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Скачать с ютуб HOW TO ART - Get Started! Sketch! Doodle!

Опубликовано: 6 нояб. 2014 г. 378 037 просмотров

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The art tutorials are here! Let's start at the very beginning: Sketching & Doodling. Get your sketchbook and start drawing! If there is anything in particular you'd like to learn to draw (or paint) leave a comment below and I'll do what I can to help out.

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  • Stephanie Starks
    Stephanie Starks 5 years ago You know what I hate. I hate when I'm doodling a random person and someone comes up to me and says "who's that?" WELL HELL I DONT KNOW.
  • limited rain
    limited rain 5 years ago Oh my gosh I know right? Like, when I sketch at school on some lined paper, whoever sits next to me is like "What's that?!" and I cover up my page with my arms and I'm like "None of your business!!!!!" :P It gets really annoying. Then I get people who are always asking me to draw something for them. I appreciate that they like how I draw, but I get caught up in work and they ask me for it the next day (like they think I can draw and color that fast) and I don't have it, they get upset! Sorry this comment is so dang long -^- but I agree!
  • punanimous
    punanimous 5 years ago We all know that feel pats shoulder
  • Mr YOLO
    Mr YOLO 5 years ago Same here. It's really annoying
  • Trkish Kake
    Trkish Kake 5 years ago omg so true especially my family
  • Amy Rasco
    Amy Rasco 5 years ago YUSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  • Ruise
    Ruise 5 years ago @***** very true... It happens to me all the time, since i draw characters manga style.....
  • Rebe Draws Stuff
    Rebe Draws Stuff 5 years ago What happens to me is that people ask me to draw them and I "forget to do it" because sketching is my way to forget about the real world and what they ask me to do is against my will. I know it sounds like I'm a diva but seriously I just preffer to think about fictional characters (either created by me or from my fandoms) rather than real people.
  • gianca_24
    gianca_24 5 years ago I AGREE!!! my father always does that!!!
  • SunshineChoiYoungjae
    SunshineChoiYoungjae 4 years ago This happens to me all the time XD. People also think it's weird when I draw random people. LIKE ITS NOT LIKE IM TAKING A PICTURE
  • SomeRandomUser
    SomeRandomUser 4 years ago @Stephi Swift SAME THING HAPPENS TO ME!! X'( people also keep asking "can you draw me something?" it is like they are saying "draw for me my slave!" because they ask me every 10 minutes if I drew something for them.
  • Ava d'Auvergne
    Ava d'Auvergne 4 years ago @SomeRandomUser I see where you are coming from whenever I'm around someone they are always asking me to draw them something and asking me if they could have a piece of sketch paper. Or if they could draw in my sketchbook. They won't leave me the heck ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SomeRandomUser
    SomeRandomUser 4 years ago @Ava D'Auvergne I SO agree  
  • Ava d'Auvergne
    Ava d'Auvergne 4 years ago @SomeRandomUser RIGHT!!!
  • rhinestone eyes
    rhinestone eyes 4 years ago +XxDunkinOreoXx MSP same thing happens to me! Like when I draw something for people I always find it on the floor, in the bin or stuffed in their bag
  • i like turtles
    i like turtles 4 years ago Ikr! I draw people I know all the time. People are like "who's that?" Me: "Oh, it's you!" Them: "Hahaha! Good one! Btw its a really ugly person!" 😒
  • Stephanie Starks
    Stephanie Starks 4 years ago @*****​ IM. DEAD. IM DEAAAAD
  • Marie Fischer
    Marie Fischer 5 years ago Mary. THE ROCKY HORROR PIKACHU. 
  • Mary Doodles
    Mary Doodles 5 years ago We need to make this into a film. Preferably a feature.
  • rosie x
    rosie x 5 years ago i can NEVER draw well sketch books :( i get nervous and think all my drawings in it have to be perfect because the sketch book is so nice and the paper is nice and i don't want to ruin it >.< if that makes any sense? but i do use a little note pad to doodle on :D
  • Hoàng Nguyễn
    Hoàng Nguyễn 3 weeks ago rosie x bruh, just draw on printed paper or your math notebook
  • Finlay Martins
    Finlay Martins 3 years ago Teacher: what are you doing drawing in my class!? Me: brah, im just doodling
  • Sycra
    Sycra 5 years ago Sketching is my favourite thing.  :D
  • Archelaus_ Red
    Archelaus_ Red 5 years ago heyyy i wach u
  • Nishat
    Nishat 5 years ago @steven perez Wow :l
  • Sothear Hay
    Sothear Hay 5 years ago Sycra....
  • Laura Harding
    Laura Harding 2 years ago Ikr? It's so fun!
  • SmileyLOL3002
    SmileyLOL3002 5 years ago I am a pro at making stick figures.
  • Emilie
    Emilie 5 years ago That moment when you see your comment in the start!!!!
  • Esquire Chewington IV
    Esquire Chewington IV 5 years ago My body is ready for these tutorials.
  • 8bitporn
    8bitporn 5 years ago I know this ain't useful but Mary you got my art levels higher :)
  • Mary Doodles
    Mary Doodles 5 years ago DAWWWWWW!!!!!!!! :D
  • 8bitporn
    8bitporn 5 years ago what you say
  • Naga
    Naga 3 years ago my art teacher used this in class to show us how to sketch
  • Jonathan Bontrager-Waite
    Jonathan Bontrager-Waite 4 years ago Do you see what you've done? Now you must write a "How to Art" book!
  • muddyguts
    muddyguts 3 years ago I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil (I'm currently 19) and I've just recently hit a slump where I feel like nothing I do is a good as it could be, but your video really pepped me up and put me in a sketching mood! Keep makin' more!
  • Bushra Fatima
    Bushra Fatima 2 years ago muddyguts well I'm exactly where you are nd same age so i feel ya :''''))
  • MsSmileyface
    MsSmileyface 4 years ago i think that ever since i started taking art and drawing seriously, ive started seeking 100% perfection in art, which is why i started using ALOT of references. But when i wanted to draw without reference, i realise that i just couldn't. Sure my drawings look nice but even so, i cant doodle or sketch, i can only copy. i honestly need some help
  • MsSmileyface
    MsSmileyface 4 years ago @***** thats what i do. But at the end, the pose, outfits hair are still the same. Its still the same drawing but done by me. I have like a permanent artblock. I was to start using my own ideas. Its been a while since i left that comment and i feel like im slowly improving. Im not good at being creative... But im getting better.
  • Bobbi Martin
    Bobbi Martin 5 years ago I'm a perpetual doodler (but not nearly up to your caliber) during meetings (or classes) because I have noticed that it helps me recall aural points during the meeting. I will remember I added that swirl when X was talking about X. It really annoyed my bosses and I got lots of bad reviews until I told them it was my memory device. Once they realized (and tested me), then it was all good, but it is a struggle. I also do the same for music as well especially in college. I'd recall the song/lyrics and visualize the page I was studying. 
  • Mary Doodles
    Mary Doodles 5 years ago When I edit my videos I know EXACTLY what part of what song was playing at a specific moment when I made the painting. There's actually studies that are now confirming that doodling can help with memory.  I must make a video about this. I must raise awareness. I will make this my crusade of justice!
  • Kerry Campbell
    Kerry Campbell 5 years ago @Mary Doodles Someone in my French also did the same with their speaking exam, drawing symbols on a blank piece of paper to remember words. It's a shame the exam board has said it doesn't meet exam conditions anymore.
  • Bobbi Martin
    Bobbi Martin 5 years ago @Mary Doodles More doodle awareness and support! I think teachers, professors, and management need to realize that everyone has different means of retaining information. I would love to see a video about the benefits of sketching (from a non-artistic stance). :) Thanks for the reply.
  • Doofy Doo
    Doofy Doo 5 years ago I did the same thing in college - a lot of my notebooks are more doodles than lecture notes.  It also helps me to incorporate the notes into the doodle in some way, perhaps have a doodled character performing some action on the words or writing the notes on the surface of a structure in the doodle. It used to infuriate my professors when I sat in the front row and drew one elaborate doodle the entire time they were talking, but they never realized that tatooed  on the body of the Hindu goddess/cyborg creature were color coded lecture notes neatly arranged on individual limbs. Some people think primarily in pictures and colors.  For them, doodling can definitely be a great memory aid.  However, as a former teacher, I would be cautious about insisting that all people incorporate doodles into their notes.  Artistic expression in some form or another is beneficial for most, but students have different learning styles.  It can be counterproductive to push them into a style that doesn't suit them.   I do agree that it should be a more acceptable practice to doodle while listening/learning for those that benefit from it though.  Thanks Bobbi for reminding me of those old notebooks, and thank you Mary for inspiring me to doodle again!
  • Bobbi Martin
    Bobbi Martin 5 years ago @Doofy Doo I agree there is a fine line between no paying attention and personal methods of note taking. I learned shorthand from my mom and also the technique of creating legends with symbols for repetitive words to help with note taking, which might be the reason I started using doodling as a reference as well. A lot of those methods revolve around using symbols in the place of words.  I also used multiple color ink for notes as well. I wonder if there is a connection between all of this. BTW, you should so get out that  Hindu goddess/cyborg creature and remaster it like Mary has done with her doodles. I would love to see that. Extra points if it is Kali.
  • gianca_24
    gianca_24 5 years ago always doodle, I think it's a form of art!
  • Radically Paige
    Radically Paige 3 years ago my teachers always yell at meme to stop drawing during class
  • SpeedyTheStar
    SpeedyTheStar 3 years ago Don't listen to them xD
  • disneydork100
    disneydork100 3 years ago Paige Says Hi why are they yelling at memes?
  • Aniarix
    Aniarix 5 years ago you don't have to show your sketchbook... welp, my friends took away THAT part of my art, stealing my sketchbook at school, and looking through it...
  • Melody Cat
    Melody Cat 5 years ago I'll hide the book,or just punch or rescale them on the hall way if you have to XD
  • Rebe Draws Stuff
    Rebe Draws Stuff 5 years ago If they can respect your stuff or your space they are not your friends. Like Mary said just gather some paper and put it in a folder while you save for a sketchbook.
  • Aniarix
    Aniarix 5 years ago No, i have a sketchbook, but they take it, look at it, and give it back, and they bag to see it
  • Rebe Draws Stuff
    Rebe Draws Stuff 5 years ago @Aniarix If I was in your place and other people were constantly looking at my sketches I would not be satisfied but if you feel confortable with that and they give you constructive criticism (which is also important to improve as an artist) then go ahead, just never stop drawing.
  • Aniarix
    Aniarix 5 years ago Well, i draw abstract art, but wanna branch into illustration and anime soooooooooo, feel like i can be made fun of with what ever i want to draw, like, i feel insecure drawing women... for that very reason... so i don't want to draw people... :(
  • Rebe Draws Stuff
    Rebe Draws Stuff 5 years ago And in that case I suggest that you practice more. It's better for you to learn by trial and error rather than not doing anything at all. I recommend you to take a look at Andrew Loomis' books (especially "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" and "Succesful Drawing"), they have a more traditional approach but both can help you with angles and proportion. You can find them here:
  • Isaac Piccolo
    Isaac Piccolo 4 years ago oh i just act like a sketchbook is like life i think that's wrong right?
  • HAzirAH_ Amin
    HAzirAH_ Amin 4 years ago +Mary Doodles... can you draw yourself using mirror... please...
  • VanillaTae
    VanillaTae 4 years ago +HAzirAH_ 완자 진 I SEE JIN
  • HAzirAH_ Amin
    HAzirAH_ Amin 4 years ago hi V!!!!
  • VanillaTae
    VanillaTae 4 years ago yesss armys are everywhere lol
  • NeffJeff95
    NeffJeff95 5 years ago I learned a lot of these tips from school, but hearing them come from you just helps me for some reason :) thanks Mary
  • Ruma
    Ruma 5 years ago PLEASE DO A TUTORIAL ON DRAWING CHARACTERS~ like character designing, their hair or expressions and stuff...