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Скачать с ютуб WHAT RANK AM I? | PUBG Mobile

Опубликовано: 27 окт. 2018 г. 828 476 просмотров

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Here you have some more great gameplay of PUBG Mobile (pubgm) Hope you enjoy this video, and if you do
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- Conqueror (Highest Rank)

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  • Daffy Duck
    Daffy Duck 1 year ago (edited) Many people here commenting fake because they don't know how conqueror work. lol You must be ace and in top 500 to get conqueror. So when he reached ace, he was already in top 500. That's why he got conqueror.
  • Daffy Duck
    Daffy Duck 1 year ago (edited) Thx for pinned😍
  • NV Kamisama
    NV Kamisama 1 year ago Daffy Duck true
  • Every Game
    Every Game 1 year ago What server you play? In asia it is hard to reach conqueror hmm... Your pts must 5,400+ :/
  • ŁØ Gossen
    ŁØ Gossen 1 year ago I think in Asia its harder, im at 9000+ rankings in Ace, man its tough so i quited tpp and started fpp xD
  • Every Game
    Every Game 1 year ago There still cheaters haha
  • Himanshu
    Himanshu 1 year ago @Every Game yEs there r, because in squad rank 1&2 get 35+ kills every match, how is that even possible in conqueror
  • Ammad Gamer
    Ammad Gamer 1 year ago Right
  • URGrandma Playz
    URGrandma Playz 1 year ago Daffy Duck for real and good job panda
  • Hansaka Sandaruwan
    Hansaka Sandaruwan 1 year ago Nice explanation 👍👍
  • Farix Gaming
    Farix Gaming 1 year ago @Every Game yeaaa add me LDFARIXPRO. ( But im a nub)
  • Pro Sniper13
    Pro Sniper13 1 year ago True
    BIG SMOKE 1 year ago You are fooled by him and being his have gone blind. He's showing server ranking 299 first and then you believe at his ranking as 81 too........... HATS OFFFFFFF!!!!!!! I ALWAYS LOVE AND RESPECT HIS CONTENT BUT I HATE LIES TOO.
  • Abdul Hakeem
    Abdul Hakeem 1 year ago @Every Game Duo - Europe
  • Resha Persaud
    Resha Persaud 1 year ago I tell you don't listen to them people them most of now the game hi it's reshaping persaud 😇😰😢😢I want to see your face because I want to love you I am that old on the picture in print my photo
  • Resha Persaud
    Resha Persaud 1 year ago Sorry I am 15 years old I didn't know that game but when I watch your video's and I learn see I want you to play with me 5:30 when ever you get chance my name is Caribbean godde
  • R Squall
    R Squall 1 year ago Thank you for that info
    KEVIN ABISHEK J A D 1 year ago How he got panda?
    KRAK BOOM 1 year ago @ŁØ Gossen on tpp squads theres too many kids and hackers, thats why i started playing fpp solo..... which is the opposite of tpp squad.....
  • Ashish Kumar Singh
    Ashish Kumar Singh 1 year ago I'm in ace. How do I check my rank?
  • Mohammed
    Mohammed 1 year ago @BIG SMOKE rank 81 is his kill ranking..check the video again..pause ot before the small animation
  • Yashwant Shah
    Yashwant Shah 1 year ago In duo its easy to reach concerror if u get good kills
  • Mehrun Nisha
    Mehrun Nisha 1 year ago In video there is a mistake that you are in conqueror and you not get the parachute skin by play 5 matches in ace
  • Science 'n Games
    Science 'n Games 1 year ago Panda what is the music you used
  • Kurdo haji
    Kurdo haji 1 year ago Panda what's your ID?
  • সত্য সনাতন
    সত্য সনাতন 1 year ago Where is his id number???????????
  • Z
    Z 1 year ago Thanks for explaining I didnt know this.. oh wauw I'll never reach conqereur then fml lol
  • Mac Paco
    Mac Paco 1 year ago TPP? yeah yeah yeah, come play FPP in sanhok, then telle if conqueror TPP exist😂😂
  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 11 months ago True
  • Angry Bear
    Angry Bear 10 months ago That's right
  • kaif king
    kaif king 10 months ago You added me mere saath koi ni kheltaa plz add me pubg player name siddkaifbhai
  • TJ MEhra
    TJ MEhra 9 months ago @সত্য সনাতন check my video
    PZ SYRINGE 8 months ago How to be in rank 500!? Do we need to get many kills,...!?
  • XxProEshaxX
    XxProEshaxX 8 months ago Wut
    ANIMESH DEY 8 months ago Fuck bro... Totally flase statement.... Cheated bro...
  • Ghost Riper
    Ghost Riper 8 months ago Daffy Duck Dumbass
  • Team.Symbiote #biraj
    Team.Symbiote #biraj 8 months ago Than why dont panda show his outro i mean after the game is over where we can see tier updated after new update
  • 420 ziddi
    420 ziddi 7 months ago Nice cmnt *actually I like it. 🤗
  • Gauransh Rastogi
    Gauransh Rastogi 7 months ago Its not possible
  • DUDE Gaming
    DUDE Gaming 6 months ago Batichodo yo youtube pre viedo to squod ka he dala h
  • K M
    K M 6 months ago @BIG SMOKE dude 81 is his kill rankings..there are kill / survival/overall rankings...his overall is 299 idiot...its so easy to misunderstand someone and hate them.. like u do. please verify ur facts. Before u hate someone... jealously bitch
  • Ashish Prajapati
    Ashish Prajapati 6 months ago You don't know anything about the game
  • S.R.Manikandan
    S.R.Manikandan 6 months ago I am Conquer my if dishykum 40
  • THE GAMER King of kings
    THE GAMER King of kings 6 months ago Sale Europe khelta hai je
  • Ramya Ramz
    Ramya Ramz 3 months ago вяσ тнιѕ ιѕ ρυвg ℓιтє
  • Rojan Baby
    Rojan Baby 1 year ago I'm still in ace ....Asia server 😤😤
    FASWIL MK 1 year ago Macha
  • Aesthetic boye
    Aesthetic boye 1 year ago Asia server is hard alot of pros
  • Reggy Jass
    Reggy Jass 1 year ago +fake despacito and cheater bro 😴
  • Aesthetic boye
    Aesthetic boye 1 year ago @Reggy Jass yes bro, fucking Cheater shooting through walls...
  • Reggy Jass
    Reggy Jass 1 year ago +fake despacito umm BTW at 0.45s why panda only completed one match in ace? but already reached conqueror? can someone explain :/?
  • NitroX
    NitroX 1 year ago Paytm Kallan
  • Pro Sniper13
    Pro Sniper13 1 year ago Same
  • Mr Strange
    Mr Strange 1 year ago Crown in Asia server
    LHD CHANNEL leo 1 year ago Macha
    SHADOW WARRIOR'S 1 year ago Ni money making nirthiya
  • Thomas Dolberg
    Thomas Dolberg 1 year ago Asia is pretty easy
  • Void
    Void 1 year ago Do you know what cross server is?
  • Soham, your subscriber!
    Soham, your subscriber! 1 year ago I am in Crown 2
  • Dr. Ajai Kumar Tiwari
    Dr. Ajai Kumar Tiwari 1 year ago Asia server is the most difficult one
    NANDAKRISHNAN RS 1 year ago Malayali annan😍😍😍
    GAMER AJ 1 year ago Asia is hard
  • Jecob Reza
    Jecob Reza 1 year ago Thomas Dolberg in Asian server my kd is 3+. Europe 5+ . North America 15+ 😂😂. Asian server is much harder bro.
  • King 7
    King 7 1 year ago Machane evda stalam
  • jos john
    jos john 1 year ago Machane
  • Samy Yaqub
    Samy Yaqub 1 year ago I'm diamond and I hate the fact it will reset 😤😤
  • Daniel suhaimi
    Daniel suhaimi 1 year ago Same
  • Daniel suhaimi
    Daniel suhaimi 1 year ago asian is hard
  • Béåšț Ğåmĕř
    Béåšț Ğåmĕř 1 year ago Eda ni malayali alle
  • Harvest Lh
    Harvest Lh 11 months ago @Reggy Jass READ THE TOP COMMENT
    MOON MOON 11 months ago @Aesthetic boye yeah so many pros i am diamond tier
  • Aesthetic boye
    Aesthetic boye 11 months ago @MOON MOON I'm crown II now and i played 129 matches already and still 19 wins 😂😝
    MOON MOON 11 months ago @Aesthetic boye name your pubg mobile?
    FAST AS DUCK BOI 10 months ago Big fan
  • Gaming Machine
    Gaming Machine 10 months ago Nen crown Ann
  • Rais kaysan
    Rais kaysan 10 months ago Me crown 1V
    GAMING WITH TASHAN 10 months ago Me too
  • Masud Khan
    Masud Khan 9 months ago I am conquer my id is danger ayan
  • Ritesh HERE
    Ritesh HERE 8 months ago Me 2
  • PoP SiNgEr
    PoP SiNgEr 8 months ago @NitroX malyali
  • meme review
    meme review 8 months ago Rojan Baby Asia= We are a try harder
  • vivek singh
    vivek singh 6 months ago If you're In aisa ace than your above conquer Europe
  • Itz_Nicøle Gacha
    Itz_Nicøle Gacha 5 months ago Reggy Jass He is in top 500 so when he is ace and inside the top 500 you automatically become conquer
  • Kashif Ishaq
    Kashif Ishaq 4 months ago What’s your ID?
  • firephoenix op
    firephoenix op 3 months ago I am not even in diamond
  • Saw Duck77
    Saw Duck77 2 months ago True
  • Amos lunglen
    Amos lunglen 2 months ago Im in ace star 2
    M. GRAPHICZ 3 weeks ago Iam also in ace I'd :5416264264 Name:FB | MØHÀMMED
  • T Perm
    T Perm 11 months ago 1:20 Every PUBG player's dream
    AMAAN SYED 11 months ago Conquerer In Duo not In Squad🙂
  • F8_ Phoenix
    F8_ Phoenix 10 months ago yea me to i see this
  • Twice JJang
    Twice JJang 8 months ago Still better than your over all 🙂🙂🙂
  • Shruti Singh
    Shruti Singh 7 months ago Please support my channel I am poor man Hath Jod ke vinti hai aapse🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Edlie Gaming
    Edlie Gaming 5 months ago Doesn't Matter mahn
  • Tanpreet Singh
    Tanpreet Singh 2 months ago Does that really matter?
  • Bitstrat gaming
    Bitstrat gaming 2 months ago Plz help me to for conqueror
  • No need to know my name
    No need to know my name 2 months ago Freak you
  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong 1 week ago @Shruti Singh Let me guess, you're an Indian?
  • Leon
    Leon 8 months ago Rip Panda for not getting the Ace parachute
  • 『A』『S』『P』『E』『C』『T』
    『A』『S』『P』『E』『C』『T』 5 months ago He would get the ace parachute even if he plays in conquer
  • Enrique 12
    Enrique 12 1 year ago Who is a better player Like for Panda Comment for Yanrique
  • Vicky xd
    Vicky xd 1 year ago Yanrique is best
  • Nicolas Wolf
    Nicolas Wolf 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Devansh Rai
    Devansh Rai 1 year ago yanrique
  • Fsyault Gaming
    Fsyault Gaming 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Shining Shimmering
    Shining Shimmering 1 year ago U want to know the rank of Yanrique? Diamond 1 or crown v idiot
  • Abdul Mulani
    Abdul Mulani 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Shadow
    Shadow 1 year ago í dσn't ѕєє whz вєѕt.........í lσvє αll vєdíσ вєcz í єnjσч........u ídíσt guчѕ αll wαчѕ cσmpαír єvєrчσnє......
  • Shadow
    Shadow 1 year ago tαlkíng αвσut вєѕt... thєn í fєєl вσth
  • it's Ármy
    it's Ármy 1 year ago fpp for pro yanrique
  • fallen king
    fallen king 1 year ago Yanrique of course
  • Wilson Gaming
    Wilson Gaming 1 year ago Tukimen,rrq anthena
    NOOB GAMER 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Ethan Wong
    Ethan Wong 1 year ago Panda my idol ever since I played MLBB
  • you me
    you me 1 year ago both are better player
  • Paras Kaith
    Paras Kaith 1 year ago @Ethan Wong this isn't blue panda
  • Smudge the cat
    Smudge the cat 1 year ago Ofc yanrique
  • beeb beeb
    beeb beeb 1 year ago Both
  • Audi Azham
    Audi Azham 1 year ago Both better than ibe
  • Lee LayHong
    Lee LayHong 1 year ago izzo
    SOSSY GUY 1 year ago Both
  • Tarang Singh
    Tarang Singh 1 year ago Yanrique Dah Best
    SOSSY GUY 1 year ago @Nishchay Sachdeva are u pakistani?
  • Ma Rul
    Ma Rul 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Dibash Kumar Das
    Dibash Kumar Das 1 year ago Yanrique is fake look his rank his position first have a look his profile
  • Gayatri Dwivedi
    Gayatri Dwivedi 1 year ago Yanriqueee💯💯
  • Dev Bagga
    Dev Bagga 1 year ago Both are best. Its just that yanrique is in crown and panda is in conqueror.
  • Adhul Narayanan
    Adhul Narayanan 1 year ago who is yanrique
  • SriAkash
    SriAkash 1 year ago Do it in yanrique channel u will get 1k like 0comments
  • panjang panjang
    panjang panjang 1 year ago Powerbang the best
  • Novo Nishant
    Novo Nishant 1 year ago yanrique solo vs squad panda due vs squad
  • Inder
    Inder 1 year ago Panda 🎃
    SHORYA GAMING 1 year ago @Dibash Kumar Das this does not mean that he is fake idiot
  • ꧁i'm everywhere ꧂
    ꧁i'm everywhere ꧂ 1 year ago Yangang
  • Wurst Zombie
    Wurst Zombie 1 year ago Im quite suprise..I play..1 month pubg..I got Diamond..U play pubg got conqueror?!?! Hows thats possible?!?!..Btw can u add me :)
  • I am beast
    I am beast 1 year ago Yanrique is on platinum 3🤔🤔
  • Ronak Patil
    Ronak Patil 1 year ago Both
  • arun mani
    arun mani 1 year ago Conquer vs crown 5 which is better
  • YøGxX. SY
    YøGxX. SY 1 year ago Yanrique crowne lol im ace 😂 im better than yanrique
  • Kygo GAMING
    Kygo GAMING 1 year ago Both
  • Ajay jaiswal
    Ajay jaiswal 1 year ago Yanrique
  • BK007
    BK007 1 year ago Yanrique is best
  • Hitesh Parmar
    Hitesh Parmar 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Ichigaya Chomama
    Ichigaya Chomama 1 year ago Serioton is better
  • Zedd Dead
    Zedd Dead 1 year ago Levinho!
  • Gaming Scoop
    Gaming Scoop 1 year ago IZZOG
  • EXHyper
    EXHyper 1 year ago Both of them
  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Piyush Mishra
    Piyush Mishra 1 year ago Nice try mate........ Getting both for who loves both Yanrique and Panda...... And so do I
    AYUSH GAMER 1 year ago Yan
  • GODatWAR
    GODatWAR 1 year ago Both are different tpp and fpp
  • Minlen Singson
    Minlen Singson 1 year ago Both are good but panda is conquerer ang yanrique is not even in Ace, think about i play much worst than him but m an Ace player, hi is good but why is his rank not go up?
  • Minlen Singson
    Minlen Singson 1 year ago @Novo Nishant compare their rank, u can play solo vs squad and win easily, then why is he not rank up?
  • SCAR
    SCAR 1 year ago Yan
  • uhh umm
    uhh umm 1 year ago Levinho for me
  • ItzYuzuru
    ItzYuzuru 1 year ago Both
    LG3W PUBG MOBILE 1 year ago Yanrique
  • No U
    No U 1 year ago Levinho 😀
  • Twill cha_kma
    Twill cha_kma 1 year ago Who is yanrique
  • nunchucksiva online life
    nunchucksiva online life 1 year ago Levingo
  • Chehakim
    Chehakim 1 year ago 314 panda😍😍
  • mohaiminul zidny
    mohaiminul zidny 1 year ago Ooh oooh stop guys,,,panda yanrique they r better,,but i think u dont know about a player his name is mortal...his channel name mortal..he is number 7 in asia server squad,,,,,,u cant belive his gameplay,,just see,,,,he is awesome...and if u doubt plzz check rangking,,. He is number7 in asia server squad...
  • mohaiminul zidny
    mohaiminul zidny 1 year ago Yanrique? He is in crown3
  • mohaiminul zidny
    mohaiminul zidny 1 year ago And mortal is an indian
  • yashwanth Udupa
    yashwanth Udupa 1 year ago Both are good players
  • Zonix - Clash Of Clans
    Zonix - Clash Of Clans 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Nene Haem John
    Nene Haem John 1 year ago They both better js sayn lol
  • sagar varyani
    sagar varyani 1 year ago @Shining Shimmering exactly
  • jxlena yt
    jxlena yt 1 year ago Yanique plays better
  • Isaias Vallejo
    Isaias Vallejo 1 year ago You are fake
  • Waiting Corona Ebola Corobola
    Waiting Corona Ebola Corobola 1 year ago Yanrique
  • SuPzツ SaVaGe Gaming
    SuPzツ SaVaGe Gaming 1 year ago Yanrique the fakerique
  • Bald Pipol
    Bald Pipol 1 year ago LEVINHOOOO
    MEXIOU'S GAMING 1 year ago Izzo
  • I’m Noob
    I’m Noob 1 year ago Yanrique is crown legue
  • Nat Nat
    Nat Nat 1 year ago Athena
  • Rafat Nizam Khan
    Rafat Nizam Khan 1 year ago Mortal is the best
  • Souvik Barik
    Souvik Barik 1 year ago Yanrique
  • MadBoy Mox
    MadBoy Mox 1 year ago Panda and terrified... Both are best
  • Rishab Shaw
    Rishab Shaw 1 year ago Yanrique❤️❤️
  • Homie’s Tube
    Homie’s Tube 1 year ago People are so lazy to comment so thats why less yanrique fans outta here
  • Special
    Special 1 year ago EYYY
  • Bad Bunny
    Bad Bunny 1 year ago SeanElixir SE sup
  • Devasheesh Rana: Multi-purpose
    Devasheesh Rana: Multi-purpose 1 year ago Wright
  • Abhinava Sen
    Abhinava Sen 1 year ago I like both of them 🤩
  • sanjay sharma
    sanjay sharma 1 year ago Enrique 12
  • sanjay sharma
    sanjay sharma 1 year ago East or West panda is the best
  • LeanqX
    LeanqX 1 year ago @Nicolas Wolf bothh
  • Yo Gaming
    Yo Gaming 1 year ago yangang
  • Ben Kibo001
    Ben Kibo001 1 year ago YANRIQUE NOT OR
  • Sushant Rana
    Sushant Rana 1 year ago Mortal is best hahaha who is fan of Eoul mortal like here
  • Hazeem Km
    Hazeem Km 1 year ago Lol... So stupid to compare both youtuber
  • Melm3l
    Melm3l 1 year ago comment
  • Gaming world
    Gaming world 1 year ago For me always yanrique wright only ☺️😊😊
  • El Panda
    El Panda 1 year ago Like for me? Ohh TNX! 🐼
    MANGA TV 1 year ago yanrique dude
  • 1000 Subscribers without any videos challenge
    1000 Subscribers without any videos challenge 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Aman thakur
    Aman thakur 1 year ago Panda
  • Aman thakur
    Aman thakur 1 year ago Yanriq north america server mai khelta or uska rank dimond mai chlra abhi
  • Luffy Rogers
    Luffy Rogers 1 year ago Me
  • Enjo Padilla
    Enjo Padilla 1 year ago Yanrique
  • SG1858Z Studios
    SG1858Z Studios 1 year ago Liked for Panda, commented for Yanrique
  • Yodha Pandu
    Yodha Pandu 1 year ago Panda 👌👌
  • digamber singh
    digamber singh 1 year ago (edited) Yanrique👌but Panda is also great
  • Prem rahul vlogs
    Prem rahul vlogs 1 year ago Levinho is the best
  • Liyahn Yt
    Liyahn Yt 1 year ago You should put Timon.
  • JI TH
    JI TH 1 year ago @Paras Kaith this IS blupanda
  • Saahil Rachh
    Saahil Rachh 1 year ago None ... HYDRA | DYNAMO
  • Jayaseelan Jai
    Jayaseelan Jai 1 year ago King of fire
  • kavitha d
    kavitha d 1 year ago @Nishchay Sachdeva izzo
  • Destroyer BRUTAL!
    Destroyer BRUTAL! 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Flawless Kirby
    Flawless Kirby 1 year ago Yanriqe
  • Nathan P
    Nathan P 1 year ago Oof
  • sikipubgmobile pros
    sikipubgmobile pros 1 year ago Yanrique,izzo
  • Rhythm
    Rhythm 1 year ago Yanrique
    FAN OF FAN #JFF 1 year ago Yanrique
  • 10k without any video challange
    10k without any video challange 1 year ago Ynrique god
  • Black shark
    Black shark 1 year ago Realsteel03 is best
  • eden st catherine
    eden st catherine 1 year ago @Shining Shimmering he in ace lol
  • KanibalZ
    KanibalZ 1 year ago Izzo
  • Yugan Jain
    Yugan Jain 1 year ago Yanrique is on ace
  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 1 year ago Yanrique
  • jarvis HP
    jarvis HP 1 year ago Voted for shroud... I know he dont play pubg mobile
    AAR KAY 1 year ago Yanrique and panda both ate best You racist 🤣🤣🤣 We love both of them and also don't think that I am commenting so I like yanrique I am also giving a like to this comment
  • Patricia Vandana
    Patricia Vandana 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Gaming with Adi
    Gaming with Adi 1 year ago Yanyang
  • YouNick Gamer
    YouNick Gamer 1 year ago @Shining Shimmering Now he's at conqueror too!
  • YouNick Gamer
    YouNick Gamer 1 year ago They both are best idiots. Their tier is conqueror both.
  • UnidentifiedPotato
    UnidentifiedPotato 1 year ago @Shadow I don't understand you what were you saying
  • lion gamer
    lion gamer 1 year ago Million Rosess
  • Kashish Sharma
    Kashish Sharma 1 year ago Yanrique
  • Nyxx死
    Nyxx死 1 year ago Yanrique bro wtf panda sucka
  • manang fune
    manang fune 1 year ago CHINESE PLAYERS!
  • 祝秘PANIC
    祝秘PANIC 1 year ago Yan
  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 11 months ago @Shining Shimmering 😂😂😂😂 i think you like panda
  • 『2Ez』 Phokis
    『2Ez』 Phokis 11 months ago @Shadow I killed u before on pubg lol
  • Shadow
    Shadow 11 months ago @『2Ez』 Phokis awsm bro.......pubg #1 title for u😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Kurt Morente
    Kurt Morente 11 months ago Yanrique
  • Shivam Shinde
    Shivam Shinde 11 months ago Yep
  • gggidk
    gggidk 11 months ago Obviously there not going to be like 1 or 2k comments
  • Anirudh Kalidindi
    Anirudh Kalidindi 11 months ago Mine is exact 1.4kth like
  • Jared Pangilinan
    Jared Pangilinan 11 months ago both
  • Trash
    Trash 11 months ago Lol
  • hind jewely
    hind jewely 11 months ago Yanrique,panda :P
  • Jayson Naniong
    Jayson Naniong 11 months ago yanrique
  • prasad ae
    prasad ae 10 months ago Izzo
  • Ahmed Abdulle
    Ahmed Abdulle 10 months ago Nobody
  • The Tekgiks
    The Tekgiks 10 months ago Talktohand 😂
  • Lyhong Mao
    Lyhong Mao 10 months ago I don’t prefer them I prefer shroud 👏
  • Abdullah Bin masood
    Abdullah Bin masood 10 months ago Ruppo
  • Abdullah Bin masood
    Abdullah Bin masood 10 months ago Sevou
  • The Beem PUBGM
    The Beem PUBGM 10 months ago Panda
  • rishi yoyo
    rishi yoyo 10 months ago MZX HINDI GAMING
  • MR.X verma
    MR.X verma 9 months ago Both
  • Yazan Shalabi
    Yazan Shalabi 9 months ago Yanrique
  • its Attiè
    its Attiè 8 months ago Panda lol
  • PoP SiNgEr
    PoP SiNgEr 8 months ago Yanrique
  • Mobile Feen
    Mobile Feen 8 months ago BIUBIU is god!
  • Emöõô Tahiyan
    Emöõô Tahiyan 7 months ago Yanrique
  • Juuzou Suzuya
    Juuzou Suzuya 7 months ago I like both tbh
  • Unknown Gamer V2
    Unknown Gamer V2 7 months ago Shroud
  • sky avalanche gaming
    sky avalanche gaming 6 months ago Who is yanrique
    POPULAR GAMER 5 months ago Mrx
  • Confused Duck
    Confused Duck 4 months ago Yan lol
  • 『Mohammed 』
    『Mohammed 』 4 months ago Yanrique
  • taruna gyamlani
    taruna gyamlani 3 months ago Me
  • Jose Narvaiz
    Jose Narvaiz 3 months ago Who is yanrique
  • _POBCORN _
    _POBCORN _ 2 months ago Both
  • Webster Gaming
    Webster Gaming 2 months ago *Yanrique*
    KANTHA RAO KAKUMANU 11 months ago In Season 6 you are in Platinumv
    FAN OF FAN #JFF 10 months ago Bro u are in conqueror and matches played in ace is only one wtf
  • HoldThAt
    HoldThAt 5 months ago That's cause when he reached ace his ratings were high putting him in conqueror
  • Danish Zehen
    Danish Zehen 1 year ago (edited) Can you please do giveaway to some of your subscribers -A panda mask
  • Moshe Schnitzler
    Moshe Schnitzler 10 months ago How are you such a good player only after playing for only 1 and a half months? You use to play PUBG on PC or you have a high IQ 😀?
  • _ Zen_
    _ Zen_ 8 months ago He plays on ipad
  • Riya Ullas
    Riya Ullas 11 months ago I am also in conqueror lol.hitman 1040
  • Bishal
    Bishal 8 months ago Omg litera 20.87 KD even O dont have 2♥️♥️
  • Vinigar Chips
    Vinigar Chips 11 months ago 0:13 so i though???
  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 1 year ago It's almost a year and half I started playing pubg mobile I remember when it used to be 600 mb
  • Deadly Vibes
    Deadly Vibes 1 year ago Me: Slowly slides the video to the corner and pushed it away....🙄
  • Caleb Grant
    Caleb Grant 9 months ago WD2 VOGUE 😂😂
    NOT SO GOOD SNIPER 10 hours ago Not on new update sorry
  • jefry pamungkas
    jefry pamungkas 1 year ago look he's playing at euro server wkwkwk wtf
  • Adrich Coelho
    Adrich Coelho 1 year ago Now that ain't some IBE nad Yanrique stuff u got there Love ya <3
  • Harsh Singh
    Harsh Singh 11 months ago My K/D is of 2 LoL 🤣🤣😂😂
  • Stxrm_Rebel
    Stxrm_Rebel 9 months ago Harsh Singh me 3.26
  • Yoaftaf Aftaf
    Yoaftaf Aftaf 9 months ago 3.9
  • Juuzou Suzuya
    Juuzou Suzuya 9 months ago Mine is even worse mine is 1.something
  • ツ『SKR彡CrazyOp』
    ツ『SKR彡CrazyOp』 8 months ago 2 kd ka noobrda
  • [Speedy]
    [Speedy] 8 months ago 5,62
  • indo clubbing
    indo clubbing 8 months ago 0.89
  • Alpha D Marak
    Alpha D Marak 8 months ago 7.15 KD,710rounds, 32% win rate, Ace(5100), Season 7.
  • Chibalta Gamer
    Chibalta Gamer 8 months ago My 1
  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan 8 months ago Mine is 5.45 last season 266 matches crown 1 55 wins
    MIX INDIA GAMING 7 months ago @ツ『SKR彡CrazyOp』 Kitna bara player ha be tu
  • 赵宇轩
    赵宇轩 6 months ago My Kdr is 10.00 in solo and 7 something in squads
    CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW 8 months ago This season u r Rank Plz Video
  • Kurrr Kurrr
    Kurrr Kurrr 8 months ago Hahaha he diamond iv bro
  • Nathan Dsouza
    Nathan Dsouza 6 months ago Diamond 4
  • Hacker Vines
    Hacker Vines 8 months ago What is your season 7 rank and stats
  • Rahul Italy
    Rahul Italy 8 months ago Ryt question bro
  • KHAN - PUBG Mobile
    KHAN - PUBG Mobile 8 months ago Panda rank is Diamond with 10 kd in Europe