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Скачать с ютуб I Made Millions on a Hospital with a 0% Cure Rate - Two Point Hospital

Опубликовано: 4 нояб. 2019 г. 2 192 052 просмотра

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Just put the janitor in charge. It worked in Good Will Hunting. No, wait... no, no it didn't. Don't do that!

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I Made Millions on a Hospital with a 0% Cure Rate - Two Point Hospital

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About This Game

Design and build your own hospital!

Build up a hospital from nothing to a masterpiece as you design the most beautiful – or functional – healthcare operation in the whole of Two Point County.

Optimize your hospital design to increase patient (and cash) flow, arranging corridors, rooms and waiting areas to your exact specifications. Expand your hospital to multiple buildings as you look to get as many patients through the door as possible.

Place decorative and functional items around your hospital to improve its prestige, lower patient boredom, increase happiness and keep those end of year awards flowing in.

Cure unusual illnesses

Don’t expect Two Point County to be populated with your usual types of patients. In this world, you’ll experience all kinds of unusual illnesses; from Light-headedness to Cubism – each requiring their very own special type of treatment machine.

Diagnose illnesses, build the right rooms to handle them, hire the right staff, and then get ready, because curing just one of these illnesses is just the beginning. You can handle a single patient – but can you handle a Pandemic?

Once you’ve conquered an illness, research improved cures and machines and turn your hospital into an unstoppable healthcare juggernaut.

Improve and expand your hospital horizons!

Your first hospital is where it begins, but what next?

Once you’ve cured the residents of a small harbor village, can you take on a bigger challenge in a busier hospital?

Improve your facilities, upgrade machines, staff and layouts to make more money, more quickly.

Train and improve your staff, leveling them up with new skills and abilities to make your hospital even more efficient.

Make use of the extensive statistic and information screens to analyse your strengths and weaknesses, and make rapid alterations. Adjust the price of your treatments, keep an eye on your turnover, take out loans and optimize your earnings.

You’ll be managing staff with unique personality types and traits, so you’ll need to keep an eye on who’s being efficient – and who is just a pain in the neck. Balance your workforce with your ambitions as you strive to make profit (and hopefully save some people along the way).

  • Grace G.
    Grace G. 4 months ago as i sit here arguing with patients all day about their diagnoses, i sometimes wonder if life was better when i was a janitor. when will the torture end, josh? why me?
  • Amail Someoneeveryone
    Amail Someoneeveryone 4 months ago At some point the devs will get fed up, and then they'll configure their games so that naming a character "Grace" will destroy your pc
  • Cassie Parker
    Cassie Parker 4 months ago @Amail Someoneeveryone Isn't that rude
  • Amail Someoneeveryone
    Amail Someoneeveryone 4 months ago @Cassie ParkerI don't think so. That's the kind of thing game devs do. They censor or block you from doing certain things, or they make it so if you do, then the game does something to get you back. Like there's a game where doing a popular money glitch would drain your bank account, and make it impossible to earn money.
  • Allen
    Allen 4 months ago (edited) Josh probably hold a grudge for people name Grace, he 'Gracefully' torture them
  • casey pavelko
    casey pavelko 4 months ago at this point you may as well be new anthony because josh by his own admission is just waiting to gleefully pin your every comment because they make him laugh. Thank you josh whisperer... I mean Grace, it's the one time I've seen " please like, subscribe and comment!" lead to worthwhile things on this platform. never break character and keep up the pithy comments. if you tire of his tortures... maybe josh should start a patreon where 10% goes to Grace's he's tortured. He should be able to make people laugh full time - he's awesome at it. I've watched for a long while now - since long before you started in HR. You make josh laugh, his videos make us laugh, we all win. Thanks Grace, for always giving voice to Grace - I look forward to the simulator video where Grace makes a trillion dollars and retires. though i would expect you to grow bored and make a return... "what to good to torture me now josh?" this is such a good channel
  • DarkPhoenixGames
    DarkPhoenixGames 4 months ago XD
  • Innovative Enigma
    Innovative Enigma 4 months ago Shut up and get back to work, 'Grace'
  • Jason Storey
    Jason Storey 4 months ago I will never get tired of this dynamic
  • Lovász Áron
    Lovász Áron 4 months ago You angered a vengeful Josh.
  • Bartoc
    Bartoc 4 months ago @Amail Someoneeveryone You must be great at parties :3
  • Calvin James
    Calvin James 4 months ago This channel truly is blessed by your continued pinned comments.
  • Zack the any thing
    Zack the any thing 4 months ago HER NAME !!!!!!!!!!!°°
  • Василий Плотников
    Василий Плотников 4 months ago he loves you. To torture
  • TheWeirdOne
    TheWeirdOne 4 months ago POTATO
  • TheWeirdOne
    TheWeirdOne 4 months ago @Cassie Parker POTATO
  • Cassie Parker
    Cassie Parker 4 months ago @TheWeirdOne Thanks buddy
  • Chad Broski
    Chad Broski 4 months ago Agree
  • Wout Van de Sompele
    Wout Van de Sompele 4 months ago @casey pavelko could you be so helpful to tell me the whole story behind Grace? It would mean a lot to me!
  • Grace T.
    Grace T. 4 months ago (edited) Same My name is also Grace 😂
  • Khiry Wiley
    Khiry Wiley 4 months ago you know i think josh was hurt by grace & it was his first love but she cheated on josh, now he wants to make grace life hell lol
  • D.M.S.
    D.M.S. 4 months ago Must be love
  • Jing Ga
    Jing Ga 4 months ago The torture will never end, Grace
  • david0302
    david0302 4 months ago Lol
  • david0302
    david0302 4 months ago At least you are a superhero
  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 months ago Thank you for your suffering Grace
  • Vardaan Agarwal
    Vardaan Agarwal 4 months ago hahahahaha xD
  • Animations Shorts
    Animations Shorts 3 months ago Why not cat mouth?
  • Kavan Adams
    Kavan Adams 3 months ago Grace G. When does this come to PlayStation 4
  • Niles Peter Clemens
    Niles Peter Clemens 3 months ago Go back to school, get an accounting degree, take the CPA exam, and work in public accouti- actually just kidding. Don’t.
  • Bangerz
    Bangerz 3 months ago GrAcE he must torture you NOW
  • SpIlLiNg TeA
    SpIlLiNg TeA 3 months ago Grace G. Not to be rude but he’s trying to make people laugh and I’m sure he doesn’t want to know your problems! It YouTube not therapy
  • LeckMichImArsch
    LeckMichImArsch 3 months ago Sigh....why did you have to look at him when you were sweeping the floor, Grace? That just made me feel sad, and a little creeped out.
  • Bangtanimosity
    Bangtanimosity 3 months ago P A N D A B E A R r/woooosh
  • Blueflight
    Blueflight 3 months ago Grace, are the cheetahs still killing the giraffes?
  • Captain Plague
    Captain Plague 2 months ago Lmao
  • icecream lover
    icecream lover 2 months ago Lolololol
  • Amail Someoneeveryone
    Amail Someoneeveryone 2 months ago @Bartoc only when drunk
  • Bartoc
    Bartoc 2 months ago @Amail Someoneeveryone I doubt that.
  • Amail Someoneeveryone
    Amail Someoneeveryone 2 months ago @Bartoc hmm I only truly open up when I'm drunk bud. Parties actually encourage my stupidity and friendliness
  • Kroetschild
    Kroetschild 2 months ago It isnt better.. trust me.
  • UpsideDownEye
    UpsideDownEye 2 months ago F for the pure pain and suffering ETC
  • Sour Beans
    Sour Beans 2 months ago At least you’re a superhero
  • Custom RoboticsTM
    Custom RoboticsTM 2 months ago 12:10
  • Ashamed Spinel
    Ashamed Spinel 2 months ago Wait grace got really old... it's been like.. since 1960 the houses was in water and the habitibal land was out of reach?
  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 2 months ago Grace G. I immediately subscribed to you after reading this comment
  • Melanie Tang
    Melanie Tang 2 months ago IT WILL NEVER END 😈😈😈😈
  • Chicken Ninja
    Chicken Ninja 2 months ago Grace G. U are you on like every video
  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 2 months ago Grace G. I feel bad for you
  • Xd weeman
    Xd weeman 2 months ago Cassie Parker nice
  • Blood Stained Heart
    Blood Stained Heart 1 month ago g r a c e.
  • ꧁TealKitsuneArtz꧂
  • Tsundere arts
    Tsundere arts 1 month ago @SpIlLiNg TeA are you dumb or don't know how to make jokes?
  • Dylan Last Name
    Dylan Last Name 1 month ago Never, the torture will NEVER end Grace!!!!!!!!!
  • Wheezy
    Wheezy 1 month ago It will end when the world ends And you don't know when that will happen..probably never. But you get a break at least
  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 1 month ago Grace G. Pardon my blatantly asking you but, do you have Ehlers Danlos?
  • Some guy with a bad history teacher
    Some guy with a bad history teacher 4 weeks ago we require your torture, Grace. Don't forget, Grace, our lasagna is a dept your pain pays.
  • Exotic Opinions
    Exotic Opinions 3 weeks ago Im starting to dislike this comments
  • DavidDGTNT
    DavidDGTNT 2 weeks ago didn't you fly a rocket in the planet zoo moon episode?
  • Devyn Nora
    Devyn Nora 1 week ago wait, arguing? are they tryna say what problem they have when they are not licensed???? i know what their problem is, its being dumb.
  • Alexander Horstkötter
    Alexander Horstkötter 4 months ago When this guy dies, he will probably be promoted to be the interior designer of hell
  • Alice Hale
    Alice Hale 4 months ago Bold of you to assume he isn't already the interior designer of hell
  • Sour Puss
    Sour Puss 4 months ago (edited) Just coming from his unethical zoo video made this all the more hilarious
  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 4 months ago I'm getting vibes from "the bad place" Netflix series
  • Snagiey
    Snagiey 4 months ago @Vanessa You talking about the good place great show tbh
  • Susan Wojcicki
    Susan Wojcicki 3 months ago He should play Afterlife.
  • Кровавый Дождик
    Кровавый Дождик 3 months ago @Susan Wojcicki Thanks for the tip
  • you Neverknow
    you Neverknow 2 months ago Vanessa yesss I love that show exactly what i thought when I seen it
  • Jacob Hall
    Jacob Hall 2 months ago Or what would be his hell is if he is being judged what he do if he was God and then he shows it this way and now loses that
  • - DeathMate -
    - DeathMate - 2 months ago I agree
  • Barbaim Baraboom
    Barbaim Baraboom 2 months ago This is so funny
  • Demontization
    Demontization 2 months ago He’s not just the interior designer or the assistant of Satan HE IS HELL
  • AwesomeEspur 360
    AwesomeEspur 360 2 months ago Yep
  • Lalotai X
    Lalotai X 1 month ago And GraystillPlays will be in the torture department.
  • Shadoboy
    Shadoboy 1 month ago "...and as people line up to ride the boat that goes over the river of lava, they can all wait in line and take pictures of Hitler's enclosure, where all the sewage lines converge. But we can't forget to put a little pizza stand. Ebola pizza. Yup, that's the kind of establishment you can trust."
  • Lalotai X
    Lalotai X 1 month ago Orbit Smith I may have misspelt his username. He makes similar content to Letsgameitout although his sims videos are my favorite. If you like Letsgameitout then you’ll probably like him.
  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker 1 month ago It’ll be him and GrayStillPlays
  • N8WOLF
    N8WOLF 1 month ago (edited) he's worse than satan. satan is a nice guy compared to LGIO
  • Aaron DaBOi
    Aaron DaBOi 1 month ago trust me satan was very satisfied with the service
  • Some guy with a bad history teacher
    Some guy with a bad history teacher 4 weeks ago @Ryan Baker an iconic duo, Greys planning, meticulous work for hours, LGIO's strange ideas, perfect. They both have very similar personalities and strengths but these particular ones shine through.
  • Tailored Games
    Tailored Games 3 weeks ago He is the manager of Hell
  • Ryan McCampbell
    Ryan McCampbell 5 days ago But he would eventually get bored of torturing people that he's supposed to and find a way to torture the devil instead
  • Rick Hirsch
    Rick Hirsch 2 days ago Vanessa you mean the good place
  • Ken Shin
    Ken Shin 1 day ago @Susan Wojcicki you play afterlife too??
  • Susan Wojcicki
    Susan Wojcicki 1 day ago @Ken Shin every day at the office with my employees
  • Sir Apple
    Sir Apple 4 months ago In today’s video: Josh recreates the American Healthcare system.
  • Yuki Mikano
    Yuki Mikano 4 months ago So true
  • TheAraberpinto
    TheAraberpinto 4 months ago @Yuki Mikano and the british system too
  • jens august
    jens august 4 months ago @TheAraberpinto more american tbh,
  • Everything PC
    Everything PC 4 months ago jens august America has some of the best healthcare in the world what are you talking about? There’s a reason why so many people from other countries come to the United States to be doctors or to seek medical care. MD Anderson is the #1 hospital in the world for cancer. We also are best in other specialties too with many of the top 10 hospitals in the world being here in the United States. We have excellent healthcare compared to the rest of the world. It’s expensive and not everyone can afford it yes, but it’s quality compared to other countries. People just expect high quality of everything for free or with little work.
  • Lol3r
    Lol3r 4 months ago Everything PC Yea dude, who needs to be healthy anyway. As long as the people that are above average can actually afford it, so jo credit or anything like that, im fine with literally struggling because of some dumb illness or disease. I would rather have average healthcare for everyone, than having the best but no one can really afford it. In what modern country is it acceptable to ignore some signs for an illness just because you dont have the money right now.
  • Isabela Caovila Baldim
    Isabela Caovila Baldim 4 months ago Try SUS in Brazil tho. You’ll se that SUS is just a disguise for SOS. Send help.
  • Gustavo Santos
    Gustavo Santos 4 months ago @Isabela Caovila Baldim yeah SUS is the best heath care system hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa
  • Susanne Synonym
    Susanne Synonym 4 months ago Come to Germany to cure lol We have a great health care system
  • Blackatchaproduction
    Blackatchaproduction 4 months ago @Everything PC thats a total lie. murica has 30 million people WITHOUT COVERAGE! people dropping from cancer left and right. murica pays more than anyone other nation in medicine and healthcare costs and has the worst outcomes. at least try harder with your outright lies
  • PrincessAshley121
    PrincessAshley121 4 months ago @Blackatchaproduction American here, agree 100%. I can 100% afford the healthcare here, but one time I got denied an ear drop my doctor prescribed for an ear infection and the medicine was about 130$ for the ear drops.... As much as I can afford that, I find it ridiculous that the insurance couldn't cover that. I've also heard that insurance companies deny people all sorts of necessary treatment to save money. If they can save money, they will deny you the coverage you're paying for!. Also I did some research of my own, Germany actually has higher quality healthcare and better hosptials more than the U.S! A country with socialized healthcare!
  • einfach nö
    einfach nö 4 months ago @PrincessAshley121 yeah Germany is really good in that aspect😊
  • Aymdall
    Aymdall 3 months ago @Everything PC Laugh in french
  • A E
    A E 3 months ago ​@Lol3r Over 87% of the country has healthcare coverage, you don't have to be "above average". That's almost as high as the percentage of Europeans on the internet who don't know the slightest thing about life in America but still vomit their opinions on the subject wherever they go.
  • Grace Deng
    Grace Deng 3 months ago Everything PC American healthcare is so overpriced like people spend years working to pay off their hospital bills
  • GrandpaToothless
    GrandpaToothless 3 months ago Why just American HCS?
  • أ إ
    أ إ 3 months ago @Everything PC it's just a joke
  • Carol Gusmão
    Carol Gusmão 3 months ago @Isabela Caovila Baldim menina, você era minha amiga no simbook. Meu Deeeus, que coincidência
  • Alma N.
    Alma N. 3 months ago @Everything PC wait are you being serious? I honestly can’t tell. The hospitals I’ve been to in America were the crappiest buildings I’ve ever seen!
  • Mireya
    Mireya 3 months ago Brazilian Healthcare*
  • tachi
    tachi 3 months ago Don't you mean the medical industry monopoly of price fixing/red tape mess made by a certain blue.
  • Fred Tuturo
    Fred Tuturo 3 months ago and our great president in France is working hard to implant the same system here god bless him and his government
  • goku
    goku 3 months ago Stop eating junk food.
  • Dana Rhodes
    Dana Rhodes 3 months ago Soooo true!!
  • jess d
    jess d 3 months ago Lol3r literally no hospital would turn you away if you need medical attention that’s illegal
  • Alex Nielson
    Alex Nielson 2 months ago You spelled Canadian wrong
  • Zidders Roofurry
    Zidders Roofurry 2 months ago @Everything PC This is pure bullshit.
  • Widdy Winny
    Widdy Winny 2 months ago " Overcharge is always good. " And remembering the ambulance charge, the $30.000------------ giving birth charge, etc.
  • Morganic Smoothie
    Morganic Smoothie 2 months ago they even charge you for having to ride in an ambulance lol
  • Widdy Winny
    Widdy Winny 2 months ago @Morganic Smoothie And even after birth care, including hold your own baby with your own both arms. Smh I cannot understand why until now.
  • Shawn X
    Shawn X 2 months ago Except the price should be *1000
  • Zerrie=Everlasting
    Zerrie=Everlasting 2 months ago @Everything PC most advanced does not equal best
  • Kabutops Games
    Kabutops Games 2 months ago USA MAKES you pay like 10990099999Dollars
  • Mr Ren's Works
    Mr Ren's Works 2 months ago Just cause you didn't see brazil's healthcare system
  • Aewin
    Aewin 2 months ago Nah, this clearly wasn't the U.S. healthcare system, the game only allowed him to double the amount he was charging.
  • LandInbetween
    LandInbetween 2 months ago You don't know much about the American healthcare system besides what your heard.
  • Sir Apple
    Sir Apple 2 months ago LandInbetween I know that it can cost exorbitant amounts of money, far more than my home country of Australia. In Australia, you pay a yearly fee and any ambulance trips are 100% free. How much does an ambulance trip cost in America? It’s unacceptable for someone to need to seriously consider not calling an ambulance for a medical emergency because they’re worried about the cost.
  • AwesomeEspur 360
    AwesomeEspur 360 2 months ago I agree and I'm american
  • Kayla Joann
    Kayla Joann 2 months ago @Sir Apple ok but if everything is 100% free then everything is 100% slower
  • I Play Games
    I Play Games 1 month ago @Kayla Joann thats not how healthcare works
  • Calm your Tits
    Calm your Tits 1 month ago Everything PC Healthcare is over priced :/
  • Kaylie Babocsi
    Kaylie Babocsi 1 month ago ;-;
  • green house
    green house 1 month ago @Everything PC i dont know if you live in america. but america has the most overpriced healthcare in the world.
  • jimmie jenkins
    jimmie jenkins 1 month ago @Lol3r America - the land of mansions and hundreds of ghettos for cops to practise shooting
  • jimmie jenkins
    jimmie jenkins 1 month ago @Blackatchaproduction there is always one intelligent person in YT comments. I found him! Woooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo
  • jimmie jenkins
    jimmie jenkins 1 month ago @PrincessAshley121 Cuba has better health outcomes than USA. This is the reason that Fidel castro will always be considered a hero in canada. Go Bernie!
  • jimmie jenkins
    jimmie jenkins 1 month ago @A E Canadians know America. You just sound like a high school dropout.
  • A E
    A E 1 month ago @jimmie jenkins I'm the one providing actual facts and statistics and you haven't even learned to capitalize your own name. Your comments make you look like you couldn't even get into high school, let alone drop out of one.
  • Sash
    Sash 1 month ago @Everything PC nope, wrong. america has the best system for rich people. for poor, its a mess
  • StellaOMG
    StellaOMG 2 weeks ago True
  • Joe Yoksh
    Joe Yoksh 1 week ago And it's somehow better
  • Vaeyn
    Vaeyn 8 hours ago @Everything PC Hey, how do you feel about your healthcare now, my man? Still think it's that great?
  • Vaeyn
    Vaeyn 8 hours ago @A E Meanwhile, my country has healthcare for the entire population. Full 100%. And they actually cover charges instead of bickering about pre-existing conditions and in-house doctors.
  • Micah Platte
    Micah Platte 4 months ago Question: Why was there literally Freddie Mercury as one of the patients? Am I the only one who saw that?
  • Easy Piano Tutorials
    Easy Piano Tutorials 4 months ago Thats actually his illness.
  • Dipstick Axel
    Dipstick Axel 4 months ago I tought i was the only one hahaha
  • Fresh Bobatea
    Fresh Bobatea 4 months ago time stamp?
  • Grim Darkseid
    Grim Darkseid 4 months ago Yeah i saw him too.. he just slipped on the floor haha
  • Rocketeer
    Rocketeer 4 months ago I saw him too lol
  • Riki Akbar
    Riki Akbar 4 months ago I saw him too
  • Pickles
    Pickles 4 months ago No wonder he died from complications due to AIDs if he was going here for treatment.
  • Fluffy Roughy
    Fluffy Roughy 4 months ago 2:20 4:38 etc
  • Strangerthingsfan
    Strangerthingsfan 3 months ago ME TOO
  • Samantha_
    Samantha_ 3 months ago I can't believe that they added him in the game 😭
  • Keren Chadwick
    Keren Chadwick 3 months ago I saw Freddie Mercury..haaa !!!
  • O Trabalhista
    O Trabalhista 3 months ago It's actually a patient with an illness called "Mock Star".
  • Out_Of_Order
    Out_Of_Order 3 months ago Lol same, i was looking for a comment which said it...
  • dark empire
    dark empire 3 months ago @O Trabalhista called aids
  • Ava Thibault
    Ava Thibault 2 months ago Micah Platte I saw that! I went straight to the comments to see if anyone else noticed!
  • Taryn Lutz
    Taryn Lutz 2 months ago aids
  • GamingWithEvans
    GamingWithEvans 2 months ago @Fresh Bobatea 2:20
  • Noobie The animatronic
    Noobie The animatronic 2 months ago 666 likes
  • Baruš Olszo
    Baruš Olszo 1 month ago Micah Platte no i saw him too and i am confused
  • Madison McKinney
    Madison McKinney 1 month ago Same here
  • jmadison
    jmadison 1 month ago Jenna Hauser 3:25
  • Santiago Garcia Maffeo
    Santiago Garcia Maffeo 1 month ago You aren't the only one XD
  • Danielle Posey
    Danielle Posey 1 month ago Micah Platte I saw him too
  • Marky Marky Marky
    Marky Marky Marky 1 month ago @Pickles OOF
  • gavin hall
    gavin hall 4 weeks ago He goes there for his STD’s
  • Amy Trevaskis
    Amy Trevaskis 2 weeks ago its an actual in-game illness, I forget whats it's called but basically they have delusions of being a rock star and you send them to therapy to cure them. It's likely a reference to "King complex" from the original theme hospital (of which two point hospital is based on) only in the original game they looked like Elvis instead of Freddie
  • Dee Cross
    Dee Cross 1 week ago @Amy Trevaskis Here I think they wanted to add the additional pun of "mercury poisoning".
  • SloppyJoe8208
    SloppyJoe8208 5 days ago It’s an Illness, they copy musicians or famous people by dressing like them or something
  • Hayden Mcintosh
    Hayden Mcintosh 2 days ago yeah i saw it
  • Mr Mandudeguy
    Mr Mandudeguy 2 days ago Aids
  • veryberry39
    veryberry39 2 days ago I came to the comments for this. 😂
  • p2diddy
    p2diddy 4 months ago “We are gonna try to double our money” buys 4 fountains
  • Let's Game It Out
    Let's Game It Out 4 months ago Gotta spend money on countless, countless luxurious fountains to make money!
  • vitalis
    vitalis 4 months ago those are mystical fountains where you throw in coins, bills and puke to make your wish come true
  • Zim Vader0017
    Zim Vader0017 4 months ago You're at the perfect number of likes right now, so I'm not able to like your comment at this moment.
  • Helloscarrr
    Helloscarrr 4 months ago @Let's Game It Out I say thise fountains are more important than anything else
  • أ إ
    أ إ 3 months ago @Let's Game It Out without caring about anyone who will negatively be affected by these options
  • IDrovePastYourHouse -
    IDrovePastYourHouse - 3 months ago You fool, you collect the coins people throw in the fountains
  • Palpatine x Anakin
    Palpatine x Anakin 3 months ago That's a pro gamer move
  • David Leffew
    David Leffew 3 months ago We could hire teachers and training with this money.... but, it would be smarter to pay for new MURALS!!!
  • BananaKitOfInternetClan
    BananaKitOfInternetClan 1 month ago I wonder how many drowned in his hospital
  • Jutta T.
    Jutta T. 2 months ago Yearly Profits? in the negatives Reputation? through the toilet Cure Rate? optimistic one percent
  • Introverted Crow
    Introverted Crow 1 month ago Hotal? Trivago
  • Roli Moli
    Roli Moli 1 month ago God thank you I thought it was gunna be one of those Hotel? Trivago jokes god bless you
  • Hassan Selim
    Hassan Selim 5 days ago @Introverted Crow you beat me to it by a month :D
  • Shea
    Shea 4 months ago (edited) "I'm not a total monster, though." Proceeds to put a single chair at the end of a mazelike hallway like a psychopath.
  • Calvin Miner
    Calvin Miner 1 week ago "I Made Millions on a Hospital with a 0% Cure Rate" Sounds like capitalism!
  • Rachel Hollars
    Rachel Hollars 1 week ago More like communism
  • Calvin Miner
    Calvin Miner 6 days ago @Rachel Hollars considering Cuba was the only country to comply with Italy's SOS for help by sending a whole brigade of doctors, and how the profit-driven US healthcare system is currently failing in NYC and across the country I think that statement is plainly detached from reality.
  • X-Fun
    X-Fun 3 days ago @Rachel Hollars Josh: Creates a hospital to make money You, a simpleton: That's c o m m u n i s m
  • Lane the Plane
    Lane the Plane 2 months ago “If were not running a hospital as a business” You mean the American healthcare system?
  • alaro
    alaro 4 months ago (edited) 2:20 The real cause of Freddie Mercury's death.
  • Lais Kappke
    Lais Kappke 4 months ago Yes! I was wondering if anyone else noticed Freddie Mercury in the game lol
  • Young Cho
    Young Cho 2 months ago OMG this is how hospital really is in America! I took a friend to a hospital and we wait for 9 hours just to see a doctor because she couldn't move her back. Took a dog to a vet sat down for 4 hours and left the hospital to go see another vet. So many other stories from others.
  • ƵiRro
    ƵiRro 16 hours ago (edited) 7:37 "The ghost is almost the most normal thing here" Bald Guy: "Am I a joke to you?"
  • Simkitty 2
    Simkitty 2 2 months ago “I’m not a monster”. The more he says that that the less I believe XD
  • Nichole Daren Valerio
    Nichole Daren Valerio 4 months ago 2:21 Freddie Mercury slips "Can anybody help meeeeeee?"
  • BardiX Official
    BardiX Official 4 months ago Mama!
  • Samantha_
    Samantha_ 3 months ago @BardiX Official OHhhhHhhhHh
  • Astrid
    Astrid 3 months ago Samantha_ I don't wanna die!!
  • dave1135
    dave1135 3 months ago If I'm not back again this time tomorrow, carry on, carry on...
  • VinnieCheng
    VinnieCheng 2 months ago caught in a puke slide
  • Reidmeisters
    Reidmeisters 4 months ago I never thought I’d laugh at people slipping over barf.
  • Yuki Mikano
    Yuki Mikano 4 months ago "Doctor waves his hands like he knows what he's doing, patients part with their money, leave unhappy" XD So true in real life though
  • laterbye guy
    laterbye guy 4 months ago It just wouldnt be a let's game it out video of there wasn't a maze of misery that rewards you with a chair or something.
  • Let's Game It Out
    Let's Game It Out 4 months ago Maze of Misery, I LOVE that.
  • laterbye guy
    laterbye guy 4 months ago @Let's Game It Out well of course. You are the one who creates the misery after all.
  • CorazEQ
    CorazEQ 4 months ago I played winkeltjde or however it's spelled and I made the maze of doom into my shop just for fun. thanks for the inspiration josh
  • Alex Tsang
    Alex Tsang 4 months ago (edited) and the chair at the end of the maze, the only throne known to josh... a toilet of course!
  • Carewolf
    Carewolf 4 months ago Isn't that most mazes? You navigate through it, only to be be rewarded with a filthy bench covered in trash, because the staff can't be bothered to go through the maze.
  • White Doodles
    White Doodles 3 months ago the reward is the experience
  • Arek Zaborowski
    Arek Zaborowski 2 months ago @laterbye guy you forgot gray
  • Scp-8282 Scp-590’s bestie
    Scp-8282 Scp-590’s bestie 4 months ago Graystillplays with a deeper voice and less “damnit”
  • S. M.
    S. M. 1 week ago I feel these two should a collaoration, the result can only be hellishly glorious
  • Danielle Wharrie
    Danielle Wharrie 2 months ago Josh: makes a hospital with awful hallways, no chairs, horrendous doctors, useless equipment, unused equipment, one janitor, puke everywhere, no cures, and untrained staff which is all somehow still remains VERY profitable Me: realising this is just how actual hospitals are Me: Me: Me:
  • Chelsey Pippy
    Chelsey Pippy 2 months ago Oh
  • Naofumi Shield hero
    Naofumi Shield hero 1 day ago It’s funny how some people just somehow stick their head in a lightbulb