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Скачать с ютуб What is The Core of it all? 11-10-2019

Опубликовано: 10 нояб. 2019 г. 4 160 просмотров

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FIELD MCCONNELL Arrested: PICAZIOgate Blown Wide Open!


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  • Jan Swing
    Jan Swing 3 недели назад I've been following Field McConnell since the Sharon Tate murders. He was outing his sister, Christine Marcey even then as being involved with Hillary Clinton and pedaphilia. He also explained the dastardly practice of using Snuff Films to document all of the satanic sacrifices
  • Marcia Roth
    Marcia Roth 3 недели назад As it is written, There shall be no other gods before me. The way, the truth, the light FATHER SON HOLY SPIRIT , KING of kings, LORD of lords, no other way to eternal life, only through the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST THE PRECIOUS LAMB OF GOD ALMIGHTY CREATOR OF ALL THINGS LIVING.
  • Cheryl Andrews
    Cheryl Andrews 3 недели назад (изменено) Marcia Roth ~ Amen, Amen, Amen !!!
  • Mike Stephens
    Mike Stephens 3 недели назад Include Liz Crokin your prayers as well. She's definitely on the front of Pedogate.
  • Victoria Langford
    Victoria Langford 3 недели назад (изменено) Jesus said, Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for to such belongeth the kingdom of heaven. Heaven belongs to the children. Satan’s plan was to kill all the children being born. I believe there is a hidden secret behind this having to do with the last step of the soul’s evolvement in the great mysteries of light mentioned in Pistis Sophia and in the New Testament.
  • Will Willis
    Will Willis 3 недели назад Amen , Victoria Langford
  • Debi Rhodes
    Debi Rhodes 3 недели назад @Will Willis yes, amen.
  • Will Willis
    Will Willis 3 недели назад @Debi Rhodes ; Hi Debi Rhodes , Donald J Trump 🇺🇸 holds the Trump cards , at his discretion. Much love Will 🇺🇸 wwg1wga🇺🇸🛡️ ⚔️⚖️🕯️
  • Joyce Bippus
    Joyce Bippus 3 недели назад Hi Jed, I want to make sure that all your listeners know and you too, that field knew what he was doing he was baiting them and it was planned!! They took the bait, like Q says, they are stupid!!! It's all gonna work out but we could use the prayers, thank you🙏
  • Will Willis
    Will Willis 3 недели назад Praying 🙏
  • TheGrowingAwareness
    TheGrowingAwareness 3 недели назад I think you are right ... I said the same thing in the comments above this .... and in comments of the last video I made
  • Teresa Huston
    Teresa Huston 3 недели назад Our job is to teach our children the truth about this world. Schools and History books are not trustworthy. Glad you are back. Heal well.
  • Soulful Truth
    Soulful Truth 3 недели назад The geological timeline of millions and billions of years is a psy-op, the timeline from ice cores, carbon dating, Egyptology, etc., is a psy-op, the historical timeline of thousands and thousands of years is a psy-op, the fake biblical timeline of 6,000 years is also a psy-op - the timeline lies cloak the true timeline which the predatory parasitic hybrids do not want the public to know - the true timeline for our human history and the true timeline for our Earth's continents, oceans and ocean trenches, the true timeline for our Earth's broken and subducted tectonic plates, mountains, glaciers, ice shelves, cataclysms is available to those who love truth - the evidence is voluminous as it is clearly documented in hundreds of independent historic documents, written in over a dozen languages from all across our Earth and is corroborated by thousands of other independent sources.
  • Mr. Trump's Russia Advisor
    Mr. Trump's Russia Advisor 3 недели назад Let’s be praying for Field and legal team (Kirk & Chris) to fully receive the mind of Christ and proceed with wisdom and understanding- to file motions overturning the arrest & extradition... also a spirit of counsel and might ... giving thanks for promises of God to meet every need.. Philippians 4.
  • Cathy Adams
    Cathy Adams 3 недели назад I believe this was known to Field. Hell, he was goading them into this arrest for a LONG time!
  • n Anon
    n Anon 3 недели назад Don't be sorry Jeremiah. You have done nothing but good! I know what it's like to have those sharp stings of pain... All the more reason why I appreciate your great work! Don't overdo it. Your health is important. Father Bless you!
  • TheGrowingAwareness
    TheGrowingAwareness 3 недели назад Father bless you as well!
  • Marcia Roth
    Marcia Roth 3 недели назад California the meaning, definition is "hot oven".
  • T Snow
    T Snow 3 недели назад How better to expose all this, Fields kidnapping has drawn massive attention to these people and Florida. Field is due in court on 2nd December in Florida, Field is going to blow so much wide open, have no doubt about it. Think how Polk country Sherriff had to do a press conference on the paedophiles including Disney employees, Florida is crawling with these sick demons. Drain the Swamp.
  • Eagle Arrow
    Eagle Arrow 3 недели назад I just saw that today about Polk County, FL
  • T Snow
    T Snow 3 недели назад @Eagle Arrow Heart-breaking those poor children, This is a global issue, these sick people are everywhere. It's about time they were burning in hell. Children are precious.
  • Regina Kellum
    Regina Kellum 3 недели назад No need for apology TGA, we very much appreciate you coming on to share with us!! WWG1WGA. Continued prayers for you and yours, brother. ❤🙏THANK YOU JESUS! 🙏🙏❤
  • TheGrowingAwareness
    TheGrowingAwareness 3 недели назад Thank you very much for the prayers!
  • Steve a
    Steve a 3 недели назад Absolutely , GET IN AND STAY IN The Word ! Jed has an anointing on him , I can attest to that , the Holy Spirit is out of time , and collectively teaches us all things , but WE MUST HAVE THE Logos / written Word in us, to draw upon/ bring to our remembrance , to witness and confirm the Ramah Word !
  • ShirleyQ
    ShirleyQ 3 недели назад (изменено) I love all of your videos. A couple things you can look into. I do not think Field housed Timothy. Timothy was driven there to speak on McConnell’s radio being driven by somebody from Trumps administration. FM knew that Timothy was being held offsite and protected. Field was not with Kirk P in FL. Kim P approached Kirk. I know one of the violations on the warrant Kirk was reading to us was violence by Field in Florida, Broward county, when he was never present.One other note I think Field was called into active duty by Trump. Field wanted to retire and he said the president said you can retire November 11. Field just wants to be with his wife and they are separated because of this whole bringing down of the corruption pedophilia. PS his wife went back home to UK.
  • Cheryl Hyman
    Cheryl Hyman 3 недели назад If you have the Holy Spirit then He will always lead you to the truth please seek Him
  • Karen Reaves
    Karen Reaves 3 недели назад (изменено) Love Field, 🙏♟♥️. Praying for God’s blessings upon you, that you’re ankle heals quickly and with little pain. 🙏 I live in Florida, many traff I king arrests are happening and linked to Broward. Polk county is one hour from Disney.
  • TheGrowingAwareness
    TheGrowingAwareness 3 недели назад (изменено) Thank you for the update in Florida and the prayers
  • Steve a
    Steve a 3 недели назад Must know info on the actual LAW off the land that will open eyes and set us free from the deception , slavery and lawlessness that has kept us in bondage can be found here: type in yt search box - David Straight - Arkansas Class 1 of 3 (volume fixed ) . ok there is like 3 videos , then he has a casual testimonial vid with a person he got out of a 20 yr , prison sentence ! This is vital information Beloved ! learn and pass on , be blessed !
  • Grey eyed Jewel
    Grey eyed Jewel 3 недели назад @Steve a Hello, my friend!!! Miss you on Livestream chatroom!!! Hope you are well!!! Still in my prayers!!! Much love and respect!!!!
  • Karen Reaves
    Karen Reaves 3 недели назад Everyone attacking Field is involved with child traff I king. Monty attacked Roseanne and demanded she was fired. She was exposing him.
  • TheGrowingAwareness
    TheGrowingAwareness 3 недели назад I have heard that about him attacking rossane but haven't seen where people are getting that info from at this point. Rosanne is doing here own work on youtube and helping awaken people though
  • Chris Witmer
    Chris Witmer 3 недели назад (изменено) Look what they are doing now to the president with this latest coup. These people are sick. Good versus evil.
  • Sammie Walker
    Sammie Walker 3 недели назад We the people don’t have a grasp on so many things.
  • TheGrowingAwareness
    TheGrowingAwareness 3 недели назад We have been lied to all of our lives. We The people are both waking up and re-learning everything. Will take time for people to get to the full truth of things.
  • Eagle Arrow
    Eagle Arrow 3 недели назад People are too busy working, no one can chat about politics anymore without being triggered or going off the handle. This was not the case 12 years ago. I did not not invite people because of their political affiliation. In school yard, Mom's are now divided by political alliances. When our oldest went to school this was not a thing and we never asked people their party affiliation. People were above this. United we stand divided we fall.