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Скачать с ютуб Do you remember(with lyrics)

Опубликовано: 11 июл. 2010 г. 27 083 085 просмотров

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gezongen door Phil Collins.
ondertiteling door mij.

  • Natasha Aksel
    Natasha Aksel 3 months ago Who else is listening to this in 2020??
  • Pat Ga
    Pat Ga 3 months ago i am love that song
  • Claudio Menchinelli
    Claudio Menchinelli 3 months ago Phil grande vocalist, batterista, tastierista. Musica splendida.😍
  • Bengt Persson
    Bengt Persson 3 months ago I never get tired of listening to Phil Collins. He is still one of my favorites. Love his songs, even 2020.
  • Paolo Sasso
    Paolo Sasso 3 months ago Phil Collins is one of my favorite singer, his ballade are awesome. There are drums in his blood.
  • Patricia Docherty
    Patricia Docherty 2 months ago Mee 💔
  • Ivan Bonang
    Ivan Bonang 2 months ago I am
  • Mathias Schrö
    Mathias Schrö 2 months ago I finally gave in. And I am listening.
  • Vasudev Vasudev
    Vasudev Vasudev 2 months ago Nathasha 👍 I am with you, this is one of my all time favourite
  • Jaliya C
    Jaliya C 2 months ago what a simple way to express feelings..
  • Johnny Goode
    Johnny Goode 2 months ago He's been my favorite for ever
  • Alex Salvara
    Alex Salvara 2 months ago I was reading that Comment before you. When listening to that song. Wow. Seriously , that comment before is huge .
  • straight from my kitchen Straight from my kichen
    straight from my kitchen Straight from my kichen 2 months ago its my favourite song
  • Edi Syam bahri
    Edi Syam bahri 2 months ago Me. Thank's. Still remember
  • stacey foust
    stacey foust 2 months ago I still nice smooth and relaxing and it takes you bk to our time when we were young
  • Loli Manuel
    Loli Manuel 2 months ago Right now I am listening
  • patti tehaate
    patti tehaate 2 months ago Me
  • Omar Nuru
    Omar Nuru 2 months ago Here ✋🏿 Love this song...
  • เอ็ม เอ็ม
    เอ็ม เอ็ม 2 months ago Me too Fc.Thailand
  • Roberto Bortolo
    Roberto Bortolo 2 months ago I from São Paulo Brazil
  • Ezequiel Leiva
    Ezequiel Leiva 2 months ago I do. In Argentina.....
  • Rodney Roberts
    Rodney Roberts 2 months ago Meeeeee so love this tune❤️
  • Tahir Birhan
    Tahir Birhan 2 months ago Still I am listening every time I love this song 👌
  • Marcella Bursey
    Marcella Bursey 2 months ago Me!! I love Phil Collins
  • Galego Nery
    Galego Nery 2 months ago essa é uma das inesquecível
  • Abigail Trinidad
    Abigail Trinidad 2 months ago Love the song
  • Junio Christian
    Junio Christian 2 months ago My favourite song
  • Kaperena Meroro
    Kaperena Meroro 1 month ago All the time
  • Anja van oenen
    Anja van oenen 1 month ago I am ! Love it!
  • Bryan bad
    Bryan bad 1 month ago Me, great song
  • Emils77
    Emils77 1 month ago Natasha Aksel Many!!!
  • Cyrus Sebastian
    Cyrus Sebastian 1 month ago Me.
  • nenek gaming
    nenek gaming 1 month ago Me indeed
  • S. F.
    S. F. 1 month ago Me...
  • Norma Mercado
    Norma Mercado 1 month ago me, i love music. and if im angry at someone.or anybody, i sing along. and my anger soon will be gone,but i wont forget what you did to me!!!!!!
  • Ma Fi
    Ma Fi 1 month ago 👍🤗
  • Phoenix Lava — Channel
    Phoenix Lava — Channel 1 month ago Nice songs
  • Dipa Pangarsoputra
    Dipa Pangarsoputra 1 month ago I do
  • Astrid Zielst
    Astrid Zielst 3 weeks ago (edited) Yes sweet memories of long time ago but i do remember. I was lucky to see him last summer in the netherlands with his not dead yet tour. It was a dream come true. He did not sing this song but he sang against all odds and seperate lives and i cried my eyes out. It was beautiful the whole gig
  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 3 weeks ago Me
  • Meka Ibrahimli
    Meka Ibrahimli 3 weeks ago Me.I adore this song...
  • erick Brezniak
    erick Brezniak 2 weeks ago 2030 I’ll still be listening 😁😁😁
  • Athila Sarada
    Athila Sarada 2 weeks ago From Sri Lanka ❤️
  • K Y
    K Y 1 week ago Me
  • jack hamilton
    jack hamilton 1 week ago Me, I love this song 🤷🏿‍♂️
  • kokuei kei
    kokuei kei 3 days ago sad but so beautiful feeling
  • Sabrina Harris
    Sabrina Harris 6 months ago (edited) God rest my mother 🙏 soul Me and her love this song 😭😭😭😭😭 Everytime I hear it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I miss her so much 💔
  • Marc Marc1975
    Marc Marc1975 4 months ago I know and feel your pain😥
  • Elvis Goseb
    Elvis Goseb 4 months ago dont really know what to say
  • mark fewtrell
    mark fewtrell 3 months ago Sabrina Harris just lost my partner she loved this so do I it has special meaning to me now I will listen to it while I live and breathe
  • T Y
    T Y 3 months ago Strong hugs, strength and a spirit of perseverance unto dear Sabrina ... Looking in the mirror will reveal to you that through you, your beautiful-but-strong-but-intelligent mother still liveth on. Embrace her voice and words that will from time to time audibly manifest in thy mind.
    EMMANUEL JOSEPH 2 months ago You brought tears to my eyes because I can relate. She's in a better place... It is good to always remember her :-)
  • Johnny Goode
    Johnny Goode 2 months ago May God bless you're mother I know that feeling I lost my mother 23 years ago this month 💔
  • Roberto Bortolo
    Roberto Bortolo 2 months ago Sorry Sabrina forget this trauma does not to good to your mother's soul. You are beatful . Roberto Bortolo from Brazil one Kiss in your soul
  • Carolina Marengo
    Carolina Marengo 1 month ago Hola
  • Carolina Marengo
    Carolina Marengo 1 month ago @Marc Marc1975 Hola
  • Carolina Marengo
    Carolina Marengo 1 month ago Holaoooooo
  • joop de roode
    joop de roode 1 month ago God bless you❤️
  • Elam Robles
    Elam Robles 1 month ago ☹💔
  • Elam Robles
    Elam Robles 1 month ago @Carolina Marengo hola bro
  • ros yt
    ros yt 2 weeks ago God bless all of you. Just remember god only wants the good ones, thats why WE'RE all still here.
  • Isete Aparecida do Nascimento
    Isete Aparecida do Nascimento 1 week ago Só Love 💗💗💗
  • jack hamilton
    jack hamilton 1 week ago 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
  • Deb Barrett
    Deb Barrett 4 days ago I no how you feel my mum 6year this Easter miss her every minute and dad 2009 xxx
  • Paulette Sims
    Paulette Sims 2 months ago One of My favorite song by Phil Collins ❤️❤️
  • Nicolaus Efferoth
    Nicolaus Efferoth 1 month ago Yes 😍
  • Mayra Zhankina
    Mayra Zhankina 4 weeks ago Yes! 👍👏✌️
  • Dan Cullen
    Dan Cullen 1 week ago Groovy kind of love......but about same girl
  • Ambrosio Oliani
    Ambrosio Oliani 5 months ago Não me canso de ouvir essa bela música. Música de verdade!!!