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Скачать с ютуб Work in Peace | Beautiful Chill Mix

Опубликовано: 22 июл. 2019 г. 274 311 просмотров

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enjoy a beautiful chill music...
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00:00:00 • Hazy - Glow
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00:05:54 • Amann - A New Beginning Part 1
00:08:25 • Startle The Heavens - Come Back To Me
00:14:05 • Kyle McEvoy & Philip G Anderson - As With The Night Sky
00:16:32 • Promethex - The Beacon
00:22:48 • Braak - Maaloey
00:26:08 • Antarctic Wastelands - Into Silence
00:28:58 • A Cerulean State - Snöfall
00:32:51 • Evocativ - Separated
00:36:49 • Koronis - Weave
00:39:24 • Diego Guarnieri - Rising
00:42:54 • Aether - Fade Away
00:46:12 • Elskavon - Letting Go
00:51:43 • Lexis - Nothing Remains To Be Said
00:56:46 • Sublab - My Heart Stops, When I See You

01:03:40 • AK - Reaching for the Clouds
01:07:31 • Delectatio - 1994
Image by — Gabriel Sollmann

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    BLUME 8 months ago (edited) My Gaming Channel -
  • Lisa Starseed Expat
    Lisa Starseed Expat 4 months ago Picture reminds me of British Columbia. So excited to move back home🇨🇦
  • Moe Jaber
    Moe Jaber 3 months ago Same! Currently in Kelowna and I'd love walking in the forest listening to this.
  • David Litterello
    David Litterello 5 months ago This music changes my mood. I am relaxed and uplifted! Wow!
  • Annabelle __
    Annabelle __ 4 months ago Same here! :)
  • samfisher170
    samfisher170 8 months ago Quickly becoming one of my favorite channels. Little to no Ads. Great tracks, and overall fantastic songs for any vibes/moods. 🙌🏽
  • Charles Parnell
    Charles Parnell 4 months ago Years turn into months.... months turn into days.... days turn into hours.... hours turn into minutes.... and minutes turn into seconds.... so much of our time is wasted on right thinking and peace of mind that we never try the new things. The crazy stuff. The out going stuff. Live today like it was your last.... go explore! Do what makes you happy! Don’t waist your time on worrying about what’s gonna happen next.... you’ve just gotta let go and see the world! See new people! Make new friends world wide! So my dear brothers and sisters.... let us not be held back by our primitive thinking... let us thrive in a new life governed by no rules.... love you all and may the universe be with you! ❤️
  • Ms. Maryam
    Ms. Maryam 1 month ago In first line I thought you were talking about procrastination
  • Charles Breyne
    Charles Breyne 8 months ago Je me sent bien quand j'écoute ceci 😍
  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore 3 months ago This gives me such a sense of notalgia
  • erienspice
    erienspice 3 months ago This has helped me get into a typing grove for my Christmas story, so thank you for the beautiful mix.
  • Flying Potato
    Flying Potato 1 month ago Sunday music....for relaxing and staring into the endless void.
  • iNeedNew
    iNeedNew 1 month ago 32:57 love
  • Annabelle __
    Annabelle __ 5 months ago This is the music I want to hear when I go out with my dog ​​and enjoy the sunset. This kind of music makes me feel incredibly good. <3
  • Moe Jaber
    Moe Jaber 3 months ago this is something I want soo bad
  • zhaosi Niclas
    zhaosi Niclas 4 months ago its perfect if it is a video, i can even image that dreamland alike, but too clear to move me!!!!
  • Yifan Weng
    Yifan Weng 4 months ago best part starts 33:20
  • Lihlumelo Bikwani
    Lihlumelo Bikwani 7 months ago I seriously appreciate these mixes so much, perfect for doing any type of work. Thank you Blume!
  • Dorka Vincze
    Dorka Vincze 7 months ago Hazy,Sublab,Aether,AK and Evocativ in the same video? Perfect for me <3
  • elwo123
    elwo123 4 months ago love this music
  • Val Yukhnenko
    Val Yukhnenko 8 months ago Great job! Awesome! Keep creating! I enjoy doing piano improvisation. Music is something that uplifts all the time when I feel down... Welcome to visit my channel!
  • Veev Okafor
    Veev Okafor 8 months ago you deserve more subs! seriously. thank you blume. I love this, and i love u ^.^
  • Victória Bauer
    Victória Bauer 7 months ago Thank you so much for this.
  • Amanda Thompson
    Amanda Thompson 8 months ago Loving @57:40 through the end! More of this!!! Love your channel!!