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Скачать с ютуб French Montana - Bad B*tch ft. Jeremih (Official Music Video)

Опубликовано: 23 февр. 2015 г. 58 067 784 просмотра

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Music video by French Montana performing Bad B*tch. (C) 2015 Bad Boy/Interscope Records
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    Sheena Mcallister 2 years ago (edited) You know there's a Facebook scammer on your profile. You might want to look into it. I've been asked excessively to purchase an ITunes card, from a a person claiming to be you. And it's beyond sketchy because I liked your verified page pictures and follow you. It's not fair because there's a lot of naive people out there. If you really care about your fans, you'd look into the phishing scam that's correlated to your page.😡
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    Aundrae Walton 2 months ago 2020
  • MrJBZY70
    MrJBZY70 2 years ago If someone told you money can’t buy you happiness! It’s cuz they jealous!
  • Logical Chaos01
    Logical Chaos01 1 year ago it's cause they don't have enough money!! lol
  • Timothy Timothy
    Timothy Timothy 7 months ago Mr JBZY70 that's true bcuz I'd rather be miserable in a Rolls Royce than be happy without any money
  • PeaceGod Chief TC 617
    PeaceGod Chief TC 617 6 months ago Right? Thank you
  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones 4 months ago MrJBZY70 that’s da DEVIL on your shoulder making say all that !
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    Maymkench 3 months ago it's true money can't buy you real happiness.
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    avraham vidal 3 months ago Timothy Timothy Amen 🙏 To That Brotha
  • Peaceful Human
    Peaceful Human 1 month ago By happiness you mean beautiful ladies ?
  • Taha amin Abdelkhalki
    Taha amin Abdelkhalki 11 months ago Yo French deserve mad respect, he's streets been having money and staying humble with..... Moroccan from Montreal
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    H. Bee 7 months ago They can never say you don’t have hits 😩💕🔥💪🏾
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    Rick 2 months ago Hits with no feature?
  • Salvy_X
    Salvy_X 3 years ago they say money doesnt bring you happyness,but it can bring you some earth rounded asses,some fast ass cars and houses bigger than my dreams
  • Ben B
    Ben B 3 years ago So true haha
  • Torn nerd
    Torn nerd 3 years ago preach it
  • Ghost
    Ghost 3 years ago Facts
  • Rikki Low
    Rikki Low 3 years ago broke? hold this L bruh! he got more money in his change pot than you got in your bank
  • B Rides
    B Rides 3 years ago and when you die you gon take that round ass booty with you to grave?
  • Cosmios
    Cosmios 3 years ago facts asf
    BUBB RUBB 3 years ago Bitches go for the money. $$$ make bitches do crazy shit.
  • SpoonVTECpower
    SpoonVTECpower 3 years ago thats happyness and thats a happy life
  • twentyfoursevensmoke
    twentyfoursevensmoke 3 years ago they say money cant bring you happiness but I`d rather cry in a phantom
  • Hit
    Hit 3 years ago +SpoonVTECpower technically its happiness not happyness so yeah
  • Baran
    Baran 3 years ago the only people who say that are people who are lying to themselves and are trying oh so hard to believe it
  • ratetouli
    ratetouli 3 years ago Money and Friends/Family is all you need
  • ratetouli
    ratetouli 3 years ago And a loyal bitch who you not gonna find
  • sam almashik
    sam almashik 3 years ago i will pay for that
  • Aboos Kourouma
    Aboos Kourouma 3 years ago absolutly bro
  • Joel Vanegas
    Joel Vanegas 3 years ago this guy has my house on his sun shades
  • twentyfoursevensmoke
    twentyfoursevensmoke 3 years ago @c McKegg so much anger... just come out already
  • Sully
    Sully 3 years ago apostolis633 for real ma nigga
  • LitwithAlly
    LitwithAlly 3 years ago 😂 true
  • Mellowout Vlogs It Out
    Mellowout Vlogs It Out 3 years ago they say money cant dosent bring you happyness, i say neither dose being broke
  • The Gaminggodx12
    The Gaminggodx12 3 years ago so there must not be any ignorant people in your family period sounds like a death sentence... everybody can be ignorant even you so try not too get hit by a car while leaving a comment on youtube even educated people are ignorant
  • Jonathan J
    Jonathan J 3 years ago That makes me smile shit, if that aint happy I don't know what is.
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    Alex Miller 3 years ago hahah im suree...
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    Da Ruler 87 3 years ago I just want round asses
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    Feelbad Soussi Wolfgun DZ 3 years ago addition to your comment have u ever seen someone dealing with asses feeling sad? NO
  • Steve Whitton
    Steve Whitton 3 years ago money dont make no nigga happy. ..just ccomfortable. .real shit
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    Azzeddine H 3 years ago apostolis633 trueeee
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    Alicia Bashir 2 years ago hahahaha
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    baller alert 2 years ago true that
  • Mo-ti-vation
    Mo-ti-vation 2 years ago they say money💰 doesn't bring you Happiness. but it can bring some earth rounded Asses. some fast ass car and houses bigger than my dreams​..
  • joe hutchingz
    joe hutchingz 2 years ago Them that say Money doesnt buy you happiness, They all shit, They just dont know where to shop"
  • Vaibhav Pawar
    Vaibhav Pawar 2 years ago apostolis633 true story
  • Basma Beauty
    Basma Beauty 2 years ago joe hutchingz bhhk
  • Justin Blade
    Justin Blade 2 years ago apostolis633 gah
  • Ntwari Doudou
    Ntwari Doudou 2 years ago apostolis633 bro they say money brings you the happiness but it can't solve all your problems..
  • Tyrell Parsons
    Tyrell Parsons 2 years ago apostolis633 money is to get wealth not wealth itself
  • Nightbot Jr
    Nightbot Jr 2 years ago Trevor Smith You're dumb asf
  • Neghie Thervil
    Neghie Thervil 2 years ago Truer words have never been spoken.
  • Azariyah Harris
    Azariyah Harris 2 years ago apostolis633 true tho
  • Nasrudin Abdulkadir
    Nasrudin Abdulkadir 2 years ago cant bring u eyes to see with or legs to walk with. if u look up, u should look down too. good song though
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    Aida Aguirre 2 years ago apostolis633 116slmoslsmlo
  • Missy Torres
    Missy Torres 2 years ago He is sexy as fuck
  • Missy Torres
    Missy Torres 2 years ago Facts💯🌌💥
  • Missy Torres
    Missy Torres 2 years ago Real words though experience😁
  • Alien Intention
    Alien Intention 2 years ago apostolis633 ...stupid fuck can't even spell correctly in a day when your phone practically spells shit for you.
  • Adam Pollard
    Adam Pollard 2 years ago All that stuff makes you happy thi
  • Bobby White
    Bobby White 2 years ago apostolis63
  • Of Course
    Of Course 2 years ago (edited) apostolis633 true, money can buy life too, when the war started in my country..the Rich ones paid so much to run and the poor could not afford private travel and had to stay and most of them died or survived with traumas ...:(
  • Balvin lopez
    Balvin lopez 2 years ago apostolis hhahaha that’s right bro
  • lilnat1087
    lilnat1087 2 years ago apostolis633 Cc. Cc. Ccvvvvvv. Bob. B.B. only 🤡😤😖😡😤❤️🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈😎🙈😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👅👀👁👃🏼👮🏻‍♀️👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👨‍❤️‍👨🤕🙀🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🤖👻💀☠️👽👾💩👺👹👿😈🤢🤧😷🤕👺💩👻💀🎃😼
  • Mircea Ciocoiu
    Mircea Ciocoiu 2 years ago that's what broke people tell themselves
  • Catherine S. Todd
    Catherine S. Todd 2 years ago (edited) apostolis633 : and all the bills and high maintenance expenses those things come with. Nonstop. Better be ready to pay ALL THE TIME; it ain't for one-hit wonders!
  • F Karaynidis
    F Karaynidis 1 year ago the shizz boy
  • Slo Mo
    Slo Mo 1 year ago Yo
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    NekNek BO55 1 year ago apostolis633 no
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    rella lee 1 year ago @B Rides facts
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    Aaron Toomey 1 year ago apostolis633 35v GB Jug if iv iv iv y79p
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    Sha Beatz 1 year ago @B Rides these hoes aint loyaallll
  • Guillermo Bravo
    Guillermo Bravo 1 year ago Damn this video changed the way I see things....after today Money is my motivation! Keep my mind on my money and money on my mind....
  • Timothy Timothy
    Timothy Timothy 1 year ago apostolis633 you're so right besides we need money to survive
  • Ashley Burgos
    Ashley Burgos 3 weeks ago Salvy_X yeah until you get there, “enjoy it” and then realize you are alone at the end. Realize you are alone, and no asses, no fast cars, and no money loves you.
  • Abdessamad Majdni
    Abdessamad Majdni 1 year ago Any moroccan here 🇲🇦🇲🇦✌️
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    soulayman chhayra 10 months ago hell yea
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    Tyrone 100% Migraine 9 months ago Not me, but shout out to yll 💯
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    17 8 months ago Abdessamad Majdni شوهت سمعه العرب الله يحرقك
    SHiRAZY 7 months ago 🇮🇷🇮🇷 waz goodi
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    Dz Du sud 2 months ago Abdessamad Majdni algerian 🇩🇿👋🏾
  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 2 years ago The beat was incredible and so was the song. Period.
  • bmorebaby76
    bmorebaby76 2 years ago French Montana is so cute 🤗 ,I like how he talks he's got a sexy voice 😙
  • Yxng A
    Yxng A 8 months ago He has auto tune on
  • KraaaHKen
    KraaaHKen 7 months ago Exactly. Talk. Not rap. Smh
    KACHTOUNI 7 months ago French montana no autotune👑 🔥
  • Legacy Reed
    Legacy Reed 1 year ago I’m literally confused cause somebody told me to listen to this song cause it “reminds” them of me💀😂😂😂
    LoNeWoLF DRaGoNSLaYeR 1 year ago Lil Durk an Asap Rocky in this vid
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    Ray Jay 2 weeks ago LoNeWoLF DRaGoNSLaYeR where
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    Kamal Bennani 1 year ago French Montana killed it..🔫💣 Haaaaaaaaann..!👍✌
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    MOHAMED MATJINOUCHE 1 year ago lharbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahhaha
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    reaction and oppinion. 1 year ago قاليك حليوة. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂تخيل فيت بين البيغ وفرانش. ⚡⚡⚡
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    66 سفيان 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂😂
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    othman bk 6 months ago @Marishal bang are you sure 😂😂😂😂
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