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Скачать Dream Desk - The Ultimate Avengers Setup! (2019)

Опубликовано: 18 мая 2019 г. 152 025 просмотров

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Dream Desk is back for 2019 with the ultimate Avengers inspired desk setup and a surprise for a way cool dude.
Ultimate Dream Desk Collection!
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Everything On Dream Desk 6
The Dream Desk:
THAT Monitor!:
Ironman’s Chair!:
Cap’s Shield...for real:
MacBook Stand!
See Thru Speakers?!:
Gotta Have Groot!:
Badass Black Panther Figurine:
Minimal Keyboard:
Our Favorite Mouse:
Wireless Charger:
Light the desk like we did!:

I turned my Galaxy S10 into a Desk Setup!

What's in my Tech Bag 2019!
Tech that made my iPhone better:

TLD Spotify Playlist!

TLD Behind the Scenes!
Mobile users:

Music via Musicbed:

My Audio Setup & Gear:

  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison 4 місяці тому Dream Desk back 💥 what should the next one be? Make sure to drop a like if ya enjoyed this one! <3
  • Roblox Flesk Gaming
    Roblox Flesk Gaming 4 місяці тому (змінено) 1st! edit: Hey bro you're one of the best tech youtubers ever!
  • shubham chavan
    shubham chavan 4 місяці тому please that wallpaper link.. please
  • JakeFox
    JakeFox 4 місяці тому The next one should be coding related
  • Nate walker
    Nate walker 4 місяці тому What’s the wallpaper on the setup?
  • Ashwat Gupta
    Ashwat Gupta 4 місяці тому The setup is really something out of the world and now that Dream Desk is back, why don’t you build a setup based on famous places or classic movies?
  • Shady Hammam
    Shady Hammam 4 місяці тому Love the wallpapers. Where did u get find it??
  • Sakib Hassan
    Sakib Hassan 4 місяці тому Your music taste is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Sanjay Sanju
    Sanjay Sanju 4 місяці тому ahhh... if i win something send me the groot and black panther...
  • Vedant Patel
    Vedant Patel 4 місяці тому Wallpaper???
  • Wheee
    Wheee 4 місяці тому Wish i had the money to build such a sick pc
  • Gayan Madu
    Gayan Madu 4 місяці тому Jonathan Morrison wallpaper link please
  • Aaron Telander
    Aaron Telander 4 місяці тому Game of Thrones 😍 Love this series btw 😊😊😊
  • sameer sakhawat
    sameer sakhawat 4 місяці тому @shubham chavan
    CHANNEL BLACK 4 місяці тому I'm new and This is my 1st time to see a dream desk. What about a Deadpool or Dragon Ball Z style next time
  • Nilesh Patel
    Nilesh Patel 4 місяці тому you are doing an awesome job, keep up your good work
  • Panos K
    Panos K 4 місяці тому Awesome dream desk and the gesture too The shield really pops up and its making it special (really hope to have a mac one day) A idea is to make a dream desk based on landscapes like japan for anime lovers like me but with not weird japaese stuff (ask Ken) but serious(Like ps4 pro sekiro edition )
  • NobodyD
  • kunal garg
    kunal garg 4 місяці тому Jonathan Morrison wallpaper link pls. for iphone xs also
  • Destin Machine Vaughn
    Destin Machine Vaughn 4 місяці тому There will definitely have to be a second avengers one cause that was amazing
  • Christopher J Roura
    Christopher J Roura 4 місяці тому Jonathan Morrison My parents are very hard diligent workers. They are still working and providing as a lawyer and mediator so my brother, sister and I can focus on education and explore new opportunities. I have recently lucked out to be accepted into the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, Italy. My goal is to find work as a coder and tech reviewer so I can provide for my parents and they can retire. They have worked long enough for my family and it is time for someone to help them. Throughout all of this I have been their go to tech guy (as most developers and techies are with their parents). I would ask for a setup more for me to help them and maintain their devices rather than a killer setup for myself. I know this is not a special case but want to do my part in taking care of my parents as they have done a great job in taking care of me.
  • Tony Cote
    Tony Cote 4 місяці тому (змінено) Jonathan Morrison dibs on the next one! You should make this a series where you give away dream desk set ups! I have a similar story to him except I have a wife to provide for so the only way I’d get to pick one up is to finish healing from back surgery and get a great job which I plan on doing!
  • traxxas t
    traxxas t 4 місяці тому You should do DC next
  • Ulises Partida
    Ulises Partida 4 місяці тому i know you always kinda go for this simple sleek minimalist apple look but for the future you should definitely try something like a gaming inspired desk(pc master race). so a good looking pc build. maybe some dual monitors or an ultra wide. with the whole rgb craze you could definitely go crazy with the hue lights.
  • Josh Koby
    Josh Koby 4 місяці тому Where did you get the video of the Japanese street?
  • David Tobin
    David Tobin 4 місяці тому As someone who put my hand in my own pocket to buy a MacBook and an iPad for my group of students with autism this is the desk setup I’ve loved most and I know they’d dig so much. If I could stretch to this and then add a few extra iPads it would be my ideal setup. We’ve been learning to code in swift, recording audio with logic and GarageBand and making films of their STEM projects with iMovie. One of these days we’ll find the funding and get there.
  • Kaleb Motter
    Kaleb Motter 4 місяці тому Jonathan Morrison iPad Pro Dream Desk!
  • Lilbud
    Lilbud 4 місяці тому Doo Wop styled
  • Shihab Mohammed
    Shihab Mohammed 4 місяці тому I didn't like the desk
  • Subhojit Mondal
    Subhojit Mondal 4 місяці тому Jonathan Morrison wallpaper link ??
  • Shawn Williams
    Shawn Williams 4 місяці тому sameer sakhawat Thanks bro
  • Tyler Roach
    Tyler Roach 4 місяці тому It should be in my room and Dragonball themed😉
  • Joyax Inghog
    Joyax Inghog 4 місяці тому Try The Fast and The Furious theme. With some kind of Wheel Design
  • Sok Pannha Mak
    Sok Pannha Mak 4 місяці тому Where can I find that wallpaper?
  • Sami Dizon
    Sami Dizon 4 місяці тому My dream set up for content editing work station and productivity god bless🙏🎁👍👆 Philippines 🇵🇭
  • Angelos Markou
    Angelos Markou 4 місяці тому @sameer sakhawat Legend!
  • KJ Moyle
    KJ Moyle 4 місяці тому #goodguyjonathan
    RANGERZ 4 місяці тому Dragon ball
  • Oliver Capener
    Oliver Capener 4 місяці тому Hey I would absolutely love a VR setup being run by a MacBook Pro
  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 4 місяці тому Would so dope to see a Legend of Zelda or Pokemon themed desk if you guys plan to make something similar to this desk. Also you guys rock for making Javier’s dream desk become a reality.
  • Rithvik Iruganti
    Rithvik Iruganti 4 місяці тому X-men
  • Rafiqul Javed
    Rafiqul Javed 4 місяці тому This set up is sooooooo sikkkkkkkk
  • AliK7
    AliK7 4 місяці тому Budget gaming
  • Yash tripathi
    Yash tripathi 3 місяці тому @shubham chavan link:
  • Yash tripathi
    Yash tripathi 3 місяці тому @Nate walker link:
  • Yash tripathi
    Yash tripathi 3 місяці тому @Shady Hammam link:
  • Pavanraj Chana
    Pavanraj Chana 3 місяці тому DC Comics Theme?
  • CustoMish
    CustoMish 3 місяці тому All apple desk?
  • biocybernaut
    biocybernaut 3 місяці тому MOUSE DESIGNED IN SWITZERLAND
  • Escher Nadeau
    Escher Nadeau 2 місяці тому Me
  • Marcus Dobson
    Marcus Dobson 2 місяці тому I wanna see a "retro-futuristic" setup. I love the Lofree keyboard and maus. Throwing those together with something like a Mac mini would be awesome!
  • Asad Danka
    Asad Danka 4 місяці тому (змінено) I'm a simple man I see a tld dream desk video and I click (Edit) He replied lol never thought that would actually happened thank you!
  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison 4 місяці тому Asad Danka 💥💥💥
  • Shiv kap
  • Jordi Porta
    Jordi Porta 4 місяці тому Jonathan, as always, you are one of my favorite YouTubers, one of the best. I would love to meet you some day. I want to learn to make my videos look like yours! Stay good🤘😝
  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison 4 місяці тому Jordi Porta appreciate ya <3
  • Jordi Porta
    Jordi Porta 4 місяці тому @Jonathan Morrison thank you so much!
  • Spandan Nautiyal
    Spandan Nautiyal 4 місяці тому @Jonathan Morrison please please please pixel 3a camera review..
  • Purple Lord
    Purple Lord 4 місяці тому funnily enough, this dream desk started off with a comment on the last dream desk video...
  • Rain Patch
    Rain Patch 4 місяці тому Jonathan showing that everyone can be an "Avenger" in their own ways. 👌
  • Roblox Flesk Gaming
    Roblox Flesk Gaming 4 місяці тому So yeah you drop this new desk video and didn't even gave us the wallpaper? hahaha I'm just joking! bro that's a cool set up! looking forward to do the same thing soon!
  • Davidi Exelrod
  • JL Mazzei
    JL Mazzei 4 місяці тому But seriously where do I get the wallpaper?....
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    Mateusz 4 місяці тому ​@Davidi Exelrod Thanks Davidi. You are awesome.
  • Davidi Exelrod
    Davidi Exelrod 4 місяці тому np. more resolutions:
  • Naunidh Dua
    Naunidh Dua 4 місяці тому Davidi Exelrod saviour ty
  • Ronak HD
    Ronak HD 4 місяці тому Yo Jon, love the wallpaper! That Shield tho! love from India...
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    RKW Creations 4 місяці тому Ronak HD wallpaper link plz
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    Divyansh Singh 4 місяці тому Got the link anyone?!
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    Jesse Stevens 4 місяці тому What an incredible act of kindness! The world needs more of it!
  • Navid All Gray
    Navid All Gray 4 місяці тому details in your videos... QUALITY
  • The Nimbus
    The Nimbus 4 місяці тому Hey ,jon just keep the good work.Luv the setup 3000❤❤
  • Jarrod Williams
    Jarrod Williams 4 місяці тому i knew someone said it
  • XXXTentacion
    XXXTentacion 3 місяці тому Dont hit my feelings bro.
  • Neel Udar
    Neel Udar 4 місяці тому I love the video but the broll style of yours is just awesome. 📸 Peter and you can make a broll tutorial video. Bye
  • Danny Bribiesca
    Danny Bribiesca 4 місяці тому That's amazing!! Such a great thing to do, man! And that set up looks straight out of Tony Stark's home office. Love it!!
  • Richard Chung
    Richard Chung 4 місяці тому (змінено) Is that Captain America shield vibranium? JK I also met you in real life once :D
  • Tejinder Purba
    Tejinder Purba 4 місяці тому These are the type of videos that sets a special place for Jonathan in our hearts. Mans gotta heart of Kindness like Tony Stark! Love you 3000 man!
  • Raghu Ram
    Raghu Ram 4 місяці тому Giving back needs a big heart! Respect, Jonathan! Keep up the good work! And love your work too. The lighting, the props, the way you talk and the content you keep it crisp!
  • Chase Knippa
    Chase Knippa 4 місяці тому (змінено) Legend is that if your early enough, Jonathan Morrison will heart your comment!
  • Jomoi Pineda
    Jomoi Pineda 4 місяці тому You should do more content like this, making other techie’s dream desk guy come true. I hope you can reach asia too. Im your big fan from 🇵🇭
  • R. Bithray
    R. Bithray 4 місяці тому Hi Johnathan, I must say what an amazing desk!! Super cool of you that you give back to the community like this!! Keep up the wonderful work. PS LOVE your videos!!
  • Unclejerry50th
    Unclejerry50th 4 місяці тому You inspire me to be a better person Jon!
  • David
    David 4 місяці тому You guys are just amazing people for this kind of set up it’s aesthetic, it’s functional, it’s powerful, and most important it’s marvel this looks great keep up the good work!