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Скачать с ютуб Satisfying Wood Carving Machines, Wood CNC & Lathe Machines

Опубликовано: 10 окт. 2019 г. 3 223 136 просмотров

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Эти деревообрабатывающие станки действительно потрясающие…….







  • Matthew Gauthier
    Matthew Gauthier 5 months ago Amazing machines. I work mostly in older buildings. Everything I see in this video someone did with math and great skill. Not saying that's better. Just that the real thinking is now in the design level of the machinery. Not so much in the production of pcs.
  • Chado
    Chado 3 weeks ago The real thinking is in the programming and tool setup
  • Kaasbaas
    Kaasbaas 2 weeks ago (edited) The thinking and math is still present, albeit heavily supported by cpu. The difference is in the cognitive function of the hands. Thats why I prefer hand work, the human touch is irreplaceable.
  • Cliff Thompson
    Cliff Thompson 5 months ago Man that is awesome how's that Volute was carved with CNC. 15 years ago I had to carve one for a circular staircase by hand it took me three days out of a solid piece of Oak. We have a CNC at our cabinet shop but there are still things that it cannot do that a human can do. But none the less that is impressive work.
  • Reno Simpson
    Reno Simpson 5 months ago The funny thing is that the CNC Volute costs the same as if a human carved it... Seems only a select few are benefiting from automatizing
  • David Parry
    David Parry 3 weeks ago that's not oak either
  • Tony Wright
    Tony Wright 1 week ago The only thing a CNCmachine can’t do is complain .no hand work is better or more accurate.
  • Michael Griffiths
    Michael Griffiths 3 weeks ago You kids dont know youre born. This is fantastic. I can see it being repeated on metals too.. well all manner of materials. I was born too soon. I used to have to do similar by hand on steel, with routers then chisels and then scorpers. Isnt this fantastic. Im 81.
  • Erika Cheng
    Erika Cheng 3 weeks ago Awesome to see you are keeping up with the technology at your age!
  • Michael Griffiths
    Michael Griffiths 3 weeks ago (edited) Erika Cheng ha ha, kind of you to say so Erica.i feel young enough to join in.
  • John Uferbach
    John Uferbach 2 weeks ago @Michael Griffiths There are so many amazing new (I'm still young i don't know how new they actually are^^) things like 3D printing of plastic and metals, laser routers for thick plates, or the possibility to just order your own selfdesigned pcb for like 5$ (or 200$ with shipping in 2 days^^)
  • Luiz Otávio Rosario
    Luiz Otávio Rosario 5 months ago As máquinas são satisfatórias, sim. Mas nunca vai substituir a capacidade, a técnica, a arte e o requinte de uma peça de madeira esculpida pelo ser humano.
  • Alessandra Feijo
    Alessandra Feijo 5 months ago Vai sim ou melhor,ja substituiu 😂😂😂
  • Martian J
    Martian J 1 week ago Vc esta equivocado
  • Herve MARIE
    Herve MARIE 5 months ago Machines très ingénieuses mais quel gâchis de bois pour faire les pièces !!
  • alain ,g ui copsz
    alain ,g ui copsz 2 weeks ago Y EN A QUI VRAIMENT TROUVE TOUJOURS LE VERRE A MOITI2 VIDE
  • Al Somethin
    Al Somethin 1 month ago That robot that made that railing part was wvery intriguing. I like to see the wood being used for things other than cheap furnature that gets tossed in the trash when the owner redecorates.
  • Ed Tschoepe
    Ed Tschoepe 3 months ago These are amazing to watch, but the one thing that really got me was how wasteful these subtractive processes are. I'm guessing that in many of these cases the sawdust is repurposed, but it's crazy how over half of the original material is just wasted.
  • Les Pantalons Fancie
    Les Pantalons Fancie 5 months ago As a woodturner I feel very conflicted by this. On the one hand I did find it extremely satisfying to watch these machines carve wood like it's butter, but conversely I also felt really sad that all the skill and inherent beauty from human imperfection was lost from this.
  • Мастер Олюторский
    Мастер Олюторский 5 months ago Alas, this is inevitable. Technological progress does not stand still. Before the invention of the first wood lathe, all products were cut by hand. From that times too many useful skills were lost too. CNC is just next level.
  • Bruno Severs
    Bruno Severs 5 months ago Si mon grand père ébéniste voyait ça, il dirait : " Bande de petits cons ! " :D
  • Khazad Dûm
    Khazad Dûm 5 months ago (edited) De ma ptite 20aine d'année et bossant le bois depuis 6ans Sa me rend fou on perd du savoir Technologiquement c'est impressionnant!mais putain ou il le défaut de l'artisan qui fait tous son charme le coup de gouge,de ciseau qui ripe,le travail fait a la main,et l'oeil ainsi que la vision de l'artiste et de l'artisan
  • Laurence Laurent
    Laurence Laurent 5 months ago (edited) @Khazad Dûm absolument et puis quel gâchis toute la masse qui part en poussière même pas du copeaux avec lequel on pourrait faire encore des choses. Des objets froids, c'est même pas des pièces bon ainsi va le progrès
  • Семён Орсет
    Семён Орсет 4 months ago Watch on, as these awesome machines get you fired from your job, mass producing items from slowly renewable material sold for a slant to a wide crowd, that will throw it to garbage the next day.
  • nadine deshayes
    nadine deshayes 5 months ago C'est ce genre de choses qui tuent les artisants Plus de savoir faire
  • Boyitsme
    Boyitsme 2 weeks ago Les artisans se résoudront à répondre aux commandes des individuels, les machines se chargeront de la production industrielle. Les tisserands, forgerons, tapissiers, armuriers et charpentier de marine ont également été relégués à l'histoire ancienne, néanmoins rien n'empêche quiconque de travailler comme il l'entend dans son atelier personnel (ou partagé). Il faut aller avec son temps.
  • daniel de lewis
    daniel de lewis 5 months ago (edited) Carpenter: And how exactly is my job going to be taken by a robot? Robot: Well I'm glad you asked. BEEP BEEP BOP BOOP BOP.... KILL ALL HUMANS
  • back2paranormal
    back2paranormal 5 months ago Bender, is that you?
  • daniel de lewis
    daniel de lewis 5 months ago @back2paranormal bite my shiny metal ass
  • Андрей Хомочкин
    Андрей Хомочкин 5 months ago Ты прав, художественного здесь ничего нет, точное копирование.
  • Вера Смирнова
    Вера Смирнова 5 months ago @Андрей Хомочкин Станком или пальцем, лошарики?
  • Reno Simpson
    Reno Simpson 5 months ago I smell a bit of jealousy over those skilled machines, They have no use for you or your intervention.
  • Fabri'K'zeira DIY fabrica caseira
    Fabri'K'zeira DIY fabrica caseira 5 months ago @back2paranormal we can buy bender with a cheap beer it's ok
  • раб плоти
    раб плоти 5 months ago вот так восхищаясь изделием платишь за ручную работу, а на проверку за нули и единицы(=
  • AngEL Dark
    AngEL Dark 5 months ago программу написать и отладить стоит денег
  • Маргарита Орлова
    Маргарита Орлова 5 months ago @AngEL Dark вот, вот. Таким надо сесть хотя бы за простой станок и посмотреть, сколько в лучшем случае фрез у них сломается по началу и во что при этом превратятся заготовки. Какая же дремучая, да ещё и неплатежеспособная стала страна.🤦
  • Danny Williams
    Danny Williams 3 weeks ago When all the machines that humans developed take over what humans do, the human will only have one alternative: to develop himself and his fellow man.
  • WCTA Chicago underground sound
    WCTA Chicago underground sound 5 months ago (edited) BOO! It's like the McDonalds of wood carving, found in a bag smooshed under the drivers seat from last year.
  • Nomi Malone
    Nomi Malone 5 months ago Those machines are amazing. They can make things the exact same every time. And much faster. Automation is fantastic! And it sounds like you need to clean out your car more frequently.
  • wodzynski liam
    wodzynski liam 5 months ago It's more satisfying to see a human carve art into wood.
  • Dan man
    Dan man 5 months ago if you're paying top price, you want the best not the most slaved over sadly .
  • Steven Lerner
    Steven Lerner 5 months ago I agree
  • Steve Babiak
    Steve Babiak 3 weeks ago A good thing that lots of MDF gets used these days - it’s a built in market for disposal of all that sawdust produced by these machines when they manufacture these parts in this video ;)
  • WY477 H4RR15
    WY477 H4RR15 5 months ago 8:27 actual footage of me eating corn on a cob
  • Oliver Joseph
    Oliver Joseph 5 months ago Nice one xD
  • greenyoyo90
    greenyoyo90 5 months ago 😂🤣
  • Steven Lerner
    Steven Lerner 5 months ago Very good
  • Chado
    Chado 3 weeks ago Looks like you have a tooth missing. I can say that because I have several missing.
  • Matt Fellenz
    Matt Fellenz 6 days ago lol
  • Get-The-Lead-Out.45
    Get-The-Lead-Out.45 5 months ago Get Rid OF The Stupid Music It doesn't make our viewing experience any better than if having got to hear the actual sounds of the machinery, tools, processes, etc
  • Kathryn Carter
    Kathryn Carter 1 month ago Wow; I am totally flabbergasted at the engineering that went on behind this. Seems beyond impossible.
  • John Uferbach
    John Uferbach 2 weeks ago (edited) go checkout 5 axis mills, those are like this but usually for metal and even crazier :D