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Скачать с ютуб Sad Piano Music - Loss (Original Composition)

Опубликовано: 7 июл. 2014 г. 1 291 598 просмотров

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▶ Sheet music:

An original piano piece called Loss

Piano and rain. Inspired by Philip Glass pieces and is also similar to Moonlight Sonata in rhythm. This is a continuation of I Choose You, another minimalist piece I did a bit ago. The melody is played through accents, on the starting note of the sequence and sometimes on the last, it is passed back and forth between them. There are also some polyrhythms.

Pic Link
I am not the artist of the artwork art by Dzung Phung Dinh

Hope you enjoy =)

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  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 1 рік тому (змінено) Here's the sheet music guys!!!
  • Jupiter The Wolf
    Jupiter The Wolf 3 місяці тому This is beautiful. I will definitely be using this in my movie soundtrack. Great piece
  • CamBen
    CamBen 1 рік тому ⠸ ⠸⠃ ⠸⠇ ⠸⠠⠠⠠
  • Bruh bruh
    Bruh bruh 1 рік тому Is this loss?
  • Shadow Demon Dante
    Shadow Demon Dante 1 рік тому Bruh bruh XD
  • UndyingApolloGL
    UndyingApolloGL 1 рік тому I don't know what else I expected XD
  • BoBo999
    BoBo999 1 рік тому CamBen wrong fucking order edit it
  • BoBo999
    BoBo999 1 рік тому CamBen wrong fucking order edit it
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    BoBo999 1 рік тому @jasmine burns who cares lmao, welcome to the internet
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    BoBo999 1 рік тому little? you just admitted you are a kid
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    BoBo999 1 рік тому lol you just deleted all of your comments
  • HPOMEN15-CE054NA Laptop
    HPOMEN15-CE054NA Laptop 11 місяців тому lmao is that braille or something
  • BoBo999
    BoBo999 11 місяців тому @HPOMEN15-CE054NA Laptop yes it is braille
  • Dylan Yamagata
    Dylan Yamagata 3 роки тому He felt tired, so very tired. His body, it hurt so much. He tried to move his arms, legs, anything. But, he couldn't. The only thing that he could do was lift his head, ever so slightly. He then started choking. There, on his chest, were dozens of bullet holes. He wheezed and coughed. He couldn't do a thing, just lay there and feel his consciousness fade away. Finally, after what seemed to be millenia, he felt the luke warm touch of death take hold. He smiled and embraced it.
  • Zeldafan206
    Zeldafan206 3 роки тому My god. That was beautiful
  • Dylan Yamagata
    Dylan Yamagata 3 роки тому Thank you.
  • beeso Sham
    beeso Sham 3 роки тому it.
  • Dalyssa Estrada
    Dalyssa Estrada 3 роки тому you just made me feel sad now I readed your comment can you please tell me where is that from PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW!!!😭😟😭😵😱💛💔
    SNOW SOS 3 роки тому I feel like if he had "dozens of bullet holes" on his chest he wouldn't be able to have that try hard death you wrote.
  • Zakkyl
    Zakkyl 3 роки тому Before the last breath, he said, "Oh, shit ..." - Django Unchained.
  • Brendon Urie
    Brendon Urie 3 роки тому Not true it actually depends were on the body they were
  • gurlthatlovesanine678
    gurlthatlovesanine678 2 роки тому Dylan I think that's not much of a loss story that's more of a death story
  • K. Exum
    K. Exum 2 роки тому That was so dope
  • Codenamefirestarter
    Codenamefirestarter 2 роки тому A very nice attempt on your part to describe what this songs story is portrayed to you as. Quite frankly I now myself feel compelled to write a story about the song
  • Saruman SaysHI
    Saruman SaysHI 2 роки тому This descriprion of death while listening this music can depress you a bit
  • yu has the gey
    yu has the gey 2 роки тому Dylan Yamagata With life you are with pain With death you are at peace
  • Tiger
    Tiger 2 роки тому Dylan Yamagata beautiful
  • Cade Harycki
    Cade Harycki 1 рік тому LOL 😂😂😂😂
  • Limited Edition
    Limited Edition 1 рік тому you jusT HAD TO MAKE ME CRY FASTER, HUH? (Beautiful though. True emotion is put into this)
  • EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle
    EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle 1 місяць тому (змінено) And he felt like this | || || |_ Sorry had to