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Скачать с ютуб Our first clownfish babies

Опубликовано: 27 мая 2017 г. 6 892 334 просмотра

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In early 2017, with a two year old tank of 650l, we saw our clownfish pair laying eggs. They are an interesting pairing of a black ocellaris and a normal orange percula, so we decided to see if we could raise a batch of clownfish babies. With help from Jens and Jesper from Sjöfartsmuseet in Gothenburg, we got the necessary rotifer and phytoplankton culture. A bunch of coke bottles, air-pumps and LED lights later we had feeding culture ready. Two months and a lot of work later we have a school of ~25 thriving juvenile clownfish!

  • _Zöra The Drølf_
    _Zöra The Drølf_ 9 months ago Finding Nemo but the babies actually survive
  • Sir Embrum49 The Great Moth
    Sir Embrum49 The Great Moth 8 months ago It's the directors cut
  • Mr Eclipse
    Mr Eclipse 8 months ago And marlin can say the N-Word
  • Snom nom
    Snom nom 8 months ago @Mr Eclipse really? nibba
  • Va1
    Va1 7 months ago Yiikkeess lol
  • Flash
    Flash 7 months ago Camera cuts off: Mini sordfish added
  • Faith Holcomb
    Faith Holcomb 6 months ago @Flash don't you dare-
  • Flash
    Flash 6 months ago @Faith Holcomb I won't unless u rush to the eggs
  • Faith Holcomb
    Faith Holcomb 6 months ago @Flash oh yeah now I remember lmao
  • A l ε.
    A l ε. 6 months ago I was like n. 1000 :D
  • _Zöra The Drølf_
    _Zöra The Drølf_ 6 months ago You guys tysm for 1k likes!!! I’ve never got this many before!!! You guys are awesome ^^
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    Deyvid T'BOX 6 months ago @Snom nom sup nigga
  • Nicholas Teng
    Nicholas Teng 6 months ago Cause there's no baracuda in the fish tank
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    • W ä f f l e s • 6 months ago Zora The Wynx hey zora :0
  • Angel Ani
    Angel Ani 6 months ago I made it 2k 👍
  • Dweebozoid 456
    Dweebozoid 456 5 months ago Mr Eclipse do you have an aquarium because you deserve one you know your stuff 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Toni Mauge
    Toni Mauge 5 months ago And don't forget Coral.
  • Davidmon Abalarao
    Davidmon Abalarao 5 months ago @Flash you mean sword fish
  • Flash
    Flash 5 months ago @Davidmon Abalarao that's what i said
  • Genesis Kravitz
    Genesis Kravitz 5 months ago Mr Eclipse how is that funny? Not even just the shock value of your was just random and not funny
  • slimy Lemonz sodas
    slimy Lemonz sodas 5 months ago I see u everywhere uwu
  • Bedecick Cucumberbatch
    Bedecick Cucumberbatch 5 months ago dont they survive? o wait only nemo survived...
  • The Iconic King
    The Iconic King 4 months ago @Genesis Kravitz its funny BECAUSE its random, you just don't have a good sense of humor
  • Genesis Kravitz
    Genesis Kravitz 4 months ago The Iconic King random usually has a shtick. It just had no place at all. It’s like idiot humor. It’s just stupid. Can’t say everyone in this world isn’t though.
  • The Iconic King
    The Iconic King 4 months ago @Genesis Kravitz Well lesson for the future, don't give a comment about it because people are going to start an argument
  • Genesis Kravitz
    Genesis Kravitz 4 months ago The Iconic King what do I care who wants to argue about it? I said what I said. It was stupid! And anyone who finds their comment funny is just the same.
  • The Iconic King
    The Iconic King 4 months ago @Genesis Kravitz Ok calm down, youre like a grown ass man so act mature and don't call people stupid because someone is trying to create humor. Don't make a comment on shit if there is nothing positive to say, keep your opinions to yourself because they are highly irrelevant
  • Rain Down
    Rain Down 4 months ago I love your profile picture xD
  • Genesis Kravitz
    Genesis Kravitz 4 months ago The Iconic King someone made a joke about the n-word. That’s okay to you? Second, I’m not a grown ass man. Go get a life and some sense while you’re at it.
  • The Iconic King
    The Iconic King 4 months ago @Genesis Kravitz What are you doing on a comment section anyways? Mind your business no one asked for your opinion so be quiet
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    mเηA ashiDo 4 months ago i smell angel dust
  • Abigail Facchini
    Abigail Facchini 4 months ago that’s what i thought ;-;
  • Genesis Kravitz
    Genesis Kravitz 4 months ago (edited) The Iconic King did you NOT @ me first? NO ONE was even talking to YOU! Also you are justifying use of the n-word as a stupid joke. It wasn’t even funny. YOU didn’t even make the joke so who are you defending, dumbass? It was just stupid. And I said wtf I said! YOU can kiss my entire ass! You’re clearly mentally inept.
  • Carmen Parvet
    Carmen Parvet 4 months ago A D
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    Joshua fajardo 4 months ago SAVAGE AF
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    M Fadhil Al-Fatih 3 months ago Finding nemo but there is no shark
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    Mikhil Muhunthan 3 months ago Marlen sacrificed himself
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    Alex xxx 3 months ago Love your comment ☺️
  • lily milkk
    lily milkk 2 months ago lmao
  • lily milkk
    lily milkk 2 months ago I don't get likes prerry sure it was a barracuda
  • syanin dita
    syanin dita 1 month ago Why in any other documenter only a few children (1 or 2) in the videos along with the adult. Are they dead and not survived cause limited anemone?
  • Super Boa
    Super Boa 1 month ago And Marlin is married to Taquisha
  • B C
    B C 1 month ago Zöra The Drølf too soon 🤣
  • StxrryNxght
    StxrryNxght 1 month ago Genesis Kravitz lmao the n-word is “nemo”
    PENTA SPICES 1 month ago
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    The weird Channel 1 month ago Lol
  • Humbsnubs
    Humbsnubs 1 month ago Genesis Kravitz i mean the joke may not be funny to your standards but it is to other people even if you think it may be bad to make a joke about “the n-word” it’s a joke non the less
  • Humbsnubs
    Humbsnubs 1 month ago Genesis Kravitz and please don’t call people stupid for liking a joke it’s unnecessary
  • Aurora *has a secret*
    Aurora *has a secret* 3 weeks ago And with out Dori
  • A1A Adventures
    A1A Adventures 3 weeks ago And kept in proper care
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    Skelbit Mation 3 weeks ago Finding Nemo but there are more Nemo’s
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    JNetwork32 3 weeks ago Mr Eclipse 🤣🤣🤣🤣tf
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    BlueStars 3 weeks ago Zöra The Drølf that’s dark... I love it 😂😂
  • Psyche TheFurrySinger
    Psyche TheFurrySinger 3 weeks ago @Faith Holcomb know this is an old comment but it was a baricuda that killed Cora and the eggs not a Swordfish
  • Faith Holcomb
    Faith Holcomb 3 weeks ago @Psyche TheFurrySinger I'm gonna leave the comment to bother some other people lmao. I haven't watched finding Nemo in a while my bad
  • Ahbab Newaz
    Ahbab Newaz 2 weeks ago @Mr Eclipse lmfaooool the FEMALE can say it cuz it's the black one. So, Coral, feel free to say ni-
  • Ahbab Newaz
    Ahbab Newaz 2 weeks ago @Flash If you're referring to the death scene of Coral, then no, no swordfish, it was a Barracuda, but if you're not, then my mistake.
  • Flash
    Flash 2 weeks ago @lily milkk Sordfish is the eveloved form
  • Radi Cal
    Radi Cal 2 weeks ago Dang man harsh
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    My fuel is Ramen 1 week ago @Sir Embrum49 The Great Moth oooof
  • Sir Embrum49 The Great Moth
    Sir Embrum49 The Great Moth 1 week ago @My fuel is Ramen oof indeed with the babies
  • Kamaya Fenton
    Kamaya Fenton 4 months ago Me: “I’m going to do something productive today” Also me: *ends up watching clownfish babies*
  • skitterishspike uwu
    skitterishspike uwu 1 month ago Watching this was very productive, whut you mean, sis-
  • Nagaraju Keerthi
    Nagaraju Keerthi 1 month ago And here I am watching this while having an exam tomorrow....
  • Noor Liyana Abu Talib
    Noor Liyana Abu Talib 1 month ago Well, you're reproductive
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    magicvibes79 1 month ago 😂👍
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    Midnight 1 month ago @Nagaraju Keerthi relatable
  • Sammy Walls
    Sammy Walls 1 month ago Me: Technically I’m am being productive I’m a marine bio major lol Also me: Has a 10 page essay due tomorrow
  • Aubrey Song
    Aubrey Song 3 weeks ago Well, watching this now while the whole world doing self quarantine or city lockdown because some virus outbreak. Thinking how much humanity take nature for granted, and now we are just want to survive from (probably) in the most contagious plague of humanity. Remembering how different world and reality we lived in back in the day.
  • Han Hyemi
    Han Hyemi 3 weeks ago @Nagaraju Keerthi andd today i have exam bruhh😂
  • Nagaraju Keerthi
    Nagaraju Keerthi 3 weeks ago @Han Hyemiwhole world is shutting down, schools are going online and you guys don't have holidays?? 😂😂 what's wrong with your principal dude.. Study well and let me know how u did? Stay safe bro...😊
    KAOS NATION 2 weeks ago And you can create life as well. That would be productive.
  • longbeacher
    longbeacher 5 months ago Nobody: Nemo: “Anemonemonmenemnoemneeoenem”
  • Gr4fitty
    Gr4fitty 1 month ago Eminem
  • Devasheesh Rana: Multi-purpose
    Devasheesh Rana: Multi-purpose 1 month ago wow
  • Angel Apa-ap
    Angel Apa-ap 1 month ago Nanemomneanawmewwnamenaenanwamemonawmawanenq
  • Dabi
    Dabi 2 weeks ago enemonimonaminominee
  • Reece Redman
    Reece Redman 2 weeks ago Enemy spotted
  • Strange Stranger
    Strange Stranger 2 weeks ago Barracuda: oh god not again do I have to kill you ppl again just to get u to shush
  • jun macaso
    jun macaso 2 weeks ago wha? xD
  • S Λ M 黒い月
    S Λ M 黒い月 2 days ago You know Nemo means ''nobody'' in Latin? :D
  • Tarra
    Tarra 4 months ago why’d i tear up when they got their first stripe... they grow up so fast 😪
  • SomeRandomRat
    SomeRandomRat 1 month ago Idk, why did you tear up over a fish getting a stripe lol
  • Sean Leung
    Sean Leung 1 month ago I watch my fry learn to swim after 168 hours. They’re born as literal yolks with tails and a half-formed head and I have to watch the lil things until they get a face and drag themselves off the floor. They have to get shipped off after two months.
  • Michaela W
    Michaela W 2 weeks ago 😂😂
  • .Akame
    .Akame 2 weeks ago Same tbh xD THEYRE SO CUTE
  • jun macaso
    jun macaso 2 weeks ago its life
  • SCP 999
    SCP 999 4 months ago Doctor: You have one minute to live.. Me: Starts watching this video Doctor: You don’t have time- God: It’s all good man, let him watch it
  • Fenny Lee
    Fenny Lee 1 month ago That's so sad for me
  • AUrora12922 Absolute trash :3
    AUrora12922 Absolute trash :3 1 month ago 1 yass 2 I fricken love Scp 999
  • alana Kelly
    alana Kelly 3 weeks ago ?
  • Brittyn Taylor
    Brittyn Taylor 3 weeks ago That made me tear up a little😢
  • ʚ Amel ɞ
    ʚ Amel ɞ 2 weeks ago Is is true? i mean - XX
  • Harish Vjay
    Harish Vjay 2 weeks ago Actually it's 8 min 37 sec bro
  • leche nutella
    leche nutella 2 weeks ago @Harish Vjay the doctor said he doesnt have time but god said Its okay let him watch it. :/
  • jun macaso
    jun macaso 2 weeks ago awwww ;~;
  • Undeadroars
    Undeadroars 1 year ago Can we take some time to appreciate how clear that water is!? It looks like the fish are floating in the air
  • ArtseyGurl
    ArtseyGurl 10 months ago ... that's how aquarium water should normally be
  • Ersalina Tristami Putri
    Ersalina Tristami Putri 9 months ago OMG YES!
  • Lindsay Tucker
    Lindsay Tucker 9 months ago ArtseyGurl yep! That’s how all 5 of my tanks are at all times. Crystal clear
  • divu
    divu 9 months ago Good job water
  • Immortal _214
    Immortal _214 9 months ago They went into creative mode on Minecraft so they could fly
  • Ed Sweet
    Ed Sweet 9 months ago Except the water for the fry looks like pee
  • Subway Cheese it’s
    Subway Cheese it’s 9 months ago Lindsay Tucker weird flex but ok
  • Dead channel UwU
    Dead channel UwU 8 months ago Good to know you peeps take care of your things
  • Billy Da Squid
    Billy Da Squid 8 months ago Damn you ever thought that from a fish point of view that they were flying and birds were swimming??
  • Subway Cheese it’s
    Subway Cheese it’s 8 months ago SupaMonkey Feind wow
  • Luscious Angel
    Luscious Angel 7 months ago The water's ONE thing but the GLASS must be invisible because I see NO streaks LOL.
  • Se Lin
    Se Lin 7 months ago ArtseyGurl nit blackwater
  • Comic Corner
    Comic Corner 6 months ago Hmmmmm i wonder what if fish could fly?
  • Epic Turtle
    Epic Turtle 6 months ago Thats how it has to be
  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou 6 months ago Undeadroars i guess you dont clean yours.. LOL
  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou 6 months ago Comic Corner one can
  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou 6 months ago Luscious Angel thats because he takes care of it
  • UnrealThing
    UnrealThing 6 months ago Lindsay Tucker mine where 70% algae, 10% poop and 20% water... RIP goldy 2019/08/10-2019/08/25 🙁
  • sage & mystic
    sage & mystic 6 months ago I feel like the clownfish like sticking together because their siblings
  • René Willard
    René Willard 6 months ago The fry water is green because the food source he is breeding with the fry. Plankton from sponge bob remember that guy? 1,000,000 of him in the fry water gives it the green look.
  • galaxy chub
    galaxy chub 5 months ago They fly.
  • borjal armando
    borjal armando 5 months ago Yes
  • Instrumental Mayonnaise
    Instrumental Mayonnaise 5 months ago So you're telling me that that's water?
  • Favourite Child
    Favourite Child 5 months ago As a 3 year old I used to drea, about a small room full of toy cars, and there where flying fish. They would attack you and it scared the hell out of me every time I got that dream.
  • Arabic
    Arabic 5 months ago Billy Da Squid ....shower thoughts
  • Pink Perfume Fairy
    Pink Perfume Fairy 5 months ago That looks like pee, its yellow!
  • Jollybell Chua
    Jollybell Chua 4 months ago sage & mystic clownfish usually move around like this.
  • Shannon Maslen
    Shannon Maslen 4 months ago ArtseyGurl Depends on the fish. Goldfish in particular thrive when there’s algae in the tank/on the glass, I only clean the glass that is visible :p
  • Ginabella Shipper
    Ginabella Shipper 4 months ago True, now I can't unsee the fact that they look like they're floating on air
  • OfficiallyDanielCovey
    OfficiallyDanielCovey 2 months ago Wtf
  • Shaw Luo
    Shaw Luo 1 month ago And appreciate that they look like gummys
  • v e n i c e
    v e n i c e 1 month ago @Favourite Child To see toy in a dream refers to youth, a young person, being renewed and innovations. The colours of toys in a dream symbolizes updates about your health. If the colours of toys are lively, it is telling you that your health is good. If you're being attacked by a fish in your dream, then this can mean you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions in your waking life. ... If you were attacked by a small fish, you won't suffer major changes but small ones. To dream of fish bones reveals old views, thoughts, and insights.
  • Flowerhorn Freak
    Flowerhorn Freak 1 month ago That’s how I keep my water on all my tanks
  • ღAsel Secret Angelღ
    ღAsel Secret Angelღ 1 month ago I mean if the water isn’t clear and clean then why the fuck would u put ur fish in there
  • Mrs Bailey
    Mrs Bailey 1 month ago Not really i kinda of good for fish and for some fish
  • Chikipichi
    Chikipichi 1 month ago It's water
  • Benjimin :]
    Benjimin :] 1 month ago Comic Corner There’s a fish that can fly, look up Flying Fish
  • Canal de Nome genérico
    Canal de Nome genérico 1 month ago Cause It is waLter white hehe... Sorry
    PENTA SPICES 1 month ago
  • Scaley Likes Pie :D
    Scaley Likes Pie :D 3 weeks ago :D True
  • Harish Vjay
    Harish Vjay 2 weeks ago I think it's bcuz of the blue wall it looks clean
  • Last Hope
    Last Hope 1 month ago 3:26 Love him or hate him, he spittin facts
  • Yellow Star
    Yellow Star 3 weeks ago LMAOOOOO 😂😂😂
  • Narin Simon
    Narin Simon 3 weeks ago lol
  • NovaKitty
    NovaKitty 3 weeks ago This is perfect
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    Maheen 2 weeks ago IM DYING😂😂😂
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    Stromae Ofhorror 2 weeks ago 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I love the internet
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    HeyItsSara 1 week ago Last Hope this has no business being this funny 💀💀
  • My fuel is Ramen
    My fuel is Ramen 1 week ago He is actually swearing...
  • Blue _ Flower
    Blue _ Flower 3 months ago Marlin: Okay. WHICH ONE OF YOU IS MY SON?!
  • Sean Leung
    Sean Leung 1 month ago (edited) All of them. Except the biggest one. That one’s Karen.
  • ZERO TWO Gaming
    ZERO TWO Gaming 2 months ago Me before watching finding nemo: baby eggs are yellow Me after I watch finding nemo: I ThOughT thEy wErE rEd
  • Sean Leung
    Sean Leung 1 month ago Some are.
  • anna astuty
    anna astuty 2 weeks ago @Sean Leung like salmon
  • Tiger 844
    Tiger 844 1 month ago I love how they clump together! It's so cute!!!!!
  • Lee TV
    Lee TV 1 month ago Tiger 844 we all need each other... we’re all about the love,,, that’s how we thrive!❤️🇦🇺
  • Tiger 844
    Tiger 844 1 month ago @Lee TV yes! ❤️
  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober 2 weeks ago It’s like a big ol’ group hug!
  • Tiger 844
    Tiger 844 2 weeks ago @Goofy Goober YESSS!!! 😂
  • caitlinjane92
    caitlinjane92 2 weeks ago @Goofy Goober Or a dog pile (or fish pile, I should say), LOL!
  • Nantawan paramapooti
    Nantawan paramapooti 1 week ago like any small fish, they have to clump together in unfamilier environment; even earthworms as well but...don't search that if you're ready for the horror yet.
  • Tiger 844
    Tiger 844 1 week ago @Nantawan paramapooti oh I've seen that!!! Big worm balls!
  • Blobbert Mcblob
    Blobbert Mcblob 6 months ago day 1: eggs Day 4: eggs with eyes.
  • Jade Vigil
    Jade Vigil 1 month ago LOL
  • Kaikra Tenkri
    Kaikra Tenkri 1 month ago Was it me, or did they look metallic
  • Magical Table
    Magical Table 1 month ago Kaikra Tenkri they do kinda look like metallic
    PENTA SPICES 1 month ago
  • IiKristyy.
    IiKristyy. 1 month ago PENTA SPICES the heck?
  • alana Kelly
    alana Kelly 3 weeks ago LOL
  • Hi
    Hi 3 weeks ago @IiKristyy. im too scared to click on the link
  • C A R P E T L M A O
    C A R P E T L M A O 3 weeks ago @PENTA SPICES bruh
  • Commenting Random Letters
    Commenting Random Letters 3 weeks ago @PENTA SPICESReplying To Comments Is Not A Good Way To Make Everyone Look At Your Videos
  • Daricia Wilson
    Daricia Wilson 2 weeks ago 😭😭‼
  • the moon made my pet water screech
    the moon made my pet water screech 2 weeks ago t h e y r e w a t c h i n g m e
  • Panda .Bubblez
    Panda .Bubblez 1 month ago "There's over 400 eggs, odds are one of them is bound to like you!"
  • Sharpshooter Lance
    Sharpshooter Lance 2 weeks ago Day 1 of isolation: clown fish babies Who knows what’s to come for tomorrow
  • Maryam Khan
    Maryam Khan 2 weeks ago Ended up here after watching a Molly fish give birth to 53 babies as well as a Male seahorse shooting out tiny seahorses. Wonder what's next.
  • Aria Radmehr
    Aria Radmehr 2 weeks ago Maryam Khan I also came from that molly fish lols
  • Sami and Mimia
    Sami and Mimia 1 week ago I watched the molly fish too bruh
  • ezgi
    ezgi 1 week ago I watched that molly fish video too lol
  • Larry Haun’s Hammer
    Larry Haun’s Hammer 1 week ago I need to find this molly
  • Allie
    Allie 5 months ago All I can think is: It’s so cute and small - I wanna hold it.
  • Goopsy
    Goopsy 2 years ago Sees black clownfish Finding Emo.
  • Helena Jones
    Helena Jones 2 years ago Push me to the edge, help me find my son lol
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    It's Juleanna 2 years ago GlitchedMind YASSS
  • XXX TenneT XXX
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    StaticDreamsEntert 2 years ago GlitchedMind You clever son of a bitch.
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    Frostbite The Badass Ice Carnotaurus 2 years ago GlitchedMind lol
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    Goopsy 2 years ago Ugh, Dad! Let me touch the butt, you never let me do anything!
  • Frostbite The Badass Ice Carnotaurus
    Frostbite The Badass Ice Carnotaurus 2 years ago GlitchedMind lol
  • bea marie
    bea marie 2 years ago Push me to the edge, all my kids are dead
  • Pam Prom Central Florida
    Pam Prom Central Florida 2 years ago GlitchedMind, best comment ever!
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    Angel07_YT 2 years ago omg I'm laughing my booty of man, oh Lord haha
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    Stephanie Simpao 2 years ago GlitchedMind omg
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    sinfulrose 2 years ago * heavier breathing instead of laughter*
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    Mxple Art 2 years ago GlitchedMind OMG. That made my day
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    Autumn Cha 2 years ago GlitchedMind Smartass😂😂😂
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    MemeDolans •ω• 2 years ago OH MY GOSH! That made my day! Your so clever!😂😂😂😂
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    Nine Tails Kurama [Frisk] 2 years ago GlitchedMind LOL
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    black guy 2 years ago NEMO! ,NOT EMO
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    Wall•E The Robot 2 years ago +Lizbeth same
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  • yo its alena
    yo its alena 2 years ago I’m gonna fall off my bed for laughing too much 😂😂😂😂
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    Pejelo 2 years ago * T H A T ' S R A C I S T *
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    Kayla Pretzel 2 years ago GlitchedMind XD
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    Pooh. bxbyy Tv. 2 years ago lmao
  • Jungkook's Disabled Twin
    Jungkook's Disabled Twin 2 years ago Im cracking up
  • Ysalab 20
    Ysalab 20 2 years ago GlitchedMind Dang it, not the puns again XD
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    *Emily Sage* 2 years ago Omg I actually screamed my acciden
  • *Emily Sage*
    *Emily Sage* 2 years ago accident*
  • Ashlyn Phillips
    Ashlyn Phillips 2 years ago The black ones are females
  • Ashton
    Ashton 2 years ago GlitchedMind lmao
  • Ella Becerra
    Ella Becerra 2 years ago (edited) Heather Warren its a joke. Gosh. *lol*
  • Ella Becerra
    Ella Becerra 2 years ago Pejelo no. Racism is only only when you insult somebody because of the race
  • Hilda Rubi
    Hilda Rubi 2 years ago GlitchedMind Omg I AM WHEEZING I CANT BREATH THATS HILARIOUS
  • ﴾*'-ђєг๏ ๏Ŧ Շเ๓є гคςђєɭ-'*﴿
    ﴾*'-ђєг๏ ๏Ŧ Շเ๓є гคςђєɭ-'*﴿ 2 years ago XD
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    Herry Potty 2 years ago Ella Becerra Its a joke
  • Ella Becerra
    Ella Becerra 2 years ago Zim Invader was I talking to you. No. So go AWAY! And I you say you don't care. I don't care. Bye bitch
  • Ella Becerra
    Ella Becerra 2 years ago Zim Invader and what I reply was not like " YOU STUPID ASS!!! THAT'S NOT WAS RACISM MEANS." I replyed calming and nicely give the definition about racism. So I don't care. Don't tell me its a joke and act like I blew up on that person. I did not. But I am blowing up on you. So GET OUT OF MY FACE.
  • Herry Potty
    Herry Potty 2 years ago Ella Becerra Dude, i just said 3 words
  • Goopsy
    Goopsy 2 years ago +Zim Invader The irony Ella did lmao
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    Ella Becerra 2 years ago GlitchedMind shhhh...😛
  • Ella Becerra
    Ella Becerra 2 years ago Zim Invader ugh.
  • Gaming With Jayla
    Gaming With Jayla 2 years ago Ella Becerra He’s not even in your face though.. he’s behide the screen reading the dumb comments you said back at him.. 😂😂😂
  • Gaming With Jayla
    Gaming With Jayla 2 years ago Ella Becerra Jeez dude
  • Kaiya Ginyard
    Kaiya Ginyard 2 years ago Gosh Dad I hate you! I'm running away and you will never find me.
  • Kaiya Ginyard
    Kaiya Ginyard 2 years ago Fuzzy Kitty Kat Wrong clownish are non binary when they are ready to mate the bigger one becomes female
  • flufflepufflover
    flufflepufflover 1 year ago DAAAD, I WANT TO GET A NOSE RING!
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    Memory 123 8 months ago You mean nemo
  • Sterna
    Sterna 8 months ago @Memory 123 no.. emo was the joke 😑
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    Toast Is life 8 months ago Goopsy have you seen my son his name is emo
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    Bon’ Quifitower 8 months ago Y did this take me along time to figure out😂
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    Savannah Tripp 8 months ago Nemo or any clown fish in that movie are black. They’re all orange
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  • TrapiStarzAnimates AJ
    TrapiStarzAnimates AJ 6 months ago @black guy they purposely type Emo. because of the edginess of the black clownfish
  • TrapiStarzAnimates AJ
    TrapiStarzAnimates AJ 6 months ago @Ella Becerra bruh.. what's so wrong with just saying "it's a joke"...
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    Cranker Hyena 5 months ago @black guy you didn't understand the joke? aren't you?
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    RLink2 5 months ago Unspeakable Gaming they said emo because it’s a black one, like an emo kid lol
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    Noa Hudson 5 months ago Nemo’s older brother
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    Ruu ruru 5 months ago Lmfao
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    KayLynn 4 months ago I saw one at my local pet store and that’s exactly what I said to my friend
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    TA Outdoors 4 months ago @Helena Jones you missed the opportunity to say "push me to the edge, all my kids are dead"
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    Christian Evik 4 months ago I can't believe u comment that
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    stab myce elf 2 months ago (edited) 5:20 As soon as I saw the baby fishes I inmediatly thought they were some rubber fishes. Also don't put a boat as decoration, finding Nemo taught us all a lesson aboit boats
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    Berri 1 week ago stab myce elf why not 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 i don’t remember
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    Tsai Nicole 1 month ago 5:33 I’m deeply amazed by how these babies know just to stick together, and be near home.
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