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Скачать с ютуб Epic Fried Whole Chicken! - feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

Опубликовано: 23 февр. 2017 г. 24 049 197 просмотров

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Филин Мистер Рамзи помог нам найти хрен для его фирменного ароматного масла для жарки во фритюре, чтобы приготовить нашу особую курицу! Эта курочка приготовлена с нуля в горном лесу, недалеко от полузамерзшей реки. Мы выдержали мясо в свежем пряном маринаде, и сделали специальные порезы, чтобы обжарить курицу всецело. Хрустящая, пряная кожица и мясо, легко отделяющееся от костей ... Наслаждайтесь этим великолепным foodporn!

1 целая курица
хрен, имбирь, зеленый чили
5-6 зубчиков чеснока
5-6 мелких луковиц
1 ч. л. сладкого карри
1 ч. л. паприки
1 ч. л. соли

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  • Brock McClain
    Brock McClain 2 года назад This is why i quit vegan.
  • Ritsu
    Ritsu 2 года назад Brock McClain great decision
  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 2 года назад Horrible decision
  • Adnane Rabah
    Adnane Rabah 2 года назад To each his/her own lifestyle, but as a no-vegan, I'll say... WELCOME.
  • Whiskey
    Whiskey 2 года назад Mike Johnson lmao no
  • Copper Penny
    Copper Penny 2 года назад Brock McClain Good
  • Leberon Jamames
    Leberon Jamames 2 года назад me too bro, me too
  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 2 года назад Thats like heroin addict saying Thats why I quit being clean.
  • Adnane Rabah
    Adnane Rabah 2 года назад Mike Johnson Certainly not the same. Fried, tasty, free-range chicken isn't hazardous to your health.
  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 2 года назад You want to tell me how this deepfried chicken isn't hazardous to your health? Ofcourse it is but it slowly takes its toll.
  • Saaisha
    Saaisha 2 года назад You will die too one day, so stfu ;)
  • Adnane Rabah
    Adnane Rabah 2 года назад Mike Johnson I've been eating fried chicken my whole life and so far I have nothing to be alarmed about. Eating healthy various food moderately, not smoking/drinking and having a good life hygiene is key. Comparing fried food to heroin is pretty... gross.
  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 2 года назад You are simply uninformed. Any animal products are bad for human health. You being "healthy" at the age 30 doesn't mean anything. It takes time for health problems to come up.
  • Adnane Rabah
    Adnane Rabah 2 года назад Mike Johnson It certainly takes more time than heroin. As for the rest, please just stop trying to impress me about that shit. You'll waste your breath. I could be a healthy, world champion vegan, and die swept by a car right outside my house, and my near 90-years old uncle spent his whole life drinking arab tea and mutton, and he's still standing stiff and sharp. I think I can accept dying slowly eating fried free-range chicken. Thanks anyway.
  • johnson787878
  • Dom mer
    Dom mer 2 года назад Shut up. fool
  • Mike King
    Mike King 2 года назад Mike Johnson "You are simply uninformed" is a typical liberal playbook response. Everybody else to just too stupid to know what's good for them, but thank goodness you have access to knowledge that nobody else does and you can enlighten us. Please, smh.
  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 2 года назад exactly
  • jimbofatplum
    jimbofatplum 2 года назад hey mike johnson, why are you here?? this is a cooking channel which involves cooking a lot of meat. if this upsets you why not piss off and nibble on a raw carrot.? we are not here to be preached at by arseholes like you.
  • Whiskey
    Whiskey 2 года назад Mike Johnson he has a good point he is saying the truth why did you come to a non vegan food channel just to troll people
  • NN
    NN 2 года назад Mike Johnson No, you are not sorry, you are just buying the time so you can come back again with a vegan BS. Humans are carnivores since they came off the trees, that's what made them what they are today, not a perfect creatures, but yet ok. If you want to go back on the trees, keep eating grass and seeds, I am happy where I am. It is a bad to kill for pleasure, but it is not bad to kill for the food. Why don't you try to explain your BS vegan theory to wolfs, lions, cats (any from the cat family)? The world is made the way it is, there is food chain and if any idiot like you interupts food chain we are fucked, which is already happening. I had my fog, beagle, and since everybody was feeding him he became overweight, which is not hard for a beagle. My vet told me to microwave carrots and give him instead of dry food, I tried, my dog sniffed and looked at me shocked, telling me, " I am not a fucken rabbit, I want my chicken wings, raw, not cooked", can you try please to explain to my dog your vegan theory?
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад Mike Johnson Don't worry brah. They'll reincarnate as livestock in the next life.
  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 года назад How about we just accept each other's choices ? :) Do what you think is best for you and fuck everyone else. If they wanna suffer later in life because they eat shitty food now, well that's up to them, why do you give a fuck ? geez
  • Dom mer
    Dom mer 2 года назад You're all stupid animals who writes here! Idiots
  • Dom mer
    Dom mer 2 года назад Why?
  • Dom mer
    Dom mer 2 года назад No. Which country do you live in?
  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 2 года назад NN humans are herbivores and you have no clue what you are talking about. Also argument why don't we accept each others choices is stupid because you are not respecting animals choice not to be killed :)
  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 года назад Flash Man As if ive never heard that before. The only way to really change that is for the government or whoever is in charge over this shit, to ban consumption of animal products. Trust me when I say that the majority will remain omnivores no matter how hard you try to convince them to switch to a vegan lifestyle
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @Elizabeth We are destroying the world at an alarming rate. We are running out of fresh water. Our old growth forest are dwindling. Animals of all kinds are going extinct only to be replaced with livestock. If the next generation follow the last this planet will be permanently fucked. What's worse is this can all be avoided if people just stop eating dead animals.
  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker 2 года назад Mike Johnson =SJW...
  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 года назад Flash Man Like I said, uve to take up this issue with the government. Many people are selfish and wont listen to you. And fyi, veganism is not for everyone, some people cant thrive on a vegan diet, uve to accept that
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @Elizabeth We engineered e.coli to create insulin for humans. The beyond meat company engineered methods to extract hemoglobin from bacterias on plants. There really is nothing we can't synthesize. It's time we stop the old dogmatic barbaric way and move into a scientific future. Governments won't act till there's people that demand change.
  • NN
    NN 2 года назад Flash Man Wrong, it is greediness and overpopulation that is destroying the world, if they don't eat meat they will clear more forests to farm agriculture products like corn, wheat, bananas, pineapple, cotton, the result will be the same, who are you going to blame then? Us, meat eating people. First try to control world population and problem will be solved, don't blame us for eatin meat, we are the least problem in this world. People are crying about hungry kids in Africa, but nobody is sayin that in 1980. populatin was 477 millions and 27 years later is 1.2 billion people, the most developed country in the world wouldn't be able to sustain such growth and feed all the people, no? Ok, blame us, meat eaters for problems in Africa and all other problems, even if your soup (vegetable one) is cold!
  • NN
    NN 2 года назад ^^^37 years later
  • NN
    NN 2 года назад I have to say one more thing, I am fed up with those leftists liberals, greens, junkies and dole bludgers who are talking BS. Same as I am not buying global warming thing, another big lie, corporate world lie.
  • jimbofatplum
    jimbofatplum 2 года назад flash man, you done with your boring preaching? there must be a lettuce growing channel here somewhere that would really benefit from the drivel that spews from your keyboard. youll never change us! like stroking a lamb.....i like sinking my teeth in its arse.
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @jimbofatplum I don't have to change you. Just your children. And your children's children. I'll have my ideas in their cartoons, in their video games, in their school books and cereal box. Soon they will demand for a vegan world and there's nothing you can do about it. Like enjoying Justin Bieber or Pokémon go.
  • NN
    NN 2 года назад Flash Man Wrong again, it is the other way around, vegans are becoming meateaters, I live in the city of the five million people where every eighth citizen iz asian, presumably budist, should be vegetarians, but I hardly know anyone that is vegetarian, some of them are avoiding beef but that's about it, very similar with lot of Idians I know, and they are hindu. So, after thousands of years being vegetarians as budist they converted to meat eaters and you are telling me you'll covert them back to vegans, you are dreaming.
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад NN I have never met a vegan Buddhist or Hindu in my life and I live primarily in Asia. They are vegetarians only for special occasions and ceremonies. Then it's back to the Standard American Diet with them. Fact is Asians are white worshipers. If whites say restrict calories, enjoy this chicken and take these pharmaceutical pills they will do it without question. You can't even find a traditional Chinese wedding anymore as they look no different than white Westerners. So really if whites were to make veganism the thing to be you can bet your bottom dollar Asians will jump on it without question.
  • Animemes
    Animemes 2 года назад You baited them pretty well noice
  • NN
    NN 2 года назад Flash Man I met and worked with grandmasters from various temples and Chinese budist are suppose to be vegans, I had some membets of the tour groups who tefused to sit for the same table where others were esting mest, they were from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore., Your statment anout them doing what white man say is very arrogant, inaccurate and insulting. They are much better than that and much smarter than that. I live and work with them 30 years, very smart, educated people but although westernized still firmly connected to their roots, I rather see them changing us than else. You are entitled to believe in white man supremacy, but that's not my cup of tea.
  • Dom mer
    Dom mer 2 года назад I went to dick idiot
  • Whiskey
    Whiskey 2 года назад Mike Johnson get lost troll this is a non vegan channel
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @mr reality The truth is racist brah
  • Whiskey
    Whiskey 2 года назад Flash man no and NN had a pretty good argument against you
  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 года назад NN Exactly. Overpopulation is the cause behind all these problems. By decreasing the number of people, less animals will be slaughtered = better environment. Ive decided not to have kids, one less mouth to feed.
  • SketchersOTN
    SketchersOTN 2 года назад hate vegan.
  • TrendThis
    TrendThis 2 года назад Water and air is also bad for your heath. That's why we can't live forever and we decay.
  • TrendThis
    TrendThis 2 года назад you know, without meat..entire cultures will disappear. Food is a way of life and many cultures uses meat in their dishes. I'm going to triggered you by saying alternative facts...
  • Oliver Lee
    Oliver Lee 2 года назад Vegans - good for u, but bad for your soul and mental state..
  • TrendThis
    TrendThis 2 года назад + fuck all of you guys with opinions. Just let us live and watch the world burn.
  • TrendThis
    TrendThis 2 года назад @oliver lee let's convince 99% of the world population to stop eating meat and destroyed human culture. food is the way of life.
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @3AProduction Maybe we vegans should create a counter culture to rape and murder meat eaters. Hey what goes around comes around. We'll even use your body parts as meat where we'll sell it as pork. Would make for good business. We'll call it soylent green.
  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 года назад Robert Sistrunk why? because I speak the truth ? go fuck yourself
  • Oliver Lee
    Oliver Lee 2 года назад Flash Man ur mental.
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @Oliver Lee Hey brah it's just protien.
  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher 2 года назад Mental how vegans actually suck at science so bad they can't even quote anything that's been studied regarding nutrition.
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @Lee Fisher Logically speaking a healthy human would contain all the nutrients required to be a healthy meal to other humans.
  • Robert Sistrunk
    Robert Sistrunk 2 года назад to all you snowflake SJW's that think overpopulation is the problem. why don't you practice what you preach and hang yourselves from the nearest tree?
  • Alzarax
    Alzarax 2 года назад Mike Johnson I wipe my ass with vegan foods
  • FlangedMaceForTheWin
    FlangedMaceForTheWin 2 года назад (изменено) +Flash Man Hahaha, you are quite a cute little troll! Go ahead with creating your "counter culture to rape and murder meat eaters", pretty please! :) I can't wait to see, who will turn up on whos plate! ... hehehe Bye! ^^
  • ACXIAO666
    ACXIAO666 2 года назад Adnane Rabah of course its Hazardous to your health you idiot any fried food is because of the trans fatty acids / free radicals . eating fried foods causes cancer
  • Jiawei Lin
    Jiawei Lin 2 года назад and itd name is fucking ramsey
  • Hesusfkr
    Hesusfkr 2 года назад Ok, it's an actual fact that meat is not good for you lmao. It doesn't matter how much you try to deny it. But obviously eating meat now and then and being healthy overall doesn't kill your body.
  • Alfonso Bustamente
    Alfonso Bustamente 2 года назад dude, we only expanded as a species because of our ability to process calorie and protein rich meats, high in natural fats and cholesterol (brain food). We have anatomical features that evolved to process meat (incisors, gall bladder, ....etc). I'm not saying vegans should be made to eat meat, but to live your life believing and propagating this lie is why noone takes them seriously.
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @Alfonso Bustamente Enjoy getting your gallbladder removed permanently due to all that cholesterol. Also no, cholesterol is not brain food. Where did you get such an absurd idea like that? Even real carnivores succumb to dementia due to eating meat yet somehow you believe you got better guts than a lion. Defuq is wrong with you?
  • Alfonso Bustamente
    Alfonso Bustamente 2 года назад Hardly, only people who can't moderate themselves have that issue. I know its cliche, but read an anatomy book, or maybe even google the relationship our brains have with cholesterol (its made from it, and requires it to build and maintain synapses). Well, thats why Im making the case for omnivore diets, because we are built for both.
  • Mad Meddling Maddow
    Mad Meddling Maddow 2 года назад Flash Man dementia due to eating meat? You crazy....
  • TrendThis
    TrendThis 2 года назад Flash Man yo this guy is trying to make YouTube videos and we're here trying to troll each other. stfu and move on.
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @Alfonso Bustamente Built for both? You stupid parrot. You just parrot what others tell you and you speak like it's your own research. Go on parrot something. It's amusing.
  • FlangedMaceForTheWin
    FlangedMaceForTheWin 2 года назад +Flash Man Hahaha ... You're still preaching?! Strong the force is with you, but fail against the dark side, you will. ^^
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @FlangedMaceForTheWin Someday, somehow, a vegan scientist will genetically engineer all livestock to be instantaneously deadly to all humans and end the human species permanently..... Or we could just let some people that's into beastiality run loose in farms while infected with some incurable STD strand.
  • Good Woman
    Good Woman 2 года назад Brock McClain 😂😂😂
  • FlangedMaceForTheWin
    FlangedMaceForTheWin 2 года назад +Flash Man Oh my! ... what beautiful dreams you share with us carcass munching neanderthals ... ^^ So IT IS true, that vegans are morally and ethically superior and in general just loving and caring people, right?! ....... Who knew!? ^^
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @FlangedMaceForTheWin It is the civilized world that concocted the electric chair to condemn the evils in its society. And the time of judgement have come for meat eaters to face their crimes. How do you plead? Medium rare, medium or well done?
  • FlangedMaceForTheWin
    FlangedMaceForTheWin 2 года назад +Flash Man Hi, sorry for being late, had to sleep a liitle ... > < ... zzzzzzz ... burp ... zzzZ How do i plead, you ask? ... Well, since i / we would have to "cross the Jordan River" anyways, i don't see how it would make a difference!? You my blessed Overlord, with the help of your righteous and brave minions, shall carry out the punishment, in whatever way, you see fit! While you're at it, working off that long list of sinners, i will continue to enjoy and embrace all the wonderful food choices i receive, for being an unapologetic omnivor. All the best to you, bye! ^^
  • Krille
    Krille 2 года назад First of all, all carnivoirous animals would eat us if they had the chance. If there were tigers everywhere they would attack and eat us without giving a fuck about how slowly we would die. And why do all vegans always have to lecture everyone else in how stupid they are for eating meat? On every cooking video i find that that includes meat, theres always a bunch of angry vegans in the comment section trying to convert us. Why don't you just leave the fucking omnivores alone? I don't understand why people go vegan, aswell as they don't understand why i eat meat. Yet, i respect them and their decisions, while they're constantly telling me how stupid it is and that i should go vegan. You need to fucking realize that people like you only wants to make people like me keep eating meat. Let people decide themselves what they want to.
  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 года назад @Sting If you wanna eat meat, don't have children and get a vasectomy. That would be fair.
  • Fudall
    Fudall 2 года назад (изменено) What are you doing out of /pol/ you fucking newfag, you disgrace kek with your vegan crap. Also, totally unrelated, what country are you from.
  • FlangedMaceForTheWin
    FlangedMaceForTheWin 2 года назад (изменено) +Saturns Gay Wow ....., what an amazing insult to the OP! .... bahahaha .... i'm sure he/she and everyone else will be very impressed! Maybe you should try a little bit harder, next time?! In the meantime, please continue to stand in the "shame corner", while facing the wall. ^^ Bye!
  • kaybronson100
    kaybronson100 2 года назад This is why I will never go vegan.
  • Mad Meddling Maddow
    Mad Meddling Maddow 2 года назад FlangedMaceForTheWin the shame corner 😂😂😂😂😂🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
  • Krille
    Krille 2 года назад That makes absolutely no sense to this topic
  • kaybronson100
    kaybronson100 2 года назад +Saturns Gay (And the Jewberts) except you're doing it on the web instead. Right.
  • FlangedMaceForTheWin
    FlangedMaceForTheWin 2 года назад +Saturns Gay Aaahhh ... ! SEE ..., i knew you can do better! ^^ .... What a sweet little bunny you can be, if you just put some effort into it. Good for you, you're a fast learner after all...... please continue to stand in your before mentioned corner, it really seems to work for you. : ) Bye!
  • vjayez
    vjayez 2 года назад (изменено) Brock McClain i was Vegan for 5 months and slipped up one day and ate buffalo wings...
  • Brock McClain
    Brock McClain 2 года назад Vegan life just not worth it, meats are too delicious, sorry but no sorry. I live however i want and you live however you want. How about that? Peace.
  • FlangedMaceForTheWin
    FlangedMaceForTheWin 2 года назад +Saturns Gay I humbly asume, that this nice response was directed at me, ..... right?! It was absolutely clear to me, from your first comment, that you my good sir or lady, are a BREATHTAKING DIAMOND in disguise! Please continue your growing awesomeness, so many more people can learn and appreciate the unbelievable beauty of your pure and divine thoughts! Thank you very much, for the cute name calling, .... it really means the world to me and brightens my peasant days! ^^ All the best to you and bye! :)
  • FlangedMaceForTheWin
    FlangedMaceForTheWin 2 года назад +Saturns Gay Hi, sorry for being late! Thank you very much, and a nice day to you aswell! ^^ Bye!
  • FlangedMaceForTheWin
    FlangedMaceForTheWin 2 года назад +Facta non Ferba Yeah i love it too, ... and the fascination for certain swear words, is kind of "fluffy bunny with a pink ribbon" - cute. ^^
  • werd sllew
    werd sllew 2 года назад yea you are a faggot who likes fluffy bunnies with pink ribbons cool dude
  • Fudall
    Fudall 2 года назад It's always a fucking leaf behind the shitpost.
  • Noc Fox
    Noc Fox Год назад Mike Johnson Sorry man, Humans are omnivores.. Though diets vary amount cultures and regions.. The region I'm in, like, 90% or more of meals are meat based..
  • Kittenrabbitpuppydog Cowfunnyvideostry
    Kittenrabbitpuppydog Cowfunnyvideostry Год назад Mike Johnson Fuck you
  • allnicenames aretaken
    allnicenames aretaken Год назад +Mike Johnson Humans are omnivores dumb vegan fuck!
  • 0121
    0121 Год назад bet you was never veagan..just a get a lot of them on here.
  • Tony at1022
    Tony at1022 Год назад @Mike Johnson its good for him, if he chooses to be non vagan, dont like it, dont watch it, thats the problem with vagans, they try to shove their views on non vagans, they need learn to keep thier mouths closed, morons.
  • Dwayne stanley
    Dwayne stanley Год назад After all them stories. I have decided that animals are delicious
  • 이근재 aka Christopher Lee
    이근재 aka Christopher Lee Год назад Amen
  • Rose Moranga
    Rose Moranga 11 месяцев назад You idiots are ruining my appetite!
  • Mike Wood 30904
    Mike Wood 30904 10 месяцев назад I eat pussy. Is pussy ruining mother earth?
  • Sub to Pewddieepiee
    Sub to Pewddieepiee 6 месяцев назад Mike johnson and elizabeth do u think we are supposed to live off your fucking plants as u should know pro docotors/hospitalists clearly stated that meat increase our bone strength so while u eat ur nasty ass plants and an animal come out of no where and pounce on ur ass just know u ded
  • lalit pun
    lalit pun 5 месяцев назад here's your 1000th like :)
  • Dustin Surprises
    Dustin Surprises 4 месяца назад If your Vegan it’s hazardous to our health just living on earth the pressure takes a toll on our bodies. I’m not vegan or Vegetarian, everyone should pick own life. If you DONT LIKE THESE VIDEOS DONT WATCH THEM. Great food and scenery👍👊🏻.
  • Me Bog
    Me Bog 4 месяца назад @Mike Johnson u'll die 1st from all nitrats found in vagi so stfu go eat your chimicals
  • MarMar Bowen
    MarMar Bowen 3 месяца назад Brock McClain being vegan isn’t the move😂💀
  • Arnie Kando
    Arnie Kando 2 месяца назад @Mike Johnson My Dad is 80 and eats a lot of red meat and chicken. still jogs thrice a week. He of source eats very balanced diet. EVERYONE i know that tried veganism stopped it eventually because of health reasons. I found if I do a only vegetable and fruit diet for 1 week that it is so good for my health but longer than that not so. Thee problem with today s health issues has all to do with processed sugars and starch and not meat and the fact that we eat way to much.......
  • gokarengo
    gokarengo 1 месяц назад @Mike Johnson moderation is the key
  • BrandNew Concern
    BrandNew Concern 1 месяц назад 😂 u justified it and reinstated it slowly surely and deliciously... I know, I’m there too 🤫
  • Frank Yousif
    Frank Yousif 3 дня назад @Adnane Rabah best comment
  • krishna bharath
    krishna bharath 3 дня назад Not good bro really.... do that for urself
  • Arda Polat
    Arda Polat 1 день назад @Mike Johnson haha nice joke weirdo
    IM YOUR DAD 8 часов назад @Mike Johnson if you dont like it then why click the video?
  • Ravenous-wolf 311
    Ravenous-wolf 311 4 дня назад I was expecting that owl to start cursing and critiquing your cooking.
  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith 6 часов назад Ravenous-wolf 311 that aint gordon
  • Amiro Goldman
    Amiro Goldman 2 дня назад "Give me a short sack of ribs and extra hot sauce!" 😂😂😂
  • Money# definesMAN
    Money# definesMAN 3 дня назад It's cooked so well that even the dead chicken soul must be blessing u for giving him such an honour😄😄
  • Bimal Dash
    Bimal Dash 4 дня назад this is actually the definition of Life 😊😉😁
  • Hotlavaburnmonkey
    Hotlavaburnmonkey 2 года назад When the apocalypse comes I want this guy on my team.
  • seenyour34
    seenyour34 2 года назад I was thinking the exact same thing.
  • Timbalo0
    Timbalo0 2 года назад If i had this guy on my apocalypse team, i'd push the red button right now.
  • The Yellow Cursor
    The Yellow Cursor 2 года назад (изменено) lol Hope you guys know they're just film makers. When TSHTF, they won't be able to find any of the ingredients. That horse radish was probably staged.
  • Sawa3eQ FekR
    Sawa3eQ FekR 2 года назад supercooled maybe, but would you like more those stagy studios on tv channels or this way in the video above ? i think this presentation make the defference
  • mbm2355
    mbm2355 2 года назад Nah mate, that's an overwinter crop. Turnips, beets, etc will do the same. They're just dialed in their planting seasons. Some of the reveals in previous videos make me think this is a permaculture / production market garden.
  • Clark Not Kent
    Clark Not Kent 2 года назад And you would probably end up in the pot with those horseradishes and baby onions...
  • mbm2355
    mbm2355 2 года назад Bingo.
  • werd sllew
    werd sllew 2 года назад yea so he can go to the store and buy a chicken and cook it on a fire? fuck that gimme the guy who forages plants for his food
  • yaroflash
    yaroflash 2 года назад Why? Because he can cook mostly in store bought things outside? How would that help during an apocalypse?
  • sedna16
    sedna16 2 года назад together with primitive tech
  • It be like that sometimes
    It be like that sometimes 2 года назад LMAO
  • Stephanie Balchan
    Stephanie Balchan 2 года назад #bestcomment#
  • leon scott
    leon scott 2 года назад (изменено) on my team I will have him for cooking, bear grills for hunting and survival, Coyote Peterson for animal encounters and wild life education, and the Crazy Russian for ingenuity....
  • Apurva Kumar Joshi
    Apurva Kumar Joshi 2 года назад leon scott what will be your role???
  • stefan x
    stefan x 2 года назад anal whore
  • Владимир Михајловић
    Владимир Михајловић 2 года назад @Saturns Gay, You really are dumb as fuck. Eat some meat, you'll be a lot smarter. Chicken wasn't store bought but freerange.
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    Владимир Михајловић 2 года назад @yaroflash, Almost nothing they use are bought in store, except salt, some of the seasonings and oil.
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    Nino Pene 1 месяц назад my case
  • Ash Black
    Ash Black 3 месяца назад Am I the only one who found this aesthetically pleasing, but also audial? lol
  • Hukavi Chishi
    Hukavi Chishi 1 месяц назад Taste nai
  • Staaja Thomas
    Staaja Thomas 4 месяца назад “Horseradish from the fridge” my slow self was really looking for the fridge not realizing he was referring to the snow. Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Bertha Taylor
    Bertha Taylor 4 месяца назад Girl, me too!
  • Tech it socially ZA
    Tech it socially ZA 2 месяца назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣i can relate...these guy are genius not only chefs...thy know content
  • Quintavious Dove
    Quintavious Dove 2 недели назад Staaja Thomas you fine
    IAM BUMBO 3 дня назад @Quintavious Dove no
  • Clawbytes
    Clawbytes 2 недели назад I'm trucker. My truck is broken down on a highway and I've been stranded on the shoulder for 27 hours now. I've been snacking on breakfast bars watching food videos.
  • persinini
    persinini Неделю назад Did you survive?
  • Clawbytes
    Clawbytes Неделю назад @persinini Finally got towed and in a hotel.
  • persinini
    persinini Неделю назад @Clawbytes Glad you survived.
  • Clawbytes
    Clawbytes Неделю назад @persinini Yeah wasn't fun
  • Adrian Cubilla
    Adrian Cubilla Неделю назад Clawbytes did you get yourself a nice dinner atleast
  • Clawbytes
    Clawbytes Неделю назад @Adrian Cubilla That I did. Thanks for caring.
  • seoulkidd1
    seoulkidd1 Неделю назад Always keep a small grill with ya
  • Clawbytes
    Clawbytes Неделю назад @seoulkidd1 I used to until I tried searing a steak one day and had oil splashed everywhere.
  • rajeev gobin
    rajeev gobin Неделю назад @Clawbytes what did you have?
  • Clawbytes
    Clawbytes Неделю назад @rajeev gobin When I cooked? Just salt and pepper on steak.
  • rajeev gobin
    rajeev gobin Неделю назад @Clawbytes what did you have for your nice dinner after your ordeal
  • Clawbytes
    Clawbytes Неделю назад @rajeev gobin Well I checked into a hotel for 5 days so I had my choices with the restaurants around me. Steak, seafood, Mexican and Vietnamese.
  • cleanview70
    cleanview70 6 дней назад 22 years otr here & i feel you pain brother
  • Akash Kumar
    Akash Kumar 5 дней назад Bless you, sir/madam
  • trailokya mukherjee
    trailokya mukherjee 1 день назад Good u are safe. Next time carry all the ingredients that u see in the video. Buy an owl too.
  • kameev sharma
    kameev sharma 1 день назад Thank lord for this man and this skills