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Скачать с ютуб The life of a SOMBRA player

Опубликовано: 8 янв. 2018 г. 5 578 395 просмотров

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  • AndrewJRT
    AndrewJRT 2 years ago Enjoyed producing this one, a like would be very much predicated! ♥♥♥ Join ma Discord: Do it.
  • Astrid Moreta
    Astrid Moreta 2 years ago (edited) I got so triggered when you said that Sombra came from Sombrero lol
  • Seto Kaiba
    Seto Kaiba 2 years ago Andrew JRT make a video with BestAtNothing please you gonna be perfect :3
  • Oliver Andrews
    Oliver Andrews 2 years ago Where are you from Andrew?
  • Kanna Kamui420
    Kanna Kamui420 2 years ago Andrew JRT you should do that with a enemy sombra so could say you're dead and chases sombra
  • William Greenway
    William Greenway 2 years ago P R E D I C A T E D
  • Gl1tchy G4m3r
    Gl1tchy G4m3r 2 years ago Andrew JRT , music at 2:55 ??
  • No More Time
    No More Time 2 years ago Andrew JRT porque la musica esa que me gusta.
  • UHCYo 12
    UHCYo 12 2 years ago Andrew JRT whats your dpi
  • Andrea Testa
    Andrea Testa 2 years ago I love sombra
  • Mr Watermelon The Exotic
    Mr Watermelon The Exotic 2 years ago Andrew JRT DO SOMBRA ON DRUGS
  • Coleman Scollard
    Coleman Scollard 2 years ago not one of your subscribers needed a run down on sombra's abilities, but more andrew is always welcome. (Also sombra = shadow in spanish)
  • NintendoWarrior
    NintendoWarrior 2 years ago I would totally join ur d8scord to play overwatch with u guys, maybe maybe not, if i could play on pc, buuuuuut i can only play overwatch on xbox one
  • tunes
    tunes 2 years ago explosive10 its appreciated
  • ThisGuy
    ThisGuy 2 years ago Hwy and the songs?
  • Bor3d AndSadn3ss
    Bor3d AndSadn3ss 2 years ago That Persona adolescentes orquesta me gusta
  • Billy bouncemane
    Billy bouncemane 2 years ago Andrew JRT i
  • Trevor Jones
    Trevor Jones 2 years ago Keep making videos like this! Got my sub!
  • FerrousSpore1666
    FerrousSpore1666 2 years ago SA Andrew JRT SA
  • Jacob Reza
    Jacob Reza 2 years ago Sombra also strips away any shields during emp. So zarya symetra and especially zen lose all their shields including lucios Ult and shields from shield gen
  • Tomas bromberg zelaya
    Tomas bromberg zelaya 2 years ago her name means "Shadow" in spanish. its not for sombrero lol
  • OG Loc
    OG Loc 2 years ago SOMBRA MEANS SHADOW
  • Timothy Tophat
    Timothy Tophat 2 years ago Andrew JRT YOU DO NOT KNOW THE WAE
  • Ecci02
    Ecci02 2 years ago (edited) Andrew this is super serious stuff and I need an answer for the government. What's that song you were playing where you were killing all the hanzo bois?
  • Gabe Curtis
    Gabe Curtis 2 years ago Som Bruh
  • DiscountFurby
    DiscountFurby 2 years ago Sombra is Spanish for shadow which is very fitting
  • It's Guppy
    It's Guppy 2 years ago do you plan to do these for more heroes in the future? <3 they'd make a lovely series!!
  • DH Venom
    DH Venom 2 years ago Andrew JRT w
  • Models
    Models 2 years ago Andrew JRT ur bad at sombra
  • Roy Chen
    Roy Chen 2 years ago Andrew JRT I
  • Elsie De La Vega
    Elsie De La Vega 2 years ago Andrew Ttt
  • Elsie De La Vega
    Elsie De La Vega 2 years ago Andrew JRT -
  • Maximilian Oxenbøll
    Maximilian Oxenbøll 2 years ago Andrew JR
  • Grace Thevaraj
    Grace Thevaraj 2 years ago Andrew JRT ii
  • Alina Bueno
    Alina Bueno 2 years ago Andrew JRT can you make a life of a bastion player?garcias! ;--;
  • No Name 94
    No Name 94 2 years ago Andrew JRT I
  • muffin munchies
    muffin munchies 2 years ago OMG I LOVE YOUR VIDS i wish i had overwatch on pc but ps4 worth it im not that good at online fyi
  • Codor_
    Codor_ 2 years ago Andrew JRT ii
  • Arham Shahid
    Arham Shahid 2 years ago What's that song it's awsome
  • Gerard Obaya
    Gerard Obaya 1 year ago AndrewJRTDeku sombra actually means shadow, you racist
  • aidan gao
    aidan gao 1 year ago AndrewJRTDeku I
  • Changuila Rodriguez
    Changuila Rodriguez 1 year ago AndrewJRTDeku fuck you sombra is shadow in spanish you unclutured fck
  • Bingo
    Bingo 1 year ago AndrewJRT, sombra is Spanish for shadow
  • Furry Saitama
    Furry Saitama 1 year ago AndrewJRT good impression of da wae
  • Maximo Gaming
    Maximo Gaming 1 year ago AndrewJRT sombra means shadow
  • plushgamer 820
    plushgamer 820 1 year ago Hey Andrew can you do a inside the life of a WRECKING BALL player
  • Louis Alzate
    Louis Alzate 1 year ago hack an obese criminal he cant drink mountain due hack a computer you cant do a thing
  • Yan Wing LEI
    Yan Wing LEI 1 year ago I love the music bud good job
  • Yan Wing LEI
    Yan Wing LEI 1 year ago This vid is freaking funny goood job bud 💙
  • kathryne darby
    kathryne darby 1 year ago AndrewJRT i relate to "as i said if you have good enough aim"
  • kathryne darby
    kathryne darby 1 year ago When you find a good stop with health back and entrt to objective from behind but then enemies catch on to your teleport spot and just camp there
  • Andrew Gauthier
    Andrew Gauthier 1 year ago im the 666 like 0_0
  • Brody Cordon
    Brody Cordon 1 year ago Omg this is great XD
  • dead maniac04
    dead maniac04 1 year ago "drive ahead music" I see you too are a man of culture.
  • Roberto Lobo Rosas
    Roberto Lobo Rosas 1 year ago Así me gusta.
  • Swagmander 19
    Swagmander 19 1 year ago AndrewJRT hey Andrew this is kinda out of the ordinary but do u know the name of the song u used at 0:27. I want to use it in a video I’m making. Thx (P.s u helped me start a channel and make videos, love ur vids ) Thx
  • princess pech
    princess pech 1 year ago You scam from marco
  • Chris
    Chris 1 year ago @Astrid Moreta same.
  • Annalisa Rodriguez
    Annalisa Rodriguez 1 year ago AndrewJRT 👋 I play overwatch
  • Comfy Blanketo
    Comfy Blanketo 1 year ago AndrewJRT sombra means shade or shadow
  • xFirebladex1989
    xFirebladex1989 1 year ago do you know tha way?
  • Doctor Death
    Doctor Death 1 year ago 1:24 I swear you just kept tapping the button instead of holding it
  • Dabing Stitch
    Dabing Stitch 1 year ago Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiooooooooooooop
  • Th3 Night Lion
    Th3 Night Lion 1 year ago Sombra ois Spanish for shadow...
  • Dabing Stitch
    Dabing Stitch 1 year ago yet
  • KimiikoSan-
    KimiikoSan- 1 year ago AndrewJRT actually sombra in Spanish mean shadow because sombra can turn invisible
  • Some Bread
    Some Bread 1 year ago I miss when Sombra actually did damage
  • Sapphire Paris
    Sapphire Paris 8 months ago AndrewJRT 69th comment
  • Luca
    Luca 7 months ago Predicated? Smh
  • Bunny
    Bunny 6 months ago AndrewJRT~ too bad, you got a sub instead, loser.
  • YouGotHacked axr
    YouGotHacked axr 4 months ago still wonder if u found out bit sombra isnt named after the sombrero but after sombra.... it simply means shadow
  • YouGotHacked axr
    YouGotHacked axr 4 months ago and im to stupid to figure out if it was sarcasm xD
  • Mobile_Legend008
    Mobile_Legend008 4 months ago The thumbnail wasn’t sombra. That’s a somBRUH moment
  • Mexican Moses
    Mexican Moses 3 months ago Why is the audio good then bad then good
  • Prinny okey
    Prinny okey 1 month ago I am a spanish boi who learned english first in a place where people talk spanish naturally and learned spanish next and i know english and spanish as if they were my main languages so i said to myself "oh americans" lol XD
  • Josiah Spinks
    Josiah Spinks 9 hours ago This is sad to overwatch (・∀・)
  • bed. img
    bed. img 2 years ago A Sombra’s fear: Noobs that shoot at nothing but shoots sombra in Stealth
  • AwesomeGicks
    AwesomeGicks 2 years ago Kazu-Kun truth
  • Jayden Carpenter
    Jayden Carpenter 2 years ago No ,her fear is pros who shoot self destructs in wide areas and kills half the team and Sombra in stealth
  • The cool kid with a k ellis
    The cool kid with a k ellis 2 years ago Kazu-Kun true
  • P
    P 2 years ago Only noobs don't spy-check in overwatch
  • John Dominic Corpuz
    John Dominic Corpuz 2 years ago Kazu-Kun sombrerophobia
  • Carbide 293
    Carbide 293 2 years ago I once hooked the same sombra in the same place and the same game 3 minutes apart just after she went in stealth. I think that is the most I've pissed off anyone
  • Emilio F
    Emilio F 2 years ago Her biggest fear is getting deported like me
  • Muhd Fairuz
    Muhd Fairuz 2 years ago More like hanzo random scatter
  • AmP
    AmP 1 year ago I fucking hate that ever fucking game there's always one noob who fires randomly
  • Brotato Chip
    Brotato Chip 1 year ago cant tell you how many times I've died from this shit
  • dt suga.
    dt suga. 1 year ago Kazu-Kun Tru
  • From the slumps of Shaolin 1101
    From the slumps of Shaolin 1101 1 year ago Almost at 400 likes 👍
  • _Page Down_
    _Page Down_ 11 months ago Why spy check when your team won't know what to do anyways?
  • Charlie To0 Human
    Charlie To0 Human 10 months ago The day Blizzard creates a Pyro type character like in TF2 will be a bad day for sombra.
  • tubaharris
    tubaharris 9 months ago @Charlie To0 Human they all ready did. Mei, Moria........ and Winston is like Heavy in terms of sombra checking
  • Michael
    Michael 8 months ago Nonam_e_2 if this isnt the fvcking truth XD
  • Emma Weichsel
    Emma Weichsel 7 months ago I loved those Moments. I played Hanzo, shot a Sonic Arrow and i headshotted Sombra. "WtF tHe HaNzO iS hAcKiNg" lul
  • Düellocu Aga
    Düellocu Aga 5 months ago Good ol spycheck
  • Candy bun
    Candy bun 5 months ago (edited) @Emma Weichsel That happened to me as sombra!!! I was laughing so hard after that lol edit: he actually got me with a regular arrow to the head once a reinhart removed his shield for one second
  • Kitsune 3.14
    Kitsune 3.14 5 months ago Yup, they manage to do that with even with the hanzo ultimate by accident
  • Jadzia
    Jadzia 4 months ago I was playing Widow, and was just shooting fully charged shots at nothing while waiting for the enemies to come, and I killed a Sombra that was in stealth😂😂😂😂
  • Quartzxn
    Quartzxn 2 weeks ago @The cool kid with a k ellis its a joke dumbass
  • Hamez47
    Hamez47 1 year ago Sombra needs a pineapple skin and her ult line would be “your pineapples are useless”
  • Clayton Rainwater
    Clayton Rainwater 1 year ago YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSS
  • Doodlescnof
    Doodlescnof 11 months ago Omg you made my day
  • Brotato Chip
    Brotato Chip 11 months ago I agree
  • Frisk the Potato :3
    Frisk the Potato :3 11 months ago Hamez47 how does this not have more likes
  • YarnHatter
    YarnHatter 9 months ago As a Spanish speaker myself, I can 100%, without a doubt, guaranteed... ...that is what she says.
  • Tyler Dunn
    Tyler Dunn 9 months ago Propaganda is useless too
  • Marx The boi
    Marx The boi 8 months ago She says "APAGANDO LAS LUCES"=(Shutting off the lights)
  • YarnHatter
    YarnHatter 8 months ago Imanol Fernandez Guerrero r/Whoosh
  • Obi wan Kenobi
    Obi wan Kenobi 8 months ago I wish she had a skin that looks like candy and then when she uses her ugly she goes your candies are ysless
  • El vato de 1.40 :v
    El vato de 1.40 :v 8 months ago "Your pineapples are MUDA”
  • KatChatt
    KatChatt 7 months ago What about-does she have a pink skin? Well a valentinenskin, she should say "your flirts are useless" That'd be funny!
  • Obi wan Kenobi
    Obi wan Kenobi 7 months ago Hamez47 I’ve been thinking of a dinosaur skin for her and her line completely changes she says you extinction is priceless
  • PeppaPigSkilz
    PeppaPigSkilz 7 months ago Gotta say Thats lame af Sry
  • Walter ManyBallz
    Walter ManyBallz 7 months ago Why? I don't get it
  • Lugeer
    Lugeer 7 months ago I hear propaganda is useless
  • Damien Suzuki
    Damien Suzuki 7 months ago Blizzard needs to see this comment
  • Begone T H O T
    Begone T H O T 6 months ago Propaganda is useless
  • Sin Lord
    Sin Lord 5 months ago I support this.
  • Trey Atkins
    Trey Atkins 4 months ago "Avocados are useless"
  • ABigLoser •
    ABigLoser • 2 months ago I say "Avacodo is useless"
    LOOΠΔTIC 1 month ago I prefer an avocado skin where she says “Avocado is useless”
  • ayman alnajran
  • Surge _
    Surge _ 1 year ago I very much appreciate the phrase “locate and remove Hanzos”
  • Matt Norris
    Matt Norris 7 months ago Also works for Widows
  • Look at my Profile Pic
    Look at my Profile Pic 3 months ago Surge _ Also for Torbjorn
  • JoeyLion3
    JoeyLion3 3 months ago I can relate
  • Exotic Space
    Exotic Space 1 week ago Surge _ yes my fav part of the vid
  • CoolBoy
    CoolBoy 7 months ago Wtf with sound??? 6:19 P.S. compare it with fiirst part of video
  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen 5 months ago Yea I heard it
  • Sin Lord
    Sin Lord 5 months ago I noticed that. It didn't used to do that.
  • Adam Gavin
    Adam Gavin 4 months ago I thought I covered the speakers on my phone.
  • Flying Viper
    Flying Viper 4 months ago Coolboy sombra hacked it
  • Flying Viper
    Flying Viper 4 months ago And it also goes back to normal at 9:38
  • Flying Viper
    Flying Viper 4 months ago (edited) And then goes back down again at 9:44
  • MrAztecL
    MrAztecL 3 months ago Fun fact. It wasn't here two years ago during premiere.
  • n word
    n word 3 months ago first when I heard that sound I was like what is wrong with my phone?
  • Flying Viper
    Flying Viper 3 months ago @n word same, i checked if my headphones were working
  • Frost Gamer
    Frost Gamer 2 months ago Sombra hacked the sound quality
  • Alexander Dominguez
    Alexander Dominguez 2 months ago @Adam Gavin I thought it got ruined and I was so scared
  • Michael Silverus 》
    Michael Silverus 》 1 month ago i thing he removed copyrighted song that way
  • Bob Lundberg
    Bob Lundberg 2 weeks ago CoolBoy someone hacked the sound
  • _.blissfulOW _.
    _.blissfulOW _. 2 weeks ago CoolBoy IKR
  • Vicmans
    Vicmans 1 week ago It might be the voice line u can unlock: ‘boop’
  • Berd
    Berd 1 year ago those da wey memes dont hold up a year later
  • MumChum
    MumChum 5 months ago Berd tru
  • Candy bun
    Candy bun 5 months ago Berd :)
  • mr Banana
    mr Banana 3 months ago They didn't even last a year
  • Bloody Floor
    Bloody Floor 2 months ago not even a month
  • Xylz
    Xylz 9 months ago (edited) Don't mind me, just putting a replay button for myself 0:47
  • Max loris 99
    Max loris 99 7 months ago Xylz fck you
  • Obi wan Kenobi
    Obi wan Kenobi 7 months ago What clip is that for educational reasons
  • River Wolf-Gift
    River Wolf-Gift 7 months ago I love that clip myself too XD
  • Ahmad Raed
    Ahmad Raed 5 months ago Can u do me a favor and put one for me too plz
  • Trey Atkins
    Trey Atkins 4 months ago What the hell is that clip?
  • Ranger Turtle
    Ranger Turtle 3 months ago Very nice
  • NadzThunder
    NadzThunder 1 month ago @Max loris 99 chill
  • Devoted Dream Viper
    Devoted Dream Viper 1 month ago @Trey Atkins prolly a fundoshi one ... dont ask me why I know
  • Julian Vukić
    Julian Vukić 2 days ago @Obi wan Kenobi Japanese wanna build a snowman ass slap.. for educational purposes of course
  • Samurex Atlas
    Samurex Atlas 9 months ago Sombra: Shadow Sombrero: Hat that casts a shadow on you face
  • Pagrio
    Pagrio 8 months ago Sombrero sombra xd
  • King Jiggah
    King Jiggah 7 months ago Thank you
  • Samurex Atlas
    Samurex Atlas 7 months ago @Abstract Light YEEEEES
  • Baby Grinch
    Baby Grinch 4 months ago Thank you for clearing that up
  • Chip Skylark
    Chip Skylark 1 year ago B A N A N A S A R E Y E L L O W
    KONO DIO DA 1 year ago Chip Skylark W O A H
  • ᴊɪɴᴛᴇɴᴅᴏ ;
    ᴊɪɴᴛᴇɴᴅᴏ ; 1 year ago T H E Y A R E G R E E N !
  • Ciel Moon
    Ciel Moon 1 year ago I thought they were b l u e
  • KallePlays_
    KallePlays_ 1 year ago T H E Y A R E S H I T B R O W N
  • Cursed
    Cursed 11 months ago ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)
  • Mandrake
    Mandrake 10 months ago *i thought they where m a n d e r i n e
  • Bino Phoenix
    Bino Phoenix 10 months ago Youre all wrong bananas are GAY
  • dead lord
    dead lord 9 months ago @Bino Phoenix dude you're retarded? Of course they are lesbian.
  • The Comedian Man
    The Comedian Man 8 months ago Sombra es oscura
  • Cancoe
    Cancoe 8 months ago They are O R A N G E
  • PeppaPigSkilz
    PeppaPigSkilz 7 months ago F A X
  • Seqtour
  • oof man
    oof man 3 months ago Chip Skylark and tangerines are orange
  • Secret PixieMoon
    Secret PixieMoon 3 months ago Bananas are yellow Bananas are green Their actually both So yeah
  • Hypi 8
    Hypi 8 3 months ago G R E E N
  • Rok games widziewic
    Rok games widziewic 3 weeks ago no they`re green
  • Rok games widziewic
    Rok games widziewic 3 weeks ago @KallePlays_ XD
  • King Slayer12223
    King Slayer12223 1 day ago Are they
  • Lucky gaming
    Lucky gaming 1 year ago Hacking Pharah is so satisfying
  • Adam Darweesh
    Adam Darweesh 7 months ago Same with diva
  • Devin Jordan
    Devin Jordan 7 months ago Like every tank tbh
  • Philipp K
    Philipp K 7 months ago Pissing off bastion players is hilarious too lol
  • •ItzYourGurlEzi •
    •ItzYourGurlEzi • 2 months ago suka blyat yess when they are sitting on the payload lmaooo
  • Buddiebot
    Buddiebot 1 year ago “Rolling requires TECHNOLOGY” lmao 😂 I’m dead
  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester 1 year ago Hack soldier 76 So he letarly can't run
  • Tails831K R
    Tails831K R 7 months ago L E T A R L Y
  • Bees That Spends Too Much Time On AO
    Bees That Spends Too Much Time On AO 6 months ago L e t a r l y
  • Curtains_ lol
    Curtains_ lol 6 months ago @Bees That Spends Too Much Time On AO he is an ashe main what do you expect?
  • ᴊᴏsɪᴇ
    ᴊᴏsɪᴇ 4 months ago L e t a r l y
  • Cecil Glow Alfostar
    Cecil Glow Alfostar 3 months ago What the...
  • Filip Vejmelka
    Filip Vejmelka 3 months ago Hack him and he gets 10 oBeSItY
  • NadzThunder
    NadzThunder 1 month ago "L E t A r L y"
  • ReallyRandumb
    ReallyRandumb 6 months ago "Do you know de way" is the cringiest shit but I love these vids so I'll let it slide I guess
  • Filip Vejmelka
    Filip Vejmelka 3 months ago 0:42 More like: LeT iT Go HahAhaHaHa
  • minah lee
    minah lee 1 year ago 0:37 I think it was actually a reference to “sombra”, as in “shadow” but I get why you’d think that
  • Lunar llama
    Lunar llama 9 months ago minah lee pretty sure he is right
  • Jacob Lorah
    Jacob Lorah 3 months ago @Lunar llama Sombra=shadow Sombrero=hat that shadows your face
  • Christian Desjarlais
    Christian Desjarlais 2 months ago minah lee it’s a joke
  • the Mind's eye
    the Mind's eye 2 months ago Yes
  • the Mind's eye
    the Mind's eye 2 months ago Sombra = shadow
  • Yeah yeah 0h
    Yeah yeah 0h 1 month ago r/wooosh
  • Nana It's here!
  • Angel Emmanuel Carrasco Vazquez
    Angel Emmanuel Carrasco Vazquez 1 year ago Como se llama la cancion? ;-;
  • Alain Pedregal
    Alain Pedregal 1 year ago @Angel Emmanuel Carrasco Vazquez Me gusta - Orquesta Adolescente
  • Porronesian Parrapilo
    Porronesian Parrapilo 1 year ago JAJA!
  • kadag
    kadag 1 year ago Jajajajaja
  • Foxykek Plays
    Foxykek Plays 1 year ago mE GUSTA, porque está linda
  • Anibal Roldan
    Anibal Roldan 1 year ago that doesnt even sound mexican
  • bbbigbbbully
    bbbigbbbully 11 months ago SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
  • Notice me bish
    Notice me bish 11 months ago Looks like Ralsei escaped deltarune.... .
  • Fire Keeper
    Fire Keeper 10 months ago Whsts the song couse all i can find is spongebob!
  • Mr. Pricklepants
    Mr. Pricklepants 10 months ago I tried translating that using what I know and I got “I like for what is Linda/Bella”
  • Fire Keeper
    Fire Keeper 9 months ago I want that song but I only get sponge Bob
  • Arasy Anggadwipa Anggadwipa
    Arasy Anggadwipa Anggadwipa 9 months ago Song?
  • Ulises Alfonso Silva Tirado
    Ulises Alfonso Silva Tirado 9 months ago @MrAmazingTurtle is cool i dont speak school shooting
  • The Comedian Man
    The Comedian Man 8 months ago Hola
  • Pie and Turtle Adventures
    Pie and Turtle Adventures 8 months ago hola amigos? .-.
  • Don Suh
    Don Suh 8 months ago @Ulises Alfonso Silva Tirado what?
  • Zr0 Kuol
    Zr0 Kuol 7 months ago Lol
  • pablo ramos
    pablo ramos 7 months ago Es el único héroe latinoamericano
  • Dobi Yellow
    Dobi Yellow 7 months ago I like darude sandstorm too the lyrics and stuff mhhhh.Its a master piece
  • fernando morales
    fernando morales 6 months ago Jajajaj
  • Gideon E
    Gideon E 6 months ago @Dobi Yellow malisimo esa cancion
  • Gideon E
    Gideon E 6 months ago @Mr. Pricklepants it means: I like her, because she is beautiful
  • Mr. Pricklepants
    Mr. Pricklepants 6 months ago Gideon E Oh thanks
  • Osferking 2003
    Osferking 2003 6 months ago Me gusta
  • Raymond Figueroa
    Raymond Figueroa 5 months ago @pablo ramos nop, Gabriel también es mexicano. (Reaper).
  • Sunaree Moon
    Sunaree Moon 4 months ago @pablo ramos Lúcio????
  • Pollxllon
    Pollxllon 4 months ago @MrAmazingTurtle is cool perdón no hablo school shooting
  • Pollxllon
    Pollxllon 4 months ago @Ulises Alfonso Silva Tirado me ganaste xdxd
  • Alexander Z.
    Alexander Z. 3 months ago @Anibal Roldan Honey, Mexican isn't a language you mean Spanish 🤭🤨😐
  • Anibal Roldan
    Anibal Roldan 3 months ago @Alexander Z. No, I mean the rythm/melody of the music
  • anOnima OwO
    anOnima OwO 3 months ago Me ofende UnU
  • FroZen_Nico
    FroZen_Nico 3 months ago No
  • Electric Dolphin
    Electric Dolphin 3 months ago Jajajajajaja
  • Cheetah Penguin
    Cheetah Penguin 2 months ago Anibal Roldan it’s spanish
  • Patrick Connors
    Patrick Connors 1 month ago ?Que? [i know very little Spanish cuz I’m dumb :(]
  • Axel305
    Axel305 1 week ago @pablo ramos y Lucio?
  • Axel305
    Axel305 1 week ago @Patrick Connors the spanish is a dificulty lenguaje sorry por My English
  • Bonnie Marquez
    Bonnie Marquez 10 months ago Andrew: hacking became one of my favorites, and here's wah somdrew hacks reaper Reaper: Die- Sombra: boopity boopity boop! Reaper: *dies*
  • Matt Norris
    Matt Norris 7 months ago I really wish Sombra had a CC ability just for the sheer fact of that voice line existing.
  • Ava Brzeski
    Ava Brzeski 3 months ago I read the boop part and I just died
  • Noah Spelman
    Noah Spelman 2 months ago 7:34 “Kobe” ;(
  • Bardiya Soltani
    Bardiya Soltani 1 week ago Lol
  • Don't Ask Animation
    Don't Ask Animation 1 year ago She protecc She attacc but most important she know how to hacc
  • YarnHatter
    YarnHatter 9 months ago a tree
  • Boostioo Overwatch
    Boostioo Overwatch 8 months ago Don't Ask Animation i have a add on She protecc She attacc But most importantly She know how to hacc so stay the fucc back
  • Sharlatan
    Sharlatan 11 months ago 2:03 it was beautiful. I have to start playing Sombra to make that.
  • Leah
    Leah 2 years ago Lol I never understood how hacking a McCree makes him unable to barrel roll
  • Avana
    Avana 2 years ago I never understood how hacking a McCree makes him unable to roll, but hacking a Soldier doesn't make his aimbot go away. I mean, you literally crash all electrical systems and apparently any kind of muscular movement too. Wait... why can people still move around when you hack them but McCree can't roll?o.o Blizzard
  • Specialist Feature
    Specialist Feature 2 years ago Well isn’t he also using cybernetics
  • Ymohaned 54
    Ymohaned 54 2 years ago Avana or soldier can't run cause it needs TECHNOLOGY
  • サナダリュカゲ
    サナダリュカゲ 2 years ago which means, throwing hooks or slurping his vape as roadhog needs technology to do it, hacking pharah deactivates her jetpack to fly but still can hover it like mercy because hovering didn't use technology because pharah still can float without her jetpack hahaha i wonder if blizzard ever thought to disable passive abilities too when hacked
  • Ymohaned 54
    Ymohaned 54 2 years ago サナダリュカゲ if it was real it would stop ur guns
  • Darkrazer91
    Darkrazer91 2 years ago Also biotic energy works on robots
  • brain damage
    brain damage 2 years ago well soldier shouldn't be able to even walk when he is hacked since he has mechanical legs
  • Bonnie
    Bonnie 2 years ago Avana Bodies are electric too.
  • Courthorse
    Courthorse 2 years ago Soldier has dem real legs.
  • ꧁Random Boye꧂
    ꧁Random Boye꧂ 2 years ago Ymohanned 54 no cause hanzo is using a basic bow or genji shots shurikens xd
  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 2 years ago I don’t understand how it makes genji unable to ninja
  • Spicy Fool
    Spicy Fool 2 years ago Same thing with soldiers run
  • Anton Wilkinson
    Anton Wilkinson 2 years ago I guess because his arm so he can’t get up idk?
  • Jonathan Brazzle
    Jonathan Brazzle 2 years ago Will the Thrill he only has a cybernetic arm
  • BubbleCat Girl
    BubbleCat Girl 2 years ago SAME!!
  • Shammah Alshamsi
    Shammah Alshamsi 2 years ago Hacked*
  • Jake Chapman
    Jake Chapman 2 years ago Winston needs technology to... get angry?
  • Zeatrix M.
    Zeatrix M. 2 years ago (edited) Avana And Genji ult can't be hacked in the middle of it either
  • Raamiz Khan
    Raamiz Khan 2 years ago And how when ever you hack Soldier 76 you hack his legs and he cant run
  • Wolfgirlinfinity
    Wolfgirlinfinity 2 years ago Peter Davies that makes perfect sense
  • Melon Lord
    Melon Lord 2 years ago I think you hack his arm and because he cant use his arm he cant balance his roll
  • guering
    guering 2 years ago (edited) Its very easy to understand, she doesnt hack his hips and legs, she hacks the E and Shift keys on your keyboard. It's breaking the 4th wall. Why are you guys roleplaying?
  • william
    william 2 years ago and well shit...zenyatta still can float eventho he's hacked....he's 100% robot ffs...or even orisa...
  • Toasty Engineer
    Toasty Engineer 2 years ago There's also something else : Healers can HEAL robots , torb can't REPAIR them with his hammer.
  • Bad Aim
    Bad Aim 2 years ago Ymohanned 54 well not roadhogs or because he. Has makeshift weapons held together by scrap metal so nothing you could hack
  • Bad Aim
    Bad Aim 2 years ago Strange Weirdo yeah but to shoot he has to dispense the it out of his Mechanical arm so I would think sombra could hack that
  • Milk
    Milk 2 years ago Leavah It's just unBARRELROLL
  • Bad Aim
    Bad Aim 2 years ago Milk in all seriousness awful pun.... But I love it
  • Officer Yiny
    Officer Yiny 2 years ago Sombra: You'v been hacked~ McCree: I forgot how to roll.... sweat beads on forehead in the middle of the battlefield
  • Jack9991 4
    Jack9991 4 2 years ago No it actually makes sense since one of his arms should shut down, the real question why can't 76 run when hacked.
  • Officer Yiny
    Officer Yiny 2 years ago super 95 It breaks his legs
  • Officer Yiny
    Officer Yiny 2 years ago Actually, Soldier should actually not be able to run at his age. So in the future what if heroes knew they had abilities? If he's hacked, he can't use his ability to run.
  • Bad Aim
    Bad Aim 2 years ago Avana well not all people have robotics like junkrat and roadhog and how do you hack a hook theirs nothing to hack
  • Chamyt0h TM
    Chamyt0h TM 2 years ago (edited) +サナダリュカゲ they fucking did, passives are fucking disabled when hack now
  • Jacob Vega
    Jacob Vega 2 years ago doesnt lucio also have mechanical legs
  • XxSoullessSpiritxX
    XxSoullessSpiritxX 2 years ago Chamyt0h TM Dude, calm down. This comment was posted months ago, the hack buff was put into effect just recently. Please read timestamps before you get angry.
  • Chamyt0h TM
    Chamyt0h TM 2 years ago +XxSoullessSpiritxX Welp, i know those comments are old, it's just that i don't think passives should be disabled on the new sombra...
  • XxSoullessSpiritxX
    XxSoullessSpiritxX 2 years ago Chamyt0h TM I mean, I can understand it with Mercy's passive that allows her to glide, as that's using technology, but Hanzo's wall climb isn't technology.. I feel like it should only disable certain passives, and certain abilities in general (like give McCree the ability to roll pls)
  • [insert object]
    [insert object] 1 year ago Maybe the robot arm isn't working properly
  • McDickington
    McDickington 1 year ago Because rolling require technology
  • Anthony Arias
    Anthony Arias 1 year ago Leah or how hacking a soldier makes him forget how to RUN
  • Just Seff Stuff
    Just Seff Stuff 1 year ago Orisa, Bastion, and multiple cybernetic heroes shouldn't be able to even move when hacked. It's unrealistic, but it being unrealistic is the only way to balance it.
  • Cody Hines
    Cody Hines 1 year ago I don't understand how hacking a Korean's mech doesn't make it completely helpless, unlike a sedative projectile
  • Facundno Bueno
    Facundno Bueno 1 year ago He can't roll or throw a flashbang that is just a chemical reaction. These future hackers man, they know what's up.
  • Just Seff Stuff
    Just Seff Stuff 1 year ago Well, a roll requires perfect balance, having a useless dead weight robot arm would kind of interfere with that.
  • Just Seff Stuff
    Just Seff Stuff 1 year ago Raamiz Khan But for some reason he can still walk...
  • Just Seff Stuff
    Just Seff Stuff 1 year ago guering Oh hey you’re right.
  • Zachary Bywaters
    Zachary Bywaters 1 year ago most guns are not electronically powered they use spring mechanisms which is why mcrees revolver needs to be cocked back
  • TheLazyPusheen :3
    TheLazyPusheen :3 1 year ago His robotic arm, maybe it connects to his nerves allowing him to roll.
  • Gaming Guy55
    Gaming Guy55 1 year ago Because rolling requires T E C H N O L O G Y
  • Mercy Heealer
    Mercy Heealer 1 year ago Leah makes him forget how to roll lol
  • Aracely Garza
    Aracely Garza 1 year ago Probaly it hacks his mind and gives him short term memory loss