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5 Foods To Cleanse Liver - Jigar Ki Safai Ke Liye Kya Khana Chahiye - Best Foods to Clean Out Liver

Your liver carries out many important roles in your body, such as regulating protein and fat metabolism, eliminating toxins, regulating hormones, filtering our blood, and protecting the immune system. That is why it is essential that it performs optimally.

Dr. Ayesha Abbas is a Nutritionist practicing at Dr. Ayesha Abbas Clinic and Health Clinic, Karachi. Dr. Ayesha is also available for Online Video Consultation through To book an appointment with Dr. Ayesha, please visit the following link or call 042-3890-0939.\u0026utm_medium=referral\u0026utm_campaign=ayesha_abbas\u0026utm_content=foods_to_cleanse_liver

If your diet revolves around junk food and medicinal drugs, your liver can get overwhelmed with toxins. This will make it difficult for it to perform its job of processing nutrients efficiently.

In this video, Dr. Ayesha will discuss some essential foods you should include in your diet to cleanse your liver. The best foods to clean out your liver are
1. green leafy vegetables like spinach
2. fish
3. ginger and lemon drink
4. oatmeal smoothie
5. grapefruit juice