bao loc Huynh_3230570
    Bao loc Huynh_3230570 3 weeks ago Shikaku28 Crosby has entered the chat.
  • Terp Fan
    Terp Fan 1 week ago @Alex Yount not anymore
  • DooWah Thunderclap
    DooWah Thunderclap 2 years ago 2:12 the day we almost lost him
  • Danielle Sewitt
    Danielle Sewitt 11 months ago He is the most likable Russian I love him
  • Penny for my thot
    Penny for my thot 6 months ago There r not many russians in usa to begin with
    SUPERΔRTIFICIΔL 3 months ago Danielle Sewitt to be honest I don't know any likable americans ... sorry. 99.9% of americans are like robots
  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson 4 years ago CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GET OVI A CAR LEL
  • Henry Bechtel
    Henry Bechtel 1 year ago Why doesn't he just go to Eastern motors?
  • codefreak8
    codefreak8 3 years ago At least Ovi had a good reason to want the car. Ended up getting one anyway so he could have it donated to someone in need.
  • Kbholla
    Kbholla 4 years ago He's just such a goofy dude no matter how old he gets.
  • Kons213
    Kons213 2 months ago Ovechkin is an international treasure.
  • Cringemaster
    Cringemaster 1 year ago He has the cup now!!!
  • DylanSonic
    DylanSonic 1 year ago Cringemaster can you please sub to me
  • Cringemaster
    Cringemaster 1 year ago Sure, if u help me out.
  • D E
    D E 1 year ago Cringemaster Man those crazy ass celebrations
  • Станислав Черчесов
    Станислав Черчесов 5 months ago Stanley's Cup is missing him already)
  • Mark Andersen
    Mark Andersen 2 months ago 17 more goals and he'll also have 700.
  • Mark Andersen
    Mark Andersen 2 months ago @Станислав Черчесов They'll be reunited in June.
  • Casperger
    Casperger 1 year ago 4:56 look at stamkos, dang is he 12
  • Alexandre Antille
    Alexandre Antille 3 days ago Casperger also at 4:56 andrei markov had hair on his head
  • Антон
    Антон 4 years ago Наш парень)
  • NHL Productions
    NHL Productions 4 years ago +Антон Кашенков Please check out my youtube channel! I post hockey related videos
  • Антон
    Антон 4 years ago Хорошо
  • darryn morris
    darryn morris 3 years ago he's my favorite player in the NHL
  • Станислав Черчесов
    Станислав Черчесов 5 months ago Anxiously the best player in simulators is not Ovechkin
  • ThisIsAR19
    ThisIsAR19 4 years ago He needed that car man
  • Micahthegamer
    Micahthegamer 2 years ago Im black and i am on a ice hockey team i am a flyers fan but god damn alex is the funniest dude ever and i am the American
  • James Nuttes
    James Nuttes 1 year ago Fuckin moron...
  • Wesley Jakesta
    Wesley Jakesta 1 year ago Trent T He can’t laugh at Ovi? Pretty sure you’re the moron.
  • James Nuttes
    James Nuttes 1 year ago @Wesley Jakesta I'm pretty sure you don't have a dick
  • Ashton Rothrauff
    Ashton Rothrauff 1 year ago Ovechkin is hilarious.
  • Ναζωραῖος
    Ναζωραῖος 1 year ago Koolken & J-Rizzi lol no
  • Enclave25
    Enclave25 4 years ago Красавчик; )
  • jonah hoff
    jonah hoff 4 years ago Smashed OV was the only good part of this years allstar weekend. Rest was just boring and awkwaed
  • Michael Prunka
    Michael Prunka 4 years ago +jonah hoff Hammered Drew Doughty was great, too.