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Скачать с ютуб TRAPPED - 200IQ BRDM trap in this awesome game - PUBG

Опубликовано: 26 нояб. 2019 г. 99 959 просмотров

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Do you guys think this player uninstalled? I hope not!

Boost - Joakim Karud

  • WackyJacky101
    WackyJacky101 4 months ago To all you geniuses saying that the guy should just have entered the BRDM from the shack: You can't enter the BRDM from the front.
  • DemonKing
    DemonKing 4 months ago I'm glad I'm not one of the geniuses :D
  • Ross McDonnell
    Ross McDonnell 4 months ago in pubg mobile if you open a door and there’s a vehicle blocking it the vehicles just gets smashed back by the door and heavily damaged
  • Helindu Abeygunawardana
    Helindu Abeygunawardana 4 months ago I bet a 250 IQ guy can
  • Quadzilla
    Quadzilla 4 months ago @Ross McDonnell PUBG mobile KEKW
  • om cing
    om cing 4 months ago Real man of genius
  • Mike Brooks
    Mike Brooks 4 months ago @Ross McDonnell lol but this isn't mobile so your comment isn't needed. They are made by different people, not everything from mobile is in pc, and vise versa. Soooo, the fact that you can do that in mobile means nothing to this video.
  • Amit Raj Singh
    Amit Raj Singh 4 months ago In PUBGM, a youtuber trapped a whole squad in Shelter underground tunnels. By blocking all tunnel entrances using exploded vehicles. And left them to die in the zone.
  • Phillip Huxley
    Phillip Huxley 4 months ago @Amit Raj Singh cool story bro
    Dangay NHS BLITZKRIEG 4 months ago chocotaco is still the best! he s so fast!
  • Amit Raj Singh
    Amit Raj Singh 4 months ago @Dangay NHS BLITZKRIEG Everyone one one of them is unique in some way 🙂
  • Zarkow
    Zarkow 3 months ago @Ross McDonnell Only idiots play PUBG Mobile
  • Ross McDonnell
    Ross McDonnell 3 months ago Zarkow true
  • StringDeposit
    StringDeposit 2 months ago Actually, how about you try being less of a jerk. Wankyjacky
  • Helios D.MarZio
    Helios D.MarZio 2 months ago Apparently there are genius that butthurt lmao
  • Hib Hart
    Hib Hart 6 days ago Ross McDonnell HAHA! Peasant!
  • Hib Hart
    Hib Hart 6 days ago Amit Raj Singh PUBGM? HAHAHAHAHA!
  • _darkmessenger_
    _darkmessenger_ 4 months ago 8:55 For those who want see trap🙂. PS: Sorry Wacky
  • Jaan Ruus
    Jaan Ruus 4 months ago For what?
  • Thangws
    Thangws 4 months ago @Jaan Ruus many people won't watch the part before it
  • Andras Kanalas
    Andras Kanalas 4 months ago Get out
  • W D
    W D 4 months ago Man get the f out of here
  • Silvio Balić
    Silvio Balić 4 months ago Thanks
  • Minhaj Shahriar
    Minhaj Shahriar 4 months ago Hey thanks for the timestamp, i didnt have much time but still was curious about how he did it.
  • maz3blurrity 78
    maz3blurrity 78 4 months ago tq
  • khabib mcgregor
    khabib mcgregor 4 months ago thankss!
  • khabib mcgregor
    khabib mcgregor 4 months ago @Andras Kanalas eat shit
  • khabib mcgregor
    khabib mcgregor 4 months ago @W D eat shit
  • Ezequiel Ascani
    Ezequiel Ascani 4 months ago He had to press F to enter the vehicle if gave the option
  • Pablo Velez
    Pablo Velez 4 months ago Legend!!!!
  • S S
    S S 2 months ago That was perfect xd
  • jUst #Sash!
    jUst #Sash! 1 week ago not looted because of kinda respect...
  • Ploutarchos Tsikrikis
    Ploutarchos Tsikrikis 4 months ago ~ Wacky at 7:14 : "You only need extended mag if you bad at aiming, ... so you need extended mag, not me !" ~ Also Wacky at 14:58 ..... bad aiming? I'm joking man !!! You are the BEST !!! PS: I really like your job !!!
  • Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited)
    Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited) 4 months ago lol xD
  • LightningParadox
    LightningParadox 4 months ago Also he left an ext. quickdraw mag... 14:15
  • Riad Hoxha
    Riad Hoxha 3 months ago 20 bullets in a mag killed him with 9 shots , still did not need a mag
  • Alex Snowden
    Alex Snowden 4 months ago Top then sentences said before disaster: Number one: "that's a VSS"
  • ShoeTM
    ShoeTM 4 months ago PUBG Myth: You Can Hit a Grenade with a pan if it is in the air. If both players are killed at the same time in the Blue Zone, the game draws. You'll swim faster in water with a booster.
  • Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited)
    Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited) 4 months ago (edited) 17:48-17:49 The sound of my old Mustang starting
  • Moldo
    Moldo 2 months ago your humor is priceless
  • ALE6 - エル6
    ALE6 - エル6 1 month ago i hope its not a v6
  • Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited)
    Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited) 1 month ago @Moldo 😂😂
  • John Logsdon
    John Logsdon 3 months ago Wacky: "you only need ex mags if you're bad at aiming" has ex mag on his M4
  • Helindu Abeygunawardana
    Helindu Abeygunawardana 4 months ago He protecc He attacc But most importantly He got his helmet bacc
  • Julien Leroy
    Julien Leroy 4 months ago I'm the one who f*cked his helmet. Almost got him :'(
  • Ryan McClenathan
    Ryan McClenathan 1 week ago CK CK CK
  • Games & Anime
    Games & Anime 4 months ago Just destroy the BRDM and let him rot to the zone there.
  • Mittal Shah
    Mittal Shah 4 months ago That's the most evil thing i can imagine
  • Rvire X
    Rvire X 4 months ago And that's not fun either, sacrificing an easy kill for nothing sounds like unfruitful plan to me.
  • Games & Anime
    Games & Anime 4 months ago @Rvire X I'd say that kills aren't everything.
  • The EddieS3
    The EddieS3 4 months ago Some people just want to see the world burn.
  • Rvire X
    Rvire X 4 months ago @Games & AnimeI agree, kills aren't everything but playing with your prey is not just stupid but it's cruel too. Just think about it. It's a dick move. Imagine someone doing the same thing with you.
  • No Copyright Music
    No Copyright Music 4 months ago @Rvire X you're right mate.
  • Zishan Qureshi
    Zishan Qureshi 4 months ago @Games & Anime I can see a potential psychopath in you
  • mr wolfe
    mr wolfe 4 months ago @Rvire X damn you a whiny bitch.
  • TheJustina102085
    TheJustina102085 4 months ago That’s pretty funny lol
  • TheJustina102085
    TheJustina102085 4 months ago Rvire X you are aware this is a video game? My lord lol relax bud
  • Zishan Qureshi
    Zishan Qureshi 4 months ago @TheJustina102085 if something is unethical, it's unethical everywhere. No matter whether it's a freaking video game or real life. The act you are supporting here is simply a sign or sick mentality. Rvire X is right here, you and guys like Mr wolfie are so ignorant that you won't even admit it.
  • mr wolfe
    mr wolfe 4 months ago @Zishan Qureshi lmao. And responses like that tell me you'll live out the rest of your pathetic life as prey.
  • TheJustina102085
    TheJustina102085 3 months ago Techiality hahahha yikes... you must be so fun at parties
  • Nayandra Reyhan
    Nayandra Reyhan 3 months ago Do it, and you'll waste a BRDM for an easy prey
  • mr wolfe
    mr wolfe 3 months ago @Nayandra Reyhan bdrm is fuckin garbage anyway..
  • l Stylo l
    l Stylo l 2 months ago @Zishan Qureshi It is unethical to kill somebody. Does that mean it is unethical to kill him as well? Should he move the BRDM and let him roam free?
  • Zishan Qureshi
    Zishan Qureshi 2 months ago @l Stylo l there's difference between quick death and long and painful death. Enough said already, if you are so ignorant of basic things like these and insensitive towards it and act like bunch of jurks I'm not going to waste my time on educating you.
  • gareth461
    gareth461 4 months ago The brdm is pathetically weak. It needs more armour for how slow it is.
  • Nova Vector
    Nova Vector 4 months ago Yup even old armored Uaz is better than new slow BRDM
    SOHAIL KHAN 4 months ago When you are driving uphill, all they need is a noob player with 2 mags and an Ar
  • Hi, I am Hi.
    Hi, I am Hi. 4 months ago Yeah, people saying it is overpowered is stupid. You can not peak from the windows, the visibility is poor, it is slow, you drive pass 1 squad it will be destroyed in 5 seconds. Either make it faster, or stronger.
    SOHAIL KHAN 4 months ago Thats why you never see it in game, I used to come across an armoured UAZ like in every third or 4th game but this shit i see it rare.
  • Nova Vector
    Nova Vector 4 months ago Yeah i dont care if we cannot peek but whats the point being Tank if we can shoot it down very quick even with just 2 guy full auto at it😑😑😑 Pubg Corp plz fix the BRDM plz okay
  • Graye
    Graye 4 months ago I think they should create a shielded, manned rotatable turret on top of the BRDM to make it more menacing and more enjoyable when playing duo or squads and maintain it even though you're playing solo.
  • Nova Vector
    Nova Vector 4 months ago (edited) @Graye ohh i know why not attach the Dp 28 & M249 as turret😂😂😂😂 so you no longer need to run everytime someone shoot you😎😎😎🤣🤣🤣
  • Zachariah Whiton
    Zachariah Whiton 4 months ago Nova Vector, oh yeah! An m249 turret on it would almost make it worth it again...
  • Brian Hum
    Brian Hum 4 months ago Sadly they refuse to take risks with any new features and if any new thing is remotely overpowered, they nerf it into oblivion to the point that it's useless. It's one of the reasons that so much of the initial player base left the game and probably won't come back.
  • Rhea Kinn
    Rhea Kinn 4 months ago Also the fuel capacity
  • Davi Krisnawan
    Davi Krisnawan 4 months ago It depends on what mode youre playing
  • gareth461
    gareth461 4 months ago @Davi Krisnawan I mostly play duos or solos and yeah. It's just to slow for the armour it has in those modes. For a tank it's pretty fragile.
  • Nova Vector
    Nova Vector 4 months ago @Brian Hum and life goes on now😎😎😂😂😂 same to me but i keep playing Pubg because it's really good
  • Ash Scott
    Ash Scott 4 months ago @Brian Hum Well, they nerf airdrop stuff cus noob players never go for drops, then they get rekt and go play some other game. The devs need to top trying to make noobs happy. Noobs are never happy. That's why they're noobs. Nobody ever got good by complaining about being beaten
  • Games & Anime
    Games & Anime 4 months ago @Nova Vector But why mount an LMG instead of an actual MG?
  • Nova Vector
    Nova Vector 4 months ago @Games & Anime MG is to much , i mean if enemy is so good and have a M249 don't you scared???😂😂😂 M249 is just enough to kill one squad even you!!!😂😂😂 , so why you ask for something even more dangerous???😂😂😂
  • Matt Shadwick
    Matt Shadwick 4 months ago @Graye you have got to be fucking fisting me bro.
  • Sherlock HoGaN
    Sherlock HoGaN 4 months ago You Said:"you only need a extended mag if you are bad at aiming". You know that now every time your dmr is out of bullets you will read this in your coments :D
  • AmiTube
    AmiTube 4 months ago Mp5k + suppressor = SATISFYING
  • LA Benward
    LA Benward 4 months ago Wacky Jacky getting his Dr. Disrespect on with that extend mag statement 😂😂😂😂
    SØLAR 々 PIXEL 4 months ago Player: why you bullying me
  • DrBruce LEE
    DrBruce LEE 4 months ago Everybody askin...
  • Pranjal Kumar Singh
    Pranjal Kumar Singh 4 months ago You faksing bich
  • أحمد المنصور
    أحمد المنصور 4 months ago what he doing ?
  • Rahul Jadhav
    Rahul Jadhav 4 months ago Lel
  • Eli S
    Eli S 4 months ago I tape my extended mags together my aiming is so bad.
  • G3n3r4l Cr0ss
    G3n3r4l Cr0ss 4 months ago After 8:50, the player by the name of "Morpheus2712" has committed uninstall PUBG
  • Dream TheDream89
    Dream TheDream89 4 months ago Pay 30 dollars for something just to uninstall it later?!
  • Najmuddin Habib
    Najmuddin Habib 4 months ago Pay 60 dollars for AAA game for just to uninstall it later?
  • G3n3r4l Cr0ss
    G3n3r4l Cr0ss 4 months ago @Najmuddin Habib ever heard of rage quit?
  • Dream TheDream89
    Dream TheDream89 4 months ago @G3n3r4l Cr0ss there are plenty of great free to download pc games. It doesnt really make much sense to pay 30 dollars for a shooter game just to uninstall it later.
  • G3n3r4l Cr0ss
    G3n3r4l Cr0ss 4 months ago @Dream TheDream89 you guys rly seem dont understand the joke
  • G3n3r4l Cr0ss
    G3n3r4l Cr0ss 4 months ago @Dream TheDream89 read the damn description
  • Niraj Singh
    Niraj Singh 4 months ago Trapped guy: I hope it's a smoke..... But it looks like a frag grenade!
  • Su Nam (Kevin) Jang
    Su Nam (Kevin) Jang 4 months ago are we ever gonna get another death race, btw?
  • Xmaa
    Xmaa 4 months ago If u look at the kill feed in the intro you can see the guy that wacky knocked out was revived and got knocked by the zone and then got knocked again by falling ,poor guy
  • MrLincoln87
    MrLincoln87 4 months ago Everyone else: Who needs that many smokes Wacky: Hold my beer