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Скачать с ютуб The Oregon Trail Gameplay and Commentary

Опубликовано: 25 мар. 2011 г. 1 999 248 просмотров

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This is the greatest journey of All Time

  • Logan Muha
    Logan Muha 4 years ago Damn they barely made it out of their backyard.
  • die
    die 4 years ago Why did I laugh so hard at this comment??
  • HERP derp
    HERP derp 11 months ago @die Because it was funny. I laughed, too
  • Yannick Guerrero Escobar
    Yannick Guerrero Escobar 1 month ago I know Cr1tikal traveled about 160 miles it was not that far
  • Glennicus Magicallicus
    Glennicus Magicallicus 4 years ago My history teacher was teaching us about The Oregon Trail and showed us your video. xD I knew it was a bad idea immediately after I heard "What's up everybody it's cr1tikal" and the first thing you said a swear word my teacher was like "Nope" and turned the video off.
  • Toni Capuozzo
    Toni Capuozzo 4 years ago +Glennicus Magicallicus lmao goat
  • James
    James 3 years ago +Glennicus Magicallicus So literally within the first 7 seconds?
  • Glennicus Magicallicus
    Glennicus Magicallicus 3 years ago @James Witteveen Yep
  • James
    James 3 years ago @Glennicus Magicallicus At least it was just ass. and not something like "Titty Cum anus"
  • Qwerty Zxcvbn
    Qwerty Zxcvbn 3 years ago I know this isn't true but I'm going to pretend it is
  • Glennicus Magicallicus
    Glennicus Magicallicus 3 years ago @Rpp Wing No, it is. It actually happened. xD
  • Glennicus Magicallicus
    Glennicus Magicallicus 3 years ago @***** Probably not. Which school? My teacher turned it off as soon as he heard a swear word. xD
  • James Sisson
    James Sisson 3 years ago +Silly Puddy hey you have iFunny
  • megaTroll442
    megaTroll442 3 years ago @James Sisson No, why?
  • Glennicus Magicallicus
    Glennicus Magicallicus 3 years ago @Ale Titan No, I'm being completely serious, it happened.
  • megaTroll442
    megaTroll442 3 years ago @Glennicus Magicallicus Your teacher must be a fucktard.
  • zz tarry
    zz tarry 1 year ago Right, cuz teachers don’t prepare their lessons
  • Courageous Nova
    Courageous Nova 1 year ago Glennicus bummer
  • Violent Horizon
    Violent Horizon 1 year ago My Computer Networking teacher put this video on for us during high school. We got all the way to the "fisting armadillos" part before he shut it off lol
  • CandyGames
    CandyGames 1 year ago /r/thathappened
  • Soolt Soolts
    Soolt Soolts 1 year ago I can tell that the class had a big laugh at the video
  • SpiralDream
    SpiralDream 1 year ago I wish I could lie on the internet
  • Jmars
    Jmars 1 year ago CandyGames and they all clapped at the end
  • crimson90
    crimson90 1 year ago @Rexasaurus I agree so we can avoid your disaster of a comment.
  • David Trejo
    David Trejo 11 months ago I think you are lying
  • max
    max 7 months ago who believes this
  • KirbZtarDEE Gaming
    KirbZtarDEE Gaming 3 months ago .-.
  • KirbZtarDEE Gaming
    KirbZtarDEE Gaming 3 months ago @megaTroll442 Shut up, you must get bad grades if you don't like school.
  • KirbZtarDEE Gaming
    KirbZtarDEE Gaming 3 months ago @megaTroll442 Your the only one here who said that curse word which is one of the worst ones.
  • Zaire Cool
    Zaire Cool 3 months ago Violent Horizon 😂
  • James Kegley
    James Kegley 5 years ago He spends more time packing groceries than he does on the actual trail.
  • .
    . 4 years ago Indeed.
  • KyuuGryphon
    KyuuGryphon 6 years ago Last time I played this, I bought 5 yokes. Literally on the first day of the journey, a thief came up and stole 9 oxen. It was amazing.
  • Sirspooksalot
    Sirspooksalot 2 years ago Qtheman3456 who was that? Hercules?
  • zz tarry
    zz tarry 1 year ago It’s what happens when you start in bronx
  • k Maz
    k Maz 1 year ago Qtheman3456 Little nemo.on ABC is James aherholm neon bible production of Sarah neifrld re ginnar production 2 at source album catalogue pro..
  • Znoot
    Znoot 3 years ago I lost it at "Here lies SHIT" Well played Cr1tikal XDD
  • Astrostaphy
    Astrostaphy 3 years ago My little brothers history trail was studying the Oregon trail and the teacher wanted to show the class... accidently pulled up good ol' crits video
  • Astrostaphy
    Astrostaphy 3 years ago History class* lol
  • Ale Titan
    Ale Titan 3 years ago how even
  • Astrostaphy
    Astrostaphy 3 years ago @Ale Titan He was just looking up gameplay of Oregon trail to have some fun with the lesson and boom xD this shit comes up
  • Country Roads
    Country Roads 3 years ago "Accidentally"
  • PhoenixAngel429
    PhoenixAngel429 2 years ago Bruce Wayne accidentally on purpose
  • Zayden Gestures
    Zayden Gestures 2 years ago r/quityourbullshit
  • k Maz
    k Maz 1 year ago Astrostaphy cure.little eve griprmtrog days lost.locker4040 from i stitution walked males said concerned wjen I took a shit...
  • Enedee
    Enedee 5 years ago No! NIPPLE! NIPPLE'S DROWNED!
  • Ducky Lee
  • k Maz
    k Maz 1 year ago Triinox is drowned best friends ganf is tough silver tiles no silver tiles! Journey is over..
  • Infinity Breaker
    Infinity Breaker 7 months ago Enedee that’s it, the journey’s over.
  • richiefranklin76
    richiefranklin76 3 years ago Is everyone forgetting the most obvious question? If SHIT is the last party member,then who buried him and set up the tombstone? The Oxen maybe?
  • Juguz Jota Pe
    Juguz Jota Pe 2 years ago richiefranklin76 The thief who came to stole the last oxen.
  • zz tarry
    zz tarry 1 year ago Well he took about 2 steps from the migrant he traded with and died so
  • k Maz
    k Maz 1 year ago richiefranklin76 it sent me to jail my.Masonic got repaired in medina days..
  • SinikkaL
    SinikkaL 4 years ago A true classic of this channel.
  • Psycho Chicken
    Psycho Chicken 3 years ago Should have wrote "HAPPENS" for an epitaph.
  • kendall silver
    kendall silver 5 years ago This is the first Cr1TiKaL video I've ever watched... Sigh. Memories.... I remember laughing so hard I choked on the air~
  • HyperSlow
    HyperSlow 4 years ago I had a cold, I really liked this game, so I looked up Oregon Trail Gameplay, came across this, even being sick, that was the best day of my life.
  • PPK
    PPK 3 years ago Likewise
  • i d k
    i d k 2 years ago Kєndαll Sιℓνєя same
  • ig: Alfred_jones.feels
    ig: Alfred_jones.feels 5 months ago wtf another alfred jones pfp??
  • ChickenTeller
    ChickenTeller 3 years ago broken axle, injured an ox, and contracted measles in 7 miles
  • ChickenTeller
    ChickenTeller 3 years ago Jesus Christ 3 dead in 8 miles. the Oregon trail is clearly not for fuckin amateurs
  • ÆKIS
    ÆKIS 3 years ago +ChickenTeller That's because he bought 50 pounds of food. I barely made it with 2000.
  • Jorgith Blastercrotch
    Jorgith Blastercrotch 3 years ago It has nothing to do with the food. It's because he tried to drive his wagon straight through a 7 foot deep river.
  • CommunistSquidward 420
    CommunistSquidward 420 1 year ago Then he lost half the goddamn team.
  • Jasper Atkinson
    Jasper Atkinson 6 months ago ÆKIS hunting bruh
  • Darryl Seamans
    Darryl Seamans 4 years ago "Don't fart or you'll contract arthritis". ha ha ha!
  • GaldoonSpyre Gaming
    GaldoonSpyre Gaming 5 years ago I almost died inside when NIPPLE was pronounced dead
  • ChocoTacoTurtle
    ChocoTacoTurtle 6 years ago "A beautiful yet grotesque commentary, conjuring images of explicit sexual deviancy and erotic self-mutilation, completely overshadowing the macabre retelling of a classic children's fairytale that it accompanies. Spoken in the tone of an unenthusiastic, mildly aroused velvet rhino, Cr1tical will tease your emotions all the way from ecstasy to disgust, as your pants can only look on in horror as they get bombarded by every fluid your lower-body can produce. I compelling story. I was tugging myself so hard that, had there been mention of a "nipple," I'm sure I would have pulled it right off. 10/10" - Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Canadiansamurai
    Canadiansamurai 3 years ago "I don't want any clothing I want everyone naked" I love this man!
  • Based Sargent
    Based Sargent 4 years ago He never realized the food was gone...........
  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 5 years ago i know this is an old video but i got to say that was freaking funny as hell! 
  • Sago Kim
    Sago Kim 4 hours ago I know this is an old comment, but I got to say that was freaking funny as heck!!
  • Is Vei
    Is Vei 3 years ago I live in illinois and a farmer is so accurate
  • HiDefError
    HiDefError 4 years ago 6:02 Cr1tikal's perfect voice cracks. Making it that much more perfect.