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Скачать с ютуб Life with My CORGI PUPPY! 🐶

Опубликовано: 20 авг. 2019 г. 285 262 просмотра

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*This video is sponsored by Roborock* #roborock #xiaowaE2 #robotvacuum

  • Azhrarn
    Azhrarn 5 months ago I actually don't mind sponsored vids like this when this amount of thought and effort is put into the video.
  • Dani Kirkham
    Dani Kirkham 7 months ago (edited) Did you guys know that in welsh mythology, fairies would ride corgis, like humans with horses. Thanks for the likes uwu
    MARI CADENA SALAZAR. 7 months ago That's so cute!
  • Kai. Li
    Kai. Li 7 months ago No wae
  • Judi Bulanowski
    Judi Bulanowski 7 months ago That's why they all have "saddle" shaped coloring on their backs.
    MARI CADENA SALAZAR. 7 months ago @Judi Bulanowski mind blown :D
  • Kathy Whitaker
    Kathy Whitaker 7 months ago That’s why the corgi is called a fairy horse!
  • Lauren Carroll
    Lauren Carroll 7 months ago Guys there's a book series based around it called the Corgi Chronicles.
  • Queenavlogzz
    Queenavlogzz 2 weeks ago oh_woah_no_way i'm going to get my corgi a fairy just because of this comment thank you 😭
  • My Cookie Yummy
    My Cookie Yummy 2 weeks ago OMG SO COOL
    ZHE IS HERE 7 months ago Did I just watched an ad video of a robot vaccum
  • no name
    no name 7 months ago Thinking about the same thing
  • Orion Jessie
    Orion Jessie 7 months ago Yup, but a hid it with a cute dog
  • Canela
    Canela 7 months ago Yep but so eloquently done 😊👌
  • no name
    no name 7 months ago @Orion Jessie that is actually illegal. So if it is an ad she has to say it is an ad.
    JEFFREY 7 months ago michael galluzzo It’s in her description
  • no name
    no name 7 months ago @JEFFREY has to be said in the video or put in the video
  • no name
    no name 7 months ago @David Mohr actually it is illegal and agenst policy people need to know when they are being advertised to and it has to be visible and prominent.
  • itseemedtoher
    itseemedtoher 7 months ago Maybe, maybe not. Never thought in a thousand years I'd own a roomba...until I lived with a corgi. They don't shed like other dogs. On a daily basis they leave balls of hair that look like tumbleweeds. It gathers against the walls because it's so light. And can't be swept up easily for the same reason. And this is with monthly grooming and frequent brushings. So if you don't relish dragging around a vacuum everyday, you buy one of these things. I still don't like roombas because they take forever to finish and get all sorts of glitches. But they're a must with this breed. Good thing that rabbit butt is so cute :-)
  • ELO Hell is REAL
    ELO Hell is REAL 7 months ago @no name STFU, god. You're so 2019. Stop being so fucking sensitive.
  • Jonathan Frakes
    Jonathan Frakes 7 months ago Yes. That's why she gets a downvote from me.
  • LN
    LN 7 months ago ZHE IS HERE 😂😂 I know right! I actually found it fascinating 😁
  • no name
    no name 7 months ago @ELO Hell is REAL how is this me being sensitive. It was voted on and made clear that it is supposed to be prominent that it's an ad and you shouldn't ask yourself after watching it did I just watch an ad. Being sensitive includes yourself and I'm not including myself in anything or getting pissed off at anything because of my thoughts.
  • ELO Hell is REAL
    ELO Hell is REAL 7 months ago @no name question is, why does it matter? It only matter because it affected you, therefore you're sensitive. A lot of IT law are unnecessary and are made because people (mostly from the EU) got sensitive about these things. If it's not committing a crime or putting harm on anyone, who gives a flying fuck. Stop riding the 2019 bandwagon.
  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium 6 months ago Sadly yes but it's okay considering she also needs money to live her life. I don't mind much. Plus Roborock vacuums are seriously good.
  • no name
    no name 6 months ago @Avea Illium is this message an ad?🧐
  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium 6 months ago @no name Nopes. I really don't care what one uses or not. You can call it an opinion though.♡
  • Haseya Sissy
    Haseya Sissy 6 months ago Yes, and a dog. Love that cleaning robot 😂😊💖
  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen 6 months ago Are you ok? Need a cop or a doctor?
  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen 6 months ago @no name Maybe you're the one that needs a cop. Are you a lawyerette?
  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen 6 months ago @Jonathan Frakes Awe. Does your vagina hurt? There's cream for that.
  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen 6 months ago @no name You desperately need to get punched in the throat.
  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium 6 months ago @Adam Jensen 😂😂😂
  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium 6 months ago @no name 'Illegal'??? Where and in which constitution is it written that you have to write the word 'AD' in the video. Even in commercials, they don't start with a 'THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT: BEWARE!!' or 'ADVERTISEMENT TIME!!'. Our brain just decides it for us. We see no connection with the content we are watching and thus assume that it is an ADVERTISEMENT. Don't talk like a brick.
  • David Mohr
    David Mohr 6 months ago @no name illegal means a violation of law or statute. If anything, it would be a violation of policy, which is neither. Grow up.
  • no name
    no name 6 months ago @David Mohr in direct violation of the federal trade commission act
  • no name
    no name 6 months ago @Avea Illium also it is against business ethics. While not law it is still not ok to do
  • no name
    no name 6 months ago (edited) @Avea Illium it is diffrent if it is an endorsement verses a tv ad
  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium 6 months ago @no name Still we do not need to use the word 'AD' or 'ENDORSEMENT'.
  • no name
    no name 6 months ago @Avea Illium if she was paid to endorse the product she needs to say it is a premonition
  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium 6 months ago @no name If we see through the view of 'Business ethics' she already wrote that it is a sponsored video in the description box. You're offended because she didn't start with a stereotypical 'Today's video is a sponsored one.' If she had said those words you won't have been this much hurt. She didn't mislead you in any way. Please don't be mean. I am not a subscriber of her but what you're doing is similar to what Kim Jong Un does to his countrymen.
  • no name
    no name 6 months ago @Avea Illium interesting... I'm a horrible dictator that starves his people because she in the video did mislead people (look at the comments) weather she did it on purpose or not it's not morally correct and agenst YouTube's terms of service and law. Not understanding your reasoning here.
  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium 6 months ago @no name Go on and sue her for not saying in the video but writing it in the description. Wait, you should sue many other YTs along with her too. If this was against Yt guidelines this video would have been taken down already. So, calm down. Good night.
  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium 6 months ago (edited) @no name Sue her. Edit: I don't care about the comments because everyone complains whenever it is a sponsored video even if the YTber screams to their face that it is endorsed. People just want to see interesting videos but don't wanna help the creator.
  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium 6 months ago @no name b.d.w, if it was against any Yt guidelines her video would have been taken down already.
  • no name
    no name 6 months ago @Avea Illium if it was personally pissing me off I would have reported the video. I am a marketing major and just learned about this. I wanted to make her aware that the video could be taken down and get a strike on the channel. I personally don't want that to happen so I was hoping that she would quick edit it so it does show that it is a paid promotion or if she was given that product for free or a discounted rate. Not trying to be mean and I loved the vid besides that.
  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium 6 months ago @no name I am not in your field of work but I know for certain that people like to complain about endorsements. If you want to really help her send her a message in Instagram with a screenshot of the concerned guidelines. Also most of YTs videos are against FTC's guidelines so I don't think they will take it down.
  • Restina Aprilianti
    Restina Aprilianti 5 months ago Is that a crime? Is that so wrong?it's wayyy better than corrupt politicians who steal money from people hahahahhaaa
  • no name
    no name 5 months ago @Restina Aprilianti it is agenst the law. People go to jail for much less (she by no means would be going to jail) like touching someone else's mail. It doesn't matter the severity of the crime because it's still against the law.
  • annabelle7123
    annabelle7123 4 months ago Thought so too, but it was so very convincing, I am nearly determined to get one when I'm married. My married friend already told me it's a life changer, haha
  • MSD Development
    MSD Development 2 months ago Literally lmao
  • Paige Henline
    Paige Henline 7 months ago You’re such a great dog mom!💕 love the video! Maybe in the future if you ever think about getting another dog, try considering adoption. Dogs from breeders will always have a home. But In shelters there’s dogs getting euthanized everyday who are just as loving waiting on a forever home❤️
    SUPARNA DEBNATH 7 months ago Dogs in shelters.... True all they need is a Gud luving home..
  • Blackdiamond
    Blackdiamond 7 months ago Paige Henline is hard to adopt tho
  • Paige Henline
    Paige Henline 7 months ago Blackdiamond Most shelters are pretty easy to adopt from as long as you can prove you have a home that doesn’t put the dog in danger. I have a one bedroom apartment and just had to send them some pictures of it and it was a done deal in less than 24 hours. ☺️
  • Paige Henline
    Paige Henline 7 months ago I know some shelters even have dogs for $5 during certain times of the year!
  • Hennessey. RB26ツ
    Hennessey. RB26ツ 7 months ago Autistim
  • Broken Star
    Broken Star 7 months ago (edited) You can never judge someone or tell them what to do like if a person isnt interested in rescuing a dog from a shelter they might have a reason maybe its too much for then maybe they have small children maybe.. God knowz but one thing is for sure every dog needs a home Shelter dogs and Dogs who came from an organized house or whatever
  • Paige Henline
    Paige Henline 7 months ago Broken Star Not once was I judging her I am pretty positive I even mentioned she was a great dog mom ☺️ making a suggestion is not telling anyone what to do ☺️☺️ have a blessed day 🙏🏼
  • Sabine & friends
    Sabine & friends 6 months ago @Broken Star she made a suggestion 🙄 she wasn't judging. She obviously feels sorry for the lost pets in shelters, and there are so many breeders who "produce" even more pets, while the shelters almost explode. So if someone just makes a little hint for getting a pet from a shelter, it's not judging, it's a good suggestion because it helps so many animals. No animals breed-no animals in shelters ☺.
  • Suzie K
    Suzie K 5 months ago @SUPARNA DEBNATH Just like orphans
    SUPARNA DEBNATH 5 months ago @Suzie K v true.. God Bless
  • Xenia Cetverousova
    Xenia Cetverousova 3 months ago Paige Henline Don't worry. Who is elevated and Kind will get the point. I love your ideas and I love "Girl and the word" personality.
  • Call Me Rose
    Call Me Rose 5 months ago Girl. Your place is literally Pinterest Goals.
  • Kayleigh Weston
    Kayleigh Weston 7 months ago OMG, this made me smile so much. I got a little Pomeranian, he's like 7lbs.
  • rt t
    rt t 7 months ago Thank you for more uplifting word on God's Unconditional Love for us His Love for me keeps me going Thank you heavenly Father💜💜💜🌹🌹🌹
  • Kayleigh Weston
    Kayleigh Weston 7 months ago Did not expect to get that many thumbs up. 😂😂😂
  • Jenny Vega-Lopez
    Jenny Vega-Lopez 7 months ago I have a Pomeranian/chihuahua and she is my baby. She has been with me for many years and everyday I thank God for her. I love her so much and I know my little Pomchi loves me unconditionally. It's the greatest feeling and bond ever.
  • SonshineLady
    SonshineLady 7 months ago @rt t Amen to that. I'd be in HUGE trouble without His love.
    MARI CADENA SALAZAR. 7 months ago I have a little Pom female too. ^^ about 5 months old. we gotta plan her quinces! jiji
  • Erin
    Erin 7 months ago I had a Corgi and a Pom! The Corgi was such a great big brudder! He taught my Pom how to be a Tom girl. They're in heaven now.
    MARI CADENA SALAZAR. 7 months ago @Erin I love that!
  • Cookies and Cream
    Cookies and Cream 6 months ago Kayleigh Kate my dogs 2 pounds
  • Shelley Mackintosh
    Shelley Mackintosh 7 months ago Awwww. ..I think pets are angels on earth 💙 your vids are so uplifting and soothing. .thank you🐶🌸🌺⛅
  • CindyM dilianma
    CindyM dilianma 7 months ago me too angels on earth .
  • Dvni
    Dvni 7 months ago Angels that are cute fluffy and she'd alot lol
  • Pranjal
    Pranjal 7 months ago Don't know why I shed a tear.. Last minute was so touching.. U have a beautiful relationship with with Oliver
  • Anxty
    Anxty 6 months ago This voice is ASMR material
  • Ayen's Venue USA
    Ayen's Venue USA 7 months ago He such a happy doggie. There's so much love there.
  • Angel
    Angel 7 months ago I love how you are bring God in, it is a good way to spread His word
  • Muffin Mory
    Muffin Mory 3 months ago Ikr she’s like no other Youtuber
  • ABBI J
    ABBI J 7 months ago I nnt a corgi😭
  • Hoamy Luu
    Hoamy Luu 7 months ago I love Corgis!!! Their butts are the cutest 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️
  • Fola Aina
    Fola Aina 7 months ago Preach😄
  • Cherie Sydaus
    Cherie Sydaus 7 months ago He’s adorable. Love their wiggle butts ❤️😍. Having Persian cats I understand the fur 😂
  • Fatima Seyma
    Fatima Seyma 7 months ago I’m Muslim but I’m loving all your videos and find them still relatable and really lovely to reflect on 💗
  • Rashone
    Rashone 7 months ago What does being Muslim have to do with it? You're Muslim, "but"? Are Muslims not supposed to enjoy videos of sweet little dogs?
  • lenora Mckie
    lenora Mckie 7 months ago Fatima seyma I'm not Christian but her videos calm and relaxes me ,i wholeheartedly understand your meaning ❤
  • solarlola 9
    solarlola 9 7 months ago Rashone I think they believe dogs should live outside and kill infidels who don’t accept allah even at the cost of their own life
  • Fatima Seyma
    Fatima Seyma 7 months ago @Rashone oh sorry it wasn't related to this video it was a general comment! I love dogs haha and hers is especially cute. I meant since all her videos have some verse or reflection point about the Bible/Jesus. Sorry for the confusion! :)
  • Fatima Seyma
    Fatima Seyma 7 months ago @solarlola 9 hmm no, not sure where you made that up from but you should get your facts checked!
  • Rashone
    Rashone 7 months ago @Fatima Seyma OK, no problem. Thanks.
  • Fireflies&Wishes
    Fireflies&Wishes 7 months ago Me too
  • Fia
    Fia 7 months ago @Rashone this is the only dog video on this channel but the comment says that she enjoys all videos of this YouTuber and all of them are mainly about Lord,Christianity and bible verses.Try being not so stupid next time.
  • Rashone
    Rashone 7 months ago @Fia I didn't mean any hostility with my comment, I was just curious about what connection, if anything, there was to her being a Muslim and that video. Thanks for the info.
  • crystal wilson
    crystal wilson 7 months ago Rashone Come on now. There was obvious hostility in your original comment. Own it and move on.
  • Rashone
    Rashone 7 months ago @crystal wilson Don't tell me what to do and don't call me a liar. You don't even know me. If you think there was "obvious" hostility in my comment/question, that's possibly because you are politically far left and such people hunt out "hostility" all day long...they see it everywhere...they are also strong supporters of Omar and Tlaib who are Muslims and they defend any perceived "attack" on Muslims. Is that you? I'm sorry for your loss (your brain).
  • Qoriah Siti
    Qoriah Siti 7 months ago @Brianna Mercedes yes you're right. But it's not means we're Muslim hates dog. We just avoid for having interaction with them. Even iam a Muslim, I never hate dog. I never spit them out or snap at them. I just walk way and yeah... Just like that
  • Brianna Mercedes
    Brianna Mercedes 7 months ago Qoriah Siti Oh don’t worry i know, my boyfriend was raised Muslim and a few of my friends are and they were always respectful to my dog :) In fact me and my boyfriend really want to get our own dog now
  • 1bridge11
    1bridge11 7 months ago Are you wearing your burka, savage?
  • Barbara B
    Barbara B 7 months ago @1bridge11 Moron
  • Ola
    Ola 6 months ago Brianna Mercedes I’m Muslim too I have two dogs. They say dogs keep angels away from entering ur home that’s y many Muslims dislike owning them but hey there is not a single verse in our holy book that says don’t have a dog or any pet at home. So idk why many Islamic masters dislike them
  • Lovlena Raman
    Lovlena Raman 6 months ago What does being Muslim have anything to do with this?
  • Ola
    Ola 6 months ago Lovlena Raman bc of a common belief that dogs kept inside of homes keeps the angels away so they must stay out of the living area but I believe it is a traditional concept rather than Islamic believe..
  • Lovlena Raman
    Lovlena Raman 6 months ago Ola Halburg, that is why I left Islam. Is full of garbage. If Allah doesn’t like dogs or pigs why create them? Keep your religion out of this channel. It’s about peace and she loves her dog.
  • Ola
    Ola 6 months ago Lovlena Raman allah didn’t mention to kill dogs or keep they out of the house holds but scholars and Muslim shakh/ masters pinned their own personal understanding// beliefs to Islam ... and ignorant Muslims blindly followed and applied
  • Khadra D
    Khadra D 5 months ago @Ola Thank you! I am muslim and I agree with you. The religion itself is beautiful but there are so many traditional values that we as Muslims should move on from and having a dog is one of them. My mom legit won't let me have a puppy but I will once I leave LOL they are too cute
  • YugoCookie
    YugoCookie 5 months ago @Rashone are you dumb? In the Islam you didn't can hold a pet in your house
  • Ultra_Oof55
    Ultra_Oof55 4 months ago (edited) Oof. I am muslim to but my parents got a dog because we're not a very religious family
  • sana raheen
    sana raheen 4 months ago 1bridge11 hahahahaha
  • sana raheen
    sana raheen 4 months ago Lovlena Raman same love 💗
  • sana raheen
    sana raheen 4 months ago Khadra D change your mom
  • sana raheen
    sana raheen 4 months ago Zayaan Abdullah haha
  • Rosemary 7673
    Rosemary 7673 3 months ago @Rashone Dogs in Islam are haram (forbidden/not allowed)
  • Muffin Mory
    Muffin Mory 3 months ago Rashone, in Muslim religion, dogs are mostly seen as dirty and impure. But this girl obviously doesn’t see them that way :D
  • Corrine Mae
    Corrine Mae 3 weeks ago Fatima Seyma I feel the same way, relatable even though I don’t practice the same faith ❤️
  • Sara Martín
    Sara Martín 7 months ago Que vídeo más precioso!😍😍..adoro a mis perros..tengo dos y son tan buenos, alegres, inocentes..siempre contentos, nunca rencorosos, sin maldad ninguna..los quiero mucho..anteriormente tuve otro perrito que estuvo compartiendo mi vida durante más de trece años y estuvo siempre a mi lado en mis peores momentos por una grave enfermedad que sufrí..desde que se fué lo añoro cada día de mi vida😢 tienes una mascota, quierela cada día porque son los pocos auténticos amores incondicionales que uno tendrá en la vida💖🙏..un gran saludo a todos desde Barcelona!🙋🙋😙😙😘
  • Violetta
    Violetta 7 months ago I love this channel,whenever I'm sad this is sure the right channel that I should watch you are amazing and make me go back to happiness (as I was sad)🙂
  • Splinter
    Splinter 7 months ago Corgi's are the best! My Corgi's name is Splinter and he is a Welsh Corgi Cardigan. He is the best friend I could wish💕
  • Fangmin Wei
    Fangmin Wei 7 months ago I have a corgi too! They are just too adorable!!
  • Tessaundra
    Tessaundra 7 months ago I love corgis so much! Oliver is so cute! Also I love that you called him a loaf :D