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Скачать с ютуб Mega64: Seaman (2005)

Опубликовано: 6 окт. 2011 г. 215 936 просмотров

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This experiment based on a Sega classic used to be our favorite skit... until we got shot.

  • Toblerone
    Toblerone 3 years ago >Be American >Like math >Get shot
  • PCG
    PCG 3 years ago Is this the true reason for falling test scores? More news at 11.
  • Peter Gasoline
    Peter Gasoline 6 years ago "It used to be math until I got shot." WELL THAT TOOK A DARK TURN.
  • EverlastingSky
    EverlastingSky 5 years ago LOL
  • Saitodere
    Saitodere 3 years ago +EverlastingSky LOL
    SKR TTT 5 years ago "man didn't create language, god did" lol
  • featuringfranklin
    featuringfranklin 5 years ago I loved history but then I got stabbed.
  • JonTronShow
    JonTronShow 8 years ago Love it.
  • Mr. Internet Man
    Mr. Internet Man 1 year ago K
  • Dionaea Muscipula
    Dionaea Muscipula 1 year ago Oh damn, it's him
  • SupTestMan
    SupTestMan 1 year ago Yo it's the guy for grumpy gamers.
  • Ostrich160
    Ostrich160 5 years ago Yeh I know how that guy feels, I used to love science till someone broke my knee caps
  • Mecha Hitler
    Mecha Hitler 1 year ago Ostrich160 that never stopped Steven hawking
  • cowfish13
    cowfish13 4 years ago MGSV just ripped off Seaman. Getting all philosophical about language and shit.
  • Minchken
    Minchken 2 years ago My child was scrolling through the comments and she came across you saying the S word, and now she's Suffering from PTSD and acute psychosis, I demand that you change the S word to something more appropriate or I will have you arrested by the Federal Bureau Investigation, please cease and desist immediately.
  • leo_os
    leo_os 2 years ago Minchken IKR. S**man is a disgusting word.
  • Dietrich Kaufmann
    Dietrich Kaufmann 2 years ago that sounds shitty
  • TheGamerMonkeyz
    TheGamerMonkeyz 7 years ago "Is that seaman bothering you? I've fought seamen like him before."
  • Ratus
    Ratus 6 years ago "god created language"  And I wonder about the intelligence of humans now. 
  • 0x28
    0x28 5 years ago Respect other people's beliefs and stop being a millennium-kid. You are pathetic.
  • Ratus
    Ratus 5 years ago @0x28 How am I pathetic when I state the obvious. Don't you dare tell me you did not bust out laughing at that.  
  • 0x28
    0x28 5 years ago You are a sad person. Get educated and perhaps you will be one day be able to be part of this society. Until that day comes (which is never), you will be a marginal. Blocked and muted.
  • SomethingCool51
    SomethingCool51 5 years ago @0x28 Wow, it's ironic how you act like you're the mature one.
  • Mario Xavier Morales Betancourt
    Mario Xavier Morales Betancourt 5 years ago @0x28 It's pretty childish and stupid to assume that he must be "marginalized" and therefore not be part of this society (as if that was somehow a positive thing anyway) just because of his comment and opinion. You seem to be the one who has to "mature".
  • Ratus
    Ratus 5 years ago @0x28 I am a computer scientist I initially wanted to ask where your name was derived as it looks like hex. However I did not because I assumed that there is no way a fellow computer scientist would dare try to tell me to respect a false belief. You do know a human created the language c++ right?(a language that computers understand) English was also created by humans, it never existed when the bible was written by humans.The bible was translated to English. It is a fact that more languages will be created in the future. So for you to tell me respect someones known false beliefs and get educated is like telling me to let people burn "witches" and respect the beliefs of a racist. Respect is earned not given. What do you do for a living? hide behind the computer and preach your useless views to others because you failed and never got back up?
  • nicnotnick
    nicnotnick 5 years ago @DanusMax english and c++ are languages, that doesn't mean language itself was invented by humans. Language existed long before humans did.
  • Ratus
    Ratus 5 years ago @nicnotnick and it will exist far after humans and god.
  • Ostrich160
    Ostrich160 5 years ago I knew this would happen, someone mentions god and of course mr obnoxious atheist has to tip his fedora round the bend to say his bit
  • SomethingCool51
    SomethingCool51 5 years ago @Ostrich160 Because saying god created language is totally not retarded in any way.
  • Ratus
    Ratus 5 years ago @Ostrich160 You just made an ass out of yourself for assuming... I would like to know  who here you think is an atheist?
  • cookiechomp
    cookiechomp 5 years ago @0x28 ???
  • Generals
    Generals 5 years ago @0x28 Such a hypocritical statement. How come you can't respect his opinion? I don't respect people's beliefs if they're stupid, false or hurtful to other people.
  • Ostrich160
    Ostrich160 5 years ago @DanusMax However I did not because I assumed that there is no way a fellow computer scientist would dare try to tell me to respect a false belief. A FALSE BELIEF 
  • Ratus
    Ratus 5 years ago @Ostrich160 wait what? 
  • pleasepoop61
    pleasepoop61 5 years ago @DanusMax i can feel u
  • pleasepoop61
    pleasepoop61 5 years ago @DanusMax touch you
  • Rainbow Spork
    Rainbow Spork 3 years ago 0x28 you act mature yet all you do is blocm and report wich doesn't do anything anymore and for tbis reason surley will.make you look like you're too immature for this website
  • NGMajora
    NGMajora 4 years ago That was an ending that left me with questions about how a man's ability to enjoy mathematics lead to him being shot
  • troyisfilming
    troyisfilming 4 years ago My theory has always been that his counting was off about how many bullets were left in a chamber or clip, like he thought 6 shots were fired but really only 5 shots were fired, and the end result was he got shot.
  • Dusk278
    Dusk278 3 years ago +troyisfilming that or he was one of those smart asses that pissed off the wrong person.
  • Personal Persona
    Personal Persona 3 years ago KingDusk278 dude no yah he was trying to make a joke! that's what it was. i never wouldve got that thanks. like its what you said but he was trying to be funny like "ba dum tish!" funny
  • Yoy Hue
    Yoy Hue 6 years ago just the nonchalant way he says "why do all americans think that everybody speaks english"
  • Chic 'N' Stu
    Chic 'N' Stu 2 years ago YOU NEED TO LEAVE!
  • LeBadman
    LeBadman 5 years ago "I bet you like yourself about twice a day". Oh boy that was funny. :'D
  • anthonydeadman
    anthonydeadman 4 years ago So...why do people think god created language again?
  • Erik
    Erik 4 years ago @anthonydeadman The Tower of Babel story. Yeah, some people actually think that really happened.
  • anthonydeadman
    anthonydeadman 4 years ago utterly ridiculous. 
  • Erik
    Erik 4 years ago @anthonydeadman *nod*
  • Karl
    Karl 4 years ago @Erik To be fair, most people don't take it that literally. A lot of it is up for interpretation.
  • Erik
    Erik 4 years ago @AgeOfMasks Depends on where you live. Where I live, most people do take it literally.
  • atomixfang
    atomixfang 4 years ago @anthonydeadman Because `merica
  • Black
    Black 4 years ago +anthonydeadman Because unfortunately, people are retards.
  • chronofinal
    chronofinal 3 years ago +anthonydeadman The tower of Babel story is more about god wanting to destroy lenguage, but failing to do so.
  • Erik
    Erik 3 years ago @chronofinal Actually, it's about God wanting to destroy cooperation, and succeeding despite the harm and suffering it would apparently cause for generations to come.
  • GT6SuzukaTimeTrials
    GT6SuzukaTimeTrials 2 years ago So God is a dickhole.
  • RedHairdo
    RedHairdo 4 weeks ago @GT6SuzukaTimeTrials In the Old Testament yes. Reading it is beyond laughable. I forgot what page of Nummers even told the tale of Moses beheading children and non-virgin women. "Prince of Egypt" got ruined for me. lol
  • Kirbymeister2
    Kirbymeister2 6 years ago YOU NEED TO LEAVE YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW why hello there security officer :)
  • Ununoctium Spine
    Ununoctium Spine 2 years ago "What is your name?" "No thank you"
  • heepy1
    heepy1 5 years ago RIP leonard nimoy
  • FelpHero
    FelpHero 8 years ago "I bet you like yourself twice a day" ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahahahahahaha best skit ever
  • Undying Zombie
    Undying Zombie 8 years ago "Its good to like yourself, I like you too" The guy's reaction to that was funny. You could tell he was getting soo creeped out.
  • tinyraptor
    tinyraptor 8 years ago "That's good, it's good to like yourself, I like you, too." ... *awkward silence*
  • thecultguy
    thecultguy 8 years ago lmao at 0:57 "Hows your mothers health?" guy turns around