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Скачать с ютуб Unique Chicken Recipe that's Awesome • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show

Опубликовано: 11 авг. 2019 г. 4 001 601 просмотр

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When Masterchef John Zhang starts shredding the chicken, what he is about to create.... I'm in awe!

#chickenrecipe #friedchicken #chinesecooking

This is a traditional and delicious dish that's slowly becoming "endangered"!!

Chef John starts by frying the entire chicken, keeping the oil temperature between 350 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Frying gives the chicken skin a pleasing color and helps to hold its shape. Next, stewing infuses the chicken, making it soft, tender, and flavorful. When the chicken is done stewing, it’s deboned. After 30 minutes of steaming, pouring the sauce on top, and this dish taste heavenly! Every bite of chicken meat is flavorful and juicy.

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  • Prashant Jadhav
    Prashant Jadhav 2 місяці тому How do you like your chicken? Fried, boiled or steamed? - Yes
  • Tyro Jeff
    Tyro Jeff 2 місяці тому I like it raw..🤣👍
  • Pokiblue
    Pokiblue 2 місяці тому Wait...1-2 hours just to eat chicken...must be nice having so much free time. I just go to my local grocery and spend 1min to get cooked chicken.
  • Sambaran Roy
    Sambaran Roy 2 місяці тому Ofcourse Tried Hail KFC
  • Sai kumar Padala
    Sai kumar Padala 2 місяці тому Not all the above properly cooked😊
  • X and Y
    X and Y 1 місяць тому refrigerated
  • timothy chung
    timothy chung 1 місяць тому There are bbq and smoke too...
  • Elma Brillantes
    Elma Brillantes 1 місяць тому Fry 🤗
  • Levyn KHS
    Levyn KHS 1 місяць тому i like it when its still moving
  • yourdadisretard
    yourdadisretard 3 тижні тому Prashant Jadhav masala chahiye maan !!
  • Anika
    Anika 2 місяці тому Starts cooking in the morning...ends cooking at night😌
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    Yan ' 2 місяці тому 😂😭
  • virus killerism
    virus killerism 2 місяці тому You're not funny.
  • cah ndeso
    cah ndeso 2 місяці тому LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Neil Graham
    Neil Graham 2 місяці тому He's a professional chef, this is how they make food in expensive restaurants It's an art! You can't find this in your local day to day restaurant
  • tengku luqman hakim
    tengku luqman hakim 1 місяць тому Slow cook and long preparation food are the best food
  • Alameen Rayhan
    Alameen Rayhan 1 місяць тому U r right... 1 chicken cooking for three times...
  • Rupurrt Purrcy
    Rupurrt Purrcy 1 місяць тому This is a kinda critical main course u could merely find in formal restaurants or sometimes homemade festival banquets in China or overseas Chinese communities. For the latter case, several or even most of adults from the host family gotta participate in the preparation of the banquet for almost the whole day and even some slots in the afternoon and the evening of the previous day to make it happen, and most of the aforementioned time are attributed to these critical main courses featured by the banquet.
  • Paul Gao
    Paul Gao 2 місяці тому Wife: Honey would you plz stop trying that Chinese guy’s cooking style? Me: Why ? I love cooking !!!! Wife: But we can’t afford 5000 dollars on olive oil every month.
  • simon andreas
    simon andreas 2 місяці тому Lmao xD
  • Alec Skinner
    Alec Skinner 2 місяці тому Olive oil has an incredibly low burning temp quite possibly one of the worst oils for something like this
  • Tommy Bracanti
    Tommy Bracanti 2 місяці тому no one in their right mind would use olive oil to fry stuff.
    ILAWAPA AUNAUNA 2 місяці тому Haha very funny...however olive oil is hardly ever used in any asian cooking..
  • Seven Spaces
    Seven Spaces 2 місяці тому (змінено) I guess 'Peppa pig' didn't go to elementary because doesn't even know basic math also loves olive oil You shouldn't be chugging olive oil because one gallon of olive oil is $17.49 and spending $5000? That's 286 gallons each month If you were to DEEP FRY everyday one gallon of olive oil is over-limit of how much he uses but let us say he does, so there are 31 days, that my friend is $542.19,
  • MY life for Oblivion
    MY life for Oblivion 1 місяць тому Dumb ass , do you know that olive oil is one of the oil that cures disease for the human and plants as well
  • Elizabith Adham
    Elizabith Adham 1 місяць тому Mohamed Abdi easy Mohamed 😉. I can't understand the reason for such cruelty!
  • M Brenner
    M Brenner 1 місяць тому Peanut oil is the go-to oil for cooking Chinese or else sesame oil
  • White Panther
    White Panther 1 місяць тому Palm oil
  • Holylama Truth
    Holylama Truth 1 місяць тому Awesome
  • G Lam
    G Lam 1 місяць тому That's a super wasteful man, no olive oil for this.
  • daniel wijaya
    daniel wijaya 3 тижні тому 1.he never used olive oil. only canola or peanut oil
  • black mirror
    black mirror 3 тижні тому LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • HelloHellNO
    HelloHellNO 2 тижні тому using olive oil for chinese style cookin? can u fry something b4 burning the oil?
  • Luis H
    Luis H 1 тиждень тому Canola oil
  • azam shakib
    azam shakib 3 години тому 5000 nasty
  • Ed Huang
    Ed Huang 2 місяці тому no no no. I was ready to eat when he took it out of the oil
  • trebledc
    trebledc 4 місяці тому Poor chicken you been fried, simmered , pulled and still they are not happy they will steam you up.
  • Jaki kedawen
    Jaki kedawen 4 місяці тому ha ha ha.funniest comment for this recipe.
  • Caroll Lafontaine
    Caroll Lafontaine 4 місяці тому Watch out for the antifa and the vegan...
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    Casey 4 місяці тому Lmao
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    Ghostwriter 4 місяці тому @Caroll Lafontaine Watch out for the fascist and white supremacist
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    Seb K 3 місяці тому @Caroll Lafontaine Or watch you throw a hissy fit when I start talking about eating dogs
  • Cihan Depe
    Cihan Depe 3 місяці тому @Ghostwriter watch out for social Democrats and anarchists
  • Ghostwriter
    Ghostwriter 3 місяці тому @Cihan Depe Anarchist falls more in the libertarian spectrum.
    MIYOWMA XhIEN 3 місяці тому but chicken is life.. its so Delicious...
  • Sakin Ahmed
    Sakin Ahmed 3 місяці тому ,customer:'one unique' chicken plz. Chef:Ok.It'll take 25 and a half years to cook.Go home and send your grandchildren to receive your order..
  • Suneetha Venkatesh
    Suneetha Venkatesh 3 місяці тому @Sakin Ahmed 😂😅😁😁
  • Abu Bakar Sidik
    Abu Bakar Sidik 3 місяці тому Haha long process and 5 minutes for eating this
  • Fish Drowner
    Fish Drowner 3 місяці тому trebledc stfu no one cares why watch a chicken video if u think it won’t get cooked
  • Thanh Nhan Huynh
    Thanh Nhan Huynh 3 місяці тому @Fish Drowner r/woooosh
  • Cher Jay Lee
    Cher Jay Lee 3 місяці тому I thought the same 😂
  • Ernust Ya'aqobh
    Ernust Ya'aqobh 3 місяці тому Bahahahhahaha
  • Lotus White
    Lotus White 3 місяці тому after simmer is refrigerate :V
  • Trouser Troll
    Trouser Troll 3 місяці тому @Ghostwriter Nah. They're cool. They like this recipe.
  • Trouser Troll
    Trouser Troll 3 місяці тому @Ghostwriter nope
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    van XIANG Abram 3 місяці тому Hehehehhe
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    lizz ann 3 місяці тому Hahaha my ribs
  • All round Channel
    All round Channel 2 місяці тому That's the way of life being eaten and eat .Showing sympathy to all isn't possible in today's world✅✅
  • Fahama Rahamatullah
    Fahama Rahamatullah 2 місяці тому @Caroll Lafontaine uggJgRHGRHTJTgarjhRRHvvrvrgarhiHriruurirh
  • Kim Jong-il
    Kim Jong-il 2 місяці тому @Seb Kwhat the hell is wrong with you?
  • Seb K
    Seb K 2 місяці тому @Kim Jong-il a lot of things.. That said, hypocrisy ain't one of them.
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    Rider tho 2 місяці тому Also microwaved for tomorrow's lunch for work.
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    dodo dodo 2 місяці тому Hahahha
  • R Cole
    R Cole 2 місяці тому A comment from someone who doesnt know how to cook anything.
  • R Cole
    R Cole 2 місяці тому Im not chinese..but we have dishes lkle this. Fry first to firm it up, before boiling, steam to keep it moist.. and not just for chicken..some prob only know how to dump food in a crockpot.
  • mbero29
    mbero29 2 місяці тому Yup, way too complicated and too much salt!
  • R Cole
    R Cole 2 місяці тому Too much salt? From start to finish i only saw him add 1/2 tsp salt.
  • Alec Skinner
    Alec Skinner 2 місяці тому (змінено) @Ghostwriter quit pretending like Antifa isn't a bunch of terrorists. You're either ignorant and dangerous or just plain ignorant.
  • Suzy Day
    Suzy Day 3 тижні тому Hahaha
  • Truth's Knight_0777
    Truth's Knight_0777 3 тижні тому It is a chicken's honour to give its life to be prepared at the hands of such a Chef.
  • Tintin Singsit
    Tintin Singsit 2 місяці тому That background music must be the best I have ever heard for a YouTube video. Wise choice👍
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    Abel HUANG 2 місяці тому Liziqi’s background music better
  • Prajapati Jigar
    Prajapati Jigar 2 місяці тому Same to you.this music in many videos of this channel and i download it
  • Julieta Wapetona
    Julieta Wapetona 2 місяці тому This is not fast food or home made food, you morons!! This is pure artistry of the taste!
  • Jess Jess
    Jess Jess 2 місяці тому This chef lived in the ancient dynasty and reincarnated back .
  • Reivaldo Aurelio
    Reivaldo Aurelio 1 місяць тому He used to serve the Emperor back in the days
  • Jess Jess
    Jess Jess 1 місяць тому He did
  • CC lin
    CC lin 3 тижні тому Actually tons of these kind of Chef right now serving dinner in a normal restaurant in China.
  • Michael Suscano
    Michael Suscano 2 місяці тому I never thought that pres xi jin ping knows how to cook
  • Dinosaur
    Dinosaur 2 місяці тому LMAO
  • zhang Harris
    zhang Harris 1 місяць тому Michael Suscano are you going to be put into prison
  • Mimi YuYu
    Mimi YuYu 3 тижні тому I never knew Winnie the Pooh knew how to cook
  • Specht Meise
    Specht Meise 3 місяці тому Straight to the point and good music!!! Hungry now!
  • nic bocci
    nic bocci 2 місяці тому so hungry! i so want this chix. i bet you cry when you eat it too.
  • Momi Boruah
    Momi Boruah 2 місяці тому Boil in pressure cooker, fry, mix the essences and serve it in short time and low cost
    VALENTINE EVARIST 2 місяці тому hahaha
  • Erica6Strange
    Erica6Strange 3 місяці тому I don't even know who Gordon Ramsay is anymore after watching these videos!
  • Anonymoose Watcher
    Anonymoose Watcher 2 місяці тому Ive never seen a comment who contradicted itself so bad 😅
  • Phani Kumar
    Phani Kumar 2 місяці тому I will start eating once it is deep fried in Oil ,😛 can't wait till 2hrs+1hr+30mins etc...
  • 商昱鹏
    商昱鹏 2 місяці тому Phani Kumar then you will notice the meat inside tastes bland and not tender at all
  • Pokiblue
    Pokiblue 2 місяці тому Waiiiit... 3 hours just to eat chicken ?? You guys are craaazyyy. I go to walmart and spend 1 min to buy cooked chicken and its very delicious.
  • enki
    enki 3 місяці тому The part where they send it out of the atmosphere in a Nasa rocketship is missing...
  • Swapnil Shingote
    Swapnil Shingote 3 місяці тому Hahahaha...this was nice
  • Zeynab Ibragimova
    Zeynab Ibragimova 1 місяць тому 😂😂😂
  • My hearteu
    My hearteu 2 місяці тому It's so aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. It's an ART
  • Ebony Smith
    Ebony Smith 4 місяці тому So lets see, that chicken first gets deep fried, then boiled and then steamed. its bound to be dead by now after going through that process
  • nutty01
    nutty01 4 місяці тому My thoughts exactly wow
  • zhan chuin Yap
    zhan chuin Yap 4 місяці тому Don't forget that freezing part...
  • Jabir Bodruzzaman
    Jabir Bodruzzaman 4 місяці тому Yeah, that chickens been through a lot!
  • Gumby Snacks
    Gumby Snacks 4 місяці тому Thats what makes Oriental cuisine superior than pretentious western cuisines. We dont need no caviar, truffles, edible gold then drowned in olive oil. We heading straight into the flavors.
  • Mario Congost
    Mario Congost 4 місяці тому @Gumby Snacks quien poronga te preguntó papá
  • LRA VllrTnc
    LRA VllrTnc 4 місяці тому Western people complaining how CHINESE FOOD actually cooks. Just enjoy your Fried Chicken, Burger and Fries then.
  • clipzed
    clipzed 3 місяці тому LRA VllrTnc ah yes, European cuisine is just “fried”. It’s like me saying Asian cuisine is just rice and noodle stir fry..
  • Ernest Scribbler
    Ernest Scribbler 3 місяці тому Ebony Smith It should be dead before you start the proses if you doing it right 😀
  • R Cole
    R Cole 1 місяць тому Lots of comments from those who obviously don't know how to cook.
  • R Cole
    R Cole 1 місяць тому You prefer it alive before going to that process? Yes we have one in the philippines. We just dump the live chicken in a furnace first. The hemorrhaging muscles will give a sucullent taste.. or in some regions the chicken is literally hazed to death with a pole, to obtain the same that what you want?
  • Yellyellyell1234 Yellyellyell1234
    Yellyellyell1234 Yellyellyell1234 4 тижні тому Hahaaaa It’s the flavors that seeped into the chicken meat during each process ;). I’m so very hungry !
  • Mimi YuYu
    Mimi YuYu 3 тижні тому The dish should be renamed - 4 seasons of chicken
  • The Food You May Like
    The Food You May Like 4 місяці тому The people who eat this kind of chicken are so lucky !
  • 姿勢分子
    姿勢分子 4 місяці тому come to china,u can eat those food everyday
  • kismyass fu
    kismyass fu 3 місяці тому How many kfc in China again ? JK.
  • Evo296
    Evo296 3 місяці тому @kismyass fu KFD* They eat dogs.
  • Neha Kapoor
    Neha Kapoor 3 місяці тому 1. Instagram @nehakapoormp 2. Facebook page #nehakapooractress 3. Twitter #mumbaineha 4. Tiktok @nehakapoor10august 5. YouTube NEHAKAPOOR007
  • Narendra Rawat
    Narendra Rawat 3 місяці тому @Sulivan Chow someone has said , " you become what you eat". Chinese eat dogs. 🤔
  • Bluec Z
    Bluec Z 2 місяці тому Evo296 dog is just another tasty source of protein, no different from pork or beef. Nobody eats someone’s pet, Chinese never eat pet dogs, there are specific farm dog for meat. If you feel bad for people who eat farmed dogs you should also feel bad coz you eat beef and bacon.
  • 姿勢分子
    姿勢分子 2 місяці тому @I love New Zealand NOT EVERY Chinese eat dog or unique food ! 【There are countless normal foods for you to choose, but you have to eat something that is not normal. This is your own problem. you can't blame others for selling these things.】
  • 姿勢分子
    姿勢分子 2 місяці тому @I love New Zealand If you go to India, you will be banned from eating beef; you go to a Muslim country and you are not allowed to eat pork. Every country has different standards. You don’t even have the freedom to choose food. It’s a pity!
  • MY life for Oblivion
    MY life for Oblivion 1 місяць тому @姿勢分子 , thank you , don't mind them , uneducated humans they are the ones whos leading everyone behind .
  • Yumeka 'Vadam
    Yumeka 'Vadam 4 місяці тому Chef, this was an outstanding video! The videographer did a wonderful job highlighting the recipe and your talent. Haha I do miss the pork!❤🐷
  • Evelyn Yolanda
    Evelyn Yolanda 3 місяці тому I’ll take the chicken cut it into pieces rinse it season it with some adobo and deep fry it. Too much trouble for this plate
  • Alv aiy
    Alv aiy 2 місяці тому Evelyn Yolanda wwwax
  • Tochi Mba
    Tochi Mba 2 місяці тому That's why he is a pro chef...
  • Luis Vargas
    Luis Vargas 2 місяці тому then that’s a completely different recipe dumdum...
  • arush498
    arush498 3 місяці тому I will make in mininum cost Fry chicken & add chest nut Vapour it Delicious food is ready