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Don’t ruin your song by doing this wrong! Learn a powerful secret to making wider masters.


0:00 Intro
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1:20 What NOT to do
3:12 Why to used mid-side EQ MSEQ
3:22 How to set up your EQ
4:00 How to adjust mid and side EQ when mastering
5:12 High shelf vs bell EQ nodes
6:02 How \u0026 why to remove sides from your sub frequencies
7:04 How to progressively widen the upper mids and high end of your master
8:17 Mastering EQ should be subtle - here’s how
8:56 How to use a freeware EQ mid-side EQ to do this
9:54 Mastering doesn’t create stereo width, it enhances existing width
10:38 Outro


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In this video, Ableton Certified Trainer Ian Gallagher shows how to use Mid-side EQ (aka MSEQ) to add width to your song during the mastering process. He starts by showing a typical example of what not to do: i.e. throw Utility on your master channel and turn the knob to the right. This approach can be adequate sometimes, but it can quickly sound dreadful. Utility is too blunt a tool for mastering.

Instead, you can use Live's built-in EQ Eight by switching it to Mid-Side mode and then adding/subtracting frequencies. This technique is a much more tasteful and sophisticated approach since it allows you to be very precise.

Using bells, shelves, and high/low-pass filters (as well as your ears), you can widen or narrow your mix precisely to your song's requirements. Mid-side EQ is how most professional mastering engineers give songs an extra sonic polish, and it's a method you'll surely want to add to your skillset.

And if you don't use Ableton Live, Ian also shows how you can use a freeware EQ plugin (TDR's NOVA) to get very similar results.

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