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Скачать с ютуб Can Iron Man Ever Be Knocked Out? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Опубликовано: 5 мая 2016 г. 1 063 561 просмотр

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Captain America Civil War is upon us and we’ve seen Iron Man take some punishment in the trailers so far, but can he ever really be knocked out? Kyle takes a swing on this week’s Because Science!

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  • glichjthebicycle
    glichjthebicycle 3 years ago Am I the only one that watches only "Because Science" on this channel?
  • Joshua Osei
    Joshua Osei 3 years ago I do the same ^-^
  • Abdulrahman Kroomi
    Abdulrahman Kroomi 3 years ago Nope
  • RolandsSh
    RolandsSh 3 years ago +BlizzardPixel I started with only "Because Science", but I really like Dan Cave and Nerdist News as well. They're cool and fun shows, give them a try! I tried watching Nerdist Play With Malik, but I don't really play videogames. He does seem like a cool dude though.
  • aminthezone
    aminthezone 3 years ago I only watch this series too
  • Y.R.K Jamal
    Y.R.K Jamal 3 years ago I do too
  • Aashish Pokharel
    Aashish Pokharel 3 years ago Saaaàmmeee..
  • Kritagya Nayyar
    Kritagya Nayyar 3 years ago sameee
  • Steelmage99
    Steelmage99 3 years ago +BlizzardPixel Is there anything else?...serious question.
  • Chipper McManus
    Chipper McManus 3 years ago I do
    BLADESTER128 3 years ago +BlizzardPixel I used to watch cops skyrim but that was while ago. Now though, yeah, just this.
    BECAUSE I'M SPIDERMAN 3 years ago me too
  • MrCalamine t
    MrCalamine t 3 years ago +BlizzardPixel i didnt realize that there was anything else until you mentioned it
  • anifan1326
    anifan1326 3 years ago +BlizzardPixel Nope. I only watch "Because Science" too. This is partly because I love science and partly because Kyle's very, very awesome!!
  • Silver Silva
    Silver Silva 3 years ago Me too
  • Jess_Marie_G
    Jess_Marie_G 3 years ago I only found Because Science because if Celebrity Bowling.
  • Drus
    Drus 3 years ago They post other things?
  • The King
    The King 3 years ago +Drus Right? 😂
  • PopcornDude 20
    PopcornDude 20 3 years ago Lol me too
  • glichjthebicycle
    glichjthebicycle 3 years ago See? XD
  • MegaMGstudios
    MegaMGstudios 3 years ago me too
  • Nuwbers
    Nuwbers 3 years ago BlizzardPixel no
  • DudeRyanDude
    DudeRyanDude 3 years ago No I only watch bs ohhhhhhhhhhh BS Because science oh wow!
  • vincent schuurhof
    vincent schuurhof 3 years ago didint know the channel had other video until now kek
  • Novel Enchantment
    Novel Enchantment 3 years ago I only watch Because Science too XD.
  • Operator 801
    Operator 801 3 years ago Same, and LOVE IT!!! I'm only here for Science Thor.
  • William
    William 3 years ago same man
  • A D
    A D 3 years ago BlizzardPixel 2 M subs ? hello ?!
  • Mona Grady
    Mona Grady 3 years ago BlizzardPixel I didn't even know there was other things
  • Sci Fience
    Sci Fience 3 years ago there are more people who watch this channel for "because science" than that "nerdist news"
  • Awesome Guy
    Awesome Guy 3 years ago BlizzardPixel this is the only thing that I actually watch on this channel
  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 2 years ago BlizzardPixel nope
  • Jack Pryde-Covey
    Jack Pryde-Covey 2 years ago BlizzardPixel nah I'm included
  • Inniyew Tesfaw
    Inniyew Tesfaw 2 years ago nope i watch this ALL the time
  • Carlos Arrache Gaming
    Carlos Arrache Gaming 2 years ago did you know that liquid oxygen can be used as a super conductor its also magnetic
  • Jacz The hedgod
    Jacz The hedgod 2 years ago NOPE
  • ElijahTommy 777
    ElijahTommy 777 2 years ago PlayboyZed what rank r u on league of legends?
  • Eric johnson
    Eric johnson 2 years ago Jacz The hedgod There are other things on this channel?
  • TheWarrior2387
    TheWarrior2387 2 years ago no
  • Simon
    Simon 2 years ago PlayboyZed This is why i subbed to this channel i don't watch other stuff only because science
  • Ash Greninja
    Ash Greninja 2 years ago PlayboyZed nope u are not I am there 4 ur company
  • RevolutionTV
    RevolutionTV 2 years ago Wait this chanel does other stuff
  • jingerstorm
    jingerstorm 2 years ago its the only reason i know "nerdist" exist
  • AtrophyBelladonna
    AtrophyBelladonna 1 year ago You mean there's other things on this channel?
  • Josh Scherer
    Josh Scherer 2 months ago Theres other shows on this channel?
  • Linus Rising
    Linus Rising 1 month ago nope
  • Marcos Danilo
    Marcos Danilo 3 years ago something you overlooked at that first statement, iron man doesnt need to go from mk1 to 0, since both fighters are also at similar speeds, he just need to slowdown enough to allow them to pass him.
  • JDC
    JDC 3 years ago It's Thor talking about Cap and Iron Man... Hmmm.
  • Shadow Marco
    Shadow Marco 1 year ago This needs WAY MORE LIKES
  • Kashfy Zul
    Kashfy Zul 3 years ago if iron man passes the sound barrier and comes to a complete stop and is immune to knockouts, and the flash runs faster than light and is seen to come to a complete halt as well, shouldn't the flash be immune to knockouts as well, if not more than iron man?
  • daRkNezZ
    daRkNezZ 2 years ago no since he slows down time for himself which means to him hes just running and stopping like u would normally
  • Sanstheske1eton
    Sanstheske1eton 2 years ago Kashfy Zul The Speedforce protects him. No thats literally it, thats the excuse people make. Same reason he creates less friction when running.
  • James Jacobs
    James Jacobs 2 years ago The flash controls kinetic energy on a subatomic level. And the speedforce allows him to do it without being a super genius. He is immune to being knocked out. He can literally phase through solid matter and/or make things explode by touching them. If he saw an attack coming that wasnt magic or didnt otherwise break physics (he's in a bad universe for that) then it cannot really hurt him.
  • Invincible Jawa
    Invincible Jawa 1 year ago dont quote me, but i think since he is on the ground gravity is already pulling him??????????
  • Occasional Snipa
    Occasional Snipa 1 year ago Well the Flash is dumb and Iron man is grounded to reality.
  • Invincible Jawa
    Invincible Jawa 1 year ago iaght
  • Reach Leng
    Reach Leng 1 year ago The speed force
  • Invincible Jawa
    Invincible Jawa 1 year ago reach lang well that still wont stop him he still would go flying
  • Invincible Jawa
    Invincible Jawa 1 year ago oh
  • andy hilaire
    andy hilaire 1 year ago Kashfy Zul no because the flash has the speed forces which protect him from gravity
  • Erick López
    Erick López 1 year ago Kashfy Zul i think i heard that the speedforce give him a shield to protect him from this things when superspeed
  • Reese Nelson
    Reese Nelson 1 year ago Kashfy Zul iron man isn’t real so no I don’t think he can be knocked out
  • Dmitry Jean
    Dmitry Jean 1 year ago Kashfy Zul no, because he isn't immune to knockouts, the speed force protects him from the consequences of momentum when he uses it to run.
  • Dmitry Jean
    Dmitry Jean 1 year ago James Jacobs you're mixing "having answers to attacks" for "being immune to being knocked out." He can and has been knocked out. Also your phrasing was incorrect when it came to his abilities. It happens.
  • GongsunXin
    GongsunXin 1 year ago its impossible ; iron mans costume doesnt rly change anything except the strength of its neck can reduce the impact
  • Swastik Swarup Das
    Swastik Swarup Das 1 year ago flash has the speedforce , and quicksilver has gravitation control powers
  • Zaid
    Zaid 8 months ago The funny thing is Iron Man has even crossed the light barrier multiple times in the comics, he even has a suit that can achieve warp speed. Iron Man even outran a black hole once and he still ALWAYS comes out perfectly fine lol
  • Zatharos
    Zatharos 3 years ago Most likely his suits have an active dampening system reason because spoilers In Civil War Rhodey is knocked out of the sky but loser consciousness when his suit loses power. Now when Rhodey is flying obviously thats not a problem so the conclusion is that the dampening is an active part of the suit probably using some sort of dampening field within the suit to hold all his organs in place and to absorb shocks
  • Shanee Bahera
    Shanee Bahera 3 years ago +Cladyton Cortina yeah you are right but why is the most important part of the iron man armour exposed like that rhodey almost died because of that design and he lost to cap because he jammed his shield into the reactor. why could he have covered it with some sort of hatch
  • Ray S
    Ray S 3 years ago +Shanee Bahera well, in Rhodey's case, it was (spoiler) Vision's weird super stone laser thingy. Second, Tony doesn't need the Arc Reactor to keep the shrapnel from his heart anymore, as that was removed in Iron Man 3. Which brings us to the next point the reactor is now inside the chest plate itself, making it hard to cover up without a weird bulge, and it would block the unibeam. Further, I'd like to point out that Cap has been treated with the Super Soldier serum, making him stronger than a normal man, combined with his vibranium shield making a potent source of sheer kinetic power.
  • GongsunXin
    GongsunXin 1 year ago impossible
  • Ephemis Priest
    Ephemis Priest 3 years ago Thankfully, Iron Man has a great big off switch sticking out of the middle of his chest.
  • P.J. Pless
    P.J. Pless 3 years ago +Ephemis Priest And...your comment has just been liked. :-)
  • doctor99268
    doctor99268 2 years ago Ephemis Priest lol, Foreshadowing much?
    ALEK PRODUCTIONS 2 years ago Ephemis Priest iron man has other power sources on his armor it used to be all dependent on the arc reactor but now even if you damage it the armor will still have power
  • Roman Gaming
    Roman Gaming 1 year ago It’s not an off switch
  • Token Black
    Token Black 1 year ago Roman Gaming Well I mean if he dies it’s a human off-switch.
  • erykmon
    erykmon 1 year ago Yes and no think to brake his Hart but instead hit the face because lazy writing
  • Atomshapeshifter A
    Atomshapeshifter A 1 year ago Ephemis Priest I mean the Fuck was that, you’d think that it would be better protected
  • Kelpy G.
    Kelpy G. 3 years ago Genie - "What is your one wish?" Me - "to be super fast!" Genie - "very well" Me - "YAY!!" Runs away, than turns to go another direction and dies.
  • Omega _Dragonis
    Omega _Dragonis 1 year ago morning bekfast bad idea since you wouldn't exist
  • The Gaytheist
    The Gaytheist 1 year ago @duck0_1 even if Jesus existed, he was tortured to death.
  • duck0_1
    duck0_1 1 year ago @The Gaytheist yeah true
  • Jamematen2
    Jamematen2 3 years ago Not bad but even if Iron Man could replicate something like that his human structure would still be weak against rapid neck torsions and changes in the blood pressure inside the brain. Simply put his brain is way to big and ill-conceived to that purpouse. The helmet would also be weackened because you have to focus on a point of impact to acomodate all structures arround forces from that direction, so hits from the side or back would still be a really big problem. Also the need to make if flexible would increase the chances of it crushing under continuous pressure. Ironically a human apex like Capitan America would be a far better candidate to use the armor than Iron Man, not only for the biological advanced but also training. But hey, it's technology and comics, don't try for even one second to make sense out of it.
  • Grega Meglic
    Grega Meglic 3 years ago +Jamematen2 Well if memory serves me right, Starks weapons are repulsors. Hes basically shooting people round with something like an anti-gravity blast. Meaning he can easily be suseptible to the tried old inertia dampeners that have been used in science fiction for ages now.
  • RadiatingRedstone
    RadiatingRedstone 3 years ago +Grega Meglic I thought that the arc reactor created a super powerful self contained magnetic field within the suit that keeps Tony's brain in place when experiencing massive accelerating or deceleration.
  • Edin743
    Edin743 3 years ago Jamematen2 but what if iron man somehow created a device that negates force?
  • Cody Hines
    Cody Hines 2 years ago Like Vibranium?
  • Chinedu Opara
    Chinedu Opara 3 years ago So woodpecker beaks are made out of Vibranium?
  • Werewolf Korra
    Werewolf Korra 3 years ago indeed
  • Chinedu Opara
    Chinedu Opara 3 years ago @noobmaster117 Nice. Very nice. Nature never ceases to amaze me. XD
  • Mr. Al
    Mr. Al 3 years ago "Do you mean a European or Wakandan woodpecker?"
  • Chinedu Opara
    Chinedu Opara 3 years ago @Albert Johfur Both :)
  • Mr. Al
    Mr. Al 3 years ago @Chinedu Opara BUT! Can you tell me the peck-speed velocity of an unladen woodpecker? Huh? [email protected][email protected]
  • Werewolf Korra
    Werewolf Korra 3 years ago @Albert Johfur European or Wakandan?
  • Mr. Al
    Mr. Al 3 years ago @noobmaster117 !? Shit....
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  • Eugene InLaw
    Eugene InLaw 2 years ago Chinedu Opara jokes aside, solid objects like steel beams for example can easily overcome thousands of g's, even tens of thousands
  • small pupper
    small pupper 2 years ago That would be VERY bad if it exploded
  • Bajiruバジル
    Bajiruバジル 1 year ago Chinedu Opara HORY SHIEEEEEEET!!
  • TheKillerAwokeBeforeDawn
    TheKillerAwokeBeforeDawn 1 year ago Uh, duh..
  • Dude Bro
    Dude Bro 1 year ago Mr. Al “We wuz vuhbraineeuhm n shii”
  • Ancient Hoplite
    Ancient Hoplite 1 year ago Well duh, who doesn't know that?
  • John7Uzumaki
    John7Uzumaki 3 years ago Dude or Thor (whatever your name is) I discovered your channel about a week ago and I have to say I instantly got hooked up with your in depth scientific point of view explanation of fiction-facts.. Keep this wondeful channel up it is source of immense fun but also knowledge.. Sincerely a fan of yours! P.S. "The Iron Woodpecker", man imagine how big of a marketing flop this name would be :P
  • John Cox
    John Cox 3 years ago Still, that is a lot forces on Tony's head, but given that he created a recoilless energy hand canon, I figured that he just stood up inertia on a date and isn't answering his phone. Also, the Star Wars "lasers" are supposed to be plasma bolts that explode on impact. Or maybe that's just the bowcaster.
  • Monday's insanity
    Monday's insanity 3 years ago only bowcasters have a solid center "lasers" are plasma
  • BigB
    BigB 3 years ago he was never knocked out in the whole movie damn the suit is realy strong
  • George Perakis
    George Perakis 3 years ago +M0HAMED-GAMER XD Meanwhile, the Hulkbuster straight-up KO'd the HULK in Age of Ultron.
  • BigB
    BigB 3 years ago @George Perakis thats some scary shit
  • Xeta6
    Xeta6 2 years ago M0HAMED-Immortal infinity war is out now and it looks like Thanos knocked his ass out Lmao
  • cole hoover
    cole hoover 2 years ago Lol looks like Thanos IS that 1000x stronger than an average person
  • Stormspark
    Stormspark 2 years ago It doesn't matter how strong the suit is. Unless he has some freaky tech that can cancel out gravity and inertia, if you hit him hard enough to accelerate the suit by about 10g, even if the suit is completely undamaged, he's gonna die from acceleration injuries.
  • I’m a little bitch
    I’m a little bitch 1 year ago CMPLX16 he didn’t knock him out though. He just stabbed him. It doesn’t factor in the fact that he didn’t knock him out enough to make him unconscious.
  • • Phantom
    • Phantom 1 year ago Even in Infinity War. Stark didn't lost consciousness...
  • I’m a little bitch
    I’m a little bitch 1 year ago Angelo Castillo literally what I said...
  • GongsunXin
    GongsunXin 1 year ago strong doesnt help with brain trauma
  • Djrocks Gaming
    Djrocks Gaming 9 months ago BigB Neither was Captain America, though.
  • Zaid
    Zaid 8 months ago ​@Djrocks Gaming Captain America has been knocked out multiple times, heck he got knocked out by Iron Man himself in Age of Ultron and it only took one single repulsor blast
  • Will Hogan
    Will Hogan 3 years ago I swear, if this guy was Aussie, he would be Thor, there is no argument in that
  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 3 years ago Captain America doesn't have super strength. His abilities are the maximum a human can exhibit, but are not considered super human. So, he is stronger than any other human you'll encounter in the comic world. Like Batman, it's all training, grit and determination. That's one reason he's endured for decades. Kyle keeps referring to Cap having 5-10 times normal strength, but that not correct. Cap can bench about 1200 pounds. That's only a few pounds more than the world record inthe real world. Love the series though.
  • Fishie Fish
    Fishie Fish 2 years ago Brad Smith comic book cap is not the same as movie cap. He’s referring to movie cap in this video
  • Jacob Frashure
    Jacob Frashure 3 years ago The Iron wood pecker? Why not just take out the word wo.... Ohhhhh. I see now.
  • Ryan Irwin
    Ryan Irwin 3 years ago Haha yeah, but I don't know. There is something called an ironwood tree. it wouldn't be too awful.
  • JuliusKing
    JuliusKing 3 years ago Thought he was taking out the word "wood" since ironman is not made of wood (nor iron but that's besides the point) creating the Iron Pecker, which is... yeah.
  • Lin Yen Chin
    Lin Yen Chin 2 years ago !!? AM I misunderstanding... I thought Jacob was looking at it like a dirty joke, "iron wood pecker" = phallic reference, in essence a vibrator, those mechanical dildos....
  • PurpleCircleMan
    PurpleCircleMan 3 years ago Iron man actually does have a superpower. His reflexes and reaction time are nearly instant and since his body needs to move for his reflexes he kind of has superspeed. But only in his arms.
  • Broken Jesuit
    Broken Jesuit 3 years ago What about War Machine?
  • Isiac Artison
    Isiac Artison 3 years ago Broken Jesuit same thing
  • GongsunXin
    GongsunXin 1 year ago war machine is in prison
  • Aaron Reichert
    Aaron Reichert 3 years ago So about the knockback from a blaster bolt... if the bolt instantly vaporizes a bit of armor and flesh and whatever else you have the opposite force. The blaster bolt may have virtually no mass but the vaporized impact point has mass and travels away from the stormtrooper with good speed. Laser ablative rockets use the same principle (I think they are only a theory)
  • Jamie Moore
    Jamie Moore 3 years ago +Aaron Reichert I remember researching something about this at one point for fun, and found that most blasters in the Star Wars universe actually fire superheated tiny projectiles. And that it isn't an energy weapon per se, but that happens to be the residule particles of the superheated tiny mass going through the air that makes it look like a 'laser' bolt. Of course, that changes in The Force Awakens when Kylo Ren stopped that blaster bolt in mid-air, and we got a close up look at it. Likewise, the Wookie bowcaster fires a larger projectile, hence the increased force behind the bolt. Of course, all the lore and 'science' behind it changes depending on whose writing, huh.
  • Frosty.
    Frosty. 3 years ago 1:10 (or so) He's not coming to a stop, or slowing down a massive amount. He's just slowing down enough that relative to the jets (which are basically on top of him) seem to buzz past. If you're on the highway and someone in the next lane right in front of you slams on the brakes, they pretty much vanish instantly. That doesn't mean they came to a complete stop, or even slowed down that much.
  • RyanTheRoo 117
    RyanTheRoo 117 3 years ago (edited) 1195km/h is 331.9 (rounding to first decimal) once you know that (and the earths gravitational constant(9.8m/s2) then you can put it in to an equation: 331.9/9.8sqr/.01=345.585. round up and you have 350g's even if he didn't come to a complete stop, which the above calculation assumes is the case (deceleration over 1/10 of a second). The deceleration would still impart mindbogglingly harsh forces on him.
  • Frosty.
    Frosty. 3 years ago Jets = Accelerating Him = Accelerating Then Jets = Accelerating More Him = Decelerating all of that just makes it look like they blast forward
  • RyanTheRoo 117
    RyanTheRoo 117 3 years ago @***** It's fine, so long as we're all having fun.
  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill 3 years ago The suit could work by holding Stark's head AND his brain in a force field. This would prevent the brain from hitting the skull and inducing concussion. Even if this was technically possible you still have the problem of G-force and blood draining or a surge to the brain under acceleration\deceleration. You would have to allow for the suit to have a complicated force field fluid dynamics to correct imbalances within Stark's body. This could be technically possible if force fields existed. Force fields and inertial damping, in many senses, negate the laws of physics and so the universe falls apart.
  • Kami Nana
    Kami Nana 3 years ago How do you know Iron Man stopped completely in that scene? Looked like to me that he just hit the "air brakes" and slowed down to let the jets rocket past him....not stopped.