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Скачать с ютуб Unboxing the iPhone 11 with clear Apple phone case

Опубликовано: 17 сент. 2019 г. 203 556 просмотров

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We unbox and provide a brief initial review on the mint-green color of the iPhone 11. We talk about the price, the feel of the look and color, as well as the display (liquid retina). You'll notice its very similar to the XR - and honestly that makes sense - the XR was a very strong model. You also get a standard charger, unlike the more quality charger you get with the Pro. Disappointing to see that the adapter for headphones was sold separately, and that there's no usb-c port this year, but all around its exactly what you were hoping for, which is exactly what you'd expect.

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  • Christian Diaz
    Christian Diaz 2 місяці тому The color filter of the room is messing up the phone’s color.
  • Iam Shiva
    Iam Shiva 2 місяці тому Yeah what an amateur hour.
  • mpouli101
    mpouli101 2 місяці тому Christian Diaz probably done in this guys garage . Oh how CNET has fallen over the years. This guy knows nothing more than the average person watching this video.
  • bryngirl12
    bryngirl12 2 місяці тому Thank you. lol
  • cupunchy
    cupunchy 2 місяці тому Your lighting is making the mint green phone look almost white
  • Brobore
    Brobore 2 місяці тому Literally clicked on the video thinking it was a white phone 😂
  • JasonSensation
    JasonSensation 2 місяці тому uhhh good video but your filter or the vignette is messing up the color accuracy the phone is brighter
  • Roman Herring
    Roman Herring 2 місяці тому This guy seems like he was assigned to do this video even though he didn’t want to. He seems so bored with recording this....
  • Ji-Young Hong
    Ji-Young Hong 2 місяці тому You guys need to work on your video reviews/unboxing. The quality and content really lag behind many of the young vloggers out there. In terms of the case, what about what it feels like? Is it slippery? It may be obvious, but mention that it doesnt wrap around the whole phone, that it doesn’t protect the camera, price? C’’mon guys, you can do better than that.
  • Parker's NBA Videos
    Parker's NBA Videos 2 місяці тому It's also poorly edited too. Everything he said and did could've been edited down to a 3 minute video.
  • Phily Delphia
    Phily Delphia 2 місяці тому Agreed, This is awful. Up your game, or people are gonna start unsubscribing.
  • David Jacobs
    David Jacobs 2 місяці тому How rude.
  • vergana
    vergana 2 місяці тому David Jacobs It’s not rude, it’s simply constructive criticism.
  • I love you, but
    I love you, but 2 місяці тому David Jacobs giving constructive criticism is different than being rude
  • Hamburger & Fries
    Hamburger & Fries 2 місяці тому a case that protects the camera isn't something that's normal. haven't heard any tech reviewer talk about that before
  • Parker's NBA Videos
    Parker's NBA Videos 2 місяці тому Apple iPhone 11 clear case = $40 Omg
  • Tom
    Tom 2 місяці тому 2 dollars on eBay lol
  • B Nav
    B Nav 2 місяці тому I got one for my XR at Best Buy for $20
  • marissa ruotolo
    marissa ruotolo 2 місяці тому Parker's NBA Videos right 😂
  • Bryan G
    Bryan G 2 місяці тому I recommend getting the Spigen ultra hybrid case for the 11. It’s a clear case and also a black case for only 12$ the apple one sucks
  • B Nav
    B Nav 2 місяці тому Bryan G ESR cases are better
  • Bryan G
    Bryan G 2 місяці тому B Nav it looks too thin. In my opinion. Spigen has more popularity.
  • B Nav
    B Nav 2 місяці тому Bryan G true but the apple and ESR clear cases don’t turn yellow like the spigen cases
  • Bryan G
    Bryan G 2 місяці тому B Nav true. I saw that on the ESR description.
  • Big Red
    Big Red 2 місяці тому (змінено) Bryan G but the tough armor is always better but thats just my opinion
  • Mia Amor
    Mia Amor 1 день тому Why isn’t there 3 cameras ? Is this a fake iPhone
  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong 2 місяці тому (змінено) I've already decided to buy an iPhone 11 256GB with a Clear Case because I was sold on OTHER channels and their reviewers. If this was the first video I came across, you would not have sold me on anything. This was a bore to watch. You look tired and your presentation has little to no effort and enthusiasm. Great video to watch before I sleep or to help people whom suffer from insomnia.
  • B Nav
    B Nav 2 місяці тому Might upgrade to this next year when apple announces a price drop.
  • Jelly May
    Jelly May 2 місяці тому Love that you said slo- mo selfies instead of “slofies” god that phrase is gonna burn my ears by the end of the year
  • Padma Vennamaneni
    Padma Vennamaneni 1 місяць тому Don't overreact
  • Jonathan Turner
    Jonathan Turner 2 місяці тому "Nice n' minty"
  • Anthony Mojica
    Anthony Mojica 2 місяці тому This is the most boring unboxing video I’ve ever watched.
  • Maria Alfonso
    Maria Alfonso 2 місяці тому Anthony Mojica omg I thought I was the only one that thought that 😂😂
  • stormtroopercd11
    stormtroopercd11 2 місяці тому Go watch IJustines unboxing it is clearly ten times better than this
  • spededpat
    spededpat 2 місяці тому Dunno I got pretty excited over the sim ejection tool
  • stormtroopercd11
    stormtroopercd11 2 місяці тому spededpat lol
  • Princess Gigi
    Princess Gigi 2 місяці тому I Love that color, it’s beautiful! I ordered the iPhone 11 in Purple. I have a dumb question. Why would you need a SIM card on this phone ? I don’t even understand what a SIM card is? Don’t hate on me I am NOT tech savvy, obviously. Thanks for a good review.
  • Brandon Peralta
    Brandon Peralta 2 місяці тому A sim card basically stores your contact information and pretty much give you data,so if you do buy a phone all you have to do is just switch your sim card to you new phone and its the same as your old phone
  • Princess Gigi
    Princess Gigi 2 місяці тому Brandon Peralta Thank you Brandon.I just received my iPhone 11, it came earlier than expected. I got the Purple. I really like that mint color, it’s such a fresh color. Now I’m trying to decide which service plan to go with.
  • Tomiply
    Tomiply 2 місяці тому 1080p, and why is the overhead video so grainy?
  • Adam Macias
    Adam Macias 2 місяці тому They don't know how to focus or edit properly.
  • Sksksksksk
    Sksksksksk 2 місяці тому The filter also
  • Local boy
    Local boy 2 місяці тому I love this colour of iPhone 11
  • Haresh Patel
    Haresh Patel 2 місяці тому who does unboxing later and review first “cnet”
  • k7
    k7 2 місяці тому Haresh Patel lol
  • 秘Jade
    秘Jade 2 місяці тому I get mines sunday
  • Tris Odugbesan
    Tris Odugbesan 2 місяці тому My white arrives tomorrow but I’m regretting not getting the green. The green looks craaaaaazy 😍😩
  • Random commenter Check
    Random commenter Check 2 місяці тому I’m telling the purple for my b-day
  • JADAN E.
    JADAN E. 2 місяці тому Hate this dude with a passion
  • Dead Pixel
    Dead Pixel 2 місяці тому Lol
  • Florena Green
    Florena Green 2 місяці тому 😍❤