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Скачать с ютуб Galantis - Runaway (U & I) (Official Video)

Опубликовано: 19 янв. 2015 г. 342 282 688 просмотров

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Galantis' newest single 'Love On Me' available now via Big Beat Records!
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Galantis - Runaway (U & I)
Video Directed by Dano Cerny

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Think I can fly, think I can fly when I'm with U.
My arms are wide, catching fire as the wind blows
I know that I'm rich enough for pride, I see a billion dollars in your eyes
Even if we're strangers til we die

I wanna run away
I wanna run away
Anywhere out this place
I wanna run away
Just U and I, I, I, I, I
U and I, I, I, I, I (x3)
Just U and I

I wanna run
Chase the morning sun when I'm with U
Give it all away
Catching fire as the wind blows
I know that I'm rich enough for pride, I see a billion dollars in your eyes
Even if we're strangers til we die

I wanna run away
I wanna run away
Anywhere out this place
I wanna run away

Just U and I, I, I, I, I
U and I, I, I, I, I (x3)
Just U and I

  • RoseFoxAngel2
    RoseFoxAngel2 3 years ago (edited) does anyone else get a strange undescribable feeling while listening to this song?
  • More Than Books
    More Than Books 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 I DO EVERY TIME I LISTEN TO THIS SONG KKK
  • Austin Clarke
    Austin Clarke 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 you feel it too
  • RGC
    RGC 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 same here
  • Luka Vola
    Luka Vola 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 tru af man
    TheTEAMBUTLER 3 years ago Yeah it's called a summer stiffie
  • Lorena Nieva
    Lorena Nieva 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 I kind of feel like I'm being crawled by insects
  • Gia Quesadilla
    Gia Quesadilla 3 years ago me!!
  • AcidGaming
    AcidGaming 3 years ago MEE TO A MANNNN HELLO FRÅN sverge
  • Ornstein_Wants_Memes
    Ornstein_Wants_Memes 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 I do
  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 yesh
  • Walber carlos
    Walber carlos 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 u
  • Arian
    Arian 3 years ago Bassbuster
  • mrefexx
    mrefexx 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 yeah
  • Nicolás G.
    Nicolás G. 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 I'm addicted to this one these days
  • Neren Adaya
    Neren Adaya 3 years ago I love this song so much! <3
  • Ethereal Bambino
    Ethereal Bambino 3 years ago I do. and i like that feelin....
  • Manpahul Singh
    Manpahul Singh 3 years ago yes!!
  • Zoe Gill
    Zoe Gill 3 years ago this feels like summer music
  • 유유
    유유 3 years ago Idk why but I get chills when I listen to this song xD
  • Zoe Gill
    Zoe Gill 3 years ago bluexwolf weird
  • Aaron Kuehn
    Aaron Kuehn 3 years ago It's the presence of God. This is the kind of music they party to in heaven!
    TSJALR MOON 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 oh, I've been feeling the same since one year ago! That's insane! But that true is that I love it!
  • Elly Toffle
    Elly Toffle 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 Its The feeling of wanting death and relising that death is better then living to you
  • Curently Troye
    Curently Troye 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 gotchu fam
  • Mc LOVIN
    Mc LOVIN 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 i do it feels like so nice like butterflies in ur stomage
  • filouqcthug Ytub
    filouqcthug Ytub 3 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 yes i wanna run away
  • Brit B
    Brit B 2 years ago That and how they set up the video. Pretty amazing.
  • Matt G
    Matt G 2 years ago yep
  • VexTray TM
    VexTray TM 2 years ago I fill like she's Going to Fall Through The Window XD
  • Penguins123Power_ UrMom
    Penguins123Power_ UrMom 2 years ago VexTray - ROBLOX same lol 😂
  • Tryhard ninja108
    Tryhard ninja108 2 years ago I feel like a god for some reason
  • Nabil Ibrahim
    Nabil Ibrahim 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 I got goosebumbs
  • fhersinho10
    fhersinho10 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 I remember one of the best parts of my life whit it ... her soul stills beside me 😍😭
  • BlackAxe11
    BlackAxe11 2 years ago this song makes me wanna learn parkour and just keep on running til i die. just amazing. love it.
  • KM conversion
    KM conversion 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 yeah I do it's a sad one...
    FLYNN STONE 2 years ago BlackAxe11 Go for it!
  • Kanashimi Otokonoko
    Kanashimi Otokonoko 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 thought I was that only one
  • woepie de woeper
    woepie de woeper 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 this song makes me want too legit runaway
  • Euphrasia H
    Euphrasia H 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 yh it's the feeling of wanting to party in the nightlife for ever late but never wanting it to end....magical
  • Moofy
    Moofy 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 YESSS
  • Luis Sagastume
    Luis Sagastume 2 years ago More Than Books Simón
  • pressy
    pressy 2 years ago yes indeed
  • Denisse Vargas
    Denisse Vargas 2 years ago totally
  • Cherry Bunn
    Cherry Bunn 2 years ago Oh my god I thought you wrote unsubscribable I was like lmao ded
  • Guillermo Inostroza
    Guillermo Inostroza 2 years ago I remember when i was a child
  • Itswoly Tv
    Itswoly Tv 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 your right...
  • banana 101
    banana 101 2 years ago awe
  • Mr. Ted
    Mr. Ted 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 It's called saudade
  • Hollin 1
    Hollin 1 2 years ago Prolly gas
  • GAy DoGs STtiNKY DUdU
    GAy DoGs STtiNKY DUdU 2 years ago Why does she were a mask
  • Rosie Studio
    Rosie Studio 2 years ago 0:40
  • William Maldonado
    William Maldonado 2 years ago ya weird huh
  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 years ago called being high on life
  • Vlad Roșu
    Vlad Roșu 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 so im NOT the only one
  • Shelby Day
    Shelby Day 2 years ago melancholy af
  • Salmon Slap fish
    Salmon Slap fish 2 years ago Me
  • Lucas Welter
    Lucas Welter 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 I don't know. I just know that this music is nice
  • Vlad Roșu
    Vlad Roșu 2 years ago So im not Alone xd
  • louis burns
    louis burns 2 years ago It's called hype
  • Princess Lovely
    Princess Lovely 2 years ago yes
  • Good guy51
    Good guy51 2 years ago RoseFoxAngel2 that's love... Have a good day every1
  • Thug Beanie
    Thug Beanie 2 years ago yeah but it's a good feeling
  • เป็นพิษ
    เป็นพิษ 2 years ago Yes, 33 percent in like wanting to go somewhere i have been but also places i havent... with another soul.
  • Stefanie Presley
    Stefanie Presley 1 year ago RoseFoxAngel2 YES!!!
  • X a N-X 1 3 z
    X a N-X 1 3 z 1 year ago I have n I like it
  • Nightmare wolf
    Nightmare wolf 1 year ago RoseFoxAngel2 yes
  • Guilherme Henrique
    Guilherme Henrique 1 year ago I feel it too
  • Its Liaa
    Its Liaa 1 year ago Goosebumps 😭😭
  • Lil Patricia
    Lil Patricia 11 months ago Kinda like pins and needles but lighter and also like you back is being dipped into a warm but cold liquid? No one: Yes
  • Selina Elia
    Selina Elia 11 months ago of course!
  • Unofficial GaMeRz
    Unofficial GaMeRz 11 months ago yeep me too i feel sad... when i hear this song i remmember my past and get sad
  • Duncsteroid
    Duncsteroid 10 months ago I get powerful feelings
  • Liza Samaniego
    Liza Samaniego 10 months ago si yo siento un sentimiento indescriptible al escuchar esta música
  • jinsgiivenchii
    jinsgiivenchii 10 months ago NOSTALGIA
  • Ahmad Hafidz
    Ahmad Hafidz 10 months ago Same here
  • Oculus
    Oculus 10 months ago Its strange i feel sad and happy and crazy and damn!! it is strange...
  • Gabrielle kun
    Gabrielle kun 10 months ago @Lorena Nieva that called goosebump
  • KiRaShi KReaTiVe
    KiRaShi KReaTiVe 9 months ago Considering that Galantis is comprised of the duo who wrote Britney Spears Toxic (and many other early 2000's songs with addictive hooks, yes, yes I absolutely do get an indescribable feeling listening to this and other Galantis songs.
  • Klaudia Arriera
    Klaudia Arriera 9 months ago RoseFoxAngel2 I feel it too! It’s the feeling of wanting to go away
  • David Tapia
    David Tapia 9 months ago 3:51 to 4:01 favorite part, feel like happyness and sadness at the same time its weird but feels good.
  • Bianca Bianca
    Bianca Bianca 8 months ago RoseFoxAngel2.... nostalgia
  • C4K3
    C4K3 8 months ago Makes me wanna Runaway
  • Olivia Aldridge
    Olivia Aldridge 8 months ago I know what you feel like
  • A group of Daredevils
    A group of Daredevils 8 months ago I do its so weird like i heard this as background music and i was like OMG this was my fav song like 1 or 2 years
  • Putu Topan
    Putu Topan 8 months ago This music give memory But we cant describe it
    FRANCIS NDUNGU 8 months ago yeah,,when I listened to the audio..I felt it was nice..but the video is kind of scary, especially the mask,,I don't like the mask at all
  • jena prithviraj
    jena prithviraj 7 months ago It's love.
  • Benner
    Benner 7 months ago totally me
  • Luís Abreu
    Luís Abreu 7 months ago Me too
  • Wolfiaa
    Wolfiaa 7 months ago IKR! The first time I heard this song (like a few seconds ago) I heard "I wanna run awaaaaay!" and I quickly searched it up
  • kike S.
    kike S. 7 months ago A lot.
  • TheFlameOnFire
    TheFlameOnFire 7 months ago maybe its called "cool intro idea" LOL but I have that feelin to? Maybe electro dance feeling?
  • luis felton
    luis felton 6 months ago I do..
  • AxelorixValeXD
    AxelorixValeXD 6 months ago Yep
  • William Brown
    William Brown 6 months ago Same 😂👍👌😊😅😁
  • Josie
    Josie 6 months ago yup
  • Estefane Mello
    Estefane Mello 6 months ago I feel the same, and I don't know why. I think it's nostalgia or something like that.
  • Brute4z
    Brute4z 5 months ago Idk why but I also feel the same way 😂😂
  • • Supernova •
    • Supernova • 5 months ago Yes. I feel single.
  • FilmThemesAndScenes
    FilmThemesAndScenes 5 months ago Aaron Kuhn’s+ Hahaha... no it’s Nostalgia... God religious people are fucking retarded.
  • TheGameChick
    TheGameChick 5 months ago No
  • Roki420
    Roki420 4 months ago it’s called being in love
  • DaYDreaMz
    DaYDreaMz 4 months ago It's that twin flame energy.
  • fukinbadgirlx
    fukinbadgirlx 4 months ago Me
  • IrlHavoc
    IrlHavoc 3 months ago nostalgia my guy
  • Kizz Animations
    Kizz Animations 3 months ago Meeee
  • Emilia Kello
    Emilia Kello 3 months ago Yup
  • Savira Mahmood
    Savira Mahmood 3 months ago @More Than Books yesss 😭😭👌🏻
  • Emmanuel Go
    Emmanuel Go 3 months ago This song make me feel as if I should be traveling through the time uwu
  • PipaForLife
    PipaForLife 2 months ago I do. It is nostalgia
  • Cheer Up _Like ooh aah
    Cheer Up _Like ooh aah 2 months ago Trueeeee
  • たかしTakashi
    たかしTakashi 2 months ago RoseFoxAngel2 Yes...2020 and kind of nostalgic...good times
  • たかしTakashi
    たかしTakashi 2 months ago Zoe Gill Yes...2016 summer,nostalgic
  • Michael Sparkles
    Michael Sparkles 2 months ago When listening to it I get the feeling of driving down a road in a brightly lit city with no traffic the music is blaring my hair is flowing in the wind and I feel free
  • jb4e ily
    jb4e ily 2 months ago Yes my friend does
  • Rach A
    Rach A 2 months ago Iam stuck in london victoria , late trip , this song keeps me going
  • SniperLOTD
    SniperLOTD 2 months ago goosebumps mate
  • Multiplier
    Multiplier 2 months ago Not me
  • JulianC
    JulianC 2 months ago yea this song makes me wanna quit everything and find the love of my life and travel and do everything until I die I wish it could come true tho
  • TheDevilWearsPrada
    TheDevilWearsPrada 2 months ago Yes, to Run Away 😮😆
  • _Dovahkhiin_
    _Dovahkhiin_ 2 months ago I just remembered this song out of nowhere so i was like cool i'm gonna listen to it again. After 30 seconds i got this weird vibe lmao.
  • Jessamie Swirl P
    Jessamie Swirl P 2 months ago Yo your like me
  • TK Dbz
    TK Dbz 2 months ago (edited) Yea it’s weird I feel nostalgia and different many different things it’s weird it’s a song that I can listen to non stop without even noticing it’s a song you can like drive around to with some friends and also listen to by yourself
  • That Nature Guy
    That Nature Guy 1 month ago Nah it's just the coronavirus.
  • emil maxwell
    emil maxwell 1 month ago It feels like you're alive
  • Victor Cardenas
    Victor Cardenas 1 month ago Good times, weren't they?
  • Foriyo
    Foriyo 1 month ago they took calvin harris - feels so close to the next level
  • Anna Garcia
    Anna Garcia 1 month ago I do
  • Itz_ Zion Mane
    Itz_ Zion Mane 1 month ago Actually yeah it is strange
  • Dada Dada
    Dada Dada 1 month ago Shiver inside my body
  • ItsMango
    ItsMango 3 weeks ago RoseFoxAngel2 same
  • Gabby Riel
    Gabby Riel 2 weeks ago RoseFoxAngel2 it’s nostalgia if I had to guess most of y’all are 15-19 so this would’ve been your childhood
  • 1M subscribers with 0 videos
    1M subscribers with 0 videos 2 weeks ago Me it's like I feel sad and happy at the same time )):
  • Angelica Silberstein
    Angelica Silberstein 1 week ago The feeling is : this song finished in the garbage
  • XxViperXx
    XxViperXx 1 week ago 1000%
  • PulseApex
    PulseApex 1 day ago RoseFoxAngel2 yes idk why
  • _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_
    _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_ 3 hours ago Me, it feels like if you were able to fly while being in a cool Sci-fi type city at night
  • Loucka Visser
    Loucka Visser 21 minutes ago Yes me😶
  • odderakkb
    odderakkb 3 months ago You’re a legend if you’re listening to this in 2020
  • Kenu Nation
    Kenu Nation 3 months ago odderakkb And so are you😊
  • Anthony Koops
    Anthony Koops 3 months ago odderakkb still
  • kittylover2010 c:
    kittylover2010 c: 3 months ago Who me i love this song
  • kittylover2010 c:
    kittylover2010 c: 3 months ago (edited) All of us come and loved to hear this they come too watch this again and again like all of us
  • jenalee1907
    jenalee1907 3 months ago 💅🏾
  • IAmLeviosa 43
    IAmLeviosa 43 3 months ago This songs the plug
  • Jageshwari Sahu
    Jageshwari Sahu 2 months ago I know
  • たかしTakashi
    たかしTakashi 2 months ago odderakkb so are you,my friend😊
  • pupseries aja
    pupseries aja 2 months ago Im
  • Master Zhask
    Master Zhask 2 months ago Me😂😉
  • Meditate 143
    Meditate 143 2 months ago odderakkb aye 😎
  • Lizet Cordero
    Lizet Cordero 2 months ago Me encanta
  • Fusion EDM
    Fusion EDM 2 months ago thx lol
  • Sshaw JBiebz
    Sshaw JBiebz 2 months ago Just miss this song.
  • Cole James
    Cole James 2 months ago i am just as much as the person that made this comment is. <3
  • Lorela
    Lorela 2 months ago 😇
  • Kenneth Chayee
    Kenneth Chayee 2 months ago Well
  • Nadia EXO
    Nadia EXO 2 months ago Shawol
  • Amy the Undying
    Amy the Undying 2 months ago Yey
  • Hanwi Sofjan
    Hanwi Sofjan 2 months ago I am
  • Adailton Cabrera Ortiz
    Adailton Cabrera Ortiz 1 month ago Beautiful Music ♥️
  • Spicy Banna
    Spicy Banna 1 month ago How could we not listen to it when it’s so one of a kind. no other edm can beat this kind of love edm. Galantis combined the Love and the edm in this song that’s what makes it perfect
  • RileyFNM
    RileyFNM 1 month ago This 2020 now
  • smoking¿ ?dreams
    smoking¿ ?dreams 1 month ago Me
  • Jaykar Soni
    Jaykar Soni 1 month ago Thank you and youre breathtaking
  • IAmLeviosa 43
    IAmLeviosa 43 1 month ago @Jaykar Soni i love keanu reeves.
  • Piinocchiio
    Piinocchiio 1 month ago thank you
  • Gacha_ HD
    Gacha_ HD 1 month ago @Piinocchiio UFF
  • chillhop
    chillhop 1 month ago I am a legend
  • Jackie Hart73
    Jackie Hart73 1 month ago Thank you 😊
  • Okasih
    Okasih 1 month ago Not really
  • Hanisah Brilman
    Hanisah Brilman 1 month ago Hi
  • Kenan Can
    Kenan Can 1 month ago I am
  • xXmøønlīghtXx līght
    xXmøønlīghtXx līght 1 month ago LEGENDS NEVER DIE!
  • Mistery Misterio
    Mistery Misterio 1 month ago We will live for the times. I will listen to end. Im here to runaway.😻
  • Gabhia K.
    Gabhia K. 1 month ago Hi
  • Nothin Good Happening, Want To Move on
    Nothin Good Happening, Want To Move on 1 month ago Thanks I am And So Are You.
    HAJAHKAH 1 month ago The first time I listened to this song was when I was 8. Now I'm 12. Nostalgia.
  • Adeline60
    Adeline60 4 weeks ago Yeah
  • Joe John
    Joe John 3 weeks ago I'm listening in 2020
  • Evan Dias - Treino Em Casa
    Evan Dias - Treino Em Casa 3 weeks ago Its on internet its true
  • Ernesto Sánchez
    Ernesto Sánchez 3 weeks ago odderakkb ÑAO
  • Doggo
    Doggo 3 weeks ago I just randomly saw this
  • gravityspike496 ghostface
    gravityspike496 ghostface 3 weeks ago THANK YOU
  • Andi Zafeera
    Andi Zafeera 3 weeks ago I know 😂 😂
  • Gacha_fangirl Luv you!
    Gacha_fangirl Luv you! 3 weeks ago I am
  • Hiyaaa
    Hiyaaa 2 weeks ago (edited) I'm listening this during a lockdown.Does it count?
    ALEC BMGO 2 weeks ago Yup
  • Maciel Cochachi ailas
    Maciel Cochachi ailas 2 weeks ago Hola soy de Perú 🇵🇪
  • Davey N Crocky
    Davey N Crocky 2 weeks ago nice
  • Aiban Giri Kharbani
    Aiban Giri Kharbani 2 weeks ago I am watching this in 2020 I'm legend and so are you dude
  • versacesdaughter
    versacesdaughter 2 weeks ago period
  • Tealquoise arts
    Tealquoise arts 1 week ago thanks
  • Moon Star
    Moon Star 1 week ago Well this is still one of the best and most beautiful songs I've ever heard
  • Mlbb Hanabi
    Mlbb Hanabi 1 week ago You too
  • José Marinho
    José Marinho 1 week ago Thanks bro
  • Z O H A ・ M A R I U M
    Z O H A ・ M A R I U M 6 days ago odderakkb You to :D and me
  • Nanda Alves
    Nanda Alves 5 days ago Finn
  • Lol Last
    Lol Last 5 days ago Lol I'm watching in quarnt ine
  • Joe Y
    Joe Y 4 days ago Big tune ❤️❤️
  • DoMiniCraftX
    DoMiniCraftX 4 days ago You to
  • Kelvin Sumo
    Kelvin Sumo 3 days ago I love this bro
  • MintNHoney
    MintNHoney 2 days ago First time listening at all actually...didn't know the song when it was out back then.
  • The master :v
    The master :v 1 day ago Yes I’m :D I love it 😻
  • Benjamin Bison
    Benjamin Bison 2 weeks ago thumbs up if ur watching while quarantined during the pandemic
  • Owen salvesen
    Owen salvesen 2 weeks ago Yay no school! lol
  • Third-Eyed Gamer
    Third-Eyed Gamer 2 weeks ago Sadly👌🤧
  • Grumpysune ???
    Grumpysune ??? 2 weeks ago COURONA VARUS HAHAH
  • Brianna Harper
    Brianna Harper 1 week ago 👍🙌🙏😷
  • MationPlays
    MationPlays 1 week ago Pretty much everyone now
    MR. ZACK SOMBRIO 3 minutes ago and a sadness
  • Ruby Sings
    Ruby Sings 2 weeks ago Nostalgia is the best and worst feeling ever.
  • Győző Balogh
    Győző Balogh 2 weeks ago Yeah you right bro! I miss 2015 so much
  • Ruby Sings
    Ruby Sings 2 weeks ago Győző Balogh Same here bro.
  • Danniel Wheeler
    Danniel Wheeler 1 week ago agreed
  • Alina Lenn
    Alina Lenn 1 week ago Ruby Sings agree;(
  • Barz - Offical
    Barz - Offical 1 week ago :((((( same
  • Barz - Offical
    Barz - Offical 1 week ago @Győző Balogh me too 2014,2015,2016. Best years in my life 😔
  • Alina Lenn
    Alina Lenn 1 week ago Barz - Offical me too:( these are the best years of my life!
  • Mr Benz
    Mr Benz 1 week ago ikr
  • Ricey
    Ricey 1 week ago bro listen to you & me by disclosure for nostalgia bro just do it
  • Ami
    Ami 1 week ago @Győző Balogh 2015-2016 😭😭😭❤
  • Ami
    Ami 1 week ago @Barz - Offical Sameeeeeeeeee ahhhh 😭❤
  • wigless sister
    wigless sister 6 days ago Ruby Sings FR
  • Ruby Sings
    Ruby Sings 5 days ago Ricey k I will. 😊
  • raph 220
    raph 220 1 day ago It is more negative than positive sadly imo... Because why cant we just appreciate the moment while living it instead of being nostalgic later :(
  • PulseApex
    PulseApex 1 day ago Ruby Sings this just brings me bc of forza 3 2017
  • ari López
    ari López 3 months ago Sigo sintiendo esa vibra que sentí la primera vez que la escuché Algún latino en 2020❤️✌️🇲🇽🇲🇽
  • Mily Hernández
    Mily Hernández 2 months ago Yopi :3
  • Mily Hernández
    Mily Hernández 2 months ago Me encanto esa vibra que se siente cuando vez él video por primera vez se siento superdupergrandiosastico hehehe :3
  • Elias
    Elias 2 months ago A mi igual me encanta, y también amo a Dua❤
  • Isael Sosa
    Isael Sosa 2 months ago ..
  • spoty music
    spoty music 2 months ago Ahrrre
  • Gimm is my life Eduard Ortiz
    Gimm is my life Eduard Ortiz 2 months ago ari López presente
  • Príncipe encantador
    Príncipe encantador 2 months ago Mexicano ❤️
  • D 525
    D 525 2 months ago Noo!
  • ari López
    ari López 2 months ago @D 525 No que
  • D 525
    D 525 2 months ago No lo c ...
  • Isaac dibujos
    Isaac dibujos 2 months ago Yop
  • 0a0a3E
    0a0a3E 2 months ago Brasil 🇧🇷
  • la pandilla de pooky brex
    la pandilla de pooky brex 2 months ago Yo vine por un meme de lado y senpaibuns
  • Samuel Acosta
    Samuel Acosta 2 months ago Hola me interesa saver q tipo de vibra , la mia es algo triste con algo de despecho
  • Klaws
    Klaws 2 months ago Yo, eu. 🙌
  • 10110001 001
    10110001 001 2 months ago Yo
  • Quesicarl 07
    Quesicarl 07 2 months ago @Mily Hernández rttt
  • José OS
    José OS 2 months ago Aquí presente desde Nicaragua yeei
  • XsteniusX 28
    XsteniusX 28 2 months ago Canción increíble única
  • señor
    señor 2 months ago Yop
    TEAM DON MANCOS 2 months ago Vivan los latinos👌😆
  • Dany Mart
    Dany Mart 2 months ago (edited) Es una vibra increíble que no puedo explicar. Amo esta canción y siempre será mi favorita. ♡ 🇲🇽 ♡
  • me comi una mesa
    me comi una mesa 1 month ago Yo tambiéeen... Estoy llorando
  • ᴀɴᴅʀᴇꜱ ᴍᴏʀᴏᴄʜᴏ
    ᴀɴᴅʀᴇꜱ ᴍᴏʀᴏᴄʜᴏ 1 month ago Es increíble ver como éramos felices escuchando esto 🙂
  • sofi gacha life
    sofi gacha life 1 month ago Aca para vos ✌🏻
  • sofi gacha life
    sofi gacha life 1 month ago Argentina ✌🏻👌🏻
  • Manuela Morais
    Manuela Morais 1 month ago Brasileira ♡
  • perla anie
    perla anie 1 month ago Amén❤️
  • %T3M3%
    %T3M3% 1 month ago (edited) Reunanse DIOSES!
  • golden boy
    golden boy 1 month ago Ya vienen los urgidos ajajaja XD
  • loose_UWU
    loose_UWU 1 month ago Runaway
  • Alex Baltazar
    Alex Baltazar 1 month ago Obvis :D
  • depresed joe
    depresed joe 1 month ago I love this song,YO
  • elkevin5
    elkevin5 1 month ago Aca presente :3
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    Daniel FF 1 month ago Quiesiera en un concierto de musica electronica
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    Gato Petu 1 month ago Estoy feliz que todavía escuchan electrónica y no reguetón
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    angel bolivar astohuaman 1 month ago Perú 🇵🇪🇵🇪
  • ლGalletita UwUლ
    ლGalletita UwUლ 1 month ago Todas las canciones en ingles padres les doy gracias a radio Disney :'3
  • Gato Petu
    Gato Petu 1 month ago @ლGalletita UwUლ cuando leí el comentario estaba escuchando radio disney
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    gonner loquendero 3 weeks ago Yo :v
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    Álvaro Castillo Méndez 3 weeks ago Yo de México
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    Francisco Collado 3 weeks ago Hola Latinos!!!!❤
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    Fernando DeLonge 3 weeks ago Yo
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    Missael Martinez Marin 2 weeks ago Cuando las cosas eran tan simples :'v
  • DreiK Sabba
    DreiK Sabba 2 weeks ago Como la primera ves
  • Esequiel SeguraCuello
    Esequiel SeguraCuello 2 weeks ago Wow igual yo me encantan este tipo de cansione😄
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    Itachi Uchiha90 2 weeks ago Yoooo y
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    Bernardo Olmedo 2 weeks ago México por siempre❤️🔥
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    Amazing PandaCat 2 weeks ago ari López aquí
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    happy girl 2 weeks ago Likee si en el coro entidades hay una rana weyyyy
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    Fernando Joaquín López perez 2 weeks ago Yo también lo oigo
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    Juan julian Luna 2 weeks ago Dominicano🇩🇴🔥💥
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    Meliodas 345 1 week ago Yo
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    Joche 99 1 week ago yo aca buscando algun comentario en español xD
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    matias hernandez 1 week ago {\___/} ( •__• ) /> > yo
    CIJÊIYT 1 week ago Eu America latina
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    ALV gta 1 week ago Presente confirmo
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    Diego Eriberto Rayme Valenzuela 1 week ago PERÚ 🇵🇪
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    Abraham8247 1 week ago Me encanta esa canción ❤️🎼😍
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    llluuuyyyooo 6 days ago Lanus City
  • Diana Garcia
    Diana Garcia 5 days ago 🙋
  • Luis Angel Iglesias
    Luis Angel Iglesias 4 days ago Y se me vuelve a enchinar la piel cada que la escucho, como la primera vez 🥺
  • jimena roque
    jimena roque 2 days ago @ლGalletita UwUლ eres de peru??
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    Daniel Mieles 1 day ago Aqui we :v
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    Lennon Beniga 3 years ago yes, just yes, yes, YESSSSSSSS
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    Hey bro don’t use this 3 years ago Exact
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    karina córdoba 3 years ago hooo siii
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    Mini Fineapple 3 years ago Exactly 😭🙏🏽❤️
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    facu apple 3 years ago La re vacilas pa, tene razón
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    Uriel Ayala Jara 3 years ago Vvsapeoud. E c sad ulkku. Lczcorre¿DKservbs s s.q
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    Marcos Ibarburu 3 years ago exactly
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    Sarah Wilson 3 years ago preach
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    Gotta Blast 3 years ago Yes
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    Matt Stifler 3 years ago (edited) now thats a good sentence for life LIKE
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    Hello guys 3 years ago headphone down, world back😢😢😢
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    Anghelo Vince 3 years ago i no have headph D;
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    Mac- 3 years ago Sha12pyHD exactly
  • who asked you? who asked you?
    who asked you? who asked you? 2 years ago Anghelo Vince grl if u dont get u somma 🎧
  • PewDiePi e
    PewDiePi e 2 years ago وَأَنفِقُوا مِن مَّا رَزَقْنَاكُم مِّن قَبْلِ أَن يَأْتِيَ أَحَدَكُمُ الْمَوْتُ فَيَقُولَ رَبِّ لَوْلَا أَخَّرْتَنِي إِلَىٰ أَجَلٍ قَرِيبٍ فَأَصَّدَّقَ وَأَكُن مِّنَ الصَّالِحِينَ المنافقون (10)
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    pou hater 2 years ago saraha raha 💣💣💣💣
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    Ian Herrera 2 years ago pou hater amiga
  • AT
    AT 2 years ago Sha12pyHD ikr its like you get sucked into the song and live it first hand
    DJ SCOTT MASTERS 2 years ago Sha12pyHD so true
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    Gui 7708 2 years ago (edited) Sha12pyHD Exact
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    Reel Rico Random Stuff Family Videos 2 years ago Sha12pyHD
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    Wick Of The Moon 2 years ago Sha12pyHD oh ya.
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    Susana Corrado 2 years ago te. amo
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    Princess Sally 2 years ago Sha12pyHD I have headphones on rn can't here anything around me!!
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    Donovan Myers 7 months ago 2019
  • Dream -الحلم
    Dream -الحلم 7 months ago Evrey body fucking jump i love that.
  • Dream -الحلم
    Dream -الحلم 7 months ago Okay just yes se
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    Beluga Gacha 7 months ago yas
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    Portador 6 months ago ¡EXACTO! :D
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    Star Sierra 5 months ago My life
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    Mejicano indio feo color caca de piel horgulloso 5 months ago 2000th like😎 woot woot!
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    Miguel games gacha 5 months ago Is me... with my headfones on The world.... off
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    • Supernova • 5 months ago Someone please tell my mom this i beg u
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    Mejicano indio feo color caca de piel horgulloso 4 months ago Earphones in, bullshit out.
    ROZ AJPA 3 months ago Omh i luv it. Whats your name so i can frame it and write you under it? Lol
  • Jodie Watkins
    Jodie Watkins 3 months ago I am confusion
  • Luis Vidalon
    Luis Vidalon 3 months ago This is not a comment. This is a god statement.
  • kamui w
    kamui w 3 months ago How about Bluetooth speaker?
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    AlphaPhobos II 2 months ago Yessir
  • Kittycornrose Gacha
    Kittycornrose Gacha 3 weeks ago You have the awesome feeling
  • kamui w
    kamui w 1 week ago @Kittycornrose Gacha of great music.
  • llluuuyyyooo
    llluuuyyyooo 6 days ago Truly af
  • gowonsburntspaghetti
    gowonsburntspaghetti 2 weeks ago why did all of us suddenly remember this song out of nowhere and come back to it?
  • XxViperXx
    XxViperXx 1 week ago gowonsburntspaghetti I just dunno you vanilla kid
    gaga53 OFFICIAL CHANNEL 1 week ago I dont know i love this song because with this i feel free
  • llluuuyyyooo
    llluuuyyyooo 6 days ago
    MASOL 5 days ago I was programming a game and i suddenly remembered it
  • Zach Willetts
    Zach Willetts 20 hours ago Because qwarentine we want to run away loool
  • Calix
    Calix 6 hours ago worked for fests before and remembered hearing this song
  • Lara Lasagna
    Lara Lasagna 4 days ago Me: I wanna run awayyy! Corona: You ain‘t going nowhere
  • Kedi McCabe
    Kedi McCabe 2 days ago Lara Lasagna 😂😂😂
  • Lesko Nori
    Lesko Nori 1 day ago Thats so true
  • Raulex
    Raulex 1 day ago 😷achusss
  • Pablo Rivadero
    Pablo Rivadero 1 month ago I think these cats are better designed than the ones from the movie "Cats".
  • FruityChu
    FruityChu 1 month ago Well said my friend..
  • Spicy Banna
    Spicy Banna 1 month ago I see a billion dollars in your eyes.. even if we’re strangers till we diiiiiieee
  • Danyer Gonzales Larico
    Danyer Gonzales Larico 1 month ago Cierto, Cierto
    INVDER 2 days ago (edited) Pablo Rivadero same 😂
  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 2 months ago The best song to listen to while driving at night through the city
  • Alex Yoo
    Alex Yoo 2 months ago Michael Lee headlights Robin Shultz as well
  • odderakkb
    odderakkb 1 month ago also driving at sunset
  • Roberto Tomas
    Roberto Tomas 1 month ago Faxxx
  • César Charles
    César Charles 1 month ago Yep Exactly
  • Abby Mayen
    Abby Mayen 1 month ago Wow... What an amazing feeling would be
  • kaisr.
    kaisr. 2 weeks ago Cant believe we all have the same thing in mind about this song😭
  • Gaming With PJ
    Gaming With PJ 1 week ago This song is great when you're leaving town, and going somewhere new!
  • Ethan Henningfeld
    Ethan Henningfeld 1 day ago 😂
  • _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_
    _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_ 3 hours ago Like a city like tokyo at night
  • Hernán Giménez
    Hernán Giménez 3 months ago This make me feel good and depressed at the same time.
  • kamui w
    kamui w 3 months ago Why depressed?
  • wtf is going on
    wtf is going on 3 months ago @kamui w Memories
  • たかしTakashi
    たかしTakashi 2 months ago Hernán Giménez yes...being single can be painful sometimes
  • たかしTakashi
    たかしTakashi 2 months ago kamui w being s i n g l e
  • たかしTakashi
    たかしTakashi 2 months ago Nikki maybe that too
  • Edson Ribeiro
    Edson Ribeiro 2 months ago How is it possible ?😕
  • Hey 123
    Hey 123 2 months ago Hernán Giménez it makes me sad in the sense that I have no one to run away with 😕
  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex 2 months ago Feeling happy for them and other couples but knowing your still single i think is what he means
  • Bishwash Bhatta
    Bishwash Bhatta 2 months ago Its called ambivalence.
  • JB2 WAVY
    JB2 WAVY 1 month ago Yeah....Nostalgia will do that to you.
  • -AlexIsMrPotato -
    -AlexIsMrPotato - 3 weeks ago It’s called Nostalgia
  • Seiei Leisure
    Seiei Leisure 2 weeks ago That's exactly what I felt when I was high lol
  • Manifestation Happiness
    Manifestation Happiness 1 week ago Sameee
  • Petit coton
    Petit coton 6 days ago ;3
  • Z O H A ・ M A R I U M
    Z O H A ・ M A R I U M 6 days ago Hernán Giménez why does it make you depressed
  • Hernán Giménez
    Hernán Giménez 5 days ago @Z O H A ・ M A R I U M I always wanted to run away from Venezuela. And now that I'm away I miss everything.
  • Z O H A ・ M A R I U M
    Z O H A ・ M A R I U M 5 days ago @Herman Giménez ooh... Well now it’s a big part of your life :) and enjoy the place you are
  • Hernán Giménez
    Hernán Giménez 4 days ago @Z O H A ・ M A R I U M Thanks💙
  • Z O H A ・ M A R I U M
    Z O H A ・ M A R I U M 4 days ago @Hernán Giménez No problem ♡︎☻︎♡︎
    MASOL 3 days ago This has a bit of an ominous feeling but the energy is alot so. It’s a bit ominous because of the chords being played. Honestly it just feels like a party that’s just about to end. Honestly swedish EDM has a unique emotion to it.
  • TheSeven:D
    TheSeven:D 2 days ago Escuchar esto en pleno 2020 es nostalgia, son recuerdos, son momentos... esto es vida ❤
  • Paola Martinez
    Paola Martinez 2 days ago Concuerdo con eso💗
  • Hazard Eden
    Hazard Eden 2 months ago (edited) "They say searching for love is like searching for yourself. When you find yourself,you find love because they are the same."
  • Biddy Castaneda
    Biddy Castaneda 1 month ago Minh Tú i felt that !
  • Ha Anh Tong
    Ha Anh Tong 3 months ago i can relate to this. i just want to escape from reality and just be what i want to be spiritually. i believe there is more than just the physical state. my feelings when i listen to old progressive house songs prove that. i’m sick of this current perpetual state of being
  • Nik Konomi
    Nik Konomi 3 months ago I feel the same..
  • infinite gamer
    infinite gamer 2 months ago Same
  • Davi Patrício
    Davi Patrício 2 months ago Yeah
  • D Grdst
    D Grdst 1 month ago Star smoking weed ,shit will get amazing for u
  • Bugs bookman
    Bugs bookman 1 month ago Its called being baptized going to heaven and being given a new body
  • Abraham Mendoza
  • XxViperXx
    XxViperXx 1 week ago Are you okay son
  • Han Rebecca 123
    Han Rebecca 123 6 days ago Word
  • Brøken_InPiecesx Ø
    Brøken_InPiecesx Ø 2 days ago Yes 😔
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 months ago this song reminds me of such a strange time in my life so every time i hear it i want to cry but also remember all the good times... it’s weird
  • RickdeKikker03
    RickdeKikker03 2 months ago same as if this song was made to let you feel happy and sad at the same time
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 months ago RickdeKikker03 exactly
  • Mariah King
    Mariah King 2 months ago Xenia sameeeee dude same lol.
  • H D
    H D 1 month ago That’s nostalgia
  • Raptor Jhis
    Raptor Jhis 8 months ago N O S T A L G I A
  • Matheus Araujo Ferreira
    Matheus Araujo Ferreira 8 months ago Pois é
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    meu bolinho Shawn mendes 8 months ago Vdd kk
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    ツكف عن الرعب 8 months ago Hahahah
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    Hunter Gameplays 8 months ago Pois é man
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    yCarolina :3 8 months ago :'o
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    Ronaldo Cardoso 8 months ago Top
    EXPERTO GTA 8 months ago NOSTALGIA
  • T Lee
    T Lee 7 months ago Perfect description!
  • hell girl
    hell girl 7 months ago sim
    SAULO SARAIVA 7 months ago Vdd
  • Sagung Adinda
    Sagung Adinda 7 months ago anjay mabarrrrr
  • Spacekid
    Spacekid 7 months ago She's like me. Wants to experience freedom but can't...
  • Karol Sofia Chavez Vazquez
    Karol Sofia Chavez Vazquez 7 months ago Yo ajajaj
  • Carla Benevides
    Carla Benevides 7 months ago Pse
  • Nahomi chan
    Nahomi chan 7 months ago Como sabes :,)
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    PrzerabiaczeQ275 7 months ago N O S T A L G I A
  • Samuele Bargna
    Samuele Bargna 7 months ago Viva l'italia
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    el skere 7 months ago Hay una rana wey jajaja😅
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    brucho Costel 7 months ago Ay rana wey
  • MOMA 09
    MOMA 09 7 months ago <3:')
  • MOMA 09
    MOMA 09 7 months ago :')<3
    MR KRABBS 7 months ago Same
  • Miguel Loops
    Miguel Loops 7 months ago Da intro do edukof AM3NIC
  • Jason Diaz
    Jason Diaz 7 months ago Duuuh</3
  • I make comments that are sometimes dumb
    I make comments that are sometimes dumb 7 months ago Relatable
  • Jennifer :3
    Jennifer :3 7 months ago Y siiiiii :c
  • Pedro Mendonça
    Pedro Mendonça 7 months ago Essa música tocou dms na habbid (fã site do habbo hotel) só quem é das antigas vai lembrar haha
  • Melissa Gymnastic
    Melissa Gymnastic 7 months ago Juan Am l’ italia dominera’ il momdo
  • Only Fluu
    Only Fluu 7 months ago Q W E R T Y U I O P A S D F G H J K L Z X C V B N M
  • kehagia Golden gamer
    kehagia Golden gamer 7 months ago N O S T A L G I A
  • ·安迪
    ·安迪 7 months ago Y si :(
  • adrian rambharat
    adrian rambharat 6 months ago True
  • Dohvaah D Artorias
    Dohvaah D Artorias 6 months ago tem que ter essa musica na playlist nunca mais eu vou dormir
  • iShadowYTXi
    iShadowYTXi 6 months ago Hay una rana weyyyyy :v
  • Dunja Savić
    Dunja Savić 6 months ago I want to die rn and start everything again
  • Epic Zenith
    Epic Zenith 6 months ago I still remember this song when I was a kid
  • PingoPower CPPS
    PingoPower CPPS 6 months ago Hehe caramba
  • Lauren Santana
    Lauren Santana 6 months ago mass :"F
  • Lauren Santana
    Lauren Santana 6 months ago @iShadowYTXi jajajjaja see
  • pe un
    pe un 6 months ago É
  • Mayo ツ
    Mayo ツ 6 months ago @Epic Zenith How young are you people? It's only been like 4 years lmao
  • yoel park
    yoel park 6 months ago La verdad que si :')
  • Carløs *Timãø*
    Carløs *Timãø* 6 months ago Verdade
  • adimaxno1
    adimaxno1 6 months ago What did you mean????????????????????????
  • OBI- WAN
    OBI- WAN 6 months ago Rezendeevil Hide and seek
  • Ferviclas Bullón
  • sᴡғTM Lilla Snigel
    sᴡғTM Lilla Snigel 6 months ago Nice Stolen Comment
  • Lizzy Sky Moon
    Lizzy Sky Moon 6 months ago Mano a vontade de chorar---- 2015 teve as melhores músicas, MDSSSS
  • Alexander Forestieri
    Alexander Forestieri 5 months ago Uff
  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 5 months ago This song reminds me of 2015, the best year of my life for sure
  • Mundinho da Cris
    Mundinho da Cris 5 months ago Adoro💖
  • BielZin TV
    BielZin TV 5 months ago Minecraft 2016 2017 bons tempos
  • BielZin TV
    BielZin TV 5 months ago @Miguel Loops Sim Minecraft
  • Miguel Benicio
    Miguel Benicio 5 months ago Nostalgia Puraaa
  • Drake Drake
    Drake Drake 5 months ago Yes
  • Lucía Guadalupe Ramírez Palma
    Lucía Guadalupe Ramírez Palma 5 months ago F a nuestra situación banda
  • Alex Dolflinn
    Alex Dolflinn 5 months ago Demaiss
    FNX MATADORA 5 months ago *kkk
  • Aron Rodriguez
    Aron Rodriguez 5 months ago La dvd
  • Super Fizzy Boi
    Super Fizzy Boi 5 months ago Damn right
  • zedd 8776
    zedd 8776 5 months ago Si
  • W41K3R_002
    W41K3R_002 5 months ago Yes
  • W41K3R_002
    W41K3R_002 5 months ago I was twelve years old and when that song existed that time will never back
  • Gravity HvH
    Gravity HvH 5 months ago Falou Tudo!
  • João Guilherme Vilela
    João Guilherme Vilela 5 months ago nehhj
  • Mateorek
    Mateorek 5 months ago Yis!
  • TPL_ sofcam
    TPL_ sofcam 4 months ago Verdade mano"caraca tanto br aqui mano"
  • Luisita CHAN ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
    Luisita CHAN ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ 4 months ago :v
  • XxRyan GamerxX
    XxRyan GamerxX 4 months ago ss kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk mt nostalgia
  • Herique Vicente
    Herique Vicente 4 months ago Sim...
  • Giovana Vitória Custódio Aroeira
    Giovana Vitória Custódio Aroeira 4 months ago eéeeeé
  • Taekook My Feels Ya know?
    Taekook My Feels Ya know? 4 months ago Juan Am we feel the same
  • Estefane Olliver
    Estefane Olliver 4 months ago Sim
  • 20 000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge
    20 000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge 4 months ago Heee Whoever’s reading this will be Successful in 2020
  • MilkShake
    MilkShake 4 months ago @Miguel Loops SIMMMMM!!!
  • Hi 200k subs with no video’s challenge
    Hi 200k subs with no video’s challenge 4 months ago I WANNA RUN AWAY
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    ToddynAW _ 4 months ago Demaiss
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    Bruna Gregorio 4 months ago MUITA
  • Cauzeraa
    Cauzeraa 3 months ago Afreim
  • Ewa Stankiewicz
    Ewa Stankiewicz 3 months ago H
  • Rafael Leal
    Rafael Leal 3 months ago De madrugada e eu ouvindo esse hino hahaha
  • Abi Pradal
    Abi Pradal 3 months ago Temon completamente ♥️
  • daniel _evil
    daniel _evil 3 months ago Vdd mano kkk lembro do edukof qnd gravava Minecraft
  • Hey Dylan
    Hey Dylan 3 months ago Veridadi
  • Kizz Animations
    Kizz Animations 3 months ago I feel ya this is a ton of nostalgia for me too XD
  • Eduardo Sanchez
    Eduardo Sanchez 3 months ago @PrzerabiaczeQ275 what
  • Julia Fernanda
    Julia Fernanda 3 months ago Raptor Jhis vdd
  • Sara Sanchez
    Sara Sanchez 3 months ago Confirmo🤠
  • JulianC
    JulianC 3 months ago This song makes me just wanna runaway with the person of my life and live life
  • ෆ Berrie ෆ
    ෆ Berrie ෆ 3 months ago gg
  • Mengay Maldonado
    Mengay Maldonado 2 months ago I N F A N Z I A
  • Marya Eduarda
    Marya Eduarda 2 months ago
  • Adriano Silva
    Adriano Silva 2 months ago Vdd
  • 苦い•Red Lonely•
    苦い•Red Lonely• 2 months ago Kakakak sim
  • Darkg_Br
    Darkg_Br 2 months ago Então, eu jogava Transformice ouvindo 1 hr dessa musica ksksk
  • Enzocauan192000 Cauan
    Enzocauan192000 Cauan 2 months ago Verdade
  • Fretty Gutierrez
    Fretty Gutierrez 2 months ago Lol
  • madu
    madu 2 months ago Vdd
  • Marjorie UC :3
    Marjorie UC :3 2 months ago quería comentar ello xd
  • Triz Smith
    Triz Smith 2 months ago siiim!
  • Sin Nombre
    Sin Nombre 2 months ago N O S T A L G I A
  • Kusok Vody
    Kusok Vody 2 months ago +++++
  • Toxi_ ‘o
    Toxi_ ‘o 2 months ago (edited) GALANTISO NOSTALGIA
  • **Appłė Såucė**
    **Appłė Såucė** 1 month ago Raptor Jhis thats mah REAL NAME
  • sarchip 777
    sarchip 777 1 month ago N O S T A L G I A
  • Progressive House
    Progressive House 1 month ago YES
  • Progressive House
    Progressive House 1 month ago @Epic Zenith how old are you? 9?
  • Ana Paula Duarte da Silva
    Ana Paula Duarte da Silva 1 month ago Escutando a primeira vez e MT boa
  • Baby B.
    Baby B. 1 month ago Yesss
  • Epic Zenith
    Epic Zenith 1 month ago @Progressive House right now I'm 13
  • Progressive House
    Progressive House 1 month ago @Epic Zenith alright
  • Beatriz bia
    Beatriz bia 1 month ago Siimm Essa música não parava de tocar nos lugares, quando foi lançada
  • CRF Flamengo Hepta
    CRF Flamengo Hepta 1 month ago (edited) Me faz Lembra de 2017 Jogava dls ouvindo essa música kkk
  • Bake Sale
    Bake Sale 1 month ago :"(
  • Luke Smolker4344
    Luke Smolker4344 1 month ago Vdd
  • Nicky Rega
    Nicky Rega 1 month ago D,:
  • 死神
    死神 1 month ago 2015 foi o melhor ano da minha vida.
  • Davi Reis
    Davi Reis 1 month ago Bata aquela nostalgia
  • E eu sei lá porra
    E eu sei lá porra 1 month ago DDD DDD DDD DDD
  • Anny _Chan
    Anny _Chan 1 month ago Nois somos os únicos que falam português;-;
  • Vinicius Games
    Vinicius Games 1 month ago E eu tô ficando velho ☹️❤️
  • E eu sei lá porra
    E eu sei lá porra 1 month ago @Vinicius Games ou é a velhice que está ficando vc?
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    Laggstap2 4 weeks ago Kobe Bryant if you have really written this yourself, props on you. one of the best quotes i have read a long time. I feel with you
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