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Скачать с ютуб CGI Animated Short Film HD "A Fox Tale " by A Fox Tale Team | CGMeetup

Опубликовано: 28 мар. 2016 г. 38 048 963 просмотра

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3D Animated A Fox Tale Short Film, Directed by Thomas Bozovic, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay, Chao Ma. Featured on

In the heart of ancient China, two brothers are hunting fox, this mad journey will have them face treason, bravery, hatred and love.

A fox tale is a short movie made by 4 students in 2011 at the french school Supinfocom Arles.

Role on the Movie:

Thomas Bozovic: 2d research, wu da modeling , Animation, Matte Painting [email protected]

Alexandre Cazals: Colorboard/Lightboard, Wu song modeling, Environments Lookdev, Texturing/Shading, Lighting, Rendering , Compositing [email protected]

Julien Legay: 2d research, fox modeling, FX, fur, Layout [email protected]

Chao ma: Original Idea, Character Design, Girl Modeling, Animation, Designs , 2d reaserch, Story Board, Layout. [email protected]

Music by Guy-Roger Duvert [email protected]

Sound Design by Nicolas Titeux [email protected]

Softwares used :3dsmax, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro

Contact: [email protected]

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CGI Animated Short Film HD "A Fox Tale " by A Fox Tale Team | CGMeetup


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    KamiKaZantA 2 года назад And now the two guys will start chucking wild animals into the pond to see which will turn into T H I C C grills.
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  • Jorge Pitty
    Jorge Pitty Год назад @projeto jovem em ação !!! z. Z. Z. Z. Z. Z. Z. Z. Z. Z. Z.
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    Tigrelillian Colvard Год назад Grills? 😂
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    Reddog16 Год назад Would that be bestiality?
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    Mystic Mountain Год назад I LOVE my George Foreman, now that is a THICC Grill!
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    Mary joy Gelizon Год назад why dont they just go into the pond themselves to see if they turn into girls.
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    random man 1 месяц назад @stewaraj1320 no they never are
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    stewaraj1320 1 месяц назад @random man lol
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    FLYWIT the frog 1 месяц назад Yee
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  • Good Man
    Good Man 3 месяца назад Hummm indeed...
  • The Null
    The Null 2 месяца назад With kitsune lore, it would be a red ribbon. It signifies a fox wedding.
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    Creationfied 2 месяца назад cease.
  • Frank Hutchinson
    Frank Hutchinson 2 месяца назад Yes
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    Godzila wars 2000 2 месяца назад So it just flew off of her? Isn't it made of ribbon or something? And what happens if it all flies off? Does it just grow back?
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    WeeabooArtist Неделю назад @Godzila wars 2000 thats a dirty thought begind your sayings
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    Ale.G 34 1 день назад Coca cola xd
  • Minhanh Tran
    Minhanh Tran 4 месяца назад Me at the start of the vid: eh just a normal casual fox Me at a few secs later: WHAT THE F***
  • Noely Murillo Jauregui
    Noely Murillo Jauregui 4 месяца назад THAT IS DO FUNNY HAHAHA!😂
  • #dantdm fan gir Cute
    #dantdm fan gir Cute 4 месяца назад HAHAHAHA!😂😂😂
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    Татьяна Тимкина 3 месяца назад .Do. select. Psychological. PzZ PzZ . ₩₩₩₩₩😮😳😈😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
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    Donna Grasis 3 месяца назад Um I read this before watching it..
  • Minhanh Tran
    Minhanh Tran 3 месяца назад Donna Grasis uhhh... ok
  • Donna Grasis
    Donna Grasis 3 месяца назад @Minhanh Tran I said that because I was like scared after you said that ._.
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    blackpink _bunny 2 месяца назад Chill man she's a jungle girl what do you think jungle people can wear party cloth 😂😂😂
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    Татьяна Тимкина 2 месяца назад Z
  • Godzila wars 2000
    Godzila wars 2000 2 месяца назад You gotta admit, she is really hot
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    Vo Ngoc Hong Phuoc 1 месяц назад Đọc tựa đề đi bạn.
  • Light of Wisdom
    Light of Wisdom 1 месяц назад Vo Ngoc Hong Phuoc Can you speak English, đc ko?
  • Minhanh Tran
    Minhanh Tran 1 месяц назад Godzila wars 2000 yes ik lol
  • Minhanh Tran
    Minhanh Tran 1 месяц назад Vo Ngoc Hong Phuoc is that Vietnamese? I speak Vietnamese too I just don’t know those words yet lol u probably can’t understand me
  • ZetroBoom Bang
    ZetroBoom Bang 1 месяц назад ***ooox?
  • Akari Insko
    Akari Insko 1 месяц назад But you saw the thumbnail?
  • Cindy Peng
    Cindy Peng Год назад This is like old Chinese myth about foxes/demons and beautiful women, even the Kung Fu style is very chinese lol but seriously if these two hunters have such powerful abilities, why the hell they need to use a freaking trap to catch a fox 😂
  • Jason Wyatt
    Jason Wyatt Год назад my thoughts exactly!! lol
  • Shadowmaster 3D
    Shadowmaster 3D Год назад IKR THATS WHAT I SAID😂😂 I guess the beauty of the woman brought out the best in them
  • Dark Mind
    Dark Mind Год назад Well, they did fail to catch the fox, even with all the powerful abilities...
  • ShiniGami AD
    ShiniGami AD Год назад They had no powers, it was in there mind, didn't u notice it was stormy and on top of mountain, but when light comes back they were down on the ground where they started, i think it all happened in their minds. even the fox woman was there as well , while she was also on rocky mountain.
  • Phi Ngọc Thừa
    Phi Ngọc Thừa Год назад True, 2 hunters like god :)))
  • a nd
    a nd Год назад Ok but studying the the power only heard of in legends before, they'd have to be that one god damn specific kind of "immortals", might've been Taoist? The word for the way they practice their powers isn't translated into English yet. However, in the legend of the world in which these people exist, they MUST have known that animals can turn into human forms. That's like asking an adult how many fingers are on his hands.
  • Isabella Maguire
    Isabella Maguire Год назад Cindy Peng ture that but do you know what they were fighting about.
  • Isabella Maguire
    Isabella Maguire Год назад 😃
  • Acidic Tethys
    Acidic Tethys Год назад Cindy Peng I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!?!?
  • alejandro barahona
    alejandro barahona Год назад to hunt an animal is not the same that to fight an opponent: the animals run and only fight if there is no other way, and even so, an animal doesn't attack using any pattern of attack, they attack as what they are; animals, isn't like a swordmaster wich tactic and style can be deduced.
  • goofball productions
    goofball productions Год назад No she's a Japanese mythical creature that can turn from a fox into a girl I just can't remember what it's called
  • Tania Paola Jimenez Domingez
    Tania Paola Jimenez Domingez Год назад OS
  • R. M. MacFru
    R. M. MacFru Год назад @goofball productions ...kitsune is the word you're looking for.
  • Melanie Banawa
    Melanie Banawa Год назад Cindy Peng EXACTLY
  • wtfbex !
    wtfbex ! Год назад Cindy Peng WAIT WHAT?! She’s a demon? She don’t look like no demon! 😂 in fact, she looked like she was trying to seduce them. Plus the short guys way too old to be liking her.
  • R. M. MacFru
    R. M. MacFru Год назад @wtfbex ! ...yes, in Japanese mythology, kitsunes are female demons who alternate between looking like a fox and a human female. Some myths also have the fox form having multiple tails.
  • wtfbex !
    wtfbex ! Год назад R. M. MacFru Lol, that’s pretty cool! I have a thing for Mythology. Lol, talk about NineTails 🦊
  • R. M. MacFru
    R. M. MacFru Год назад (изменено) @wtfbex ! I have a friend who has a Masters in mythology. She teaches me all kinds of nifty stuff. :) Looking at this again, I think they were alluding to the multiple tails with the multiple fabric scraps trailing behind the human form like tails.
  • wtfbex !
    wtfbex ! Год назад R. M. MacFru That’s awesome! This really is a cool short film!
  • Nathaniel Claw
    Nathaniel Claw Год назад They are lazy hunters
  • Selina
    Selina Год назад Only over a lady
  • Isaiah McCarthy
    Isaiah McCarthy Год назад Cindy Peng ikr
  • amal zuhair
    amal zuhair Год назад Cindy Peng the power of love (lust)
  • Octangulus
    Octangulus Год назад A skilled fighter doesn't automatically get common sense as well
  • Alexxx .x
    Alexxx .x Год назад Kitsune - old japanese legenda about demonic foxes that can turn into beautiful woman. There are 13 tyoes of kitsunes and this looks like that is abou a storm kitsune.
  • looninmoonine e
    looninmoonine e Год назад goofball productions a kitsune?
  • Brenda Y
    Brenda Y Год назад lol true
  • Brianna the Bunny
    Brianna the Bunny Год назад Oml I never thought of that.. Maybe they're just stupid
  • Lee Maxi
    Lee Maxi Год назад Good point!
  • Muffinmow Wuvs
    Muffinmow Wuvs Год назад XD
  • QueenLife SkyPanda
    QueenLife SkyPanda Год назад because ưhen they trap the fox they đi not have powers yet
  • Kool Kid112
    Kool Kid112 Год назад Cindy Peng 狐狸精
  • Bloodmoon Rose
    Bloodmoon Rose Год назад FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT
  • Chritine Devera
    Chritine Devera Год назад you have a great point in that
  • K A Armstead
    K A Armstead Год назад @ShiniGami AD Damn then she made them faint...
  • Assassin Gaming
    Assassin Gaming Год назад Oh my God guys watch the video. the small one got his powers from the lightning, and the big one was already powerful he was so strong.
  • Idriss Mohamed
    Idriss Mohamed Год назад They never knew they have such power until they saw the girl
  • Ant Competitors
    Ant Competitors Год назад You took that from a comment 1 year and 4 months before you
  • Dumb Janitor
    Dumb Janitor Год назад because their idiots
  • Suman Bandyopadhyay
    Suman Bandyopadhyay Год назад Have you seen movies like Kung-fu Hustle, and stuff? when it comes to Kung Fu, anyone is a super-master or whatever it is... but that doesn't mean they don't have a day-to-day job!
  • Quirky Honor
    Quirky Honor Год назад Ah!! I love it! Culture!
  • Papillon Effect
    Papillon Effect Год назад This reminds me of an old German myth about a guy who drinks 8 beers and shits his pants.
  • Shafi and Techs
    Shafi and Techs Год назад They are natural killers
  • Exton Jonas
    Exton Jonas Год назад @alejandro barahona lol, not a good answer
  • Prince Owen
    Prince Owen Год назад I'm not sure those power's could catch a fox...they didn't stand a chance.
  • Midnight_ Plays
    Midnight_ Plays Год назад Cindy Peng because the fox will of course run away
  • Casy Leer
    Casy Leer Год назад It's Japanese....
  • Imonous
    Imonous Год назад Because they got out foxed. Duh.
  • Emily
    Emily Год назад Very true.
  • Yves Gomes
    Yves Gomes Год назад Yeah. There is an episode of Love, Death and Robots about these myths. It was my second favorite.
  • NametagMC
    NametagMC Год назад it literally is that lol
  • unicorn sprinkles 7673
    unicorn sprinkles 7673 Год назад BC a fox is a very shy animal and it won't go near humans
  • Soviet Spikes
    Soviet Spikes Год назад The kitsune?
  • Galip Çifci
    Galip Çifci 11 месяцев назад 🤔🤔🙄
  • Lucia Oliveirajfudu opinión
    Lucia Oliveirajfudu opinión 11 месяцев назад Hr4k
  • Lucia Oliveirajfudu opinión
    Lucia Oliveirajfudu opinión 11 месяцев назад Con quién estás ahí
  • Lucia Oliveirajfudu opinión
    Lucia Oliveirajfudu opinión 11 месяцев назад @ShiniGami AD duuejhi
  • Lucia Oliveirajfudu opinión
    Lucia Oliveirajfudu opinión 11 месяцев назад @ShiniGami AD Cho tôi xem
  • Tbark Boudy
    Tbark Boudy 11 месяцев назад Cindy Peng hi
  • Pak De
    Pak De 11 месяцев назад It's a magical fox They have superhuman powers Equal playing field
  • Steven Murphy
    Steven Murphy 11 месяцев назад Tradition
  • Mark Nobody
    Mark Nobody 11 месяцев назад Just like Japanese say “ Don’t use a rabbit to catch a fox “
  • Reallagers
    Reallagers 11 месяцев назад For much easier to exact
  • OfWeave
    OfWeave 11 месяцев назад Japanese, not Chinese
  • shay
    shay 11 месяцев назад Cindy Peng my friend at school told me he had a dream about me being a fox...
  • spudnick1uk
    spudnick1uk 10 месяцев назад Not being horrible but one day your understand the artist and what animations are about, In other words its not about the logic in life that should be put into an animation, but what the creator/artist can achieve, Fluent animation with nice effects and cinematic features. The story about a fox, Erm ok a fox is meant to be fast/sneaky/clever/cunning/smart. The two dudes are not. but they have other abilities, those abilities that they have cant let them catch the fox. The fox gets magic from the water for which causes jealousy , The short guy on the other hand only gets magic from the storm. the large guy gets magic from the earth/rock, And so the place they are at looks like it a place of wisdom. Moral of the story, The fox out wits them.
  • 壴夕南
    壴夕南 10 месяцев назад 这证明了烂编剧是不分国界的
  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh 10 месяцев назад Because hunting is addictive
  • Akio toxic sniper385
    Akio toxic sniper385 10 месяцев назад Yeah I wanted to see how this turned out what else
  • aussieBrian04
    aussieBrian04 10 месяцев назад Cindy Peng the title at the start was legit in Chinese...
  • Maura Stonjal
    Maura Stonjal 9 месяцев назад Reminds me of the kitsune myth ^^
  • The FANDOM
    The FANDOM 8 месяцев назад Cindy Peng just because they can fight like taekwondo does not mean they can catch her.Foxes are sly animals I think
    ANNAMMAL SUNDAR 8 месяцев назад yeah right
  • James Perkins
    James Perkins 8 месяцев назад I wish I'd read your comment first because I nust said the same thing.
  • Peonni
    Peonni 8 месяцев назад @Imonous Finally someone said it lol It seemed to me that she planned the whole thing. They followed her, she seduced them, they made fools of themselves. She walked away...probably grinning.
  • Natasha Havea
    Natasha Havea 8 месяцев назад Cindy Peng wow good to know
  • Natasha Havea
    Natasha Havea 8 месяцев назад I cried
  • Tony Peppermint
    Tony Peppermint 7 месяцев назад Their powers could of damaged the forest really badly. I mean, Little Hunter had lighting and that's likley to cause a forest fire.
  • Sheriff Craft
    Sheriff Craft 7 месяцев назад hunt is a sport lmao
  • total robot
    total robot 7 месяцев назад All I can say its a crap film.
  • Hell0 Ayaya143
    Hell0 Ayaya143 3 месяца назад Because it is a boner power, activated when there's a beautiful woman
  • amy zee
    amy zee 3 месяца назад Cindy Peng i think hunters are unaware of their true potentials until they desire to get the lady passionately...their passion lead them to move the mountains.
  • Snore gaming
    Snore gaming 3 месяца назад i guesse they just forgot about their super power
    ANITA MANU-MENSAH 3 месяца назад Sometimes what you try to kill could turn out to be worth fighting for or maybe not 😂
  • stewaraj1320
    stewaraj1320 2 месяца назад Right!!!???
  • sylvia buan
    sylvia buan 1 месяц назад Hot mama!!
  • Vo Ngoc Hong Phuoc
    Vo Ngoc Hong Phuoc 1 месяц назад Well actully I think there are more than you think
  • Ranibow Sprimkle
    Ranibow Sprimkle 1 месяц назад The trap was a distraction I'm not open for questions
  • Poppy Hall-Smith
    Poppy Hall-Smith 3 недели назад L am Chinese
  • Milky. Films
    Milky. Films 3 недели назад Cindy Peng because there idiots
  • James Sutherland
    James Sutherland 2 недели назад They didn’t have the powers til AFTER the trap...not before
  • Ranibow Sprimkle
    Ranibow Sprimkle 2 недели назад @James Sutherland what a man's gotta do to get some pu$$y
  • Ale Suro
    Ale Suro 2 недели назад they look like people from Dao Jia, who practice Kongfu and "Qi", based on their outfits.
  • Kolbie Saltel
    Kolbie Saltel 2 недели назад Me to
  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin 2 недели назад I like to think that the Fox Girl gifted the powers to the guys as a curse to cause them to take each other out rather than hunt her. She knew they would be too foolish to use their new powers to get her. She stuck around to enjoy the show.
  • rubel shekh20
    rubel shekh20 Неделю назад @a nd রগফফহ
  • St Louis Keira
    St Louis Keira 1 день назад Gg q as AAa Aq Q Qatar
  • Weird Jackolope
    Weird Jackolope 5 месяцев назад Never underestimate the power of a midget they apparently have lightning magic
  • Dr.Doofenshmirtz
    Dr.Doofenshmirtz 5 месяцев назад Well duh all midgets have lightning power they just hide it
  • Alex Plays 2.O
    Alex Plays 2.O 3 месяца назад Thats definitely a chidori
  • Good Man
    Good Man 3 месяца назад Well...
  • Megha Sharma
    Megha Sharma 2 месяца назад Weird Jackolope are one 😀 hoping positive reply (¥€$)
  • Clash The Reaper
    Clash The Reaper 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Alex Plays 2.O Well chidori usually happens in the hand unless he is to op EdIt:Ok i watched the rest of the anime and it doesn't just come out of the hand
  • Rick Sanchez C137
    Rick Sanchez C137 2 месяца назад Weird Jackolope More importantly... they drink... and they know things....
  • Echo_enby
    Echo_enby 3 недели назад We are coming for you *crackle crackle*
  • TinkAndThePugLover Life
    TinkAndThePugLover Life 3 недели назад My auntie is a midget
  • USA Summer
    USA Summer 2 недели назад I’m a midget I’ll say it, and duh I have lighting powers! xD
  • A random Tuskan raider
    A random Tuskan raider 2 недели назад One time I said hi to one and shook hands and my hair started standing up
  • Qu33n _Nikki
    Qu33n _Nikki Неделю назад I feel attacked😐
  • Tommy Senior
    Tommy Senior 7 месяцев назад She used the ultimate trap against them.
  • Nick Gamble
    Nick Gamble 4 месяца назад Vagina. With teeth. The ultimate trap.
  • Bɪᴘ •-•
    Bɪᴘ •-• 2 месяца назад @Nick Gamble Or the fox was male And the lake transforms animals in women Oh
  • Kaitlyn Daugherty
    Kaitlyn Daugherty 3 недели назад Using men's weakness for a sexy girl to trick them into killing each other in jealousy. Smart girl.
  • Oodles Emoji Girl
    Oodles Emoji Girl 6 дней назад Don't forget... They tried to kill her in the beginning...
  • Rebecca Hadley
    Rebecca Hadley 2 месяца назад When the assignment was to make a short film based on an ancient folktale like the fox spirit, but you just really want to create a kung fu movie. 😜
  • A random Girl
    A random Girl 1 месяц назад 🤣🤣🤣
  • JimmyG
    JimmyG 4 года назад She's quite a foxy lady.
  • lynna smiles
    lynna smiles 4 года назад XD
  • Patrick Torgerson
    Patrick Torgerson 4 года назад +JimmyG you're my favorite person
  • Xavier Moncada-Martin
    Xavier Moncada-Martin 4 года назад A vixen in both senses of the word.
  • Coleminer
    Coleminer 4 года назад +JimmyG That's a foxy pun.
  • LOLman
    LOLman 4 года назад +JimmyG I'd love to get in her foxhole.
  • naturalist3d
    naturalist3d 4 года назад +JimmyG It is Apple advertising ;)
  • Ann Taylor
    Ann Taylor 4 года назад Corny was that it was
  • LOLman
    LOLman 4 года назад @Ann Taylor your engrish gave me a migraine.
  • Ann Taylor
    Ann Taylor 4 года назад @lolman5552011 it's how yoda would say it it means that it was corny
  • Ann Taylor
    Ann Taylor 4 года назад +lolman5552011 what is engrish
  • LOLman
    LOLman 4 года назад @Ann Taylor bad english
  • Ann Taylor
    Ann Taylor 4 года назад @lolman5552011 oh thanks for a new fact